Thomas POPE of Plymouth MA; born by circa 1612 ENG; migration 1632, first residence Plymouth at Dartmouth by circa 1670, died 1683 Dartmouth MA, cooper, oath of fidelity 1638, served in Pequot War, will dated 7/9/1683 proved 11/2/1683, fined 6/7/1670 for vilifying the ministry

Spouse: (1) Ann Fallowell married 7/28/1637 Plymouth daughter of Gabriel [AMR] died before 5/29/1646 (2) Sarah JENNY born Lyden Holland, married 5/29/1646 Plymouth [AMR] died before 7/9//1683

Children: (1) Hannah born circa 1639 Plymouth, died 3/12/1710-1, married by circa 1663 Joseph Bartlett; children by wife (2)Susanna born circa 1647;  Seth born 1/13/1648-9, died 3/17/1727, married (1) Deborah Perry daughter of Ezra (2) Rebecca __; Thomas born 3/25/1651 probably died young;  John born 3/15/1652-3 died 7/1675 killed by the Indians along with sister Susanna & her husband Jacob Mitchell; Sarah born circa 1656 married 11/13/1676 Samuel Hinckley & 8/17/1698 Thomas Huckins; Joanna born c 1658, died circa 1698 married 3/5/1683 John Hathaway; Isaac born circa 1664 died 1733, married by 1687 Alice Freeman daughter of Edmund


Susanna POPE born circa 1647; died 7/1675 Dartmouth MA killed by Indians along with her husband & brother John, children were saved because they had been sent to the garrison the day before

Spouse: Jacob MITCHELL married 11/7/1666 E. Bridgewater Plymouth MA

Children: Jacob born 1670 married Deliverance Kingman & Rebecca Cushman; Thomas Curry 1667/8; Mary; children raised by Uncle Edward Mitchell, all 3 married Kingman brother and sisters 1/1/1696

The Great Migration Begins:  Thomas Pope.  Origin:  Unknown.  Migration: 1632.  First Residence:  Plymouth.  Removes: Dartmouth by about 1670.  Occupation:  Cooper.  Freeman:  In 1638 list of those of Plymouth who took the oath of fidelity[PCR 8:181].  Education:  Signed his deeds, but made his mark to his will.  Offices:  Plymouth constable, 4 June 1645 [PCR 2:83].  Surveyor of highways 5 June 151, 7 June 1652 [PCR 2:168, 3:9].  Volunteered to serve in Pequot War 7 June 1637 [PCR161].  In Plymouth section of 1643 Plymouth Colony lis of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:188].  Estate: Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 March 1633 and 27 Mar 1634 [PCR 1:10, 28].  On 6 Oct 1636 granted five acres "at the fishing point next Slowly Field" [PCR 1:45]; on 7 Nov 11636 it was discovered that the place designated for this grant did not quite allow the full five acres [PCR 1:46].  On 2 Nov 1640 granted five acres "in the South Meddows towards Aggawam, Colebrook Meddowes" [PCR 1:166].  On 29 Aug 1640 Thomas Pope sold to George Bonam "all that his house and land thereto belonging containing five acres and the enlargement since and all the fence in and about the same [PCR 12:61].  On 30 Oct 1652 Thomas Pope of New Plymmouth, cooper, acquitted George Bonum of all debts owed to Pope [MD 1:132=33, citing PCLR 2:1:13].   On 17 May 1658 Thomas Pope of New Plymouth, cooper, sold to Joseph Warren a parcel of maarsh meadow at Eel River [MD 12:213-14, citing PCLR 2:1:212]  On 24 Mar 1661 Thomas Pope of Plymouth, cooper, sold to Robert Ransome "all the right, title and interest he hath in his land at Lakenham ... both upland and meadow" in exchange for "twenty-five acres of upland which lyeth with a parcel of upland belonging to Jonathan Pratt lying and being at a place called Acushenah with two accres of meadow which is yet unlaid out at Acushenah aforesaid" [MD 17:42, citing PCLR 2:2:86].  On 5 July 1677 Thomas Pope of Dartmugh, cooper, made a deed of gift to "Seth Pope my eldest son" of "all that my one-half share or portion at Saconett [PCLR 4:140].  On 31 Oct 1680 Thomas Pope of Dartmough, cooper, sold to Charles Stockbridge of Scituate, cooper, "all that my one fourth or quarter part of a grist or corn mill" in the town of Plymouth, along with one-fourth of the implements and the three acres of land associated with the mill, and also "one small piece of land containing twenty-six rods" [PCLR 5:187}.  On 2 Nov 1680 "Thomas Pope Senior and Seth Pope both of the town of Dartmouth" sold to David Lake their share in the grant of land at Saconnet, divided and undivided, the divided part amounting to one hundred acres [PCLR 5:78]. In his will dated 9 July 1683 and proved 2 Nov 1683, Thomas Pope bequeathed to "my son Seth as an addition to what I have formerly given him ten shillings in money, also I give unto my grandson Thomas Pope all that my twenty-five acres of upland and two acres of meadow lying and being on the west side of Acushenett River"; "my son Seth shall ... pay three pound sterling uynto my grandson Jacob Mitchell when he comes to age of twenty-one years"; to "my daughter Deborah Pope five pound in money and to each of my other daughters five pound apiece in money, also my meadow lying at the South Meadows in Plymouth or the value of it I give to be equally divided amongst all my sons and daughters", to "my son Isacke all my seat of land where I now dwell with all the meadows belonging thereunto," except that if he die before twenty-one years without an heir, this land to go to "the sons of my son Seth"; son Isaac to be residuary legatee [MD 18:130, citing PCPR 4:2:50].  The inventory of "Thomas Pope of the town of Dartmouth late deceased," taken 4 Aug 1683 by Thomas Tabor and Arthur Hathaway, totalled 274, of which 130 was real estate: "the housing and the seat of land belonging thereunto," 100; "25 acres of upland and 2 acres of meadow lying on the west side of Cushenett River," 10; and "7 acres of upland and 7 acres of meadow at Plymouth," 20 [MD 18:131, citing PCPR 4:2:51].   Birth: By about 1612 based on date of his marriage (According to Savage, "In 1675, he was 67 yrs. old" [Savage 3:459]j, but no source is cited.)   Death:  Dartmouth between 9 July 1683 (date of will) and 4 Aug 1683 (date of inventory).   Marriage:  (1) Plymouth 28 July 1637 Anne Fallowell [OCR 1:63], daughter of Garriel and Catherine (Finney) Fallowell; she died before 29 May 1646 (and probably soon after the birth of daughter Hannah).   (2)  Plymouth 29 May 1646 Sarah Jenny [PCR 2:98], daughter of John Jenny she died before 9 July 1683 (date of husband's will).   Children (all born Plymouth):  With first wife:   i.  Hannah b about  1639 (died 12 Mar 1710[/1?], aged 71 [NEHG 101:279 (from family Bible)]); m. by about 1663 Joseph Bartlett, son of Robert Bartlett [MD 19:24, citing PLR 1:84].  With second wife:   ii   Susanna b. about 1647; m Plymouth 7 Nov 1666 Jacob Mitchell [PCR 8:31], son of Experience Mitchell.   iii.   Seth b 13 Jan 1648/9 [PCR 8:5]; m (1) by 1675 Deborah Perry (eldest child b. Dartmouth 23 Oct 1675), daughter of Ezra Perry [NEHGR 115:86-90]; m (2) Rebecca ____ (Rebecca Pope, widow of Seth Pope, Esq. was buried at Dartmouth on 25 Jan 1741 in her 79th year).   iv.   Thomas b 25 Mar 1651 [PCR 8:112]; no further record.   v.   John b 15 Mar 1652/3 [PCR 8:14]; d July 1675 [PCR 5:205].   vi.  Sarah b about 1655; m (1) Barnstable 13 Nov 1676 Samuel Hinckley [MD 6:98, 10:11-16]; m (2) Barnstable 17 Aug 1698 Thomas Huckins [MD 6:19, 10:11-16].   vii.   Joanna b say 1658; m Dartmouth 5 March 1682 John Hathaway.   viii.   Isaac b about 1664; m by 1687 Alice Freeman (eldest child b Dartmouth 23 Dec 1687), daughter of Edmund and Margaret (Perry) Freeman [TAG 40:108-10, citing Barn PR 2:190].  Comments:  Savage claims that daughter "Susanna ... being called in 1663 eldest daughter of said Pope by wife Sarah requires us to believe that another daughter followed." However, the use in the seventeenth century of what we would now call the superlative did not require that more than one daughter was intended, this is seen frequently in probate  documents of the period, in which a son is called eldest when he is also the only son.   Pope includes "Son Isaac, not yet 2 years old," the age being apparently a simple typographical error for "21."   At court on 6 Oct 1659 Thomas Lettice sued Thoma Pope for abusive carriages [PCR 3:173].  On 5 Oct 1663 he and Gyles Rickard Sr. were presented for striking each other [PCR 4:48].  On 7 June 1670 Thomas Pope was fined for vilifying the ministry [PCR 5:39].  

Reg. of Plymouth Families pg 208: Pope, Thomas, had Susanna m Jacob Mitchell; Seth 1647; Thomas 1651; John 1652  Vol VI pg 799: POPE, Thomas (1608-83) from Eng in the Mary & John; settled at Dorchester MA 1630; at Dartmouth ca 1674; m 1637 Ann dau Gabriel Fallowell m 2d 1646 Sarah dau John Jenney.

 Pioneers of MA pg 368: POPE, Thomas, cooper, Plymouth, taxed in 1632; house-lot granted in 1636; volunteer in the Pequot war in 1637; constable 1645; propr at Plymouth & Dartmouth. Gave receipt to Geo Bonum 10/30/1652. Rem to D. about 1674. He m 7/28/1637, Ann, dau of Gabriel Fallowell; he m 2d 5/29/1646, Sarah, dau of John Jenney. Ch Hannah b 1639 (m Joseph Bartlett), Seth b 1/13/1648; Susanna b 1649 (m Jacob Mitchell), Thomas b 3/25/1651, Sarah b 2/14/1652 (m 1 Samuel Hinckley 2 Thomas Huckins), John b 3/15/1653 d 7/1675; Joanna b c 1657 (m John Hathaway), Isaac.   Will dated 7/9/1683; aged. Beq to son Seth & grandson Thomas; to gr son Jacob Mitchell, dau Deborah Pope & other daus; son Isaac, not yet 2 yrs old. Prob 11/2/1683.

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE pg 348: POPE, THOMAS, Yarmouth 1646, and Plymouth, had sons, Seth, Thomas, and John, b in 1647, 1651, and 1652.

Descendants of Edward Small of NE: Thomas Pope b about 1608 for his age in 1675 was said to have been sixty seven years arrived at New Plymouth about 1631. On Oct 5 1636 Thomas Pope, Richard Wright, and Richard Clough were granted five acres each at the fishing point next Slowly Field but the land being too little by consent was equally devided between them and a way was left between them & the lands of Stephen Hopkins next adjoyning Here. Thomas Pope built a house In 1640. Thorn Pope was granted five acres in the South Meddows towards Aggawam Colebrook Meddows. In 1637 he volunteered with Samuel Jenney Jacob Cooke and others to go against the Pequots but though great preparations were made the expedition did not leave Plymouth. He served on jury many times and on June 4 1645 was chosen Constable of Plymoutht. He was a surveyor of highways in 1657. In 1673 ne appears to have made an effort to remove to Punckateesett on Seconnet River later Little Compton Rhode Island but he finally abandoned the attempt and removed to Dartmouth. There he lived in a log house had a grist mill and traded with the Indians near the blockhouse. Early in the summer of 1675 his son John 2 a young man of twenty two years and his son in law Jacob Mitchell were killed by the Indians while endeavoring to reach the garrison where Mitchell's children had been sent the day before. Susanna 2 Pope wife of Jacob Mitchell was supposed to have been killed. Dorothy Haward was taken captive but was released. The will of Thomas Pope of Dartmouth which was without date was presented July the 9th 1683. His wife Sarah was not then living or provision would have been made for her. To his son Seth Pope he gave twenty five acres of upland and two of meadow in consideration of which Seth was to pay three pound sterling vnto my Grandson Jacob Michell when hee comes to age of twenty one yeers He gave to his son Isaac Pope my Indian Gerle during his life The inventory of his estate taken by Arthur Hathaway and Thomas Tabor enumerates among other valuable possessions the housing and land in Darthmouth valued at ioo other land on the west side of Cushnet River io fourteen acres at Plymouth 20 the Indian Gerle 10 money 52 two guns 2 10 cattle and household furnishings Total valuation 274 Issue by first wife i Hannah Pope b 1639 mar Joseph Bartlett of Plymouth She d March 12 1710 Issue seven Issue by second wife Seth2 Pope b Jan 13 1648 mar first Deborah mar second Rececca He d March 17 1727 Issue nine 3 Susanna3 Pope b 1649 mar Nov 7 1666 Jacob2 Mitchell and lived at Dartmouth Issue two sons and a daughter f 4 Thomas2 Pope b March 25 1651 probably d young 5 Sarah2 Pope b Feb 14 1652 mar twice and had twelve children 6 John 2 Pope b March 15 1653 was killed by the Indians in 1675 7 Joanna2 Pope b about 1659 mar John Hathaway Issue six 8 Isaac2 Pope b after 1663 mar Alice Mind and lived with his father on the homestead at Dartmouth Issue seven. 

Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608-1883) and His Descendants: Of the life of Thomas Pope little is known beyond the brief entries which appear in the records of the town and colony of Plymouth, but these are sufficient to show that he was a man of positive character and of some consideration in the community. His promptness in resenting a real or fancied injury and his independent expressions of personal opinion more than once caused him to be arraigned before the magistrates of New Plymouth and no doubt ultimately led to his removal to Dartmouth where he passed the last ten years of his life. The records of the colony show that in the list of rates imposed by the Court January 2 1632 2 and again January 2 1 633 4 he was taxed 9s. October 6 1636 he was granted five acres of land at the fishing point next Slowly field and said Thomas be allowed to build. June 7 1637 we find his name among the list of persons who volunteered to go under Mr Prence on an expedition against the Pequots. July 28 1637 he was married by Gov Winslow to Ann daughter of Gabriel Fallowell. He sold his property at the fishing point to John Bonham August 28 1640 perhaps on account of the death of his wife the precise date of which event is unknown. November 2 1640 he was granted 5 acres of meadowing in South Meadows toward Gavans Colebrook meadows. His name appears in a list August 1634 entitled, "The names of all the males that are able to beare armes from XVI years old to 60 years wth in the seuerall Toune Shipps." He was chosen constable June 4 1645 and was on a jury August 1645 In 1646, he is found in Yarmouth May 29 1646, he married at Plymouth Sarah daughter of John Jenney. In 1647 June 1 an action for slander was brought against him, confessed authors and defendants were brought in equally guilty and damages paid. He was chosen surveyor of highways July 1648 and again June 6 1651. In 1652 July 26 and in 1656 he is on an Enquest. In December 1663 Thomas Pope and Gyles Rickard Senirt were arrested for breaking the King's peace by striking each other and were fined each three shillings and four pence and said Pope his striking of said Rickard's wife and for other turbulent carriages in word and deed, the Court have centenanced him to find sureties for his good behavior. But nevertheless his temper soon got the better of him again, for we find him February 7 1664 and also May 2 1665 quarrelling with one John Barnes about that fruitful subject of dispute a boundary. He is recorded as having taken the freeman's oath in 1668. In 1670 June 7 he was again overhauled by the authorities and as the record says fined ю shillings for vilifying the ministry. Although he was now over 60 years old these troubles doubtless influenced him in the determination to seek a new home and accordingly we find him with others petitioning the Court in 1673 for a grant of land at Saconnett now Little Compton RI. For some reason not ascertained this project was unsuccessful for it appears in the record that he is Granted leave since he and others cannot secure Saconnett neck according to the grant to look out some other place undisposed of for their accommodation. Acting upon this permission he secured a large tract on the east side of the Acushnet river at Dartmouth tradition says by direct purchase from the Indians. This location however must have been included within the prior purchase made by Bradford Standish and their associates from the sachems Wesamequen and Wamsutta on November 29 1652 which had been by order of the Court in June 1664 erected into a separate township to be henceforth called and known by the name of Dartmouth. At a meeting of the proprietors of this purchase held in Plymouth March 7 1652 the township was divided into thirty four equal shares and hence it seems likely that Thomas Pope may have acquired one of the shares. A list made in 1652 shows that his mother in law Mistris Jenney was one of the Dartmouth proprietors and two of her sons Samuel and John Jenney were among the early settlers of D in the immediate vicinity of the Popes. Another original proprietor of Dartmouth was Robert Bartlett whose son Joseph married about 1662 Hannah daughter of Thomas Pope by his first wife. The date of the removal of Thomas Pope to Dartmouth has not been ascertained but it must have been about 1674. The settlement at Dartmouth was a scattered one and for better security and defence against the Indians who had already begun to evince a hostile disposition a fort or garrison house was built on the east side of Acushnet river about half a mile north of the village of Oxford the remains of which were visible until a recent date on the lands of John M Howland. In the early part of July 1675 his son John a young man of 22 his daughter Susannah and her husband Ensign Jacob Mitchell were killed by a party of Philip's Indians early in the morning as they were fleeing on horseback to the garrison whither the Mitchell children had been sent the afternoon before. [GEN REG xv 266[ This occurrence took place near the frog pond on the south side of Spring Street between William and Walnut Fairhaven. The settlement at Dartmouth being isolated scattered and difficult of defence was shortly abandoned and the deserted plantations were quickly laid waste and the buildings burned by the savages. The following order of Court passed by the government at Plymouth is of interest here. ... No attempt appears to have been made for some three years to reoccupy the ruined settlement. Where Thomas Pope and his family found an asylum during this time has not been ascertained. ... One of these prisoners named John num being accused by his fellows acknowledged among other misdeeds that he was concerned in the murder of "Jacob Mitchell and his wife and John Pope and so centance of death was pronounced against them which accordingly emediately was ekecuted."
1683 July the 9th. The last will and testament of Thomas Pope being Aged and weak of body but yet in perfect understanding and memory wherein I have of my estate as followeth. I give unto my son Seth as an addition to what I have formerly given him ten shillings in money, also I give unto my grandson Thomas Pope all that my twenty five acres of upland and two acres of meadow lying and being on the west side of Acushenett River be it more or less, and it is my desire that his father may take the said land into his hands and make the best improvement of it that he can for the good of my said grandson until be comes of age to make use of it himself, also it is my mind that my son Seth shall in consideration of the aforesaid land pay three pounds sterling unto my grandson Jacob Mitchell when he comes to age of twenty one years. Also I give unto my daughter Deborah Pope five pound in money and to each of my other daughters five pound a peace in money, also my meddow lying at the south Meddowes in Plymouth or the value of it I give to be equally divided amongst all my sons and daughters, also I give and bequeath unto my son Isack all my seate of land where I now dwell with all the meddowes belonging thereunto and all the privilages thereunto belonging To him his heirs and Assigns forever, but and if it should please god that he should decease without an heir before he comes to the age of twenty and one years then my said seat of land shall belong unto the sons of my son Seth. Also I give unto my son Isaack all my housing and household goods of all sorts, also all my cattle and horse kine and swine. Also all sorts of provisions, also cart and plowes with all the takeling belonging unto them. Also I give unto my said son Isaack all my money except that which I have given to my daughters and I order my said son Isaack to pay all my just debts and to receive all my debts that are due unto me, also order my Indian Lydia to live with my son Isaack until he is one and twenty years of age, and my Indian gerle I give to him during his life, also it is my mind and will that my son Isaack shall make no bargain without the consent of his overseers until he be twenty years of age. I have made choice of John Cook and my son Seth and Thomas Taber to be for overseers to see this my will performed. THOMAS POPE his J mark. Signed and sealed in presence of John Cook and Thomas Tabor. Isaac and Seth Pope took out letters of administration on the estate November 2 1683 which approximately fixes the date of the death of Thomas. They gave bonds in 400. The homestead farm conveyed by the above will to Isaac Pope contained 172 acres and comprised the larger portion of the thickly settled portion of the present town of Fairhaven. Its north line was a little south of the south line of the street leading east from the bridge. Before the Acushnet cemetery was laid out which was during the reign of Queen Anne about 1711 an acre of the Taber farm half a mile or more north of the bridge on a point of land projecting into the river had been set apart for a burial ground, and it is there that Thomas Pope was probably buried.
THOMAS POPE born in 1608, died in Dartmouth in October 1683, married first in Plymouth Jan 28 1637 Ann daughter of Gabriel and Catherine Fallowell of Plymouthm married second in Plymouth May 19 1646 Sarah daughter of John and Sarah Carey Jenney of Plymouth, Child of Thomas and Ann b in Plymouth i HANNAH  b 1639, d March 12 1710 m Joseph Bartlett of Plymouth b 1639 d 1703, Seven children. Children of Thomas and Sarah born in Plymouth  ii SETH b Jan 13 1648, d March 17 1727 iii SUSANNAH b 1649, d July 1675, m Nov 7 1666 Jacob Mitchell, Ensign. They were both slain by Philip's warriors early in the morning as they were going to the garrison whither they had sent their children the afternoon before. This was in Dartmouth. Three children iv THOMAS b March 25 1651 probably died young v SARAH b Feb 14 1652 m first Nov 13 1676 Samuel Hinckley m second Aug 17 1698 Thomas Huckins. Twelve children. vi JOHN b March 15 1653 d July 1675. He was killed by Philip's warriors while fleeing to the Dartmouth garrison. vii JOANNA d about 1695 m March 14 1683 John Hathaway of Dartmouth Six children.  viii ISAAC b after 1663 d 1733.

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