Sargent, Sergeant, Sergant, Serviens, Serjent, Serjant, Serjeant, Serjiant, Serjaunt, Serjeant, Seargeant, Sergentt, Sergente, Sergeaunt, Sergaunt, Seriant, Sariant, Sariant, Sargant, Sarjent, Sarjeant, Sargyant, Sargiant, Sargiaunt, Searjeant, Sargantt, Sargante, Sargente, Sargeaunt, Sargiant, Sargant, Sargeant

Hugh SARGENT, Gent, born circa 1530, died 2/23or 28/1595-6, of Courteenhall, mayor of Northhampton ENG in 1626

Spouse: Margaret GYFFORD / GIFFORD daughter of Nicholas

Children: Elizabeth baptized 1/30/1555 married Nicholas Edwards 9/16/1576; Anne; Nicholas baptized 8/1/1559 married Elizabeth Clark 11/17/1593; Roger born circa 1562 married Ellen Mackerness; Marye baptized 5/30/1565 married William Osborne; John baptized 4/25/1566 married Joise widow of Thomas Church; Jane baptized 6/16/1567 married Arthur Clarcke alias Boterell; Alice/Alce baptized 5/8/1569 married George Coles; Richarde married Jane Green widow; Thomas; George baptized 4/2/1573; Magdalen baptized 7/9/1574; Robert baptized 10/30/1575; Michaell baptized 12/27/ 1576; Dorothey baptized 2/8/1578, died 10/4/1602 being delivered of a bd 9 daies before


Roger SARGENT born circa 1562 died 7/1649 Northampton ENG

Spouse: Ellen MACKERNESS / Macharnes of Thyndon born 11/24/1564 Finedon Northampton ENG died 10/1645 Northampton ENG married 1/3/1589-90

Children: Daniel baptized 9/18/1590 died 12/1590; Sarah baptized 10/4/1591; Anna born baptized 10/16/1593; Samuel baptized 6/25/1596 died 4/1596; Joseph baptized 6/25/1598 died 4/11/1678 married Dorothy ?;  Dorothie baptized 3/6/1599-1600 married Thomas Ball 11/30/1634; William baptized 6/20/1602 died 12/16/1682 Barnstable MA married Hannah & Sarah; Son died 9/1604; John baptized 11/24/1605 married Anne Orpin 11/7/1634  Mary baptized 3/6/1596-7; Elizabeth baptized 2/26/1608-9married George Norwood, Henry Sprigg & Robert Banks [baptism records from The Registers of the Parish of All Saints Northampton]       


William SARGENT, haberdasher of hats, Reverant born circa 1602, baptized 6/20/1602;  Northampton ENG, died 12/16/1682 Barnstable MA; 1638 settled at Charleston MA (Mystic Side), at Malden 1649, at Everett 1670, admitted freeman 1639

Spouse:  (1) Hannah _____ died 9/1632 (2) Marie _____ died circa 1637, married 1633; (3) Sarah _____ [Minshall} died 1/12/1688-9 married in 1638, widow of William Minshull of Whitechurch

Children by Hannah (1): Elizabeth born circa 1628 died 1/1629-30; Hannah born circa 1629 ENG died 12/15/1717 married Henry Felch, came to NE with her father; Elizabeth born circa 1630 died 3/5/1657-8 married David Nichols and ?, came to NE with her father; Mary born circa 1632 probably died yount; children by Marie (2): Sarah born circa 1635 probably died young; Marie born circa 1637 probably died young; Children by Sarah (3) : John born 12/1639 Charlestown MA died 9/9/1716 Malden MA married Deborah Hillier & Mary Bense & Lydia Chipman; Ruth born 10/25/1642 Charlestown died 10/4/1711 married Jonathan Winslow & Richard Bourne & John Chipman; Samuel born 3/3/1644-5 Charlestown died 9/22/1710 Malden MA


John SARGENT born 12/1639 Charlestown MA, died 9/9/1716 Malden MA, probate 1716 Malden

Spouse: (1) Deborah Hillier married 3/19/1662-3 daughter of Hugh Hillier; (2) Mary Bense married 9/3/1669 (3) Lydia CHIPMAN born 12/25/1654 Barnstable, died 3/2/1729-30, married byf 1675

Children by Hillier (1): Joseph born 4/18/1663 Barnstable MA died 11/27/1717 married Mary Green; John born 2/16/1664-5 Barnstable died 4/16/1755 married Mary Lillell; Mary born 1667 Barnstable married Nathan Toby; Jabez born 4/1669 Barnstable; Children by Lydia Chipman (3): Hannah born 12/1675; Jonathan born 4/17/1677 Malden died 10/27/1754 married Mary Lynde and Mary Sprague; William born 11/20/1680 Malden died 3/15/1731-2 married Mary Lewis 12/30/1702; Lydia married Joseph Waite 1701; Deborah married Thomas Waite 12/26/1701; Ruth born 10/26/1686 Malden died 10/28/1719 married Jonathan Winslow; Samuel born 9/15/1688 Malden died 12/7/1721 married Elizabeth Pratt 12/2/1714; Ebenezer born 9/25/1690 Malden died 9/24/1771 married Mary ? & Esther Willis; Sarah died 12/5/1716; Hope; Mehitable born 9/5/1696 Malden; Sarah died 12/5/1716


William SARGENT born 11/20/1680 Malden Middlesex MA died 3/15/1731 Malden

Spouse: Mary LEWIS born 3/1/1680-1, died 2/1743-4, married 12/30/1702 Malden

Children: Mary born 12/1/1704 married Thomas Douglass; Zabiah born 1/17/1708-9 married Robert Levenstone; William born 12/29/1712 married Mercy Webber;  Anna born 4/1/1715 married Thomas Jenkins; John born 3/26/1717 married Susannah Chamberlain

Zebiah / Zibiah SARGENT born 1/17/1708 Malden MA

Spouse:  Robert LIVINGSTONE / Levenstone born 1700-09 Boston MA, married 3/19/1729-30 Malden MA [VR Malden]

Children: Hannah born 3/25/1739-41 Chelsea MA died New Boston NH married William Moore 11/26/1761; Anna born 52/1736 MA or NH died St. Davids Ridge NB married Josiah Hitchings;  Zebiah born 7/9/1730 Malden MA married William Boardman 2/22/1759 Chelsea MA; Margaret born 8/14/1744 Chelsea MA died New Boston married Josiah Patterson; Jane born circa 1747 Haverhill MA died 6/29/1826 or 1833? New Boston; Mary born 3/11/1731-2 Chelsea MA died New Boston NH married John Carson; Elizabeth born circa 1749 died 5/11/1826 died Westford MA; Robert born 1753 died 1/20/1816 New Boston; John born 2/19/1733-4 Chelsea MA died 1/25/1807 Walpole NH; William born 3/25/1739 Chelsea MA married Mary Ann Boyce

The compendium of American Genealogy disk 1: William Sargent baptized 1602-82 son of Roger, from ENG to Charlestown MA 1638, mem of church 1639, freeman 1639, resident of Malden where he was lay preacher 1648-50, rem to Barnstable 1656, freeman Plymouth colony 1658, m Hannah __ d 1688-9, m Marie __ d 1637, m Sarah __ d 1688-9 widow of William Minshall. Vol 1 pg 770: Sgt Henry Feltch bap 1610-1699, selectman, surveyor, m 1649 Hannah bap 1629-1717 dau of Rev. Wlm Sargent of Northampton Eng. Vol 1 Wlm Sargent 1602-82, son of Roger, from ENG ca 1638 settled at Charlestown MA (Mystic Side) at Malden 1649, at Everett 1670 m 3d Sarah __ widow of Wlm Minshall; son John 1639-1716 m (1) Deborah 1643-1669 dau7 Hugh Hillier (2) Lydia Chipman; son of John, Joseph 1663-1717 Barnstable m in 1685 Mary 1668-1759, dau John Green; son of Joseph, Joseph 1690-1760 m 1713 Hannah 1694-1782 dau J. Bulknam

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: SARGENT, WILLIAM, Charlestown 1642. SERGEANT, WILLIAM, Charlestown, freeman 1638, perhaps the preacher at Malden, mentioned by Johnson. Hist N E 211. He had several children born at Charlestown as early as 1644. pg 349: SARGENT, and SERGEANT, WILLIAM, Charlestown, pp. 254 and 258, was admitted freeman 1639.

Pioneers of MA 400: Sargent/Sargeant/Sergeant, William, late of Northampton, haberdasher of hats, now of Charlestown in N.E. planter, and Sarah, his wife, late the wife of William Minshall of Whitchurch, Salop, ENG; a certificate of their health was made 11/14/1639. [L.] Adm. chh. Char. 10 and 17 (1) 1638-9. Rem. to Malden, where he was an active citizen, deacon and lay-preacher in the church. [J.] Rem. to Barnstable. Wife Sarah; ch. Elizabeth, Hannah, John bapt 8 (10) 1639; Ruth b. 25 (8) 1642; Samuel b. 3 (1) 1644. /P/ He d. 12/16/1682. Will dated 3/9/1679-80, prob. 3/3/1682-3, beq. to wife Sarah his house at Mal.; to sons John and Samuel and daus. Hannah Felch and Ruth Bourn; to gr. son Samuel Bill. The widow d. 1/12/1688-9.

Who Beget Thee? William Sargent 1602 1682 Son of Roger Sargent who was son of Hugh the mayor of Northampton Eng in 1626 Hugh Sargent married Margaret daughter of Nicholas Gifford of the ancient and distinguished family of Gifford seated at Honfleur Normandy in the eighth century William Sargent was baptized June 20 1602 Married 1 Hannah who died in Sept 1632 Married 2 Marie who died about 1637 Married 3 in 1638 Sarah widow of William Minshull of Whitchurch co of Salop gentleman and formerly of Bunbury in Cheshire William Sargent came to America from Northampton Eng in 1638 with his newly married wife Sarah and two daughters by his first wife He settled at Charlestown in that part which afterwards became the town of Maiden where he was lay preacher in 1648 50 He was also deacon and an active citizen He removed to Barnstable about 1656 where he was again lay preacher Died at Barnetable Dec 16 1682 His widow died Jan 12 1689 Hannah Sargent 1629 1717 Daughter of William Born in England Baptized July 13 1629 Married in 1649 Henry Felch Died Dec 15 1717 Her sister Ruth married 1 Jonathan Winslow 2 Richard Bourne 3 John Chipman whose first wife was Hope Howland daughter of John Howland who came in the Mayflower John Chipman died April 7 1708 Ruth Chipman died at Sandwich in 1713 In her will she left bequest to the daughters of my sister Felch at Reading 

NE Historical & Genealogical Register: 1 HUGH SARGENT of East Haddon and later of Courteenhall co Northampton Gent born probably about 1530 died 28 Feb 1595 6 and was buried at Courteenhall 1 Mar 1595 6 He married about 1554 t MARGARET GIFFORD born about 1535 daughter of Nicholas Gent and Agnes Maister of St James near Northampton Vide supra 19 Children i ELIZABETH bapt 30 Jan 1555 6 m 25 June 1576 THOMAS FLYNTE ii ANNE iii NICHOLAS bapt 1 Aug 1559 m 27 Nov 1593 ELIZABETH CLAKKB widow of John 2 iv ROQEH b about 1560 v MART bapt 30 May 1565 m 5 May 1602 W OSBORN of Han slope co Bucks vi JOHN bapt 25 Apr 1566 bur at Courteenhall 10 Dec 1614 m 20 Nov 1602 JOYCE CHURCH bapt at Courteenhall 21 Dec 1574 bur there a poore woman 14 May 1643 dau of Henry and Marie Six children for whom vide supra p 58 footnote vii JANE bapt at East Haddon 16 June 1567 m 28 Oct 1606 ARTHUR CLARCKE alias BOTERELL of Stony Stratford co Bucks viii ALICE bapt at East Haddon 8 May 1569 m at Northampton 6 Oct 1597 GEORGE COLES of Northampton ix RICHARD x THOMAS xi GEORGE bapt at Courteenhall 2 Apr 1573 xii MAGDALEN bapt at Courteenhall 9 July 1574 xiii ROBERT bapt at Courteenhall 30 Oct 1575 xiv MICHAEL bapt at Courteenhall 27 Dec 1576 xv DOROTHY bapt at Courteenhall 8 Feb 1578 9 d 4 Oct 1602 being delivered of a bd 9 daies before 2 ROGER SARGENT Hugh of the town of Northampton mercer born about 1560 was buried in the parish of All Saints Northampton in July perhaps 5 July 1649 He married 3 June 1589 ELLEN or ELEANOR MAKERNES or MACHARNES baptized at Finedon co Northampton 24 Nov 1564 buried at Northampton 20 Oct 1645 daughter of William and Agnes Harrgat of Finedon f Roger Sargent was an alderman of Northampton in 1616 senior bailiff the following year and mayor in 1626 His will dated 12 Apr 1649 and proved 22 Feb 1649 50 is printed in Aaron Sargent's Sargent Genealogy 1895 pages 16 17 Children recorded in the parish of All Saints Northampton t i DANIEL bapt 20 Sept 1590 buried 9 Dec 1590 ii SARA bapt 4 Oct 1591 according to chart in the Courteenhall register iii ANNA bapt 21 Oct 1593 probably the Agnes dau of Roger Sargeant who was buried at All Saints 30 Oct 1599 iv SAMUEL bapt 13 Oct 1595 bur 27 Apr 1596 v MARY bapt 6 Mar 1596 7 bur 17 Aug 1597 vi JOSEPH linen draper and mercer bapt 25 June 1598 bur at All ton where the marriage undoubtedly took place do not begin until the latter part of the Saints 11 Apr 1678 m about 1624 DOROTHY who was bur at All Saints 9 Oct 1681 He was executor of his father's will church warden of All Saints Church in 1631 2 junior bailiff of Northampton in 1632 3 alderman and mayor of Northampton in 1644 5 1656 and 1671 Children recorded at All Saints Northampton 1 Samuel ba pt 9 Oct 1625 bur 28 Feb 1625 6 2 Samuel bapt 20 May 1627 3 Elizabeth bn pt 15 Mar 1628 9 m Robert Pickmer 4 Dorothy bapt 7 Aug 1631 m at All Saints 9 Nov 1648 George Billton of London Gent 5 Thomas draper bapt 9 Mar 1633 4 bur 6 May 1689 m about 1657 Dorcas b in the parish of All Saints d there 29 Aug 1729 in her 93d year he was junior bailiff in 1669760 church warden in 1666 and an alderman of Northampton eight children recorded in the registers of All Saints 6 Martha bapt 10 Dec 1637 bur 18 Feb 1638 9 7 Anne bapt 13 Sept 1640 8 Infant child bur 26 Sept 1646 vii DOROTHY bapt 6 Mar 1599 1600 living 12 Apr 1649 m at All Saints 30 Nov 1634 THOMAS BALL who d before 12 Apr 1649 In his will dated 12 Apr 1649 Roger Sargent after making other bequests to Dorothy and others gives all the rest of my goods household stuffe wearinge apparell gowns cattell and chattells whatsoever to my daughtr Ball wch hath most neede of my helpe by reason of the want and poverty wherein she was lefte by her husband Thomas Ball late deceased 3 yiii WILLIAM bapt 20 June 1602 ix INFANT BON puerulus bur 3 Sept 1604 x JOHN mercer and linen draper bapt 24 Nov 1605 m at All Sainte 4 Nov 1634 ANNE ORPYN of Northampton Children 1 John not recorded in the register of All Saints but mentioned in his grandfather's will 1649 as his father's eldest son 2 Joseph bur 12 Mar 1636 7 3 Joseph not recorded in the register of All Saints but mentioned in his grandfather's will in 1649 4 Samuel bapt 18 Oct 1640 bur 14 Dec 1640 5 Samuel bapt 6 Jan 1641 2 bur 3 Aug 1644 6 Elizabeth bapt 28 Jan 1643 4 probably d in infancy 7 Elizabeth bapt 6 Sept 1646 8 Mary bapt 10 Sept 1648 xi ELIZABETH bapt 26 Feb 1608 9 living 12 Apr 1649 when her father in his will refers to her as my daughter Sprigge d before 1680 m 1 9 Oct 1626 ROBERT BANKS m 2 before 12 Apr 1649 HENRY SPRIGO m 3 after 12 Apr 1649 GEORGE NOBWOOD WILLIAM SARGENT Roger Hugh of Northampton haberdasher and of New England baptized in the parish of All Saints Northampton 20 June 1602 died at Barnstable in the Plymouth Colony in New England 16 Dec 1682 He married first probably about 1627 HANNAH who was buried at All Saints 25 Sept 1632 secondly probably about 1634 MARY who died probably in 1637 and thirdly probably in 1638 SARAH MINSHALL who died at Barnstable in the Plymouth Colony 12 Jan 1688 9 widow of William Minshall of Whitchurch cp Salop Gent William Sargent like his father resided in the parish of All Saints Northampton He was made a freeman of Northampton 20 July 1626 being then called son of Roger Sargent He was senior bailiff in 1632 3 His name appears for the last time in the register of All Saints in the entry of the baptism of his daughter Mary 22 Jan 1636 7 and he is next found at Charlestown Mass where he was admitted to the church on 10 Mar 1638 9 and his wife Sarah was admitted to the church on 17 Mar 1638 9 The following entry is found in Lechford's Note Book page 224 of the printed edition Cambridge 1885 John Winthrop Esqr Governor of the Jurrisdiccon of the Matta chusetts bay in New England to all manner of persons whome it may concerne greeting These are to certify you that William Sergeant late of Northampton haberdasher of Hatts and now of Charlestown in New England planter & Sarah his wife late the wife of William Minshall of Whitchurch in the County of Salop gent Deceased are both blessed be God in full life & good health at the time of the making hereof In testimony whereof I have caused the publicke seale of our Colony to be hereto affixed the fourteenth day of November hi the fifteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles now King of England &c Annoq1 Dni 1639 William Sargent was admitted a freeman in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1639 He removed to Maiden Mass where he was a deacon and a lay preacher in the church His farm was in that part of Maiden which was set off in 1870 as the town now the city of Everett He removed to Barn stable probably in 1656 or 1657 was made a freeman of the Plymouth Colony in 1657 and was a preacher also at Barn stable His will dated 9 Mar 1679 80 is printed in Aaron Sargent's Sargent Genealogy where also further details of his life in New England and a genealogy of his descendants may be found Children by first wife baptized at All Saints Northampton i ELIZABETH bapt 3 July 1628 bur at All Saints 5 Jan 1629 30 ii HANNAH bapt 13 July 1629 came to New England d at Reading Mass 15 Dec 1717 being near a 100 years old m in 1649 HENRY FELCH of Reading who d there 11 Nov 1699 Eleven children iii ELIZABETH bapt 12 Sept 1630 came to New England d 5 Mar 1657 8 m 1 about 1651 DAVID NICHOLS of Boston who d 13 Mar 1652 3 m 2 14 June 1653 THOMAS BILL of Boston who m 2 Abigail Willis dau of Michael and d 29 Oct 1696 Two sons by second husband iv MABT bapt 2 Sept 1632 bur at All Saints 9 Feb 1635 6 Children by second wife baptized at All Saints Northampton v SARAH bapt 22 Oct 1635 probably d young yi MART bapt 22 Jan 1636 7 probably d young Children by third wife vii JOHN of Barnstable and of Maiden Mass bapt at Charlestown Mass 8 Dec 1639 d at Maiden 9 Sept 1716 aged 76 years 9 months m 1 19 Mar 1662 3 DEBORAH HILLIER of Barn etable b at Yarmouth in the Plymouth Colony 30 Oct 1643 d 20 Apr 1669 dau of Hugh m 2 3 Sept 1669 MART SENSE who dsp in Feb 1670 1 m 3 LTDIA CHIPMAN of Barnstable b at Barnstable 25 Dec 1654 d 2 Mar 1729 30 dau of Elder John and Hope Rowland Four children by first wife and eleven children by third wife viii ROTH b at Charlestown Mass 25 Oct 1642 d 4 Oct 1711 m 1 about 1663 JONATHAN WINSLOW of Marshfield in the Plymouth outh Colony b in 1638 bur 8 Sept 1676 a of Josiah and Margaret and nephew of Gov Edward Window m 2 in July 1677 as his second wife RICHARD BOURNE of Sandwich in the Plymouth Colony m 3 in 1684 as his second wife ELDER JOHN CHIP MAN of Sandwich One son by first husband ix SAMUEL b at Charlestown Mass 3 Mar 1644 5 d unm at Maiden 22 Sept 1 710 in his 66th year 

Sargent genealogy: Hugh Sargent, of Courteenhall, Northamptonshire and his ... By Aaron Sargent, John S. Sargent:  Hugh Sargent (Sariant) the earliest known ancestor of the family lived in Courteenhall County of Northampton. Courteenhall was the inheritance of the Wake family which traces its descent back to Hereward the Wake to a time anterior to the Norman Conquest. It is five and a quarter miles southerly from the town of Northampton, and in 1831 contained one hundred and forty four inhabitants. The church is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Prefixed to the first volume of the parish register which begins in the year 1538 and folded to its size is a large piece of parchment on which is very neatly transcribed many pedigrees. One of them is of the family of Sargent. There can be no doubt that this piece of work which is both most useful and rare was written by a former rector who had at first hand the facts which he recorded. The rector of the church, Rev Archibald Wake 1895 says, "The parchment shows that the family were in Courteenhall in 1554 and were of gentle blood and possibly the Sargents were in the parish before a Wake entered it. Margaret, wife of Hugh Sargent, was daughter of Nicholas and Agnes Masters Gifford of the Abbey of St James which was a western suburb of the town of Northampton. (See Gifford Pedigree) This abbey was a religious estate of considerable note founded before the year 1112 by William Peverel natural son of William he Conqueror and to which he, Peverel, gave forty acres of land. It is called St James End. Hugh Sargent must have been born about the year 1530. He died Feb 23 1595-6, buried 1st of March. That he heeded the Scripture injunction "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" is evidenced by the fact that he was the father of fifteen children, the eldest having been born in 1556 and the youngest in 1579. His children in their order of birth were I Elizabeth bap Jan 30 155 m Sept 16 1576 Nicholas Edwards. II Anne. III Nicholas bap Aug 1 1559 m Nov 27 1593 Elizabeth widow of John Clarke. IV Roger b about 1562 m Jan 3 1589-90 Ellen Makernes d October 1645 buried the 21st. He died July 1649 buried the 16th. Ellen wife of Roger Sargent was daughter of William Makernes of Finedon thirteen and a half miles northeasterly from Northampton. The will of William Makernes dated March 10 1612 proved March 30 1616 names sons Richard, Edmund, George, and William son in law Roger Seargeant and daughter Margery Chapman. Roger Sargent, probably named for his mother's brother Roger Gifford or his great grandfather of the same name was junior bailiff in 1616 and 1617 and mayor of Northampton in 1626. The following is a copy of his will. ---  In the name of God Amen I Roger Sariant of the Towne of Northton Mercer beinge aged and weake in bodye but of good and disposinge memory and undrstandinge for wch I bless God doe make this my last Will in manner followinge: Ffirst I comend my soule to God that gave it me and my body to the earth to bee buryed by my executr hereafter named decently accompanied to the grave wh the Mayor and Alderme of the towne my brothers and their wives wth such othr friends as my Executr shall think fitt. I assuredly trust and believe that at the generali resurretton my soule and body shall meete againe and be eternally saved and glorified by and through the only merits of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for such little worldly goods and estate wch God of his goodnes hath give to me I give and dispose thereof as followeth: Ffirst whereas my sonn Joseph Sariant hath twenty pounds of myne in his hands I will that twenty marks thereof be spent on my buryal and no moor and the other twenty nobles I give to my daughter Sprigge. I give my garden and orchard in the Cowe Lane in Northton wch I bought of Nathaniel Sharpe with all things in it to my daughf Ball & her assignes for her life, the remainder to my grandchild John Sariant eldest sonn of my sonn John and to the heires males of his bodye lawfully begotten & to bee begotten And for want of such ifsue the remaindr to Joseph Sariant his younger brothr and to the heires males of his bodye lawfully begotten1 & to bee begotten and for want of such ifsue the remayndr to my right heires for ever. I give my ffive silver spoons to my five children viz to my sonns Joseph, John, Willm and to my daughtrs Elizabeth and Dorothy to every of them one and if there be any difference in the waight and goodnes of them I will my children as they are in prioritye of age and birth to make their choyce. I give all the rest of my goods household stuffe wearinge appareil gowns cattell and chattells whatsoever to my daught Ball w hath most neede of my helpe by reason of the want and poverty wherein she was lefte by her husband Thomas Ball late deceased. I desire my children in the name and feare of God to live together in love and in what they may to helpe one anothr And I comend them and theirs to the blessinge of heaven/ I make my sonn Joseph Sariant Executor of this my Will wch I publish as my last Will and Testament this twelfth daye of Aprill one thousand sixe hundred and fortye nyne undr my hand and seale Roger Sariant ls In the presence of Henry Paynter, Thomas Turland, Jonas Chamberlin Proved 22d February 1649. V Mary bap May 30 1565 m May 5 1602 William Osborne of Hansloppe. VI John bap April 25 1566 m Nov 20 1602 Joies widow of Thomas Church. VII Jane m Oct 28 1606 Arthur Clarke alias Boterell. VIII Alice m Oct 6 1597 George Coles. IX Richard m Jan 30 16 Jane Green widow. X Thomas. XI George bap April 1 1573. XII Magdeline bap July 9 1574. XIII Robert bap Oct 30 1575. XIV Michael bap Dec 27 1576. XV Dorothy bap Feb 8 1575 d Oct 4 1602. Children of Roger son of Hugh. I Daniel bap Sept 18 1590 d Dec 1590. II Sarah bap Oct 4 1591. III Anna bap Oct 16 1593. IV Samuel bap Oct 13 1595 d April 1596. V Joseph bap June 25 1598 m Dorothy d April 11 1678. Joseph Sargent was made freeman April 26 1625 was church warden of All Saints Church Northampton 1631- 32, junior bailiff 1632-3, alderman and mayor of Northampton 1644-45 1656 and 1671. VI Dorothy bap March 6 1599 m Nov 30 1634 Thomas Ball. VII William bap June 20 1602 m 1st Hannah d September 1632 buried 20th 2d Marie d probably in 1637 3d Sarah widow of William Minshall of Whitchurch county of Salop Gent and earlier of Bunbury in Cheshire. William Sargent was made freeman in Northampton July 20 1626 and was senior bailiff 1632-33. He came to New England in 1638 (See American Lineage) VIII A son d September 1604. IX John bap Nov 23 1605 m Nov 7 1634 Anne Orpin. He was made freeman July 20 1626. X Mary. XI Elizabeth m 1st Oct 9 1626 Robert Banks 2d Henry Sprigg 3d George Norwood d before 1680. Children of William son of Roger and Hannah. I Elizabeth bap July 3 1628 d January 1629-30.  II Hannah bap July 13 1629 came to New England with her father. III Elizabeth bap Sept 12 1630 came to New England with her father. IV Mary bap Sept 2 1632 probably d in infancy. Children of William and Marie. I Sarah bap Oct 26 1635 probably d in infancy. II Marie bap Jan 22 1631 probably d in infancy. Children of William and Sarah (See American Lineage) /// William Sargent the ancestor of the family in America came from Northampton in England to Charlestown in New England with his third wife Sarah and two daughters by his first wife in the year 1638. The plantation at Salem had been begun in 1628 by John Endicott and others who came over from England to make preparations for the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Several persons by his permission travelled in a westerly direction about twelve miles through the woods and came to a neck of land between the Charles and Mystic Rivers called by the natives Mishawum which was full of Indians of the Aberginian tribe. Having obtained consent of the sagamore they settled there and agreed to call the new settlement Charlestown. As early as 1629 Ralph Sprague and others living in Charlestown crossed the river to explore the country and found an uncouth wilderness inhabited by the Pawtucket Indians. A settlement was afterwards made at Mystic Side that is on the north side of Mystic River as a part of Charlestown and William Sargent and his family made their domicile there. He was admitted to the church in Charlestown March 10 1631 and his wife was admitted the following Sunday. He was made a freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony the same year. The Middlesex County Registry of Deeds contains a record of an agreement duly attested between commissioners of Charlestown and of Mystic Side for dividing the unappropriated common lands in which occurs the following clause. "In consideration the brethren on Mystic side are by the providence of God shortly to go into a church estate by themselves and for the more comfortable proceeding and carrying on of that work of Christ among them." This instrument recorded Jan 4 169e purports to have been drawn by authority of a certain writing bearing date March 26 1649. From this it appears that the church at that time was not organized but undoubtedly was a few weeks later. In 1649 a new town was set off from Charlestown on Mystic Side as a separate town and named Malden probably from Malden in Essex County England the early home of Joseph Hills a resident and a prominent man of the time. The Rev Marmaduke Mathews was called in 1650 to be the first pastor in the new town and previous to his settlement William Sargent was a lay preacher there from 1648 to 1650. He is mentioned by Johnson in his Wonder working Providence as follows, "The people gathered into a church some distance of time before they could attain to any church officer to administer the Seals unto them yet in the meantime at their Sabbath assemblies they had a godley Christian named M Sarjant who did preach the Word to them till 1650." The Middlesex Registry contains also the following record, "Know all men by these presents that the inhabitants of the town of Maiden have given and granted to the use of the present preaching elder and his next successor and so from time to time to his successors foure acres of ground purchased from James Green for that end and the house built thereupon at the charge of all the inhabitants by a town vote proportionably made the 22d of the 10th month 1651. Witness the hand of these underwritten in the name of the inhabitants 6th month 55 also a vote in 52 Will Sargeant, Jno Upham, Joseph Hills, Wm Brackenburg, Thos Call,  Jno Wayte Selectmen. J William's farm was in the southerly part of Mystic Side or Maiden on the southerly slope of a hill afterwards called Belmont Hill about one and a third miles north east from the river. The farm was owned by him as early as 1640 with the exception of eight acres southwest of and adjoining the original farm which he purchased in 1654. It was on both sides of what was afterwards the Newburyport Turnpike which having been abandoned as a turnpike became a town highway called Broadway. This part of the town was set off from Maiden in 1870 and named Everett in honor of Edward Everett the distinguished statesman and orator. The town was incorporated as a city in 1893. The picture presented is of the house built by William Sargent and bequeathed by him in his will to his son John. If it is not an exact representation it has the merit of being as near and probably nearer to the original than some of the modern statues and portraits of distinguished men of former times. The right hand or east part of the picture including the door and chimney was standing until about the year 1890, and the picture is from a photographic copy. The architecture of the left hand or west part is a matter of conjecture. But there certainly was a west part and it would as certainly have conformed to the east part for in the Middlesex Registry of Deeds there is a record of an indenture dated March I 1713 between John Sargent and his sons Jonathan and Ebenezer in which it is stated that the father ffor and in consideraton of the naturall and ffatherly good will and affection which he hath and bequath unto his sons ye said Jonathan and Ebenezar part of his Dwelling house. That is to say The Lower Room in the west end of his Dwelling house with all the Garritt in the west end with the Barn and all the out houseing and all the Land adjoining thereunto. That was his ffather William Sargeants. In his will he gives his wife the use and benefit of y East End of my dwelling house from bottom to top, and to his unmarried daughters my west chamber and a free passage to it. He bequeaths to his sons Jonathan and Ebenezer all his lands not otherwise disposed of and recites that he has already given them by deed of gift an Estate in houseing and land. In 1720 the brothers divided the property. Ebenezer's mosty including the east end of the house and in a deed of conveyance in 1736 he describes it as land received from my father by deed of gift being the homestead one of the boundary lines being as the squeing wall runs. William Sargent removed to Barnstable probably in 1656 or 1657 for he was in Malden in August 1655 and in Barnstable the 29th of the 4th month 1658 as appears by a power of attorney given by him to Joseph Hills, and he was made a freeman of Plymouth Colony in 1657. He was a preacher in Barnstable and is said to have succeeded the Rev John Lothrop but he could not have been the next in succession for Lothrop died Nov 8 1653. He seems to have been a prominent man in Barnstable as he had previously been in Malden. His name appears in the Middlesex County Court files for the year 1661 as plaintiff in a suit for the recovery of rent of his farm in Maiden. A lengthy document in the case called Articles of Agreement had made and concluded on the first day of the fifth month 1658 Betwixt William Sergeant of Barnstable in the Jurisdiccon of New Plymouth on the one partie And James Lane of Maldon in the Massachusets on the other partie sets forth under eleven Items the conditions of a contract. There are the usual papers of power of attorney deposition costs etc. Job Lane brother of James seems to have got into the case as principal for the finding of the court was In the case depending betweene Mr William Sargant plantife & Job Lane defendant now finds for the plantife & that sed defendant pay according to covenant for plffe sed sum of six pounds seven pense with the cost of corte that is to say the ballance of the accoumpt 05.14 7 and for damages 00.06 0 06.00 7. /// William Sargent's will of which the following is a copy is recorded in the Plymouth Colony Records at Plymouth. The last Will and Testament of Mr William Serjant of Barnstable in the Govrment of New Plymouth exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth aforsaid on the oathes of Mr Thomas Hinckley assistant and John Chipman Elder as followeth. I William Sarjeant of Barnstable in the Govment of New Plymouth being weak of body but by the Mercye of God of disposing mind and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this Transitory life and not knowing how soone it may please God to call mee hence do therefore make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament heerby revoakeing and adnulling all former and other will or wills heereterfore by mee made either by word or writing and this only to be accoumpted and accepted as my last will and Testament as followeth. Imp I will and bequeath my soule to God in Jesus Christ my Deare Saviour and onely redeemer and my body to decent buriall and as to my Temporall estate which God hath bin pleased far above my deserts to bestow upon mee my will is that first of all thatt all my just debts which I owe to any prson or prsons in right or consience shall be first discharged and satisfyed out of my estate by my executors heerafter named within convenient time after my decease. Item I will and bequeath to Sarah my loveing wife all my household stuffe and two of my Cowes to be wholy att her dispose and the use of the new end of my now dwelling house or the use of one such Room of my house att Maulden as shee shall chuse in case shee there desire to live during her natural life and for the further support and stay of liveing I will unto her eight pounds pr annum in current Country pay to be payed out of the proffitts of my lands by my two sons John and Samuell during her naturall life vid my son John to pay six pounds therof and my son Samuel forty shillings therof yeerly and every yeer during her naturall life. Item I will and bequeath unto my son John Sergeant my house with all my lands att Maulden. To him and his heirs forever so as hee my said son his heires or assigns doe well and truely pay or cause to be payed unto Sarah his mother the sume of six pounds pr annum as above mensioned and after his said mothers decease the sum of five pounds as a leganse which I will to be payed to my Daughter Hannah Feech within one full yeer after his mothers, my said wife, her decease and five pounds as a legacse I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ruth Bourne within two yeers after my said wifes decease and five pounds more to my said Daughter Ruth Bourn within three yeers after her my said wifes decease. These Legacses to be payed in currant countrye pay at price currant as they shall grow due and payable. Item I will and bequeath unto my son Samuell Serjeant my now Dwelling house with all my land in Barnstable to him and his heirs forever so as hee the said Samuell his heires or assigns doe well and truely pay or cause to be payed unto the said Sarah his mother forty shillings pr annum in Currant Country pay during her naturall life as aforesaid, also I will and bequeath to him the said Samuell my two oxen, 2 cowes, and a horse with my cart plow and other Tackling thereunto belonging. Item I will to Samuell Bill my Grandson one heiffer or young horse and my will is to leave all the rest of my estate in whatsoever it is unto my executors for the payment of my debts and discharge of my funerall expences and I doe hereby appoint and declare Sarah my said loveing wife and my Son John Serjeant aforsaid to be my executors of this my last Will and Testament and my loveing friends Elder John Chipman and Deacon William Crocker to be ouerseers to see this my last Will and Testament be performed according to the true intent therof in witness wherof I have heerunto sett my hand and seal this ninth day of Mach Anno Dom 1679-80. William Serjeant Signed sealed and declared In presence of Thomas Hinckley, John Chipman { Seal }.j The Inventory was sworn to March 3d 1682-3 and amounted to 309.14 9. The House and land at Maulden according to the information we have from John Searjeant besides what John Sarjeant hath added to it 176.00 00. By the Barnstable records it appears that William died Dec 16 1682 and his wife Sarah Jan 12 1688-9. Second Generation. Children of William and Hannah. (See English Ancestry) 2 I Hannah b in England m in 1649 Henry Felch of Reading d Dec 15 1717 A.  3 II Elizabeth b in England m about 165 1 David Nichols m Jan 14 1652-3 Thomas Bill of Boston d March 5 1657-8 A.  Children of William and Sarah b in Charlestown Mystic Side. 4 I John b December 1639 bap on the 8th, m March 19 1662 Deborah Hillier of Barnstable b at Yarmouth Oct 30 1643 d April 20 1669 dau of Hugh; m Sept 3 1669 Mary Bense d February 1670-1; m 3d Lydia Chipman of Barnstable b at Barnstable Dec 25 1654, d March 2 1730 dau of John d in Maiden Sept 9 1716 Ch 7-21 pp. John Sargent born in Charlestown went to Barnstable with his father and was admitted to inhabit there between 1662 and 1666. He returned to Malden about 1669 where he was a selectman six years. In May 1695 the town of Maiden made a division of two thousand three hundred acres of common lands. The distribution was by lot to all freeholders in the town in proportion to their ratable estates an average of about thirty acres to each man. Among the names are John Sargent Sr and John Sargent Jr. It was voted by the town showing confidence in his integrity and fairness that John Sargent senr is the man to draw the lots. His slate gravestone is in Bell Rock Cemetery formerly the Old Malden Burial ground. Like his transatlantic great grandfather, he heeded the Scripture injunction and all his fifteen children are named in his will of May 20 1708. It is a circumstance worthy of incidental mention perhaps that the first and third wives of John Sargent who was born in Massachusetts Bay Colony were born in Plymouth Colony so that the mingled blood of the Pilgrim and the Puritan of these two noted colonies which afterwards became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts flows in the veins of all his descendants. II Ruth b Oct 25 1642 m about 1663 Jonathan Winslow of Marshfield son of Josiah and a nephew of Governor Edward Winslow m July 1677 Richard Bourne of Sandwich b in England m in 1684 John Chipman of Sandwich d Oct 4 1711 AP. III Samuel b March 3 1644-5, made freeman of Plymouth Colony in 1684 d Sept 22 1710 um. His slate gravestone is near that of his brother. Third Generation. Children of John 4 and Deborah b in Barnstable. 7 I Joseph b April 18 1663 m in 1685 Mary Green b December 1668 d April 9 1759 dau of John res Maiden and Charlestown d Nov 27 1717 (Ch 22 31 p) 8 II John b Feb 16 166 J m Mary Linnell d about 1755 dau of David res Maiden and Reading Mass and Mansfield Conn d April 16 1755 Ch 32 38. 9 III Mary b in 1667 m Nathan Toby of Sandwich. 10 IV Jabez b April 1669 d in 1694-5 um. Children of John 4 and Lydia b in Maiden. 11 I Hannah b December 1675. 12 II Jonathan b April 17 1677 m March 13 1699-1700 Mary Lynde b July 5 1678 d Nov 19 1 7 16 dau of John, m Nov 26 1717 Mary Sprague b May 25 1696 d March 14 1787 dau of Jonathan res Maiden and Mansfield Conn d Oct 27 1754 Ch. 39 49 pp. Jonathan Sargent was selectman in Maiden three years and representative seven years. In 1735 he gave a quarter of an acre of land in the southerly part of Maiden being part of my homestead whereon now I dwell with a road twenty six feet wide to the highway to the Inhabitants of the southerly part of Maiden for a Meeting House. 13 III William b Nov 20 1680 m Dec 30 1702 Mary Lewis b March 1 1681 d February 174З dau of Isaac res Maiden where he was a selectman nine years d March 15 1731 Ch 50 54, 14 IV Lydia m in 1701 Joseph Waite Jr of Maiden A. 15 V Deborah m Dec 26 1701 Thomas Waite of Maiden A. 16 VI Ruth b Oct 26 1686 d Oct 28 1719 17. VII Samuel b Sept 15 1688 m Dec 2 1714 Elizabeth Pratt b Jan 24 169 J dau of Thomas res Charlestown d Dec 7 1721. His widow m John Tufts of Medford Ch 55 57. 18 VIII Ebenezer b Sept 25 1690 m Aug 7 1716 Esther Willis d after 1735 m 2d Mary d in 1781 res Maiden Charlestown and Brookline Mass d Sept 24 1771 wi. 19 IX Hope. 20 X Mehitable b Sept 5 1696 21. XI Sarah d Dec 5 1716 ///Children of William (13) 50 I Mary b June 21 1704 m June 10 1725 Thomas Douglass. 51 II Zabiah b Jan 17 1708-9 m March 19 1730 Robert Levenstone. 52 III William b Dec 29 1712 m March 3 1735-6 Mercy Webber b May 24 1718 dau of William res Boston d after 1742 wi. 53 IV Anna b April 1 1715 m June 15 1736 Thomas Jenkins. 54 V John b March 26 1717 m Jan 11 1742 Susannah Chamberlain b in 17 18 d Jan 2 1796 dau of John res Chelsea d Jan 13 1776 Ch 140 145.

American Biography, a new cyclopedia, Vol 12: The Ancient Lineage. I Hugh Sargent whose surname appears in many instances as Sariant was of Courteenhall County Northampton England where he was born about 1530. Courteenhall the place of his birth is situated somewhat more than five miles from the town of Northampton. Hugh Sargent married Margaret Gifford daughter of Nicholas and Agnes (Masters Gifford) of the Abbey of St James a western suburb of Northampton and a descendant of the distinguished Gifford family of England. (See Gifford) Hugh Sargent died February 23 1595-96 and was buried from Courteenhall Church on the 1st of March following. He had issue fifteen children among whom was Roger mentioned below. II Roger Sargent son of Hugh and Margaret Gifford Sargent was born about 1562. He was junior bailiff at Northampton in 1616 and 1617 and became mayor of Northampton in 1626. He made his will April 12 1649, and it was proved February 22 1649-50. He died in Northampton in July 1649 and was buried July 16 1649. He married January 3 1589-90 Ellen Makernes who died in October 1645 an was buried on the 21st of the month. She was the daughter of William Makernes of Finedon who made his will March 10 1612. Issue eleven children of whom the seventh was William mentioned below. The Family in America. I William Sargent founder of the family in America son of Roger and Ellen Makernes Sargent was born in Courteenhall County Northampton England and baptized June 20 1602. He spent the first thirty six years of his life in Northampton and was thrice married before his removal to America. When twenty four years of age on July 20 1646 he was made a freeman in Northampton England. He was prominent in the city and became senior bailiff in 1632-33. For six years longer he continued in Northampton and about 1637 38 married as his third wife Sarah Minshall widow of William Minshall and not long after in 1638 began preparations for his voyage to the New World In 1638 with his third wife Sarah and two daughters by his first wife William Sargent left Northampton and embarked for Charlestown New England settling in that part of the town called Mystic Side. On March 10 1638-39 he was admitted to the church in Charlestown and his wife was admitted the following Sunday. In 1638-39 he became a freeman. There was then no regular church at Mystic Side and there being no pastor. William Sargent was chosen as lay preacher and officiated from 1648-50. He was a man well calculated and accustomed by his previous standing in England for the office, and Johnson in his Wonder working Providence states: The people gathered into a church some distance of time before they could attain to any church officer to administer the Seals unto them yet in the meantime at their Sabbath assemblies they had a godly Christian named Mr Sargent who did preach the Word to them till 1650. His lands were situated in the southerly part of Mystic Side or as it was named in 1649 Malden on the southerly slope of a hill later called Belmont Hill and about one and one third miles northeast from the river. This land he held as early as 1640 with the exception of three acres adjoining it which he purchased in 1654 and it was in that part of Malden which was afterwards set off and in 1870 named Everett in honor of the distinguished Edward Everett. Upon this land stood the old homestead of the founder a typical colonial residence sturdily timbered, built to endure, and long an historic landmark of Massachusetts in the age of the pioneers. This homestead William Sargent bequeathed to his eldest son John who in turn divided its use between his sons Jonathan and Ebenezer with all the Land adjoining thereunt. That was his John's father William Sargeants. Still retaining his property at Malden, William Sargent about the year 1656 or 1657 left that township and established his domicile in Barnstable and on the 29th of the 4th month 1658 gave power of attorney to Joseph Hills a prominent resident of Malden concerning his property at that place. In 1657 he was made a freeman of Plymouth Colony In Barnstable as in Malden he was a lay preacher and officiated in the pulpit formerly occupied by the Rev Dr Lathrop deceased in 1653. It is evident that he leased or rented his Malden property on his removal to Barnstable for in 1661 he appears as plaintiff in a suit to recover his rent and a lengthy document in the case called Articles of Agreement had made and concluded on the first day of the 5th month 1658. Betwixt William Sergeant of Barnstable in the Jurisdiccon of New Plymouth on the one partie and James Lane of Malden in the Massachusetts on the other partie sets forth under eleven Items the conditions of the contract. He died in Barnstable December 16 1682. He married first in England Hannah who died in September 1632. He married second in England Marie who died about 1637. He married third in England Sarah Minshall widow of William Minshall of Whitchurch County Salop Gentleman and theretofore of Bunbury Cheshire. She died in Barnstable January 12 1688-89. Issue by first wife two daughters 1 Hannah 2 Elizabeth. Issue by third wife three children as follows 1 John mentioned below 2 Ruth born October 25 1642 died October 4 1711 married first about 1663 Jonathan Winslow of Marshfield son of Josiah Winslow and nephew of Governor Edward Winslow, married second in July 1677 Richard Bourne of Sandwick, married third in 1684 John Chipman (See Chipman) 3 Samuel Sargent born March 3 1644-45. II John Sargent son of William and Sarah Minshall Sargent was born in Charlestown Massachusetts Bay Colony in December 1639 and baptized December 8th following. He accompanied his father to Barnstable 1656-57 and was admitted an inhabitant there between 1662 and 1666 but he returned about 1669 to Malden. He was selectman six years and in May 1695 when the town of Malden made a division of two thousand acres of its common lands his name appeared with that of his son John among the distributees. This distribution was by lot to all freeholders in the town in proportion to their ratable estates and made an average of about thirty acres to each person included. The high esteem in which he was held by his fellow townsmen is indicated by the record John Sargent Senr is the man to draw the lots. John Sargent had a large estate in Malden. He died in Malden Massachusetts September 9 1716. He was buried in Bell Rock Cemetery formerly the Old Malden Burial Ground. There his slate gravestone may still be seen. He married first March 19 1662 Deborah Hillier of Barnstable daughter of Hugh Hillier. She was born in Yarmouth October 30 1643 and died April 20 1669. He married second September 3 1669 Mary Bense. She died February 1670-71. He married third Lydia Chipman of Barnstable daughter of John and Hope Howland Chipman. (See Chipman See Howland) Issue fifteen children of whom his eldest son by his third wife was Jonathan mentioned below. III Jonathan Sargent son of John and Lydia Chipman Sargent was born April 17 1677. He was long a resident of Malden and was selectman of that town for three years and chosen as its representative for seven years. In 1735 he gave a quarter acre of land in the southerly part of Malden being part of my homestead whereon now I dwell together with a road twenty six feet wide as a passage to the highway to the Inhabitants of the southerly part of Malden for a Meeting House. His worldly abundance and his generosity are thus alike shown as well as the Christian spirit which survived undiminished in this third generation of the Puritan and the Pilgrim. Later he resided for a time in Maxfield in the,  Connecticut Colony. He died October 27 1754.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Sargent, William (c. 1602-Mar. c. 1633  1675) m. c. 1633 Elizabeth Perkins MASS XXI, 146; XXVI, 139; XXXIII, 133, 134


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