Rumery, Rumerey, Rummery, Romerils

Matthew RUMERY of New Castle N.H.; original family name Romerils from Channel Islands, Guernsey & Jersey

Spouse: Elizabeth MARTIN

Children: Edward born 1685 Biddeford


EDWARD RUMERY born 1685 Biddeford York ME; died before 4/5/1762 Saco ME

Spouse: Sarah DURRELL born circa 1690 Scarborough York ME; baptized 8/15/1703 Gloucester Essex MA; died 6/28/1776 Saco/Biddeford ME; married 1724-5 Biddeford York ME

Children: by Edward Rumery - Edward born 7/27/1730;  Jonathan born 2/1/1731 married Mary Duren; Thomas born 12/27/1733 married Charity Edgecomb; William born 2/3/1737 married Rebecca Austin; Edward born 1740 married Elizabeth Hooper 1760; Lydia; poss. Moses; by Thomas Pennell Rachel


William RUMERY born 2/3/1737 Biddeford ME; died 11/21/1764 Biddeford by a cart wheel running over his body.

Spouse: Rebecca AUSTIN born 1738 Saco ME; died after 1790 Eastport ME; married 8/8/1758 York Co. ME First Congregational Church, Biddeford

Children: Dominicus born 10/9/1763, died 10/27/1835; wed 1792 Eastport to Pamela Fountain; Dominicus Rumery of Lubec applied for Revolutionary War Land Grant or Pension; Elizabeth;  Rachel born 1759 married Increase Davis?; William born before 11/3/1765 Biddeford married Elizabeth & Anne;


 Elizabeth RUMERY  baptized 7/12/1761 Biddeford, died 3/1822 Plantation 14 East Ridge ME married Nathan Preston Sr ; Elizabeth age 3 when father killed; age 8 when mother wed Wlm Clark

Spouse: Nathan C. PRESTON born 1753 Newmarket NH residing Trescott ME when married 7/4/1780, of Newmarket N.H.; died 4/20/1844 Plantation 14 East Ridge

Children: Children: 11 total; Sally/Sarah born 1781 died 1840 married Michael Dougherty/Darty 5/8/1808 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]; Nathan born 1782 Dennysville died 8/1824 Edmunds ME married Rebecca Gardner 7/1/1804 Washington Co. [ME Marriages] ; Mary born before 1783 died 3/24/1805 Dennysville ME; William born 1784 died 6/18/1870 married Mary Harvey & Mrs. Mary (Cox) Huckins 9/25/1808 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]; Ichabod born before 1788 married Mary ?; Susanna born 4/19/1788 Dennysville married William Norwood; Jane born 12/12/1790 married Christopher Benner Jr. 9/3/1811 (father was Rev. War soldier); Anne born 12/12/1794 Dennysville died 4/16/1844 married Robert Jones; Elizabeth born 1/30/1797 Dennysville died 4/13/1845 Edmunds married Nathaniel Jones; Nehemiah born 7/9/1800 married Leah Whitney; John M. born 3/6/1803 Dennysville married Clarissa Kenney 9/26/1828 Washington Co. & Alice Gilpatrick 8/26/1853 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]

1790 Census Pepperell Gore York ME: Edward Rumery Jr. 1 1 2; John Rumery 1  0 2; Edward Rumery Jr. 1 1 1

Vital Records of Saco & Biddeford, Me.: William Rummery the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery was Born February 3d day 1747; Jonathan Rumery the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery was Born the first day of February Anno Domini 1731; Thomas Rumery the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery was Born the twenty seventh of December Anno Domini 1733.; Town clerk of Newcastle NH has record of Matthew Rumery paying 6 shilling in taxes for year 1699; There was a Capt Thomas Rumery in Marblehead Militia 1675; connection, if any, not known

Memorial of the 100th Anniversary of the Settlement of Dennysville, Maine, 1886: PRESTON NATHAN Newmarket NH came in 1790 m ELIZABETH RUMERY. His name was first on roll of church 1 Nathan m Rebecca Gardner 2 Sally m Michael Dougherty  3 Mary 4 William m 1 Mary Cox Iliickins 2 Mary Harvey 5 Ichabod 6 Susanna b 1788 m Wm Norwood 7 Jane b 1790 m Christopher Benner Jr 8 Anne b 1794 m Robert Jones 9 Elizabeth b 1797 m Nathaniel Jones 10 Nehemiah b 1800 m Leah Whitney 11 John b 1803 m 1 Clariaoii Kuunoy 2 Alice

Vital Records of Saco & Biddeford: William Rumery, the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery, was Born February 3d day 1737  Jonathan Rumery the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery was Born the first day of February Anno Domini 1731, Thomas Rumery the Son of Edward and Sarah Rumery was Born the twenty seventh of December Anno Domini 1733.

To all Christian Peoplo to whom this present Deed of Sale come Edward Rumeory of the Town of Biddeford in the County of York in the Province of Main send Greeting. Know ye that I Edward Rumery for divers good Causes & Considerations me thereunto moving but especially for & in Consideration of the Sum of Six Pounds to mo in Hand paid by Lieut John Stackpole of the Town & County aforesd The Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge & my self to be therewith fully satisfied have given & granted bargained sold aliened conveyed & confirmed & by these Presents do fully freely clearly & absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene enfeoff convey & confirm unto the abovesd John Stackpole a certain Grant of Thirty Acres of Land to me granted by the above sd Town of Biddeoford at a Meeing of Town on the Ninth Day of May in Year One Theusand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight to be laid out in the Comon Lands of sd Town To have and to held the above sd Grant of Thirty Acres of Land Together with all the Profits Privileges & Appurees to the same belonging or any ways appertaining To him the sd John Stackpole his Heirs Execr & Adminr & Assigns for ever. And I the sd Edward Rummery do for my self my Heirs Execr & Adminr covenant promise grant & agree to & with the sd John Stackpole his Heirs & Assigns in Form & Manner following viz. That I the sd Edward Rumery before the Enscaling & Delivery of these Presents am the true & lawful owner of the above granted Premisses & have good Right firm Power & lawful Autherity to make this Sale & that the same is free & clear from all former or other Gifts Grants Bargains Sales Mortgages Dowries Judgments Executions or Extents & from all other Titles Troubles & Incumbrances whatsoever & by Virtue hereof the sd John Stackpole his Heirs & Assigns shall & may hence forth for ever hereafter lawfully peaceably & quietly have held use occupy possess & enjoy all the above granted Premisses with singular the Appurees without any lawful Lett Sale molestation or Interruption of me the sd Edward Rummery my Heirs or Assigns or any other Person or Persons whatsoever. In Witness whereof I the sd Edward Rummery have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this Thirteenth Day of January Annoq Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight Nine & in the Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c. Edward Rummery his Mark X seal. Memorandum the Word Grant between the Twelfth & Thirteenth Lines from the Beginning was interlined before Signing & Sealing. Signed Sealed & delivered in Presence of George Clark Richard Crockit Rd Deane York. ss Biddeford Jan the 13 1728. Edward Rumery psonally appeared before me the Subscriber & acknowledged this within Instrument or Deed of Sale to be his free Act & Cor Me John Gray Just Peace. A true Copy of the Original Received Aug 11 1730. Attest Jos Moody Reg.

North Atlantic coast fisheries arbitration: I, William Rumery of Lubec, testify and say: That I was a hand on board the schooner Madison of Lubec fitted out for the fisheries that we sailed about the 25th of August last and went on to Grand Menan Bank about twenty one miles or more from land and fished till the 29th of the same month, saw a brig bearing down upon us, soon hailed us asked the name of the vessel, skipper not being then on board I answered the Madison, sent a boat aboard and ordered all the crew aboard the boat and carried us on board the brig Dotterel, ordered the Madison under way for Halifax, ordered us under the forecastle deck among the goats and fowls where we remained four days, gave bread and water to us once a day, arrived fourth day at Halifax and set us all ashore, but Robert Rumery told us we must get a passage home as we could we got a passage and came home leaving the Madison at Halifax where I suppose she is now. The fish and salt they sold out of her in harbors on the way before they arrived in Halifax. The injury and loss is about nine hundred dollars. I saw Winslow in irons at Halifax. WILLIAM RUMERY Sworn to before ETHER SHEPLEY NOVEMBER 6 1824.
I, Robert Rumery, on oath declare: That I have heard the statement signed by William Rumery read and know that it is wholly true. I further state that after the remainder of the Madison's crew left us I continued on board the Dotterel sixteen days, my brother William left me a little provision after that was gone I had nothing for two days then had two thirds of a seaman's ration except grog then got under way and came to L'Etau harbor Deer island asked lieutenant what he was going to do with me, said I should be carried to St John's and put in prison until my trial and no doubt I should be hung then got under way and went to St John's, laid there four days then was told I might go on shore, went ashore and thence home. I was a hand on board the Madison when she was going out and met the Diligence and Friend bringing in the crews of the Reindeer and Ruby that had been captured. After learning the facts we put about and ran into Lubec and anchored. Benjamin Small wanted us to go with them and help take the Reindeer and Ruby as the Friend had got aground and Captain Ansel Coggins of the Madison agreed to go and all the crew but one and took on board seven or eight others there were not more than twelve or at most fifteen on board, had a number of muskets but no bayonets, then went down upon the Reindeer our skipper hailed them and told them to heave to. Jones told his men to prepare for action, we hailed a second time and Jones ordered the fore sheet cast off and told Robert Small that he might take charge of his vessel and carry her to Eastport. Jones and his men went aboard the barge having first come on board of us and drank some grog by invitation and we went to Eastport, guns were fired until after the Reindeer was retaken and Jones had left us and gone on board of his barge and then only by way of rejoicing. WILLIAM RUMERY Sworn to before ETHER SHEPLEY NOVEMBER 6 1824.

Granted Land in Township # 8 (Lubec) 1802-8: William Rumery, Dominicus Rumery. Granted Land in Lubec 1802-8

Saco Valley Settlements and Families: Edward Rumery1 was in Biddeford as early as 1728 for on Sept 15th of that year he paid for his land there. I have not found any trace of his ancestry. It is a tradition that Romney, Rumrill, and Rumery are only various forms of spelling the names of several branches of the same original stock. His wife Sarah d June 28 1776 aged 86. Children far as known 1 Jonathan 2 b Feb 1 1731. 2 Thomas 2 b Dec 27 1733 m Charity Edgecomb Jan 28 1758 and had issue. 3. William b Feb 3 1737 married Rebecca Austin Sep 10, 1758. He was killed by a cart wheel that went over his body Nov 21, 1764.

 The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 71: William Rumery & Rebeccah Auston both of Biddeford Intend Marriage Septembr 10th 1758.

White Swirled Line

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