John SAMPSON born circa 1627 Salem MA, died 1/27/1711-2 Gloucester MA, of Scarborough & Beverly, apprenticed in 1635 by Francis Toby of Rotherbith, Surry ENG to Thomas Chadwell [not John, the son of Henry Sampson of the Mayflower. Francis Tobey is mentioned as being in MA 1635.]

Spouse: (1) ? by 5/8/1660 (2) Sarah PEASE married 10/22/1667 Beverly MA [Torrey] died before 1677

Children: Jonathan (1st wife ?) married Mary Chandler 11/16/1695 Newbury MA [AMR]; Mary born 1670 married Joseph Goodale; Cypien born 3/13/1672 married Daniel Chesimore (Chisholm); Sarah born 6/18/1668


Sarah SAMPSON born 6/18/1668 Beverly MA; died after 1734-5 Biddeford ME

Spouse: Moses DURRELL born circa 1650 died circa 1753 (seems a long time) married 12/23/1686 Scarborough

Children: Nathaniel born before 1703; Sarah born before 1703 married Thomas Pennell and Edward Rumery; Jonathan; Moses; Lydia

Gen Dictionary of ME & NH pg 603: John Sampson, Scarboro, from Beverly where he m 20 Oct 1667 Sarah Pease step-dau of Richard Haines who was not his 1st w as Salem adm him inhab 8 May 1660 provided he take effectual course to bring his w to him. Taxed Scarb 1681; on committee to treat with Mr. Blackman 1682; grants 1682, 1685; town clerk 1682; constable 1687. Lists 85, 238a. The war sent him back to Essex Co from where he claimed 100 a on N. side of Nonesuch River bot from Mrs Jordan and 6 a betw Thomas Larrabee and Henry Libby bot from Henry Kirby. In Jan 1708-9 of Gloucester, late of Newbury, he deeded his Scarb land to w Sarah to be at her disposal if she surv, paying partic regard to those ch who had been most kind to them, only s Jonathan's s John to have the 16 a parcel at Scarb if he liv upon it. He d at the Durrell home in Glouc 27 Jan 1711-2 in 104th yr, but depos twice in 1677 ag 50 and +-50, and in 1679 +-53. Kn ch. three rec at Bev: Sarah b 18 Jun 1668 m Moses Durrell. Mary b 15 Nov 1670 m Joseph Goodale. Cyprien b 13 Mar 1672, m Daniel Chesimore (Chisholm). Jonathan not recorded may have been the 1st wife's son. he m 16 Nov 1695 Mary Chandler in Newb where s John was b 1696. Possibly by an earlier marriage Jonathan or an unknown older brother was fa of several young Sampsons in Essex Co, notably William whose ch incl a Jonathan b in newb in 1703.

Gen Dictionary of NE CD#169: Genealogical Dictionary of New England SAMPSON 7 JOHN, Scarboro, from Beverly where he m. 20 Oct. 1667 Sarah Pease, step-dau. of Richard Haines, who was not his 1st w. as Salem adm. him inhab. 8 May 1660 provided he take effectual course to bring his w. to him. Taxed Scarb. 1681; on committee to treat with Mr. Blackman 1682; grants 1682, 1685; town clerk 1682; constable 1687. Lists 85, 238a(2). The war sent him back to Essex Co. from where he claimed 100 a. on N. side of Nonesuch River bot from Mrs. Jordan, and 6 a. betw. Thomas Larrabee and Henry Libby bot from Henry Kirby. In Jan. 1708-9, of Gloucester, late of Newbury, he deeded his Scarb. lands to w. Sarah, to be at her disposal if she surv, paying partic. regard to those ch. who had been most kind to them, only s. Jonathan's s. John to have the 16 a. parcel at Scarb. if he liv. upon it. He d. at the Durrell home in Glouc. 27 Jan. 1711-2 in 104th yr., but depos. twice in 1677, ag. 50 and approximately 50, and in 1679, approximately 53. Kn. ch., three rec. at Bev: Sarah, b. 18 June 1668, m. Moses Durrell(1). Mary, b. 15 Nov. 1670, m. Joseph Goodale. Cyprien, b. 13 Mar. 1672, m. Daniel Chesimore (Chisholm 1). Jonathan, not recorded, may have been the 1st wife's son. He m. 16 Nov. 1695 Mary Chandler in Newb., where s. John was b. 1696. Possibly by an earlier mar., Jonathan or an unknown older brother was fa. of several young Sampsons in Essex Co., notably William whose ch. incl. a Jonathan b. in Newb. in 1703.

York Deeds: 328 To all Christian People to whom this Writing shall come greeting Know ye that I Sarah Jordans Admin Jordan iii the Province of Main Administra To trix to the Estate of the late Mr Robert for & in Consideration of nineteen Pounds to me well & truly in Hand paid (one half in currant Money the other in currant pay) by John Sampson now of the Town of Scarborough wherewith I acknowledge my self to be fully satisfied of the whole & every Part thereof have given granted bargained sould, enfeoffed & confirmed to John Sampson to him his Heirs Exec Admin & Assigns for ever To have & to hold a Parcel of Upland containing a hundred Acres situate lying & being upon the Northerly Side of the River Nonsuch & is bounded South West & by West along by the Marsh Side a hundred Rod & West N West along by the Land now in the Posession of Robert Eliote to the Corner of new Feild to about ten Rods then North West about thirty Rod then West N West till the hundred & sixty Rod be out which is the Bounds of Upland Together with twenty Acres of Meadow adjoyning to the Upland which is between the River of Non such & the aboves 1 hundred Acres of Upland The sd John Sampson his Heirs Exec Admin & Assigns is to pay or cause to be paid to the sd Sarah Jordan her Heirs & Assigns for ever annually two Days Work upon Demand & by these Presents do covenant grant & agree to & with the sd John Sampson his Heirs Exec Admin and Assigns To have & to hold for ever with quiet & peaceable Enjoyment with all the Profits Priviledges Immunities thereto belonging or in any wise without any Let Suit Molestation or Interruption of or me the sd Sarah Jordan my Heirs Excera or Admin by or under me And at the Bargain of the Premisses I the true & lawful Possessor Owner & that I have full in my own Right to aliene sell & dispose the sd Lands aforesd & that the sd Lands are free & clear & clearly from all & former Gifts Grants Bargains Mortgages Attachments Judgments Executions Joyntures Dowries Thirds or any Incumbrances from or by us And that I will further do or cause be done any other Act or Acte Thing or Things that be for the full & legal Confirmation from us of the granted Premisses according to the true Intent hereof the Laws of our Nation In Witness to all & singular within mentioned Premisses I the sd Sarah Jordan hereunto set my Hand & Seal this third Day of the first Month commonly called January & in the Year of Lord one thousand six hundred eighty two sic & in Second Year of his Majty Reign Signed Sealed & Delivered Mrkd x Sarah Jordan & a seal in Presence of us  Dominicus Jordan Thomas Scottow Andrew x Shaw mark. Entered in ye book of claims for ye Eastern Parts 3 April 1702. Blackpoynt the 17th June 1787 Thomas Scottow & Andrew Shaw appeared -- me being one of his Majties Council & made Oath that they saw Sarah Jordan signe Seal & Deliver this Instrument to John Sampson as her free Act & Deed. Edward Tying. A true copy of the Original  Received Octobr 9, 1728 Examd by Jos: Moody Regr 

New England families, genealogical and memorial: Robert Pease the immigrant ancestor of this branch of the family is believed to be the son of Robert and Margaret Pease of Great Baddow county Essex England. He came to New England in the ship Francis sailing from Ipswich England the last of April 1634 and landed in Boston Massachusetts. He was accompanied by his brother John and his eldest son Robert. His wife Marie and other children came in a later ship. He settled in Salem where in January 1637 both he and his brother John had grants of land. Margaret Pease widow who died in Salem and whose will was dated September 1 1642 and proved January 1 1645 was the mother of Robert. In her will she mentions a grandchild John son of Robert. Robert was admitted to the Salem Church October 1 1643 and two weeks later three of his children were baptized there. The inventory of his estate was filed August 27 1644. Children Robert born about 1622, John mentioned below, Sarah married October 22 1667 John Sampson of Beverly, Mary, probably Isaac  

Note-book kept by Thomas Lechford, esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts: IN THE COURT OF 4.2.1641. RICHARD CH A DWELL shipwright plaintiff JOHN SAMPSON & SAMUELL BENNET defend} in an accon of trespasse on the case.  The said Richard Shadwell complaineth against the defend for that wheras Francis Toby of Rotherhith in the County of Surrey shipwright in or about June 1635 placed the said John Sampson & the said John Sampson placed himselfe apprentice wth the plaintiffe for the terme of five yeares then next ensuing the said Sampsons Indenture of Apprenticeship notwithstanding wch were not [illegible] or assigned to the plaintiffe and the plaintiffe refused to receive him for lesse than five yeares and the said Sampson consented to serve the plaintiffe five yeares rather than to serve John Tucker an house carpenter 3 yeares in consideration the said Plaintiffe was a shipwright & in that art promised to instruct the said Sampson and whereas the said John Sampson served the plaintiffe three yeares of the said five yeares but in an ill & undutifull manner in which time the plaintiffe by himselfe & his brother endevoured to instruct the said Sampson in the art of a shipwright but he was most times either incapable therof or unwilling to it so that when the pltiffe had procured Richard Hollingworth of Salem Shipwright to teach the said Sampson the said trade he refused to goe dwell with the said Hollingworth but chose rather to goe dwell with the said Samuell Bennet an House carpenter the said Bennet having before unlawfully slocked or flocked & enticed the said Sampson to come away from the plaintiffe to serve him the said Bennet Whereupon the said Sampson being an ill servant before & through the said slocking or flocking & enticeing made worse & more unwilling the said plaintiffe assigned the said Sampson & he put himselfe apprentice unto the said Bennet for the said last two yeares of the said five yeares for wch service the said Bennet was to pay the plt 11 And the said Sampson in recompense of his said undutiful service & other things was to pay the plaintiffe five pounds And the plaintiffe further sheweth that wheras He came to demand the said 11l of the said Bennet at the last quarter Court in Boston & was then unprovided for his defence in other the premises Now the said Richard Shadwell complaineth that the said defend then ioyned together not onely to deceive the plaintiffe of the said 11l and 5l but to damnify him further than they had formerly the one by ill & undutifull service & the other by slocking & enticeing him away as aforesaid and upon this joyning together contrived that the said John Sampson should bring an accon against the said plaintiffe upon an Indenture to wch the said plaintife was neither party nor privy and first [221] for not teaching the said Sampson the said trade of a shipwright according to the said indenture and secondly for deteyning the said Sampson in service longer time than was expressed in the said indenture & make some other false allegations against the pltiffe said complotment accordingly the said John Sampson fullfilled and unduly recovered dammages against the plaintiffe viz 20l for a supposed not teaching the said Sampson the said trade of a shipwright wheras the pl did by all meanes duly endevor it as aforesd and 7l 10s for a supposed overreckoning in his time of service wheras he voluntarily consented to serve 5 yeares as aforesaid and obteyned the cancelling of the said five pounds upon pretence that it was wrested from him onely for dammage done the said plaintiffe about the not moaving of a barke whereas it was for divers other ill services and dammages And hereby the plaintiffe saith he hath suffered in his good name & estate and hath bin damnified 50l and therupon he brings his suit [3 4] Thomas Nicholls testis. /// Richard Chadwell l sheweth that he was absent this day when verdict was given against him not out of any contempt of the Court but by being deteyned at the other side of the water at Charlestowne whether he went to lodge And whereas there is 20l allowed against him in the verdict for not teaching John Sampson the trade of a shipwright. This peticoner alleageth that he hath endeavored both by himselfe and his brother Thomas Chadwell to instruct the said Sampson in that trade both at home & abroad wch the peticoner could have made proofe of if that point had bin insisted upon to this peti coners understanding before the Jury went together Touching the not moving of the barke if this peticoner had knowne that he should now have bin questioned he could have proved Sampson faulty therein by 2 witnesses but seeing he was a boy under age as he saith if he riske that appeare the peticoner willingly illegible to the cancelling of that 5 bill This peticoner willingly alloweth foure pounds for 3 quarters of a yeares service wch this peticoner was mistaken in through Sampsons owne misinformation and will provide him tooles & 40 towards cloathes in these things he desireth investigation & if it please the Cort. [2]

York Deeds, Volumn 12, Part 2:

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Samson, John (1627-Jan 27, 1711/12) m. ... (1) ... ... MASS XXXIII, 352

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