NATHAN PRESTON born 1725 Preston Lancastershire ENG, arrived Newmarket NH circa 1748, a Loyalist removed to Maine

Spouse: Sarah "Sarey" Sinkler born 10/24/1735

Children: Nathan born 1753; Nathan, Jr.; Ichabod; Heman; John; John; Beatrice


Nathan C. PRESTON born 4/22/1753, of Newmarket N.H.; died 4/19-20/1844 Plantation 14 East Ridge ME age 91; of Trescott ME when married; first member on the roll of the Dennysville ME church 10/27/1805; buried East Ridge Cemetery, headstone is still legible

Spouse: Elizabeth RUMERY baptized 7/12/1761 Biddeford ME; died 3/1822 Plantation 14 East Ridge; married 7/4/1780 Machias/Passamaquoddy ME; age 3 when father killed, age 8 mother wed Wlm Clark; after 1770 move to Passamaquoddy area

Children: 11 total; Sally/Sarah born 1781 died 1840 married Michael Dougherty/Darty 5/8/1808 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]; Nathan born 1782 Dennysville died 8/1824 Edmunds ME married Rebecca Gardner 7/1/1804 Washington Co. [ME Marriages] ; Mary born before 1783 died 3/24/1805 Dennysville ME; William born 1784 died 6/18/1870 married Mary Harvey & Mrs. Mary (Cox) Huckins 9/25/1808 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]; Ichabod born before 1788 married Mary ?; Susanna born 4/19/1788 Dennysville married William Norwood; Jane born 12/12/1790 married Christopher Benner Jr. 9/3/1811 (father was Rev. War soldier); Anne born 12/12/1794 Dennysville died 4/16/1844 married Robert Jones; Elizabeth born 1/30/1797 Dennysville died 4/13/1845 Edmunds married Nathaniel Jones; Nehemiah born 7/9/1800 ; John M. born 3/6/1803 Dennysville married Clarissa Kenney 9/26/1828 Washington Co. & Alice Gilpatrick 8/26/1853 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]


Nehemiah PRESTON farmer, born 7/9/1800 Dennysville Washington ME, died 2/9/1874 Plantation 14, Washington, ME

Spouse: Leah B. WHITNEY born 10/7/1803 Columbia ME; married 11/28/1820 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]

Children: Nathan C. born 4/23/1829 Dennysville; Paren C. born circa 1835 died 4/20/1883 Warm Beach WA; George W. born circa 1837 removed to Vancouver CAN, Charles H. born 3/28/1826 died 2/20/1887 Seattle WA; Nehemiah E. born 3/8/1824 died 5/13/1894 Seattle WA, married Charlotte; William L. born circa 1840 died 4/23/1903 Seattle WA went to Alaska during the Gold Rush; Otis W. born 5/18/1844 died 3/23/1914 Seattle WA, married Anna Marie Doten 1864; Joel W. born circa 1842 removed to Wisconsin married Hannah ?; Betsy born 2/7/1821 married Nathaniel Jones moved after 1870 to WI; Solomon born circa 1846 died young (Paren C., George W, and Charles H. went west around the Horn about 1858 looking for Canadian Gold in the Frazer River; they were in Puget Sound area in the 1860 census; per Roger H. Newman )


Nathan C. PRESTON farmer, born Dennysville ME 4/23/1829 died 3/27/1917 age 87 yrs 11 mo of  chronic myocarditis & chronic nephritis & arteriosclerosis for 20 years

Spouse: Mary J. DODGE born circa 1838 Plantation 14 East Ridge, married 3/18/1854, died 5/11/1914 age 76 yrs 8 mo.of chronic myocarditis & chronic nephritis (bacterial infection of kidney)

Children: Mary Etta married Fred Leighton of S. Vernall; Jefferson H. born circa 1860 ME; Dallas M. born circa 1863 ME married Lydia A. ___; Bion B. born circa 1865 married Zella ___ ; Nellie B., born circa 1868 ME; Eva P. [on birth record] born 4/29/1870 ;  Andrew Jackson born 8/16/1873 married Clara E. ___ and Bessie K. Brown; Hugh B. born circa 1876 ME; Orrin Victor "Od" 12/10/1877 married Grace ___ , 11th child  but only 6 living when he was born


Eva J. PRESTON born 1870; died 6/1949 Calais Washington ME; very funny person when in a good mood, a terror when not

Spouse: Charles A. SMITH born 1862; died 1934; married 8/7 or 11/1886

Children: Eben Maurice married Cora Etta Glidden; Elsie born 12/1888 married W. Smith; Nellie born 9/1887 married Maker; Charles "Max" born 10/9/1900 married Kathleen Glidden; Rose born 1905 married Bill Farrar

1790 Census, Nathan Preston 1,2,3,0,0 53a Plt 2 E of Machias/Dennysville or Pembroke.
1798 Washington Co. ME Land & Dwellings: Nathan Preston, Township #2, 1 Dwelling $40, 25 acres $130, 
1820 Census Dennysville ME:
Nathan Preston 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 
1820 Census Dennysville ME: William Preston 3 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0  2
1830 Census Dennysville ME: Nehemiah Preston 
1840 Census Plantaton 14 Washington ME: Nathan Preston 3 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
1840 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Nehemiah Preston 2 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1
1950 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Nehemiah Preston age 50 farmer $500 value, Leah age 47, Nathan C. age 21, Parson age 15, George W. age 13, William age 11, Joel age 8, Otis age 6, Solomon age 4
1860 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME:
Nathan C. Preston age 31, Leah B. born 1804, William born 1811, William born 1784, John born 1803, Charles H born 1826, Nathan C. born 1829, John born 1803, Nehemiah born 1800, Maria born 1823, Ichabod born 1814, Mary A. born 1819, Nehemiah born 1824, Charlotte born 1828, Lydia M. born 1829, 
1860 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Nehemiah Preston born 1848
1880 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Nathan C. Preston, white, male, 51, married, heart complaint disabled, self & parents born ME; Mary J. white, female, 42, wife, married, keeping house, self & parents born ME; Jefferson H., male, white, 20, son, single, works upon farm; Dallas M., white, male, 17, son, works upon farm;  Biron B., white, male, 15, son, single, at home; Nellie B., white, female, 12, daughter, single, at school; Eva P., white, female, 10, single, daughter, at school; Andrew C., white, male, 7, single, son, Hugh B., white, male, 4, single, son; Odin V. white, male, 2, son, single
1900 Census Dennysville, Edmunds & Marion towns Washington ME:
Nathan C. Preston born 4/1829 71 married 46 years lumberman, not employed 11 mo. owned free home; Mary J. 9/1836 63 married 46 years 9 children 9 alive; Andrew J. 8/1873 26 single lumberman not employed 0 mo.; Hugh B. 4/1876  24 single lumberman 0 months not employed; Orin V. 12/1879 22 single lumberman 0 months not employed
1910 Census Plantation 14 Washington ME: Nathan C. Preston 81 married 56 years farmer general owns ; Mary J 72 had 11 children 9 alive; Orin V 32 married 6 years lumberman not out of work; Andrew J 36 single Agent Nursery Stock not out of work; Hugh B 34 single general farmer not out of work; Grace B 26 daughter in law married 6 years 3 children all alive; Mary E 5 granddaughter ; Veana L 3 granddaughter; Frances M 11 mo. granddaughter; all self and parents born ME all speak ENG all read 7 write except youth Association List, Colony of New-Hampshire: Pursuant to the within orders we do hereby return the following persons names that refuse to sign the within declaration; Nathan Preston, Newmarket NH 1776.  Children of Nathan/Elizabeth; Nathan Jr, Ichabod, Heman, John, John, Beatrice

Loyalist to Canada, the 1783 settlement of Quakers & others at Passamaquoddy - "The Digdeguash Grants" in the list of grantees the name of "Nathan Preston" appears and states that he received 100 acres of land at St Patricks Parish, Charlotte County, NB on the Digdeguash River. In order to receive this grant one had to be a "loyalist." The loyalists Reg't was called "the royal fencible americans" stationed at "Fort Cumberland." They were on muster call there and were summonded when need be. His name is pointed out as same Nathan Preston in the 1790 Dennysville Census. The "royal fencible americans" were disbanded in 1783. Information also in "Richard Winslow Papers" Exodus of Loyalists from Penobscot to Passamaquoddy 973/3441/5571e/C.2. Wilbur Henry Siebert, Bangor Public Library 3/20/1997.

Date of Certificate of Publication of Intended Marriage in Dennysville 1818-1821 communicated by Peter E. Vose, Esq., of Dennysville - November 28, 1820 Nehemiah Preston and Leah Whitney.

Bangor Historical Magazine Oct 1885. A statement of settlers of Plantation No. 10, begun 1776. 1804, Nathan Preston and family.

Vital Records from the Eastport Sentinel of Eastport, ME Published 5/29/1824: Deaths In Plantation No. 10, Nathan Preston, Jr. abt 44y. Pub. 11/26/1825 Marriages In Planta No 10 Joseph Jones to Mary Preston.

Eastport Sentinel Vol 5 #33, Saturday, April 5,1823, Obituary: "In Dennysville, Mrs. Preston, wife of Mr. Nathan Preston, Sr. age 64, one of the first who settled in that town. She was a professor of religion and practiced what she professed. Were there any sick, she visited them, in want, she administered to their necessities, as far as was in her power. As she lived, so she died, calmly resigning her soul to Him who gave it with the fullest assurance of a blessed immortality beyond the grave through the merits of Jesus Christ.". Vol 8 #15 11/26/1825 marriages: In Plantation #10 no date Joseph Jones to Mary Preston. Vol 68 #47 10/13/1886 deaths, in San Diego CA 9/27/1886 Foster A. Preston son of Ichabod C. and Mary A. Preston of Edmunds 35y. Vol 68 #40 8/25/86 marriages: in Pembroke 8/7/1886 by Rev. B.S. Arey, Charles H. Smith of Cooper to Eva J. Preston of Plantation 14. Vol 6 #41 5/29/1824 Deaths in Plantation #10 no date Nathan Preston Jr. about 44 y.

 Marriage Records of Washington Co. pg 74: John M. Preston of Dennysville & Alice Gilpatrick of same m. 25 Aug 1852 by D. K. Hobart JP.

A-CHS 2/98: Machias Union 10/12/1869 re Saxby Gale: Plantation 14 on the Eastern Ridge, James Smith's house partly unroofed & badly damaged & his barn demolished; Jacob R. Sinclair's new house destroyed; Nathan Preston, J. Dodge, J. Taylor Reynolds, John Mulveney each had a barn unroofed or damaged badly; Nehemiah Preston's shed was blown down & his orchard of apple trees greatly injured by uprooting.

Loyalists to Canada, pg 179: This March 29, 1784, grant of 15,250 acres of land was located on the Digdeguash River in St. Patrick's Parish, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. The principal grantee was John Curry, who reserved 500 acres on the tract for a sawmill. curry convinced other grantees to acquire 100 acres for him in their names. Later he tried to get the entire tract in his own name. The names (spelled as found) of the Digdeguash grantees were: ... Dyer, James; Dyer, Jones ... Preston, Nathan; pg 189 Nathan Preston was named in the 1790 census for township #2, Dennysville and Pembroke. In 1804 he settled at Edmunds.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The original English settlers of Dennysville arrived on the river on the 17th of May, 1786, in the sloop "Sally." They were from the vicinity of Hingham, MA. In this company were Nathan Preston, Wm. Kilby, Samuel Sprague, Theodore Lincoln & Wm. & Joshua Wilson, all of whom remained and formed the nucleus of the present town.

1880 Census, Township 14, Washington ME: Nathon C. Preston, born 1829 ME, age 51, farmer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born ME; Mary J., wife, white, age 42, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; Jefferson H., son, single, age 20, born ME, works upon farm, father & mother born ME; Dallas M., son, age 17, born ME, works upon farm; Bion B., son, age 15, ME, at home; Nellie B., daughter, age 12, born ME, at school, Eva P., daughter, age 10, born ME, at school; Andrew C., son, age 7, born ME; Hugh B., son, age 4, born ME; Odin V., son, age 2, born ME.
1880 Census, Brunswick, Eau Claire, WI: Joel Preston, married, male, white, 38, born ME, farmer, father & mother born ME; Hannah, wife, white, 38, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; Lily, daughter, 14, born ME, at school; William, son, 12, born ME, at school; Edgar, son, 10, born ME, at school; Chas., son, 9, born ME, at school; Ruben, son, 6, born WI, at school.e d
1880 Census, Mt. Vernon, Whatcom, Washington: Otis Preston, married, male, white, 36, born ME, laborer, father & mother born ME. 1880 Census, Seattle, King, Washington: Otis W. Preston, married, white, 36, born ME, logger, father & mother born ME; Annie M. wife, white, 45, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; John O. son, 7, born ME.
1880 Census, Seattle, King, Washington: Nehemiah Preston, married, male, white, 56, born ME, laborer, father & mother born ME; Charlotta, wife, white, 52, born ME, keeping house, father & mother born ME; Lottie, daughter, single, 17, born ME, at home; Poran, son, 13, born ME, at home; Melville, son, 11, born ME, at home.
1880 Census, Seattle, King WA: Chas. H. Preston, married, male, white, 54, born ME, laborer, father & mother born ME.ji

1910 Census, Plantation 14, Washington ME: Nathan C. Preston, male married 56 years white 81y. farmer; Mary J. female married white wife 72, 11 children 9 living; Orin V., male married 6 years  white 32 son, lumberman general work; Andrew male single white son 36 Agent Nursery Stock; Hugh B. male single white son 32 farmer general work; Grace B female married white daughter in law 26. 3 children 3 living; Mary E. female single white granddaughter 5; Veana L. female single white granddaughter 3; Frances M. female single white granddaughter 11 mo.; all adults read and write English & they and parents born in Maine

NEHGS Vol 124 pg 299: Theodore4 Hilton (Ens. Joseph3, Edward2, Edward1), was born in Exeter, about 1721; he died in Newmarket, between 15 Jan. 1765 and 3 May 1767 (perhaps before 9 Jan. 1766). /p/ He married, probably in Stratham, about 1746, Mary Sinclair, daughter of Richard and Catherine (Stevens) Sinclair. She was still living 14 Jan. 1775. /p/ He did not sign the Newmarket petition of 21 Nov. 1746, but he does appear as a signatory to the petitions regarding a proposed bridge dated 4 and 30 Jan., 1760, as well as that of 18 Aug. 1763 about a highway and another of 25 Jan. 1765 about the same bridge. /p/ The index to the N.H. Province Court Files, 1701-1771 shows five cases between 1755 and 1762 in which Theodore Hilton appears, in all of which he is called of Newmarket, and in one (1758) which has to do with the Sinclairs, his wife Mary being a party. He has but one deed and that concerns his wife's inheritance: 2 Dec. 1758, we Nathaniel Sinkler of Stratham, husbandman, Theodore Hilton of Newmarket and Mary Hilton, his wife, with Nathan Preson of same, shipwright, and Sarah Preson his wife, all children and children-in-law of Richard Sinkler, late of Stratham dec'd., for 2100 old tenor. convey to Nicholas Duda, of Newmarket, yeoman, all their rights in the estate in Stratham, which their grandfather, James Sinkler, and grandmother, Mary Sinkler, both of Exeter, dec'd., gave to their said father,. Richard and his lawful heirs; refers to his will; signed by "Nath Sinkler Theodr Hilton, Mary Hilton Nathan presson mark of Sarah presson mark of Daborah Sinkler" Wit: Joseph Burleigh and Thomas Young; acknowledged same day before a Notary; recorded 8 Aug. 1767.

--Nathan Preston/Elizabeth Rumery; Nathan Preston II/Rebecca Garder/ Nathan Preston III/Hannah Garnett; Lemuel Preston/Elmira Garnett - Pat Henke 
--Eva Preston sister of Hugh Preston, grandfather of Wendy Preston-Ward 

White Swirled Line

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