John PRINCE died Hingham 1689

Spouse: _____

Children: Mary baptized Hingham 7/29/1649; Sarah baptized Hingham 2/22/1651-2; Daughter


Mary PRINCE born 1649 Hingham died 1729 died Scituate 6/23/1726

Spouse: Joseph JOY married 8/29/1667 Hingham born 2/1/1645 Boston Middlesex Co. MA died 5/31/1697, carpenter & farmer 

Children: Joseph born 7/30/1668 Hingham died 4/29/1716 Hingham; Thomas born 11/25/1669 Hingham died 10/;11/1718 Hingham; Margaret born 3/6/1670 Hingham died 6/1670; Margaret born 4/15/1672 died 6/1/1672;  Mary born 5/19/1673 Hingham; John born 8/28/1675 died 10/7/1675 Hingham;  Benjamin born 9/9/1676; John born 8/28/1678 died 7/17/1680 Hingham; Simon born 11/1/1679 died 7/19/1680; Sarah born 4/14/1681; Jonathan born 12/22/1681 died 1/5/1682; Margaret born 12/14/1682 married Nathaniel Chubuck 1707; Deborah born 1/14/1685; Ruth born 11/27/1687 died 3/28/1688; Lydia born 3/12/1689 died 3/27/1689


The Great Migration: There were two other John Princes in Hingham and Hull who were not known to be related to the subject of this sketch [John Prince of East Shefford]. The oldest of the two had three recorded daughters, of whom the first two were Mary Prince, baptized at Hingham on 7/29/1649, and Sarah Prince, baptized there on 2/22/1651-2. He died in 1689. /// On 11/4/1670, administration on the estate of "John Prince late of Boston" was granted to "Eliza[beth] Prince his relic & Thomas Collier of Hull her father" His inventory included clothing and money at Hull. His wife was that Elizabeth Collier who was baptized at Hingham on 12/17/1648. This John Prince was therefore probably born in the early 1640s, and so could not have been a son of the John Prince described in the paragraph above.

White Swirled Line

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