Pray / Pré

Quinton PRAY, fineryman, born circa 1595, died Braintree 4/17/1667, superintendent of Pioneer Iron Works at Lynn & Braintree; brother Richard lived in RI; Quinton and Richard of Lynn 1645

Spouse: Joan __ married by 1630-34

Children: Richard married Mary__, settled in RI; John born circa 1635 married Joanna Dowman; Hannah married Henry Neale; Dorothy born 1644 married Richard Thayer jr; Joan


Hannah PRAY

Spouse:  Henry NEALE; he married  (1) Martha died 3/5/1655; (2)  Hannah PRAY married 2/11/1655-6 by Capt. Tory of Waymouth

Children: Children: By wife (1) Martha born 11/16/1642 died 1/25/1679;  Samuel born 5/31/1647 married Abigail; Henry b 1/19/1649; Hannah born 2/2/1651 buried 9/20/1657; Sarah died 1653 having married Merrifield; by wife (2) Abigail born 12/14/1656 married Peter Scott;  Joseph born 8/6/1660; Sarah b 10/20/1661; Mary born 11/1/1664 married John Thayer; Rachel born 1/12/1665 died 10/15/1675; Deborah born 1/7/1667;  Benjamin born 1/7/1668-9 married Lydia Pain; Ruth b 10/25/1670 married Thomas Thayer; Lydia born 10/8/1672 married Joseph Jones; Elizabeth born 4/28/1675 married John Bass; Joanna born 5/27/1680 m Shadrac Wilbor; Rebecca; Rachel married 1/24/1697-8 Ralph Pope; Hannah married Nehemiah Heiden 1678.

Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs relating to.. by Cutter: Quinton Pray immigrant ancestor, was born in England in 1595. The surname Pray is from the place name pre meaning in French and kindred languages a meadow. The English history of this family seems to extend back to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Quinton Pray was a fineryman by trade and after coming to America worked in the iron foundry at Lynn Massachusetts. He came before 1646. He deposed October 27 1653 in the case of John Gifford vs the Iron Works Company that he was aged about fifty eight. He removed to Braintree and continued in the foundry there during his active life and died there June 17 1667. The inventory of his estate was taken July 21 1667 and administration granted to his widow Joan He was the only immigrant of this name coming among the early settlers of Massachusetts. Children i Richard married Mary settled in Providence Rhode Island 2 John mentioned below 3 Hannah married Henry Neale 4 Dorothy born 1644 married December 24 1661 at Braintree Richard Thayer Jr 5 Joan.

Old Kittery & Her Families: PRAY The ancient name of this family in England is Pré signifying a Meadow. Quinton Pray born in 1595 as a deposition shows; came to Lynn Mass as an iron worker about 1640. He removed to Braintree and died there 17 June 1667. Had wife Joan and children Richard m Mary and lived in Providence RI, John, Hannah m Henry Neale and Dorothy b about 1644 m 24 Dec 1661 Richard Tayer

Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County ..., Volume 1: Quinton Pray for striking Nicholas Penion with a staff having an iron two feet long on the end of it and breaking his head, for striking Thomas Billington and for swearing fined. /// Pinion fined 10s at the Iron works Quinton Prey deposed that he met Nichs Pinion last Lord's day coming out of his corn and heard him swear by God all his pumpions were turned to squashes and by God's blood he had but one pumpion of all. Sworn 1 7mo 1649 before Robert Bridges. Rich Prey also swore that N Pinion at the same time swore by God's wounds. Jno Chackswell deposed that at the same time he heard the said Nichs Pinion swear by God and that he heard him say at another time that his wife had made away her clothes but he sworn by God he would make her know what she had done with them. Sworn before Rob Bridges. Rich Greene deposed as next above and also that the said Nichs Pinion at the same time swore by God's blood Sworn 3 7 mo 1649 before Rob Bridges. Wittnesses ag Pray

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Pray, Quinton (1595-Apr 17, 1677) m. ... Joan ... MASS VIII, 19

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