Robert PEASE, "the Smythye" born circa 1485 Great Baddow Essex ENG; died 1547 Great Baddow

Spouse: Joan ? baptized 1490 Great Baddow; buried 2/25/1552-3 Great Baddow; married 1508/9 Great Baddow

Children: John born 1510; Joan buried 4/5/1540; Margaret buried 1/9/1545


John PEASE, "the Smythe" born 1510 Great Baddow Essex ENG; buried 10/13/1556 Great Baddow

Spouse: Ann? born circa 1512 Great Baddow; died 1591 Great Baddow; married 1532/3 Great Baddow

Children: Margaret married John Byckner/Byekinir 1/23/1564; Robert buried 4/26/1552; Lettershe (Lettis) buried 6/11/1567; John baptized 1540; Alice married John Taft 6/9/1560; Edward buried 7/28/1580


John PEASE, "The Clothier,"   born 1540 Great Baddow Essex ENG;  died 11/12/1612 Great Baddow

Spouse: Margaret HYCKES / HYCHES born circa 1540 Great Baddow; buried 10/25/1612 Great Baddow; married 6/23/1560 Great Baddow Essex ENG

Children: Richard married (1) Kathleen Prott/Scott 2/4/1590-1 who died 2/10/1604 & (2) Susan Wither 11/12/1604; Robert "the locksmith" born circa 1565; Mary married Benjamin Carter 10/10/1586; Thomas died before 1/22/1650-51 married Sara; Joan died before 4/1591; Alice married John Clark 4/16/1599; John died before 10/5/1615


Robert PEASE, "the Locksmith,"   born 1565 Great Baddow Essex ENG; buried 4/16/1623 Great Baddow

Spouse: Margaret KING born circa 1574 Great Baddow; died 9/1/1644 Salem Essex MA; married 1585/6 Great Baddow Essex ENG, came to Salem a widow

Children: Daughter baptized 12/10/1587; Robert baptized 10/28/1587 died 10/27/1644 in Salem MA; William baptized 9/26/1591 died 7/19/1623; John baptized 5/24/1593 died 1/10/1599-00; Mary baptized 1/10/1599-00; Elizabeth baptized 9/1602 married Abraham Page had son Abraham; Richard baptized 4/4/1607 died 4/5/1607; John baptized 11/20/1608 died before 1689, sailed with brother Robert on the Francis married Lucy Weston had a second wife Mary Browning; Susan born 6/18/1606 in Great Baddow


Robert PEASE baptized 10/28/1589 Great Baddow Essex ENG;  of Ipswich Suffolk ENG; died 10/27/1644 Salem MA estate inventoried 11/3/1644; Nov 1634 sailed with brother John on the ship Francis from Ipswich arriving Boston late 1634

Spouse: (1) Lydia ____ had children Robert and John; (2) Mary _____born circa 1608 Great Baddow had Huguenot background; died 10/27/1644 Beverly MA married 1627/8 Great Baddow; Marie married (2) Richard Haines of Beverly MA per M & NH pg 603

Children: Robert baptized 4/1630 Great Baddow,  married Sarahv ___, when 4 travelled on the Francis with his father and Uncle John, was with Salem Company during King Philip's War of 1675-6, his wife Sarah was accused on Monday 5/23/1692 of "sundry acts of witchcraft committed on the bodys of Mary Warren, Abigaile Williams and Eliz Hubbard." She was found guilty and sentenced to jail. Sarah was released from jail 5/1693; John , farmer, baptized Great Baddow  2/11/1631-2,  died 7/8/1689 Enfield CT (1) married by 1654  Mary Goodale (2) Salem 12/8/1669 Ann Cummings; Nathaniel born circa 1639 ,died after 1714, in King Philip's War of 1675, married Mary Hobbs 3/15/1668 in Salem; Sarah born circa 1641, died before 1677, married Beverly 10/22/1667 John Sampson; Mary born circa 1643,  married Nathaniel Carrell. 1659; Isaac born 1644 Salem MA


Sarah PEASE born circa 1641 Salem MA ; baptized 10/15/1643 Salem; died before 1677

Spouse: John SAMPSON born circa 1627 Salem MA; of Beverly when married; died 1/27/1711-2 Gloucester MA; married 10/22/1667 Beverly MA

Children: Sarah born 6/18/1668 Beverly, died after 1734-5 Biddeford ME, married Moses DURRELL; Mary born 11/15/1670; Cyprien born 3/13/1672 Beverly; Jonathan by 1st wife

The Great Migration: Robert PeaseOrigin: Great Baddow, Essex.  Migration:  1634 on the Francis of Ipswich (on 30 Apr 1634, "Robert Pease," aged 27, was enrolled at Ipswich as a passenger for New England on the Francis {Hotten 279].  First Residence: Salem.  Church Membership: On 1 Oct 1643, "Robert Pease" was admitted to Salem Church (later annotated "dead") [SChR 12].   Offices:  His inventory included "one musket with bandoliers and the sword" valued at 16s. [EPR 1:42].   Estate:  In the 1636 Salem land grant, "Rob[er]t Pease" received then acres in the nonfreeman's section of the list [STR 1:24[.  In the 25 Dec 1637 grant of undivided meadow, "Rob[er]t Pease" was granted three0quarters of an acre for a household of four [STR 1:103].  On an unknown date, Robert Goodale had purchased thirty acres from "Robert Pease & his brother" [STR 1:171].   On 3 Jan 1644/5, Salem court noted that "Rob[er]t Pease died intestate, and his son "Rob[er]t Pease was committed to his mother, Marie Pease, who was appointed administratrix of the estate" [EQC 1:77; EPR 1:42-43].  The inventory of the estate of "Roberyt Pease of Salem, late deceased," [1:42-43].  The inventory of the estate of "Robert Pease of Salem, late decceased," taken 3 Jan 1644/5, totalled 39 12s. 6d. (against which were debts of 6), of which 14 was real estate: "one house and a barn and 11 acres of ground," 14 [EPR 1:42; EQC 1:77=.  On 14 Sep 1677, "Richard Haines of Beverly & Mary now wife of the said Richard Haines," in return for maintenance, deeded to "our son-in-law John Sampson the full & free possession in fee simple of our personal estates, housing, lands & outhousing & whatsoever shall appear to be roper estate to either & each of us ..., only of our cattle we reserve a four or five-year old steer, to be to the use of Nathaniell Carrill, to be disposed of when we see cause to give it him ..., also if it should please God we should die within three or four years then four pounds out of our estate shall be paid to Mary the wife of Nathaniel Carrill after our decease, & also Nathaniell Pease to have a two-tear old heifer after our decease" [ELR 5:36].   Birth:  About  1607 (aged 27 on 30 Apr 1634 [Hotten 279]), son of Robert Pease of Great Baddow, Essex.  Death: By 3 Jan 1644/5 (date of inventory) [EPR 1:42; EQC 1:77].   Marriage: (1) By 1630 Lydia ____.  (2) By about 1639 Mary ____.  She married (2) by 1677 (and probably much earlier) Richard Haynes [ELR 5:36; TAG 70:206-7].  Children;  With first wife:  i.   Robert Pease, bp Great Baddow, Essex, [bland] Apr 1630 (depose on 11 Nov1670 "aged 41 years' [ELR 3:100]) on 30 Dec 1645, "Robert Pease, son of Robert, deceased, [was] bound to Thomas Roots of Salem, weaver, as an apprentice for five years" [EQC 1:90]; m. by 1660 Sarah _____ (eldest known child b Salem 11 June 1660).   ii.  John Pease bp Great Baddow Essex 11 Feb 1631/2  (deposed 7 Nov 1682 "aged about 53 years" [EQC 6:801]); m (1) by 1654 Mary Goodale (eldest known child b Salem 20 May 1654), daughter of Robert Goodale {1634 Salem} [GM 2:3:101-8]; m (2) Salem 8 Dec 1669 Anne Cummings, daughter of Isaac Cummings {1636 Watertown} [NEHGR 145:239-40].   With second wife:  iii.   Nathaniel Pease b say 1639, bp Salem 15 Oct 1643 [SChR 29]; m Salem 15 Mar 2667[/8?] Mary Hobbs.   iv.  Sarah Pease b say 1641, bp Salem 15 Oct 1643 [SChR 19]; m Beverly 22 Oct 1667 John Sampson [TAG 70:206-7].   v.   Mary Pease b say 1643, bp Salem 15 Oct 1643 [SChR 19]; m Nathaniel Carrell [TAG 70:206-7].   Associations:  Robert Pease was brother of John Pease {1635 Salem}.  Margaret (____) Pease, their mother, had arrived in Salem by an unknown date [GMB 3:1966].   Comments: On 29 Dec 1640, "Rob[er]t Pease complained that [Reuben] Guppi had stolen his axe" [EQC 1:25].  Bibliographic Note:  In 1995 Ian Watson presented the evidence for the marriage of "Three Mary Peaes of alem MA" including Mary Pease, daughter of Robert Pease [TAG 70:205-7].  

Topographical pg 39: PEASE, John; Magna Baddow Essex; "Francis"; Salem & Edgartown MA; Ref History M.V. Robert; Magna Baddow Essex; "Francis"; Salem MA, Enfield CT; Ref Pope.

A Genealogical and Historical Record of the Pease Family in America;  Phillip I. Rice Sr 1995

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE pg 221: PEASE, Robert, Salem 1637, member of the church 1643, d in 1644.

Pioneers of MA pg 351: PEASE/PEAS; Robert ae 27 came in the Francis of Ipswich 4/30/1634. Settled at Salem; adm chh 1(18)1643; Ch John, Robert (deposed in 1670 ae about 41 yrs), Nathaniel, Sarah & Mary bapt 15(8)1643. Adm of his est gr 3(11)1644 to widow Maria; sons John & Robert mentioned.

Vol VI pg 797: Pease, Robert (1607-44) son of Robert m Margaret ___; from Eng in the Francis to Boston ca 1634; later at Salem; m Marie ___ a Haguenot.

NE Families Genealogical & Memorial: Robert Pease the immigrant ancestor of this branch of the family is believed to be the son of Robert and Margaret Pease of Great Baddow county Essex England. He came to New England in the ship Francis sailing from Ipswich England the last of April 1634 and landed in Boston Massachusetts. He was accompanied by his brother John and his eldest son Robert. His wife Marie and other children came in a later ship. He settled in Salem where in January 1637 both he and his brother John had grants of land. Margaret Pease widow who died in Salem and whose will was dated September 1 1642 and proved January 1 1645 was the mother of Robert. In her will she mentions a grandchild John son of Robert. Robert was admitted to the Salem Church October 1 1643 and two weeks later three of his children were baptized there. The inventory of his estate was filed August 27 1644 Children Robert born about 1622, John mentioned below, Sarah married October 22 1667 John Sampson of Beverly, Mary probably, Isaac. II John Pease son of Robert Pease was born in England about 1630 and came to this country when a boy. He received by will from his grandmother Margaret Pease the greater part of her estate and she placed him in the care of Thomas Watson of Salem to dispose of as his own child. He settled in that part of Salem called Northfield where he owned a farm. 

Estate of Margaret Pease of Salem the first day 7 munth 1644. This is the last will off margit pease That is that her grane childe John pease the sonne off Robert pease shall with the rest of her goods be put ouer to Thomas wadsson off sallmo to be as her true feffeye og trust to despoes off her estate as she dercckteth at this tyme beinge in partite memory fist yt as before Tht the sed John pease shall be give frely to the sed Thomas wadsson that he shall desposse off him as his one child and seconly yt the housse she liff in & with the ground beloninge ther to shall be give to the sed John pease, all soe haffe an acker off Indon corne all soe he is to have my heffer, all soe y John shell have my bede and all yt belonges to it, all soe that her grane childern the childern off Robert peasse her sonne she givth to the rest off them the tow gottes & kids to be equally despossed a monge them and all her mouffeabell goods are to be at thomas wadsho despoes for the good off John, all soe her grane childe Robert pease shell have her lesser chist and y if yt the sed John pease die then his brother Robert pease must have the rest off the estatte and all yt doughter pease the wiffe off Robert pease is to have my best cloth gowne and all partiqlers are not set dun the same mst Thomas wadson is to desposse off it for the good off John her grane childe. No signature. Witness John Barbor, Obadiah his mark Huellme. Proved 1: 11: 1644 by the witnesses. Petition of Robert Pease son of Robert Pease who had been allowed 6li out of his father's estate by the court he now desires to know how the money shall be paid and having remained twelve months with his mother now wishes to be free to choose a master and to have sufficient clothing to fit him out. Ann wife of Robert Isbell testified that after widow Margaret Pease had made a written will she gave to Faith Barber her best red petticoat also that Susan wife of Henry Bullock deceased was present when bequest was made Salem Quarterly Court File vol 1 leaf 35.

Robert Pease 6th mo 1644. Inventory of estate of Robert Pease of Salem amounting to 39 12s 6d returned by Jo Alderman Myhill Shaflioge 3d 11th mo 1644 mentions his widow Maria Pease admx 2 sons John and Robert  

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Pease, Robert (1607-a. Aug 27, 1644) m. ... Marie ... MASS III, 69; XXXIV, 327

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