Prentice, Prentiss

Henry PRENTICE, Cambridge, planter, also at Sudbury 1639, died 6/9/1654

Spouse: Elizabeth White? died 5/13/1643 (2) Joana ? who married (2) 7/24/1662 John Gibson

Children: Mary born 11/25/1644; Solomon born 9/23/1646 died 7/24/1719 married (1) Elizabeth (2) Hepzibah Dunn; Abiah (daughter) born 7/22/1648 died pre 1713; Sarah married John Woodward; Samuel born 8/31650;  Henry born 1651-2 married Mary Gove


Mary PRENTICE born 11/25/1644 Cambridge MA, died 9/20/1699 Cambridge buried Old Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge MA; great grand parents of John Hancock the Signer; 

Spouse: Nathaniel HANCOCK born 12/13/1638 Cambridge Middlesex MA died 4/12/1719 Cambridge, married 3/8/1663 Lexington Middlesex MA ; Nathaniel married (2) Sarah Green born 10/7/1642 12/26/1699 Cambridge; Mary married (2) John Cooper; [gr grandfather of John Hancock, the Signer] buried Old Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge MA

Children: Nathaniel born 2/28/1665 Cambridge died 7/2/1665; Mary born 5/6/1666 chr 5/13/1666 died 9/28/1686 married Bigsby & Thomas Emmons; Sarah born 8/23/1667 chr 9/16/1667 married Nathaniel Patten 10/15/1710; Nathaniel born 10/29/1668 died 5/11/1755 Cambridge married Prudence Russell; Abigail born 12/29/1669 died 5/7/1672; Rev. John born 3/1/1671 Cambridge died 12/5/1752 Braintree, married Elizabeth Clark 12/11/1700 Chelmsford MA, Harvard 1689; Samuel born 1/2/1674 died 12/21/1735 married Dorothy c1695 MA; Ann born & died 1672; Abigail twin;  Abigail born 8/23/1675 married Richard Davenport 3/8/1722; Elizabeth born 8/26/1677 died 7/10/1678; Solomon born 4/26/1679 died 5/16/1700; Ebenezer born 3/10/1681 died 10/21/1710 married Susannah Clark 1/14/1702 Lexington; Joseph born 4/28/1683 died 4/2/1684; Thomas born 1685 married Susannah Fethergill 11/15/1721; Elizabeth born 5/1/1686 died 3/2/1749 married Benjamin Wyman 11/8/1720 & Jonathan Bacon; Mary born 12/20/1687 died 8/12/1688

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: PRENTISS, THOMAS, Cambridge-Village, [Newton] whose name is usually spelled Prentice, although he wrote it Prentis, was admitted freeman in 1652, had children by Grace, his wife, Grace, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, and John. He was representative in 1672, 1673, and 1674, commanded a company of troop, which rendered very essential service in Phillip's war. He d 7 July, 1710, ae 89. His son Thomas m a daughter of Edward Jackson, senr, and died 1730, ae 55; his son John also m ? and died 1689 ae 35. The epitaph on the grave-stone of Captain Prentiss is as follows: "He that's here interr'd needs no versifying, A virtuous life will keep the name from dying; He'll live though poets cease their scribbling rhyme, When that this stone shall moulder'd be by time."

American Marriages Before 1699: HANCOCK, Nathaniel and Mary Prentice, 8 March 1664, Cambridge MA

Pioneers of MA 372: Prentice/Prentiss, Henry, Cambridge, planter, propr.; also at Sudbury, 1639. Frm. 5/22/1650. Wife Elizabeth d. 5/13/1643; he m. Joane __; ch. Mary b. 25 (9) 1644 (m. Nathaniel Hancock); Solomon; Abiah b. 22 (3) 1648; Samuel b. 3 (6) 1650; Sarah; Henry; all born and bapt. in Cambridge [Mi.]. /P/ He d. 6/9/1654. His widow m. John Gibson; they admin. on the est 6 (8) 1663.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 349: Hancock, NATHANIEL, Cambridge, by w. Joan had Mary, b. 3 Nov. 1634; Sarah, 3 Mar. 1636; Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1638;  John, who d. 2 Apr. 1643, prob. not 2 yrs. old; Eliz. 1 Mar. 1645; and  Lydia, 5 Apr. or 2 July 1646; and he d. says Farmer, bef. 1652. NATHANIEL, Cambridge, s. of the preced. . 8 Mar. 1664, Mary, d. of Henry Prentice, had Nathaniel, b. 28 Feb. bapt. 28 May 1665, d. 20 July foll.; Mary, 6, bapt. 11 May 1666; Sarah, 23 Aug. bapt. 15 Sept. 1667; Nathaniel, again, b. 29 Oct. 1668; Abigail, 20 Dec. 1669, d. soon; John, 1671, H. C. 1689; Samuel, 2 Jan. 1674; Abigail, again, 23 Aug. 1675; Eliz. 26 Aug. 1677; Ebenezer, 10 Mar. 1681; Joseph, 28 Apr. 1683; Thomas, 1685; and Solomon, d. 16 May 1710; was freem. 1668, and d. 12 Apr. 1719. He had, also, Ann and Abigail, b. and d. 1672. John was first min. of Lexington, ord. 2 Nov. 1698, but had first preach. at Wells and York, and was f. of Thomas, the most wealthy merch. of Boston, found. of the Professorsh. of Orient. lang. at the Univ. as well as of Rev. John, H. C. 1719, min. of Braintree, and of Rev. Ebenezer, H. C. 1728, collea. with his f: This last was f. of John, b. 12 Jan. 1737, H. C. 1754, resid. of that Congr. wh. declar. independence, 4 July 1776; at wh. time he was Treasr. of Harv. Coll. In the Hist. of that Inst. by Presid. Quincy, his character may be seen, as weigh. in a just balance. He d. Gov. of Mass. 1793.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 478: PRENTICE, HENRY, Cambridge 1640, was an orig. propri. of Sudbury, freem. 1650, d. 9 June 1654. His first w. Eliz. d. 13 May 1643, and by sec. w. Joanna, he had Mary, b. 25 Nov. 1644; Solomon, 23 Sept. 1646; Abiah, a d. 22 May 1648; Samuel, 3 Aug. 1650; Sarah; and Henry. His wid. m. 24 July 1662, John Gibson; and Mary m. 8 Mar. 1664, Nathaniel Hancock. HENRY, Cambridge, prob. s. of the preced. freem. 1684, by w. Mary, had Mary, wh. d. 2 May 1685; Mary, again, d. 11 Mar. 1686; Hannah, d. 3 June 1687; Jonathan, d. 1 May 1688; and perhaps some that liv.

Genealogical History State of ME: Henry Prentice, planter, of Cambridge MA probably a native of Eng was in Cambridge before 1640. He was a member of the church in Cambridge which was formed in 1636, the record of whose members was taken and registered in the 11th month, 1658. He was a proprietor of lands in Sudbury and was one of the proprietors to whom lands were allotted in the second and third division of land in 1640; and in the inventory of his estate in one town right in Sudbury. He was made freeman in Camb ridge 5/22/1650. He died 4/9/1654. O. S. One inventory of his estate was 54 13s 8d. 10/6/1663 administration was granted to his late widow who had then married a second husband who was made joint administrator. She was decreed 20, and each child an equal share in the estate, except the oldest who, according to the custom of the time, received a double portion. Henry Prentice married 1st Ellzabeth ___ who died 5/13/1643. He married 2nd Joane _____., She married 2nd 7/24/1662 Elder John Gibson sr. becoming his second wife when he was 65t years of age. The children of Henry and Joane Prentice were: Mary, Solomon, Abiah, Samuel, Henry & Sarah.

The history and genealogy of the Prentice, or Prentiss family, in New England: CAMBRIDGE MASS 1 HENRY PRENTICE planter of Cambridge Mass was there before 1640 and probably born in England. He was a member of the First Church Cambridge Mass formed in 1636 whose members were taken and registered 11 mo 1658 by Rev Jonathan Mitchell of that church. He owned lands in Sudbury Mass as one of the original proprietors in the second and third divisions of land there in 1650. He died per Cambridge town records June 9 1654. "Inventory of the estate of Henry Prentice Sen of Cambridge 1663. House and 5 acres land and orchard 27, 3 acres in Westfield 7 10, 3 acres meadow at Ale __ __, two do on South side of river 2, 1 bed table and chayre, 6/ bed bolster and 3 blankets 2 6 0, 1 pr sheets 12/, 1 new sheet 3/, 1 coarse do 4/6d, i napkins 3/4d=l 2 4, 2 iron pots 8/, 1 kettle 1 chair beetle and wedges and handsaw 4/, a little table and bowl and little barrel 2/, 1 pail 1 stool 1 pr tongs 1 warming pan 1 hoe 3 4d, 2 cows 9, 1 pewter dish 1 porringer 1 smoothing iron 2/, 1 town rate in Sudbury 1. Prized by Gilbert his X mark Crackbone and Gregory Stone Oct 16 1663. His relict widow Joan and John Gibson her now husband administrators. The Court ordered distribution to the widow 20 rest to the children except to oldest son double. In 1648 he and wife deed these lands Sudbury to John Goodnow. Henry Prentice was freeman Cambridge May 22 1653. His first wife was Elizabeth who d May 13 1653 OS. He m 2d Joane per Savage. Henry Prentice d June 9 1654 OS. Joan widow of Henry Prentice and their children Mary, Solomon, Abiah, Samuel, Sarah and Henry were all born and baptized in this First church Cambridge. Joan widow of Henry Prentice deceased was a member in full communion there as was her husband Henry P. Joan widow of Henry Prentice m 2d John Gibson Sen July 24 1662 his second wife when he was sixty five years old. Henry and Joan Prentice's children were I MARY b Nov 25 1644 (25, 9, 1644 per Boston records) 2 II SOLOMON b Sept 23 1646 3, III ABIAH dau July 22 1648 probably d before 1713, IV SARAH b m John Woodward he alive in 1713, V SAMUEL b Aug 3 1650 living Dec 81 1713, VI HENRY b about 1651 or 1652.  "Dec 3 1713 Samuel and Henry Prentice, Nathaniel Hancock, John and Sarah Woodward children of Henry Prentice some time of Cambridge deceased quitclaim to Solomon Prentice having received our part of him.
 2 MARY PRENTICE dau of Henry and Joan m March 8 1663-4 Dea Nathaniel Hancock of Cambridge Mass who was b Dec 18 1638. son of Nathaniel and Jane of Cambridge, 1635, and d April 12 1719 ae 81. He was ancestor of John Hancock governor of Massachusetts. Nathaniel H was admitted to First Church Cambridge May 31 and bapt June 2 1667, and Mary (P) Hancock was admitted First Church May 23 1665 and d 1709 or between that and 1713. Children of Nathaniel and Mary 1 NATHANIEL b Feb 28 1665 bapt May 28 d July 20 1665; 2 MARY bapt May 13 1666; 3 SARAH b Aug 23 bapt Sept 15 1667; 4 NATHANIEL b Oct 27 1668; 5 ABIGAIL b Dec 20 1669 d young; 6 REV JOHN b 1671 d Dec 5 1752 Harvard College 1689 first minister of Lexington Mass ordained Nov 2 1698 had previously preached at Wells and York Me; 7 SAMUEL b Jan 2 1674; 8 ABIGAIL b Aug 23 1675; 9 ANN  twin b 1672 d 1672; 10 ABIGAIL twin; 11 ELIZABETH b Aug 26 1677; 12 EBENEZER b March 10 1681; 13 JOSEPH b April 28 1683; 14 THOMAS3 b 1685.  

Memoir of the life of Josiah Quincy, jun., of Massachusetts: Henry Prentice planter of Cambridge Massachusetts was born in England and was in Cambridge before 1640. He was a member of the church founded there in 1636. He owned lands in Sudbury Massachusetts and was one of the proprietors in the second and third divisions of land there in 1640. In 1648 he and his wife deeded their lands to John Goodnow. Many members of this family served in the Revolutionary war as lieutenants, captains, and majors. One a preacher left his flock and shouldered his rifle to join in the fight at Lexington. One a graduate of West Point a model gentleman and chivalrous soldier died in Florida while holding the rank of captain.

An historic guide to Cambridge: HENRY PRENTICE HOUSE. The first of these estates on the southeasterly corner of Garden and Mason streets was granted in 1634 to Guy Bainbridge who died in 1645. Justice Bainbridge, his widow, exchanged her home for that of William Towne sexton of the first meeting house when the new meeting house was built on Watch Hill and he no longer wished to live on Dunster street. His stay must have been short for Henry Prentice, the emigrant, who came from Sudbury died here in 1654. Prentice's widow Joanna his second wife married John Gibson and became step mother of Rebecca Gibson Stearns who, says Paige, thought herself bewitched by Mary Holman. John Prentice grandson of Henry resided here also, his son Henry styled in the Records Henry Prentice third and in conversation "Cooper Prentice." He married 1 Sarah daughter of Jacob Hill, 2 Susanna Brown of Watertown, 3 Eunice Fitch of Bedford and died about 1797., 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Prentice, Henry (c. 1619-June 9, 1654) m. ... (2) Joan Prentice MASS XIX, 81; XXXIV 153

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