Scammon, Scamman, Scamon

  Richard SCAMMON who came to Boston from England, removed to Portsmouth, was living there about 1640

Spouse: ___

Children:  Richard; Anne married about 1650 Major Richard Waldron killed by the Indians 1689, she died 2/7/1685; John lived at Kittery; Elizabeth married 1649 Peter Sidgett (2) Hon John Saffin;  Humphrey born 1640, married Elizabeth Jordan settled at Saco Maine, and died 1/1/1727


Richard SCAMMON came with his father from England, deceased by 1697 of Portsmouth & Dover

Spouse:    Prudence WALDRON married by 1661 Dover NH [Torrey]

Children: Mary born 5/31/1673 married James Sinclair; William born 2/29/1664-5 served in Indian Wars, married Rachel Thurber; Jane born 7/21/1667, died 10/9/1726 married (1) Thomas Stedman (2) Thomas Deane; Sarah married Christian Dolloff; Richard born circa 1662; Thomas born circa 1663; Prudence born 8/29/1669; Elizabeth born 4/22/1671


Mary SCAMMON born 5/31/1673 Dover, 2nd wife

Spouse: James SINCLAIR married Exeter by 1690 per Torrey's

Children: Richard married Catherine Stevens

Gen. Dic. of ME & NE pg 613: Scammon, Richard, Dover, Exeter or Stratham, whose will, 1682, gave 20 each to bos. John and Richard S. and sis. Anne Waldron, 40 to John's dau Elizabeth Atkins, 60 to Richard's dau Jean, and 5 to Hannah Gerrish. He mar. Prudence Waldron (13), evid away from Dover (where first taxed in Dec 1663). On his pet to the MA Ct as heir by mar to the est of Wm Waldron, the ct 5/23/1666 allowed him to take over the Shrewsbury patent provided he gave security to respond to the creditors and other partners. Lists 356h(2), 47, 54, 359ab, 383, 386, 49, 52, 57. On 4/24/1691 he deeded to s William "my farm where I now dwelleth" near town of Execter, and stock, reserving for dau Mary the meadow called Jeremies Pocket and meadow by the river next land of Capt. Wm. Moore. Appar dead 10/12/1691 when Richard Talley and w Sarah of Boston and Mary Hale wit Prodence Scammon's consent to her dau Jane's mar in Boston.  Unrec ch: Sarah m 12/10/1674 Christian Dolloff. Richard. Thomas, at Stratham in 1680 with fa and br Wm. (see later Marbleh records). Ch. (Prov. rec.) their mo. Prodence: William b 2/29/1664-5. Jane b 7/21/1667 m 1st Thomas Stedman q.v.; m 2d at Boston 10/12/1691 Thomas Deane; see N.E. Reg. 13: 140; 37:288. Prodence b 8/29/1669. Elizabeth b 4/22/1671. Mary b 5/31/1673 m James Sinclair (2).

Pioneers of ME & NH: WALDERNE, WALDRON, WILLIAM, Dover, "partner with the Shrewsbury men." [MA Col Rec IV Pt II.] Signed the combination in 1640; was a proprietor and recorder of lands for the town in 1642. Freeman 1642; deputy, 1645-6. Gave bonds 6/12/1645 for payment of money to Mr. William Whiting for the use of "The Adventurers in Piscataqua River" and for "The Shrewsbury merchants." [Suff. De.] "A good clerk and a subtle man." Went to Saco, and on his return in 9/1646 was drowned in attempting to cross a small river at Kennebunk. [W.] Dau. Prudence m Richard Scamman. They petitioned the Gen Court in 1664. The court of Dover ordered his creditors to present their accounts at the General Court at Boston, and the estate was settled by Capt Thomas Wiggin and Edward Rawson; then left in the hands of Hate Evill Nutter and John Hall until 5/22/1666, when it was given to Richard Scamman for his wife Prudence.

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: SCAMMON, RICHARD, Portsmouth 1642, m Prudence only daughter of William Waldron, had son William b in 1664.

Gen Dictionary of NE: SCAMMON, SCAMMAN, or SCAMMOND, HUMPHRE, Kittery or Saco perhaps both, m Eliz d of the first Dominicus Jordan, had Humphrey b 5/10/1677; Eliz; Mary; Rebecca; and Samuel. JOHN, Kittery perhaps s of William, certain br of Humphrey and of Richard as also of Eliz w of Peter Lidgett, had Eliz but wh was his w the diligence of Quint has not discov. RICHARD, Dover, br of the preced perhaps s of William, m Prudence, only d of William Waldron, had Richard; William b 2/29/1664; Jane 6 or 7/21/1667; Prudence 8/29/1669; Eliz 4/22/1671; and Mary 5/31/1673. He escap the Ind war by liv at Exeter 1677, and both h and w were there 4/21/1691. Jane m Thomas Deane of Boston, and d 10/9/1726. WILLIAM, Boston 1640, prob rem soon, may have been ancest of the disting fam but nothing can be ascertained.

WILLIAM SCAMMON 1743 STRATH AM Administration on the estate of William Scammon of Stratham yeoman granted to his widow Rachel Scammon Oct 26 1743 Inventory signed by Benjamin Norris and Jonathan Clark amount 1044.8 8 Administratrix's account of the settlement of the estate receipts 1057.19 11 expenditures 137.9 3 allowed June 24 1752 

Genealogical & Family History of NH: The Scammon family is of English origin. The first of the name of whom there is any record was Captain Edmund Scammon who commanded a war vessel under Admiral Rainsboroueh in the English naval expedition of 1637. The English branch of the family is represented at the present time by several families writing themselves Seaman that live at or near Horncastle in Lincolnshire where they are land holders. An ancient place in Yorkshire bears the name Scammonden and was doubtless the home of some of the family. The first American ancestor of the Scammon family appears to be Richard Scammon who came to Boston and moved thence to Portsmouth and was living there about 1640. From Portsmouth there radiated five brothers and sisters Richard, Anne, John, Elizabeth, and Humphrey. Anne Scammon married about 1650 Major Richard Waldron of Dover and died February 7, 1685. Her husband was the noted Major Waldron who was killed by the Indians June 27 1689. John Scammon lived at Kittery Maine and had one daughter Elizabeth who married an Atkins. Elizabeth Scammon married first about 1649 Peter Sidgett a merchant of Salem Massachusetts, second Hon John Saffin judge of the superior court of Massachusetts, she died November 1687. Humphrey Scammon born 1640, married Elizabeth Jordan settled at Saco Maine, and died January I 1727. Among his descendants were Colonel James Scammon of Saco who commanded a regiment in the Revolution, and Hon John F Scammon of Saco member of congress 1845-47. II Richard 2 son of Richard Scammon was born probably in England and migrated to America with his father. He lived at Portsmouth for a time then at Dover being taxed there in 1662. He married about 1661 Prudence Waldron only daughter of William Waldron of Dover. William Waldron was the eldest brother of Major Waldron and was baptized at Alcester Warwickshire England October 18 1601, and came to Dover about 1635. In 1641 he was one of four magistrates appointed by Massachusetts. Was twice deputy to the general court and was recorder of court also recorder of Maine. He was drowned while attempting to cross the river at Kennebunk Maine September 1646. Waldron purchased shares in the Shrewsbury Patent 1642 which were a part of his estate at the time of his death. The tract covered by this patent was located on the cast bank of the Swamscot extending from Wheelwrights creek to Moores creek and three miles inland and covered the southern part of the present town of Stratham. Richard 2 Scammon acquired title to the remainder of this tract and settled on it 1665. The papers relating to his title were recorded June II 1666. His business after acquiring Shrewsbury Patent was farming and lumbering. The dam that marks the site of his mill is still pointed out on Thompson's brook. He took the oath of allegiance at Exeter in 1677 and was in garrison there during the Indian troubles. In some of the early records he is spoken of as living at Exeter but no part of his land was within the limits of that town. Exeter however was the nearest organized settlement ,and he was taxed there, held office there, and was accorded all the privileges of an actual resident. In religion he was an Episcopalian and joined Edward Hilton and Francis Champcrnoune in efforts to secure protection for that faith. He was one of the defendants in the historic contest over the Mason claims and suffered loss from the consequent confusion of land titles. His business affairs were well handled, however and he appears in the Exeter tax list of 1684 as one of the two largest taxpayers. He conveyed his land and property to his children by deed in 1691. The children of Richard 2 and Prudence Waldron Scammon were Richard born about 1662, Thomas born about 1663, William whose sketch follows, Jane born July 21 1667, Prudence born August 29 1669, Elizabeth born April 22 1671, Mary born May 31 1673. The date of the death of Richard 2 Scammon is uncertain but was previous to December 1697. His widow survived some years but died before March 1721 as on the third of that month her son William deeds land to his sister Jane Deane according as he says to the desire and request of his honored mother Prudence late of Stratham. III William third son of Richard 2 and Prudence Waldron Scammon was born February 29 1664 probably at Dover He received the

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