Sylvanus SCOTT, of Portsmouth NH, weaver; 1732 removed to Scarborough ME, will proved 1756

Spouse: Sarah MOSES married 10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH; baptized Portsmouth NH 1708 as an adult; renewed covenant 7/15/1716

Children: Samuel baptized 6/23/1723; Sylvanus born 1732 Portsmouth NH married Sarah Andrews 10/20/1757, their home in Machias was burned by the British 8/1777; Ruth baptized 8/1/1725 married George Tompson; Sarah born 5/22/1726 Portsmouth married Joseph Seavey (son of Joseph Seavey & Hannah Pierce) in Scarborough 11/22/1744, removed to Machias; Elizabeth baptized 6/22/1629 married Col. Benjamin Foster, jr.; Frances baptized 11/6/1720 married Wooden Foster brother to Benjamin; Amos baptized 9/28/1718


Samuel SCOTT baptized 6/23/1723 Portsmouth removed to Machias ME 1763 with brother Sylvanus, Revolutionary War Vet Patriot

Spouse: Susannah PERRY married 12/29/1743 Scarborough

Children: Samuel; Susannah baptized 3/17/1751-2 married Wallace Finlason / Fenlason of E. Machias, 11 children, their son Mark married Sally Elsmore daughter of Moses and Lydia (Andrews) Elsmore; Sarah married Daniel Fogg (2) Samuel Rich; John born 1747, Lt Rev War,  married Fanny Thompson daughter of George Thompson and Ruth Scott; George married Lois Wooden; Simeon; Ruth married Benjamin Foster 4/20/1777; Mark married 11/5/1786 Mehitable Scott his 1st cousin and had a son Joel; Jesse married Bethiah Bracey of Machias 11/26/1786; Daniel  married Betsey Chase 7/17/1787; Theodore


Samuel SCOTT baptized 10/21/1753 Scarboro ME, Revolutionary War Vet Patriot

Spouse: Thankful SMITH

Children: Samuel born 2/7/1786 Machias Washington ME married Francis DYER of Calais; Thankfull born 11/30/1794 Machias ME; Aaron born 3/18/1790 Machias ME married Jerusha Holmes 10/17/1815 in Fredericton NB; Jere born 12/16/1792; Sally born 8/23/1776 Machias married Ebenezer Ayers 12/1/1795; Esther born 12/19/1788 Machias; Simeon born 10/16/1778 Machias; Elkanah born 1/1/1781 Machias married Hannah Nickerson 2/23/1806; Charles born 5/15/1783 Machias [Maine Births and Christenings]; Ruth married Robert Elliot 8/20/1797 


Samuel SCOTT born 2/7/1786 Machias Washington ME removed to Calais ME; from The Calais Advertiser, 7 May 1872, Died: In this city on the 4th inst., in the 87th year of his age, Mr. Samuel Scott (per Rev. War 5'9" black hair, dark gray eyes, dark complexion. 

Spouse: Francis DYER (Fanny) of Calais Washington ME born 5/22/1794 died 10/4/1887 Jackson Brook ME, buried in Topsfield Washington ME, age 57 in 1850 Calais Census; raised by grandfather as she was illegitimate and Knight refused to marry her mother unless she gave Francis away; her father was Alexander? Thompson; married Samuel Scott 3/4/1811 Calais

Children: Temperance born 7/21/1811, died 10/24/1897 Topsfield/Danforth?; Atkins / Adkins Perry farmer, born 8/5/1813 baptized 7/18/1816 Kirk McColl St. Stephen NB, died 2/11/1906 age 93 yr 6 mo 6 da, married Elizabeth Bullock 3/17/1836, married 12/12/1862 Charity Farrar;  Maria born 10/6/1815 baptized 7/18/1816 Kirk McColl St. Stephen NB, married Joseph Glidden 6/12/1832 Washington Co. [ME Marriages] brother of John Glidden; Lydia born 4/1/1818; Hiram H. born 7/11/1820 Calais, married Rebecca ?; Charles W. born 10/29/1822, Civil War Co G. 6th Infantry; Stillman born 3/19/1825;  Harriet born 6/29/1826; Jeremiah Otis born 4/30/1829, 1880 census wife was Anna born Canada; Samuel Ezra. [aka Ezra S.] born 7/13/1831, died 6/17/1917, ship carpenter & farmer, married Martha; Martha Elizabeth / Lizzie born 3/30/1833; all children born in Calais [children per David James]; J. A. born 1830 Maine, lumberman, white, married, died 3/5/1908 Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan age 78 per Michigan Deaths and Burials [Probably Jeremiah Otis, not J. A.]


Samuel Ezra SCOTT, sailor, born 7/13/1831 died 6/17/1917 age 85 years, 11 months, 26 days of strep due to infected hand; known by Ezra

Spouse: Martha JAMES born circa 1835 marriage intentions 12/26/1853, married 1854, died 7/18/1913 age 78 arteris sclerosis

Children: Lindsay A.  born 7/1854 Calais; Alice E. born 1/1857 married __ Fox; Elnilda / Idelma L. born 1859 age 21, at home, single 1880 census; Wesley E. born 1861, died 1946, farm laborer, single 1880 census;   Nellie A. born 7/6/1864, died 9/20/1885, age 14 1880 census; Harriet E. (Hattie) born circa 1867, age 12 1880 census died 9/2/1909 tubercolosis, married Horace W. Glidden.; Cora E. born 1869 died 1932; Frederic A. born 6/24/1874, age 6 1880 census, died 12/4/1895


Harriet E. (Hattie) SCOTT born circa 1868 died 9/2/1909 age 43 tuberculosis of lungs

Spouse: Horace GLIDDEN born 1858; married 10/29/1884

Children: Earnest A. born 8/9/1885, died 5/16/1904 spinal meningitis buried 5/18 age 18 yr 9 mo 7 da; Roscoe Franklin "Ross" born 3/23/1887 died 7/27/1965 buried 7/29 death certificate #6506118, served WWI, SS# 006-20-7696, lumberman; Walter J. "Walt"  born 5/1/1889 died 6/1970 Methuen MA.;   Howard W. born circa 1891 died 7/25/1907 of Friedreich's Ataxis bur 7/27 Calais Cemetery age 16 yr 2 mo 17 da; Cora Etta born 9/13/1894 died 8/20/1968 child #5 married Eben Maurice Smith; Nellie E. or C. born 3/3/1897 died 10/18/1916 Friedreich's Ataxis age 19 yr 7 mo 14 da; Clifford/Wilford C. born 5/6/1899 died 8/6/1899 cholera infantum; Horace P. born 11/21/1901 died 1/6/1902 masasis age 2 months 6 days ; Raymond C. born 10/9/1904 died 8/3/1927 buried 8/5 age 22;  Lindsay S.   "Lyn" born 12/26/1906 died 1/17/1954 age 47 MA, SS# 025-09-9613, married Mary T. Dewar; Carrie died 6/25/1908 age 7 years 1 month

1790 Census Machias Washington ME: Mark Scott 110; David? Scott 111; Samuel Scott Jr. 113; ? Scott 110
1800 Census Machias Washington ME: Samuel Scott can't read too faint
1810 Census Machias Washington ME: Samuel Scott 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1; Jesse Scott 2 0 3 0 1 1 0 4 0 1; Charles Scott 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1; Ilkenah Scott 1 0 0 1 0 1 00 1
1820 Census Calais Washington ME: Samuel Scott 2 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1
1830 Census Calais Washington ME: Samuel Scott 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 1
1840 Census Calais Washington ME: Samuel Scott 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1; Atkins Scott 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1; 
1850 Census Calais Washington ME: Samuel Scott 63 farmer $300; Frances Scott 57; Otis 21 Sailor; Ezra 19 Sailor; Elizabeth 17; Henry 14 All born ME
1860 Census Calais Washington ME: Samuel Scott 73, farmer, Real Estate $300, Personal $200; Frances 66; Ezra S. 29 Farm Laborer; Martha 26; Linsay 5; Alice E. 3; Elwilda R. 1. All born ME.
Draft Registration June 1863;
Ezra S. Scott, 31, white, Single, born Calais [should be listed as  married]
Draft Registration July 1863:
Ezra S. Scott, 31, white, Farmer
1870 Census Calais Washington ME: 
Ezra S. Scott 39, W, M, Laborer, Real Estate $100, male citizen of US; Martha 37, keeping house; Lindsay 15; Alice 13; Idelma 11; Wesley 8; Nellie 5; Hattie F. 2. All born in ME; Lindsay through Nellie at school this year.
1870 Census Calais Washington ME:
Samuel Scott 83, M, W, Farming, real estate $800, personal estate $400, citizen; Frances 76, keeping house. Both born ME.
1880 Census Calais Washington ME:
Ezra S. Scott 48 farmer married; Martha wife 45 keeping house; Idelma S. 21 at home; Wesley 20 farm laborer; Nellie 14 at school; Hattie 12 at school; Frederic 6 all family born ME
1900 Census Calais Washington ME: Ezra Scott 7/1830 69 married 46 years farmer, reads writes speaks English; Martha 7/1833 66 born ME parents born NH reads writes speaks English
1901 Calais City Directory: Grocers, Ezra Scott
1910 Census Calais Washington ME; Ezra Scott 78 married 54 years farmer owns farm speaks English can read and write; Martha 74, 7 children 5 living, born ME parents born NH, speaks English can read and write; Lindsay 32 Widower, farm hand working out, speaks English reads and writes 

Washington Co. Marriages pg 5: Joseph Gledden of Calais & Maria Scott of same m 6/12/1831 by James Harrington.

Vital Records of Calais ME pg 56 Marriage Intentions: Ezra Scott & Martha James both of Calais 12/26/1853.  Pg 221 Marriage Intentions: Oct 15 & 22, 1884, Glidden, Horace W. of Calais & Scott, Hattie M. of Calais # 233.  Pg 222 Marriages: Oct 29, 1884, Horace W. Glidden & Hattie M. Scott both of Calais were mar. by Rev. J. F. Haley Pastor of M.E. Church, Calais.

A-CHS 2/90: Sylvannus Scott Sr. of Portsmouth NH married Sarah Moses of Portsmouth; daughter Sarah Scott married Joseph Seavey in Scarborough ME; they resided Machias ME.

Births, Marriages & Deaths in Portsmouth NH: Sylvan Scott and Sarah Moses both of this Town were marry 21 Oct. 1714.

Washington County Sheriff's Office: The October 1794 Court of General Sessions of the Peace heard the trial of John D. Folsom, Gentleman, and Jonathan Stickney, Yeoman, both of Machias.  Folsom and Stickney were accused of assaulting, with arms, Samuel Scott, Jr. and his wife, Thankfull, on 8 June 1794.  The charges indicated that Folsom and Stickney “did beat, wound & ill treat” the Scotts “so that their lives were dispared [sic] of”.  Folsom and Stickney pled not guilty and requested a jury trial.  The jury found them guilty, and the court ordered Folsom to pay a fine of £15 (to and for the use of the Commonwealth).  Stickney was ordered to pay a fine of £5 (to and for the use of the Commonwealth), and together they were ordered to pay costs of prosecution in the amount of thirteen pounds, twelve shillings and six pence.  Additionally, Folsom and Stickney had to recognize £50 each with the promise that they would “keep the peace & be of good behaviour” for the next year.  Simon Elliot and Robert Munson each provided £25 sureties for Folsom, while sureties for Stickney were provided by Benjamin Gooch and Robert Munson. From the record available, it does not appear that the Scotts were awarded any damages by the court.

Descendants of Charles Glidden: "Joseph Glidden, perhaps a grandson of John & Abigail Glidden was born in the vicinity of Wakefield [NH] and removed to Calais ME. He married Maria Scott d of Francis Scott of Calais

Gen Dic. of ME & NH: Scott, Sylvanus, Portsmouth, m 10/21/1714 Sarah Moses(1). Will 1754-1756 names w Sarah, sons Samuel, Sylvanus; daus. Ruth wid of GeorgeTompson; Sarah w of Joseph Seavey; Elizabeth w of Benj Foster (2 jr.); Frances w of Wooden Foster (2). Members of his fam went to Scarb and to Machias

A-CHS : Sylvanus Scott will dtd 1754 m 10/21/1714 Portsmouth NH Sarah Moses bp 7/4/1708 d/o Aaron Moses and (2) Mary Leach; ch: Amos, Elizabeth, Frances, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Sylvanus. Samuel2 bp 6/23/1723 Portsmouth  m 12/29/1743 Scarborough Susan Perry, rem to Machias ME 1763, Rev. War; ch: Sarah, John, George, Susan, Samuel, Simeon, Ruth, Mark, Jesse, Daniel, Theodore. John3 b 1747 m Fanny Thompson b 5/20/1749 d/o George Thompson and Ruth Scott, Lt Rev. War ch: Ruth, Fanny, William P., John Thompson, Betsy.  Note from Rebecca Hobart, Dennysville. Children of Sylvanus & Sarah Moses Scott; Elizabeth married Col. Benj. Foster their son Samuel Foster married daughter of Sylvanus Scott Jr. m. Sarah Andrews, Comfort. Samuel and Comfort Foster had a son Benjamin Foster. Sylvanus and Sarah Scott's daughter Frances married Wooden Foster, their son Moses Foster married Drucilla West, their daughter Joanna Foster married Benjamin Foster, their daughter Drucilla Foster married Charles C. Hobart. Col. Benjamin & Wooden Foster were brothers. Notes unknown source: Samuel Scott married Susan Perry, son Wallace Scott married ?, son Mark Scott married Sally Elsmore daughter of Moses Elsmore & Lydia Andrews, daughter Sally Scott married Mark Fenlason in Machias 1812, daughter Sally Fenlason married Roland Dudley from Winslow.

History of Machias ME: "An association of 16 persons was accordingly formed during the winter of 1763, for the purpose of building a double saw mill at Machias, to be owned in as many shares--and it was decided to commence operations the ensuing spring. /P/ Smiths' Centennial records the names of the Associates in this undertaking, to commence the first English settlement at Machias as follows: Samuel Scott, Sylvanus Scott (brothers), Timothy Libby, George Libby, David Libby (brothers), Solomon Stone, John Stone (brothers), Daniel Hill, Japhet Hill (brothers), Isaiah Foster, Westrook Berry, Isaac Larrabee, Daniel Fogg. The above 13 were all residents of Scarborough and all lived at a District in the town known as Black Point. The remaining 3 were Thomas Buck of Plymouth, Captain of a coaster; Jonathan Carlton of Sheepscot; William Jones of Portsmouth NH. .... The women and children who had remained at Scarborough were removed to Machias in August. .... During the year 1764 the Inhabitants made nearly one million six hundred thousand feet  of lumber, which was no doubt an extraordinary season's work.....In 1769 a company of militia of nearly 100 men was formed; Stephen Jones was chosen Captain; Benjamin Foster (afterwards Colonel) Lieutenant and Sylvanus Scott Ensign.

Per Justine Gengras Calais census 1850 pg 175 Samuel Scott age 63 b ME wife Frances age 57 b ME. /P/ Samuel Scott b 7 Feb 1786, Machias ME [Machias VRs] son of Samuel Scott bp 21 Oct 1753 Scarboro ME & Thankful Smith. Machias Centennial Memorial notes that Samuel Scott moved to Calais. /P/ Samuel Scott bp 1753 is brother of gggg-grandmother Susannah Scott bp 17 Mar 1751/51, both children of Samuel Scott & Susannah Perry of Machias. Susannah Scott m. Wallace Finlason/Fenlason of E. Machias. I descend from 2 children of this Scott/Fenlason couple, Mark Fenlason & Rosamund Fenlason. /P/ 1850 Calais census children listed under Samuel Scott and wife Frances: ___[ink too faint to read] age 21 sailor b ME, Ezra age 19 sailor b ME, Elizabeth age 17 b ME, Harry age 11 b ME. Adkins Scott & family is a separate entry in this census. /P/ From original Kirk McColl Church records, scanned and posted by Arnie Krause on Charlotte Co NB Genweb at children of Samuel Scott: Adkins Perry Scott b 5 Aug 1813 Calais ME bp 7/18/1816 St. Stephen NB; Maria Scott b 10/6/1815 Calais ME bp 7/18/1816 St. Stephen NB /P/ The Portsmouth NH bp of Sarah Moses, wife of Silvanus Scott, was an adult bp, as she "owned the covenant" on the same date. She also renewed her covenant 7/15/1716, the same day their eldest child Sarah was dau of Sarah Scott. So it's likely that her Sarah's birth date was much earlier than 1708.

Jerry Scott Samuel and Susannah Perry Scott's son Mark married Mehitable Scott, 1st cousin. Their son Joel is Jerry's g-g-grandfather.
Shannon Scott, Samuel and Thankful's son Aaron married Jerusha Holmes. They are Shannon's gr gr grandparents. Sue McCabe provided Shannon with much of her Scott information. Aaron and Jerusha were also her gr gr gr grandparents.

MA Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, Vol 13, page 926: Scott, Samuel. Private, Capt. Joseph Sevey's co., Col. Benjamin Foster's (Lincoln Co.) regt.; entered service June 23 [1777]; discharged July 16 [1777]; service, 23 days; company ordered on duty for defence of Machias and rivers adjacent when ship "Ambuscade" lay in the harbor; also, same co. and regt.; service, 1 day; company served at Machias from Dec 5 to Dec 25, 1778. Vol 13, page 926: Scott, Samuel, Jr. Private, Capt. Joseph Sevey's co., Col. Benjamin Foster's (Lincoln Co.) regt.; entered service June 23 [1777]; discharged July 16 [1777]; service, 23 days; company ordered on duty for defence of Machias and rivers adjacent when ship "Ambuscade" lay in the harbor; also, same co. and regt.; entered service July 16, 1777; discharged Aug 20, 1777; service, 1 mo. 4 days, on an alarm; company served at Machias when British ships lay in that harbor until relieved by Col. John Allen's forces; also, same co. and regt.; service, 1 day; company served at Machias from Dec 5 to Dec 25, 1778.

26 Jan 1779 - Silvanus Scott, joiner, to Stephen Smith and Geo Stillman, merchants, all of Machias, for £60 1-8th part of stream side of the old double saw mill in Machias [Lincoln County Deeds 14:124].  23 Jun 1766 - Sylvanus Scott, gentleman to same {Ichabod Jones of Boston} for £20 "No eleven, a seven acre lot of land more or less, fronting southerly on the River and bounded on the east side by the lot No Ten, laid out to Solomon Stone, and on the western side by lot No Twelve, laid out to Samuel Scotts, and on the Rear by the Marsh, which lot was laid out to me as a Mill Lott upon the northern side of the Western Falls at Machias" [Lincoln County Deeds 10:14] -website removed

Washington - Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: Samuel Scott was the first settler of East Machias, followed by Col. Benj. Foster, W. Foster, J. Seavy, D. Fogg, J. Mansur,  & others. 
Edmunds: When Colonel Hobart came to view his purchase in 1786, he found the earliest comers already located in the area. Among these were an Irishman, James Neil, a deserter from the British Army, who had built his log house here in 1775;  the Widow Oliver and her family; Samuel Scott & Richard Harper, all of whom had arrived in 1785; Elijah Ayer, Sr; and his son Elijah, Jr. who with their families were living on Denny's River. /P/ In addition to those already mentioned, early settlers were James Shaw, Samuel Runnels, Daniel Smith, Wm. Hurley, Joshua Cushing, Hosea Smith, Nathaniel Cox, David Reynolds and Nathaniel Cox, Jr. All were in the township before 1799. Of the 5 or 6 settlers living there when Colonel Hobart purchased the township in 1786, none remained.

Rebecca Hobart "Dennysville 1786 - 1986 ... and Edmunds, Too!" Pages 95 - 96: ...With his earnings from that business endeavor, Col. Hobart in 1786 purchased from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Township X [Edmunds], which contained 17,700 acres and for which he paid 2200 pounds lawful money in State securities...... /P/  Col. Aaron Hobart found James O'Neil, the first settler, an Irishman who had deserted from the British Army and built a log house in 1776; Widow Oliver and her family; Elijah Ayers, Sr., and Capt. Elijah Ayers, Jr., with their families; and Samuel Scott and his family already residing in Township X. There was one sawmill on Cathance Stream, which enters Dennys River from the west about seventeen miles downstream from Meddybemps Lake, and another being built on Dennys River by Col. John Allan and Capt. Elijah Ayers. /P/ In 1787 Nathaniel Hobart, who had received a deed for 3,000 acres of timberland and one sawmill, called the "Brisk Mill," on Dennys River, from his father, Col. Aaron, came to Township X, bought out Samuel Scott, built a house, and settled there. ... Page 104 Aaron Hobart, son of Isaac, Sr., erected him home on the point of land, across Dennys River from the Lincoln estate, which had been occupied by Samuel Scott when the Lincolns came, and by Nathaniel Hobart, 1787-1796.

Records of the South Church of Portsmouth, N.H.: Scott, Amos, son of Silvanus and Sarah, Sept. 28, 1718. Elizabeth, daughter of Silvanus and Sarah, June 22, 1729. Frances, daughter of Silvanus and Sarah, Nov. 6,  1720. Ruth, daughter of Silvanus and Sarah, Aug. 1, 1725. Samuel, son of Silvanus and Sarah, June 23, 1723. Sarah, renewed covenant July 15, 1716. Sarah, daughter of Sarah, July 15, 1716. Sarah, received Aug. 7, 1720. Sarah, daughter of Sylvanus and Sarah, May 21, 1727. Sylvanus, received Feb. 6, 1725/6.

Scott marriages in Washington Co. ME 1743-1891: Becca Scott & Henry Chase Nov. 22, 1817; Bethian Scott & Thomas Carr Nov. 21, 1812; Daniel Scott & Betsey Chase July 17, 1787; David Scott & Theodora Wheeler Mar. 16, 1820; Elkanah Scott & Hannah Nickerson Feb. 23, 1806; Fanny Scott & John Haycock Sep 20, 1799; Jeremiah Scott & Deborah Nash Jul 2, 1844; Jesse Scott & Bethiah Bracey Nov 26, 1786; Jesse Scott & Sarah Rich Oct 25, 1801; Levi Scott & Lucy Billings Jan 6, 1813; Love Scott & John Smith Oct 15, 1813; Lucy B. Scott & Ruel Bartlett no date given; Lydia Scott & Isaac Johnson Apr 22, 1816; Maria Scott & Joseph Glidden Jun 12, 1832; Mark Scott & Mehitable Scott Nov 5 1786; Mary Scott & Samuel Talbot Sep 17, 1833; Minerva Scott & Edward Lee Apr 4, 1864; Polly Scott & Jeremiah Waldron Nov 9, 1799; Rebecca Scott & Zenie Heywood Oct 10, 1844; Ruth Scott & Benjamin Foster Apr 20, 1777; Ruth Scott & Robert Elliot Aug 20, 1797; Sally Scott & Ebenezer Ayers Dec 1, 1795; Sarah Scott & Capt John Long Aug 8, 1776; Susannah Scott & John Chaloner Aug 4, 1811.

1790-1870 ME Census Index: 1860; Scott, Hattie; Washington Co. ME; page 134; 2 W. Calais; Federal Population Schedule; ME 1860 Federal Census Index; ME17248428 
1790 Census Machias, Washington Co., ME.  Name of head of household, Samuel Scott Free white males of 16 and upwards including heads of family 2. Free white males under 16 years 0. Free white females including heads of families 3. All other free persons0. Slaves 0. Name of head of household, Samuel Scott Jr. Free white males of 16 and upwards including heads of family 1 Free white males under 16 years 4. Free white females including heads of families 3. All other free persons0. Slaves 0. 
1800 Census: Machias, Washington Co. ME. Samuel Scott. Free White Males Under 10  2. Free White Males of 10 and under 16 2. Free White Males of 16 and under 26  2. Free White males of 45 and upwards  0. Free white females under 10 1. Free white females of 10 and under 16 2.  Free white females of 16 and under 26 1. Free white females of 26 and under 45  1. Free white females of 45 and upwards  0. All other free persons (except Indians not taxed) 1
1820 Census: 
Samuel Scott. Town, Township or Plantation: Calais, Washington Co., Maine.Free white males under 10 years: 2. Free white males of 10 and under 16 years: 0. Free white males of 16 and under 18 years: 0. Free white males of 16 and under 26 years, including heads of families: 0. Free white males of 26 and under 45 years, including heads of families: 1. Free white males of 45 years and upwards, including heads of families: 0. Free white females under 10 years:  3. Free white females of 10 and under 16 years: 0. Free white females of 16 and under 26 years, including heads of families: 1. Free white females of 26 and under 45 years, including heads of families: 1. Free white females of 45 years and upwards, including heads of families: 0. Foreigners not naturalized: 0. Number of persons engaged in agriculture: 0. Number of persons engaged in commerce: 1. Number of persons engaged in manufacturing: 0
1860 Census; Scott, Ezra S.; Washington Co. ME; page 220; 5 W. Calais; Federal Population Schedule; ME 1860 Federal Census Index; ID ME17248427
1880 Census, Calais ME
: Atkins Scott, married, male, white, age 67, born ME, farmer, father and mother born in ME; Charity, wife, white, age 52, born NB, keeping house, father born ME, mother born NB; Herbert L. Farrar, stepson, single, male, white, age 20, born ME, farm laborer, father and mother born NB; Edwin Farrar, stepson, single, male, white, age 14, born ME, farm laborer, father and mother born NB; Charles Kelley, grandson, single, male, white, age 4, born ME, father born NB, mother born ME.
1880 Census: Hiram H. Scott, married, male, white, age 58, born ME, ship carpenter & farmer, father's birthplace ?, mother born ME; Rebecca, wife, white, age 54, born NB, keeping house, father born ME, mother born NB; Horatio N. Hopps, nephew, single, male, white, age 18, born ME, farm laborer, father born NB, mother born ME; Alice Beach, daughter, single, white, age 10, born ME, attending schook, father born NS, mother born NS.
1880 Census, Calais ME: Ezra S. Scott, born 1832, ME, age 48, farmer, married, white, head of household, father & mother born in ME; Martha, wife, white, age 45, born ME, keeping house father and mother born in ME; Idelma L., daughter, single, white, age 21, born ME, at home, father & mother born ME; Wesley, son, single, age 20, born ME, farm laborer; Nellie, daughter, age 14, born ME, attending school; Hattie, daughter, age 12, born ME, attending school, Frederic, son, age 6, born ME.
1880 Census, Port Huron, MI: Otis Scott, married, male, white, 53, born ME, retired merchant, father & mother born ME; Anna, wife, white, 43, born Canada, father & mother born Scotland; Frederick, son, single, 18, born MI; William, son, single, 17, born MI; Otis, son, 14, born MI; Alanzo, son, 4, born MI; Mary Bowler, other, single, female, white, 19, born NJ, servant, father & mother born NY.
1910 Census, Calais Washington ME: Ezra Scott, 78, married 54 years, self and parents born in ME, farmer; Martha 74 had 7 children 5 living, born in ME parents born NH; Lindsay 32 son, widowed, farmhand working out, out of work 7 weeks.

Marriage Intentions Machias, 1811August 4: John Chaloner and Susannah Scott 

The Maine Historical Magazine. Machias 100 Years Ago: A little to the westward of this road and toward the top of the hill stood the house of Samuel Scott, one of the pioneers of the place, the first white man in fact that ever ascended the river. His farm consisted of 250 acres of land, and the house, which was standing in 1795, was a one story affair with a long roof on the back side, much like the old colonial residences which may be seen to this day in Plymouth, Ipswich, and other primitive Massachusetts towns. It contained two large rooms and two, perhaps three smaller ones, none of which were plastered, yet eleven children grew up to stalwart, healthy manhood and womanhood under that roof. I think Mr. Scott died before the opening of the present century, when the writer of this article was a boy. An old resident pointed out to him a large oak tree which I believe may still be seen a few rods to the rear of Capt. Brown's residence. " Just at the foot of that big tree," he said, ''is an old grave-stone lying flat upon the ground. Old Mr. Scott was buried there, and it has his name upon it."

The Calais Advertiser 6/27/1917: In the death of Ezra Scott, which occurred at the home of his son, Wesley Scott, on June 17, at the advanced age of 86 years, Calais loses another of her oldest and most respected citizens. In spite of his many years beyond the biblical allotment of three score and ten, Mr. Scott maintained remarkable vigor and vitality and engaged in labor about his home daily, frequently walking to Calais and back without apparent fatigue, a round trip of six miles. His death came as the result of blood poisoning, due to infection of a slight finger cut. He was ill but a few days. In a recent picture representing five generations of his family, Mr. Scott is shown as a great-great-grandfather, holding on his knee his great-great-grand son, Adelbert R. Seelye. Mr. Scott leaves to mourn the loss of a kind and loving father, two sons, Lindsay A. and Wesley E. Scott, and two daughters, Mrs. Alice Fox and Mrs. Arthur McPheters. The funeral was held on Tuesday, June 19th, and the interment was in the Calais cemetery.

Narrative of the Town of Machias, the Old and the New, the Early and Late: Sylvanus Scott settled on a farm lot near the Rim one of the first in 1763. In 1777 when the British were in the river they burned his house and destroyed all his other buildings. His wife who was then in poor health was driven into the woods who with her eleven children, all girls, from their hiding place saw the torch applied to their dwelling and the destruction made complete. Several of the Scott family took part in the battles of Machias in 1775-76-77. John Scott was a Lieutenant under Col Benjamin Foster. His brother Jesse was taken prisoner on the attempted invasion of Nova Scotia near St John and kept imprisoned for six months. Simeon was shot, he being one of the same expedition on the St John River by an American tory. Mark Scott was one of the crew under Captain Ephraim Chase when he captured the barges crew of British marines at Bucks Harbor when said crew came ashore after wood and water. Leonard Scott of Leonard Scott & Co of New York City 1850 to 1865 who published the North American Reviews was the son of Mark Scott, the latter a son of Sylvanus Scott. Leonard Scott in his letter to the Machias Centennial Committee May 9 1863 said, "Though not a native or resident of Machias, I have always felt a lively interest in its history from the fact that my grand parents on both paternal and maternal side were among its first settlers. My grandfathers Samuel Scott, Benjamin Berry were the first white men of record that ever entered Machias harbor and to explore its river forests and marsh lands this was in 1762 from the report they made on their return to Scarborough the same fall it was that in the following May the Sixteen Scarborough pilgrims were induced to settle at Machias.
The provision restricting cutting his Majesty's timber on the township refers to conditions in the Provincial charter that all trees of the diameter of twenty one inches upwards of twelve inches from the ground were to be reserved for masts for the Royal Navy and a fine of 100 Ibs was incurred for every such tree cut down without a License first had and to be obtained of the King's Surveyor. By this grant the Petitioners became proprietors or owners in fee of the soil within the limits of the township. They held their first Proprietary meeting on the eleventh of September 1770. Stephen Jones was chosen Clerk of the Proprietors, Jonathan Longfellow Moderator, Benjamin Foster, Samuel Scott, Sylvanus Scott were chosen a committee to call future meetings .Ephraim Andrews was elected Collector, Sylvanus Scott Treasurer. Twenty shillings lawful money was raised on each original right in the township to meet the expenses of running out the lots and defining limits of the township and pay Ichabod Jones for his expense in obtaining a grant of he same from The Great and General Court. The Collector for his compensation was allowed one sixth in the pound for collecting. The most important vote of this meeting was the following confirming as it did the title to lands held previously possession each settler on the township having located farm or made his improvements wherever his fancy dictated. Voted -- " That the first sixteen settlers or builders of first saw mill unmolested enjoy their lots called mill lots each lot containing seven rods front and extending to marsh back not exceeding half a mile together with privilege that each Proprietor be quieted in the improvements he has made and settled upon and to possess hundred rods wide marsh excluded if it is to be had with out dispossessing one another in the improvements they have made together with the mill privileges they now enjoy said lots to extend back so far as to contain the quantity or area of two hundred and fifty acres to each first division lot."  A committee was appointed Japhet Hill, Isaiah Foster, Samuel Scott to lay out to each proprietor two hundred and fifty acres according to the vote of the proprietors to lay out proper roads and landings and divide the marsh equally to each proprietor.
Sylvanus Scott who lived at the Rim was directed also to build a sufficient breastwork near his house together with watch box or lookout and house for men. The remains of the breastwork or Fort Foster on the East side of the river near the Rim are yet plainly to be seen though built one hundred and twenty seven years ago.
In 1769 a company of militia of nearly one hundred men was formed. Stephen Jones was chosen Captain, Benjamin Foster (afterwards Colonel) Lieutenant, and Sylvanus Scott Ensign. Capt Jones commission was dated August 7. In the Ninth year of the reign of his Majesty George the Third appointed him a Captain of a military company of Foot at a place called Machias in the Regiment in the County of Lincoln whereof Thomas Goldthwaite is Colonel .The commission was signed by Thomas Hutchinson then Lieut Governor of Massachusetts.

The Maine Historical Magazine: NOTES ABOUT MACHIAS WITH SOME ACCOUNT OF ITS FIRST SETTLERS. Machias was the first organized settlement and the first incorporated town east of Penobscot River. The town is noted for the character and intelligence of its first settlers and their many notable descendents. In the autumn of 1762 Isaiah Foster, Isaac Larrabee and others now unknown from Scarborough started in a whale boat for Machias river where they in due time arrived. They found there 300 acres of marsh, unlimited pine forests, and abundant water power. They determined to settle there and returned home and the next spring formed a company to settle at Machias. They left Scarborough the last of April and after a long and stormy passage arrived there May 20. Their names were Samuel Scott, Sylvanus Scott, Timothy Libby, David Libby, George Libby, Daniel Hill, Japhet Hill, Solomon Stone, John Stone, Isaiah Foster, Westbrook Berry wife and three children, Isaac Larrabee wife and three children, Daniel Fogg, Joel Bonney millwright ,and Wooden Foster Blacksmith all of Scarborough; Jonathan Carlton from Sheepscot, Capt Thomas Buck of Plymouth Mass were masters of the vessel; William Jones, a merchant of Portsmouth NH, was a promoter of the enterprise, They built a large log house at West Falls and also a saw mill before winter. In August the families of nine others arrived. A part of the land between Middle River Marsh and the main river was lotted out into eighteen seven acre lots which were seven rods wide. Each of the eighteen settlers had one of the lots. In 1764 65 66 other settlers arrived Daniel Elliot ,Joseph Holmes, Dea Joseph Libby, Ebenezer Libby, Benjamin Foster Jr, Joseph Sevey, Joseph Muuson, Joseph Balch, Ezekiel Foster, Joseph Getchell, Benjamin Foss, Gideon O Brien, all of Scarborough; John Underwood from Kittery merchant ,Jonathan Longfellow from Cornwallis NS. In March 1766 Stephen Jones arrived. In 1769 a Militia company was formed Stephen Jones Captain, Benjamin Foster Lieutenant, Sylvanus Scott Ensign. In 1769 a petition signed by eighty inhabitants was sent to the General Court asking for grant of the township. This petition was granted April 26 1770 and the inhabitants organized Sept 11 1770 and officers chosen. Other settlers came prior to the Revolution notably Stephen Smith, George Stillman, James Flynn, William Tupper, Jonathan Pineo, Enoch Waterhouse, William Tupper, and others. During the war and subsequently there came Dr William Chaloner, David Gardner, Peter Talbot, John B Hillard, Roswell Hitchcock, John D Folsom, James Avery. In 1771 2 Rev James Lyon was employed to preach and continued until his death Oct 12 1794 aged 59. May 24 1778 a subscription was raised for his support as follows sd sd James Flinn 3 00 0, Joseph Libbee 5 10 0, Ezekiel Libbee 2 00 0, Stephen Smith four thousand boards or 12 00 0, David Prescot 1 10 0, Job Burnum 1 00 0, Samuel Davis Bryant 3 00 0, Samuel Shaw 1 10 0, Joseph Holmes two thousand shingles, George Serey 2 00 0, Daniel Holt pays as much as heretofore, John Crocker 3 00 0, Jonathan Barry 0 18 0, Japhet Hill fifteen hundred board, Enoch Waterhouse 2 10 0, Solomon Stone 3 00 0, Daniel Stone 3 00 0, Joseph Averil 1 00 0, Jonathan Pineo 1 10 0, John Berry 1 10 0, Joseph Getchell his x mark this to be paid in lumber 1 10 0, David Longfellow 3 00 0, John Steel 0 12 0 J, Allan while he continues in the place at the rate of per year 9 00 0, Wm Albee 1 10 0, James Dilluway 0 12 0, Benj Foster three thousand of boards or 9 00 0, John Scott 2 00 0, Jonas Fnrllsworth 3 00 0 ,Daniel Meserve two thousand shingles 1 16 0, ObadiahHill 2 00 0, Gideon O Brien 2 10 0 Samuel Burnum 1 00 0 John Watts 1 00 0 Henry Watts 0 10 0 Joseph Getchell Junior 0 18 0 Benjamin Harmon 0 12 0 Jabez West 1 10 0, Benjamin Foster Junior 1000, Wooden Foster one thousand three hundred ft boards or 3 18 0, Samuel Rich will give as much as he finds himself willing, Jumes Noble Shannon 6 00 0, Ben Gooch Junior 1 00 0, Aaron Hanscom 2 00 0, Eleazar Hatheway 1 00 0, Wallis Fenlason 1 00 0, John Long 1 10 0. In 1774 the first meeting house was build near where the town house now stands. It was built by Stephen Jones, Stephen Smith, George Stillman, James Flynn, David Longfellow, William Tupper, William Albee, Joseph Averill, Amos Boynton, Daniel Meserve, Jonathan Pineo, John Berry, Joseph Libby, Job Burnham, Enoch Waterhouse, and Obediah Hill at a cost of $220. It was one story high, twenty five feet wide, and forty two feet long. It had no pews. The people sat on benches. The church was afterwards bought by the town and was used for schools and also for a court house for the courts for several years. The Revolutionary War came on and as has been so well told by the natives of the town, the efforts of the people saved Eastern Maine from being severed from the United States and annexed to Nova Scotia. June 23 1784 the town was incorporated the forty second town in the State. In extent the township was about ten miles by eight miles, January 24 1826 the town divided and parts of it incorporated into the new towns of Machiasport and East Machias.  Whitneyville was incorporated Feb 10 1845 and Marshfield June 30 1846. Buck's Harbor Neck now in Machiasport contained 6,080 acres and was sold to John Coffin Jones and others Mar 2 1788. SKETCHES OF EARLY SETTLERS Benajah Ackley Married Anna daughter of Samuel Holmes prior to 1776 .They had eleven or more children and have many descendants. William Albee Married Ellen Dillaway prior to 1773 nine children many descendants. Col John Allan from Nova Scotia Lived here during the Revolutionary War as superintendent of Eastern Indians etc. He moved to Allan's Island about 1784. Ephraim Andrews from Scarborough Married Anna Brown in Scarborough Aug 23 1749. They had twelve children eleven of whom had families. James Avery from Boston First Representative 1784, and after in 1785 88 89 First Register of Probate of Washington County. Married Rebecca Edes of Boston six children. Joseph Averill from York Married Sarah Stone prior to 1779 had eleven children and many descendants. He was a Revolutionary soldier. James Archibald Was a trader at Machias. James Farnsworth was appointed administration on his estate Nov 1 1783. Obediah Allen Jr Married Ruth daughter of Ephriam. Andrews removed to Robbinston where he died in 1863 at the age of 99 many descendants. James Annas Married Deborah Chase eleven children. London Atus Colored servant of Rev James Lyon Revolutionary pensioner married prior to 1789 Eunice Frost. They had eleven or more children. Nathan Andrews Was a Revolutionary soldier at Machias 1777. Nathaniel Babb from Scarborough Married Jane before 1794 no children. Joseph Balch from Scarborough prior to 1765. Westbrook Berry from Scarborough Son of Elisha born Dec 16 1734 married Jane Freeman Jan 23 1755 five children. Job Crocker administrated his estate 1773. His widow said to married John Crocker about 1768. John Berry from Scarborough Brother of Westbrook Born Feb 14 1736 married Sally Libby in Scarborough Sept 30 1768 eight children. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Manwaring Beal from Cape Elizabeth 1763 4 Settled at Buck's Harbor .Bought out John Manchester 1770. Amaziah Bohannon Settled in Machias. Two sons John and Daniel. AH probably removed to Calais. Joel Bonney from Scarborough Carpenter 1873. Sold lot at Sprague's Neck to Rev James Lyon May 3 1777. Ralph Hart Bowles from Boston 1788. Born there March 10 1857. Town Clerk Post Master first Clerk of the Courts for the county. His house in Machias was where the Clare Hotel now is. He married Hannah daughter of Rev Josiah Crocker and sister of the wife of Gen David Cobb of Gouldsboro prior to 1 789 several children. He died Oct 30 1873 widow died in Boston July 10 1847 aged 82. Levi Bowker from Scituate Mass. Born there July 25 1773 settled in Machias, Revolutionary soldier, married Elizabeth Watts of Jonesborough Oct 25 1789 nine children. He died July 28 1850 widow died Feb 23 1854 aged 88 years 9 months. Capt Thomas Buck of Plymouth Mass Captain of the schooner that carried the first settlers 1763. Buck's Harbor was probably named for him. Amos Boynton from Scarborough Married first Mary Libby prior to 1777 and second Lucy Loring. James Brown Six children on Machias Records 1766 80. Phineas Bruce from Mendon Mass. Born there June 7 1762, Yale College 1786, settled at Machias 1790, first lawyer in Washington County, Representative 1791 to 1800 inclusive elected Representative to eighth Congress 1804 but did not take his seat on account of poor health. He married Jane sister of Hon James Savage of Boston about 1795. He died in Uxbridge Mass Oct 6 1809. His widow died in Cambridge Mass 1854 aged 86. Samuel Davis Bryant from Scarborough Married Elizabeth Harmon there Dec 14 1758, children Bartholomew Bryant from Scarborough, Revolutionary soldier 1777, married Elizabeth Brookings in Scarborough Jan 25 1763 ten children. Job Burnham from Scarborough. Probably son of Daniel baptised Jan 3 1742 married Mary O Brien, eleven children. Samuel Burnham from Scarborough prior to 1769. Jonathan Carlton from Sheepscot 1763. Had lived in Machias 1766. Peter Coolbroth Settled Buck's Harbor prior to 1772, Revolutionary pensioner .James Coolbroth Killed at the battle of Machias June 12 1775. Gen James Cooper from Boston Born Dec 13 1765 married Elizabeth sister of Hon James Savage June 23 1791 first Sheriff of Washington County 1890, nine children all born Machias 1792 1811, he moved to Cooper 1822 where he died .James Cole At the taking of the Margaretta June 12 1775. Doctor William Chaloner from Newport RI. Probably son of John and Martha Church Chaloner, baptised July 17 1749 he went to Machias 1773, his house stood where Gilbert Longfellow's house is, he married Mary Dillaway. This may certify to all whom it may concern that Doctor William Chaloner and Miss Mary Dillaway both of this place were married by me on 31st of last May James Lyon Machias Sept 6 1774 Lincoln Court Records. He was a suryeyor when the northeastern boundary line was run under the treaty of 1783. He died 1802, six children. Ephraim Chase from Freetown Mass to East Machias. Married Lydia Hathaway prior to 1767, twelve children ten of whom had families. Doctor Parker Clark from Nova Scotia Born in Newbury Mass, West Machias near the west end of the bridge, married Judith Lunt I see, three children. John Crocker from Scarborough. Married first, married second Jane widow of Westbrook Berry about 1768 ,five children. Timothy Crocker brother of John Married Hannah Meserve, six children. Reuben Crocker from Nova Scotia 1763. Settled at Buck's Harbor 1766, died about 1772. His widow married William Kelly in 1773 4. William Curtis 1763 Brick layer. John Day Buck's Harbor 1766. Sold out to Stephen Jones 1775. Widow Hannah Day married Enoch Sanborn. John Day Jr in Machias. Arthur Dillaway at Buck's Harbor 1769. Sold land to Wm Albee 1782. James Dillaway from Nova Scotia. Settled at Buck's Harbor. Revolutionary soldier at Machias 1777. Joseph Dubisont Petitioner and grantee 1769. James Dyer from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1799, sold land to Dr Chaloner 1774. Moved to Calais. Henry Dillaway Revolutionary soldier Machias 1777. John Dickinson from Amherst Mass. Born Feb 25 1782, Williams College 1800, settled West Machias 1806, third lawyer in the county, Representative to Legislature 1807 1808 1819, member Constitutional Convention 1819 20, for many years Judge of Probate, moved to Amherst Mass 1837, died there Dec 3 1863. Daniel Elliot 1769, from Scarborough. Married Martha O Brien, seven or eight children. Samuel Ellis from Sandwich Machias. Married Mary Nye, five children. James Elliot 1773. Mortgaged part of mill to Ichabod Jones 1773 .Moses Elsemere. Married Lydia of Ephram Andrews prior to 1785, twelve children. William Emerson. Married Anna Parker 1783, eight children. Jonas Farnsworth Settled at Buck's Harbor, married Sarah Delap and Peggy Lewis, five children on Machias Records 1776 1784. John Dearborn Folsom East Machias. Married Hannah Gooch Feb 15 1797. He died Sept 14 1851 aged 88 years 8 months and 16 days. She died Sept 8 1859 aged 81, nine or more children. Wallace Fenlason Settled at East Machias, married Susannah of Samuel Scott prior to 1775, eleven children, seven or more had families. Ebenezer Fitz Petitioner and grantee 1769, no more seen. James Flynn prior to 1774. Sold Elisha Mayhew trader part of mill lot March 12 1774.D aniel Fogg from Scarborough to East Machias. Married Sarah of Samuel Scott, he died before 1769 then the widow married Samuel Rich. Stephen Fogg from Scarborourgh Married Eleanor Libby, settled at Buck's Harbor Creek prior to 1772, probably removed to Plantation No Two, five children. Benjamin Foss from Scarborough 1765. Married first Sarah Getchell Nov 7 1762 and second Hannah Miller prior to 1800, nineteen children, sixteen of whom had families. Benjamin Foster Jr from Scarborough 1765. Married first Abigail Milliken Nov 26 1747 and second Elis Scott Jan 29 1750, Colonel of the Regiment 1776, one of the first Justices of the Peace, he died, twelve children nine of whom had families, he sold his homestead to his son Abijah Sept 21 1784. Wooden Foster from Scarborough brother of Benjamin. Married Frances Scott in Scarborough May 28 17, settled in East Machias. He died Feb 2 1810 aged 80. She died Aug 18 1822 aged 85, nine children, eight of whom had families. Isaiah Foster from Scarborough 1763, brother of Benjamin. Married Lydia Fogg in Scarborough July 18 1754, removed prior to Revolutionary War, sold out to Daniel Stone 1771 his homestead for 106 135 8d. Ezekiel Foster from Scarborough 1765. Baptised Oct 2 1737, married Mary Fogg in Scarborough, sold land to Rev James Lyon 1469 and his interest in Chauncey's Island and Hog Island 1779. Ezekiel Foster Jr from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769 .Ebenezer Gardner from Nova Scotia ,son of Thomas of Salem Mass. Baptised Sept 4 1737, moved to Aukpaque NS thence to Machias, married Damaris Merrill of Haverhill 1769. She was baptized Sept 6 1747, nine children, many descendants. Benjamin Gooch Senior He sold Jonathan Pineo Aug 5 1777 a lot of thatch bed in a place called Woodruff's Cove being the eightieth lot of about three acres which was the original right of Jonathan Carlton, he lived at East Machias, he died prior to Aug 31 1784 when the inventory of his estate was filed, he had eight children all of whom had families. Joseph Getchell, Scarborough 1765. Married Mary Mitchell July 17 175. Revolutionary soldier, Machias 1777. Revolutionary pensioner, sold one half of his homestead to Joseph Getchell Jr Dec 28 1780, two or more children. Arthur H Gilmore Married Polly Knight from Englishman's River, three children born Machias 1791 1795, removed to St Stephen. David Gardiner Jr from Nantucket Settled at the outlet of Gardner's Lake, two sons ,David Jr married 1771 and Elijah. Henry Griffith Buck's Harbor 1704. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Ephraim Hadley Married Susannah Coburn 1780, seven children. Archelaus Hammond Petitioner and grantee 1769. Ralph Hancock from Boston to Buck's Harbor 1767. He of Boston sold James Farnsworth 1782 lot of land adjoining Buck's Harbor and at Beal Island .Aaron Hanscom from Scarborough. Settled at East Machias, married Sally Sevey in Scarborough Jan 5 1764, eleven children about all Lad families. Josiah Harris from Boston Settled at East Machias, merchant, married Lucy Talbot Nov 20 1796, he died June 17 1845 aged 75, she died Dec 27 1861 aged 87, descendants numerous and respectable, notable family. Benjamin Harmon prior to 1778. Married Sarah daughter of Japhet Hill prior to 1779, fourteen children. Japhet Hill 1763 from Scarborough. Married Hannah Knight in Scarborough Oct 9 1760, twelve children, sold land at Potato Point to Stephen Jones July 15 1774. Roswell Hitchcock from Hawley Mass. Born Feb 19 1786, died Machias, June 29 1866 married Betsey daughter of Nathan Longfellow Jan 12 1812, she died Sept 27 1871. Their son Roswell D Hitchcock born Aug 15 1817 was President Union Theological Seminary NY and died 1887. Daniel Hill from Scarborough, brother of Japhet 1763 Moved to Jonesport then Calais, four sons Daniel Thomas Joseph and William. Obediah Hill from Scarborough. Married Sarah Harris prior to 1773 widow living in Machias 1800, seven children. Samuel Hill from Scarborough Petitioner and grantee 1769. Joseph Holmes from Scarborough 1765. Married Silence Brown March 27 1760, sold Stephen Jones part of saw mill West Falls June 24 1772. Benjamin Holmes from Scarborough Petitioner and grantee 1769. Samuel Holmes from Scarborough. Married Charity Bryant Dec 22 1797, ten children all but one had families. John B Hillard Married Sarah daughter of Geo Stillman ,she was born July 2 1785, died Feb 25 1810, married second Rebecca Stillman. Their son Geo Stillman Hillard born Sept 22 1800, lawyer in Boston. Ludwig Holway Married widow Mary or Martha O Brien Elliot, three children. Daniel Hoit Five children prior to 1780. Edward Hawes Wife Elizabeth, three children 1784 to 1788. Eleazer Hathaway. Stephen Jones Jr from Portland 1739. He was the most conspicuous and eminent citizen of the town for nearly forty years, settled in West Machias, his home was where the Post Office now is, married, first Judge of Probate of the County, removed to Boston after death of wife and died there 1822 26, four children. Jabez Huntly Settled near Gardner's Lake East Machias, wife Betty, eight or more children 1785 1802 and Jabeb Huntly in Whiting 1790. Jeremiah Jenks Petitioner and grantee 1769. William Kelly Settled at Buck's Harbor 1766. Revolutionary soldier 1777, married widow of Reuben Crocker after 1782. Samuel Kenney Petitioner and grantee 1769. Thomas Knight Sold Job Burnham land Oct 4 1771. Jonathan Knight from Scarborough 1775 or before. Removed to Calais, three sons. John Kelly Married first Phebe daughter of Rev James Lyon 1787, second Mrs Olive Longfellow widow oi David, five or more children. Isaac Larrabee from Scarboro 1763 First settler with wife and five children. Larrabee's Cove, married Debora Larrabee Feb 5 1756, she died in Machias perhaps Buck's Harbor 1825 aged 100 years 10 months, seven children. I find Timothy Libby from Scarborough 1763. Married Sarah Stone Oct 9 1746, first settler, he died prior to 1769 when his widow was a petitioner and grantee, seven or more children ,all had families. Deacon Joseph Libby from Scarborough 1765. Married, had no children. Joseph Libby from Scarborough. Engaged in taking the Margaretta June 12 1775. Revolutionary soldier 1777. David Libby Scarborough 1763. Married Dorcas Mears Dec 13 1750, petitioner and grantee 1769, Revolutionary soldier 1777, sold land to Samuel Libby June I 1768. George Libby Scarborough 1763, brother of David and Timothy. Petitioner and grantee 1769, in 1774 sold land to the town where Town Meeting House was built, returned to Scarborough. Ebenezer Libby Scarborough 1769. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Ezekiel Libby Scarborough perhaps son of Samuel. Subscribed to Parson Lyon's salary 1778 2. Isaiah Libby Scarborough Petitioner and grantee 1769. Samuel Libby Scarborough Petitioner and grantee, sold one sixth of saw mill to James May 14 1773, bought land of David Libby June 1 1768, in 1783 he of Carlton's stream sold land to Stephen Smith and George Stillman. Reuben Libby from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Josiah or Isaiah Libby from Scarborough. Sold land to John White of Salem Nov 7 1766, adjoining land of Jonathan Carlton's. Revolutionary soldier 1777. Revolutionary pensioner .David Libby from Scarborough Sold land to Samuel Libby June I 1768, petitioner and grantee 1769 ,Revolutionary pensioner. Widow Sarah Libby from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Thomas Libby from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Jacob Libby from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769, he of Carlton's stream sold 1 841 of township of Machias, sold i 8th of saw mill to Stephen Jones for JE6o hard money June 23 1781, moved to St Stevens, built saw mill at Porter's stream there 1782 3. Josiah Libby from Scarborough. May be same as George Libby Buck's Harbor, his widow in May 1784 said he took up land side of Buck's Harbor 18 years before and also one half of Foster's Island, he died two years before 1784. Josiah Libby from Scarborough. Took up land at Buck's Harbor 1772. Nathan Libby from Scarborough. Took up land at Buck's Harbor 1772, married Patty daughter of Isaac Larrabee, eight children. Jonathan Longfellow from Nova Scotia 1765 6. Born Nottingham NH May 23 1714, son of Nathan, petitioner and grantee 1769, first Justice of the Peace at Machias, cast of Penobscot river 1767, he died prior to 1786, married Mercy Clark. I find seven children of whom Nathan David and Johnathan settled in Machias and had families. Nathan Longfellow of William 1767, from Newbury Mass or Nova Scotia 1767. Petitioner and grantee 1769, married Tahpenes Huntley 1768 or 69, she was born in Lynn Conn 1749, died April 30 1841 aged 92, he died Jan 8 1828 aged 81, six children from 1770 to 1778 of whom three lived in Machias, Tahpenes Jonathan and Anne and had families. Rev James Lyon from Boston Dec 5 1771. Continued minister there until his death Oct 12 1794 aged 59, married Martha Holden, nine children 1769 1786. John Manchester at Buck's Harbor 1776 to 1780. Sold out to Manwaring Beal. Elisha Mayhew An inn keeper, mariner, and trader, owned part of mill at West Falls March 12 1774, his widow Priscilla was at Buck's Harbor, a settler to be granted under Jones March 2 1788 .Children i PRISCILLA m William Sanborn 11, HANNAH m Theodore Lincoln of Dennysville 1799, iii THOMAS, iv WILLIAM, v JOHN. Solomon Meserve from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee, married Arabel Jordan Dec 19 1769, seven children. Joseph Munson son of Robert Scarborough 1765. Petitioner and grantee East Machias, married Sarah Moore, four children before 1780, sold house to Ichabard Jones July 20 1773. John Moore Wife Lydia both of Machias, guardians of children of John Wheland, sold land to Bracy Underwood of Kittery Nov 7 1771. Daniel Meserve Petitioner and grantee, married Susan Smith or Small April 22 1760, eight children. McNeal Killed at the Battle of Machias June 12 1775, left a wife and family. Morris O Brien from Scarborough. Settled West Machias near end of bridge now called Dublin, he had previously lived in Kittery, he was a soldier in 1745 at Louisburg Nova Scotia, petitioner and grantee 1769, he subscribed 2 IDS to the salary of Rev James Lyon in 1778, he and his family were Protestants, he perhaps married Mary Hutchins in Kittery about 1739, he married second Mary Cain she was born 1719, died in Machias 1805, he died in 1799 ,his sons Jeremiah, Gideon, Dennis, of Machias William, John M, and Joseph of Newburyport were notable men. James Miller Married Phebe Fogg of Plantation No 2 1797, nine or more children Machias Records. Stephen Parker Petitioner and grantee 1769, trader. Married Elizabeth Barker, five children. Sold land to Jona Pineo July 1 I771,i sold land to Obediah Hill August 25 1772. Benjamin Pettigrew Settled at Buck's Harbor, took up land adjoining Larrabee's Cove several years before 1784, Machias Port married Eunice of Isaac Larrabee, eight chilldren. Nathaniel Phinney from Sandwich Mass. Married Thankful Tupper Sandwich 1764, seven or more children. Jonathan Pineo son of Peter of Lebanon Conn went to Nova Scotia, came to Machias prior to 1774, helped build meeting house 1774. Sold land to Stephen Smith July 23 1772. Married first Esther of Tim Libby Senior prior to 1770, married second widow Mary Ann Doty, fourteen or more children all I believe have descendants. Jacob Palmer 1778. Married Apphia of Enoch Sanborn before 1769, six children 1769 1789. Jacob Penniman Married first Polly Burnum 1792, married second Mary O Brien 1804, eight children of whom Miss Ursula born Dec 10 1809, died March 3 1893 .Col William Pope from Dorchester Mass Machias 1807, resided there thirty four years, moved to Boston, died there November 1864 aged 77 yrs 7 m 7 dys, Executive Councillor. Married Margaret D Billings of Boston .Children that I found Andrew J, Samuel W, born March 7 1815, Edward, George W, James, Otis . Luther W Pope Married Rebecca E daughter of James Avery, six children. David Prescott Subscribed for Parson Lyon's salary 1778 1JE IDS. Samuel Rich from Scarborough, probably Settled Machias. Married first Sarah Scott Fogg widow of Samuel, married second Sarah Bracey .Ten children between 1778 1797. Enoch Sanborn from North Hampton Mass. Petitioner 1769. Married first Mary Morrill, married second Mrs Sarah Sanborn, married third Phebe Sanborn, married fourth Mrs Hannah Day, nine or more children. John Sanborn One John Sanborn at Buck's Harbor petitioner 1784. Machias Port took up one half of Foster Island 1775, may have been son of Enoch or brother. Samuel Scott from Scarborough 1763. Petition and grantee 1769, first settler at East Machias. Married Susan Perry, 11 children all but one had families. Sylvanus Scott 1763 from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee, brother of Samuel. Married Sarah Andrews October 20 1757, 11 or more children lived at the Rim. George Scott probably of Samuel from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Married Lois Wooden, several children. John Scott of Samuel from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee. Married Fanny Thompson, several children. Joseph Sevey from Scarborough 1765. Petitioner and grantee 1769, East Machias. Married Sarah Scott, nine or more children. George Sevey from Scarborough. Son of Joseph. Married Hannah of Ben Gooch 1772, seven children 1773 1791. Thomas Sevey Married Mrs Mary Flye both living at Macbias in Passamaquoddy Bay Aug 1 8 1771 by Mr Brattle. John Sinkler Blacksmith, sold land to Stephen Smith 1773. Nathaniel Sinclair, Deputy Sheriff Sept 11 1771. General George Stillman from Hartford Conn 1769. Born March 7 1751. Settled Machias, first Register of deeds at Machias 1784 5, first County Treasurer 1790. Married Rebecca Crocker before 1782, her mother was sister of General David Cobb of Gouldsborough, she born March 13 1752, died Feb 5 1799. He died Nov 5 1804 aged 53, six children. James Noble Shannon Merchant, with his brother William lived in Machias a few years during the Revolutionary War, subscribed 6 for Parson Lyon's salary 1778, committee of correspondence 1781. He was in Horton Nova Scotia 1788. Samuel Shaw Subscribed 1 1s for Mr Lyon's salary 1778. Abial Sprague from Scarborough .Petitioner and grantee 1 769 .Moved to Calais. Abial Sprague from Scarborough. Petitioner and grantee 1769. Married Martha Bryant October 2 1766, moved to Calais. Stephen Smith Son of Samuel of Sandwich, born May 30 1739, settled in Machias 1766, married Deborah Ellis. He died September 29 1806 aged 67 yrs 4 mos, she died March 5 1825 aged 85 yrs 2 mos, nine or more children 1763 1781. Samuel Stewart Petitioner and grantee 1769. Soloman Stone Scarborough. First settler cordwainer, married Mary Harmon in Scarborough Dec 23 1762. John Stone 1763 Brother of Soloman, petitioner and grantee 1769. Benjamin Stone Petitioner and grantee 1769, Joseph Stewart Married Joan of Job Burnham prior to 1795, ten or more children. Jonathan Stickney Born in Tewksbury Mass Oct 13 1768, married Wealthy of Eohraim Chase Jan 1 1793 in Machias, she born Machias June I 1777, died June 1 1857, he died July 21 1832. Twelve children all had families but one. Peter Talbot from Stoughton Mass. Born November 15 1745, arrived at E Machias June 12 1771. Representative 1812 1813. Married Lucy J Hammond of Brooldine Mass June 4 1771. He died April 28 1836. Mrs Talbot died June 10 1831 aged 80. They were the founders of one of the most notable families in Eastern Maine, Seven children 1772 1792. Isaac Taft Wounded in the battle of June 12 1775. Marshall Thaxter from Hingham Mass Born March 4 14 1760 Tanner East Machias he married first Lucy Drew, married second Susannah widow of Aaron Sevey and daughter of Ebenezer Gardner. He died February 28 1835, she died April 9 1843 aged 72. Thirteen children one of whom was the mother of Arlo Bates. Matthew Tobey from Sandwich 1778. Settled at Machiasport. He married Hannah Nye, five or more children. Silas Turner Settled at East Machias, married Jane Smith, and had six children. He died May 13 1843 aged 86. William Tupper First Town Clerk, helped build first meeting house 1774. Thaddeus Trafton of Machias. Sold two lots of land Oct 24, second year of the reign of the United States to Jonathan Pineo. John Underwood from Kittery 1765. Petitioner and grantee 1769, first regular merchant in Machias. Enoch Waterhouse Married Abigail West 1771, eleven children. Jabez West Married Tupper before 1770, five or more children. John Wheland Petitioner and grantee 1769, died prior to 1771 when John and Lydia Moore were guardians to his children. John Walker Wife Eunice, two children born in Machias 1793 1795. Jonathan Woodruff Revolutionary soldier at Machias 1777. Married Widow Ackley. He sold Stephen Smith of Sandwich 1 16 of mill at West river May 28 1772 ,several children. Stephen Young Revolutionary soldier Machias 1777. Sold 3 16 of mill at Middle river April 16 I771 to John Berry and sold land to James Brown Sept n 1771 and to the Shannons October 13 1777. John Young Sold land to William and James Noble Shannon of Machias Trader land on northeast side of Quaker's or Gardner's Lake Feb 15 1777, also sold land to Benjamin Foster Jr. Lived northwest of Bonny's Island at Quaker's Eddy on east side of East river Dec 8 1777.

Military Operations in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia During the Revolution: Thursday July 3 1777 This morning arrived Lieut Scott who brought a letter from Capts Dyer and West requesting permission to retreat to Passamaquoddy as many of the men were very uneasy and unwilling to stay if not permitted determined to go without leave.
Friday July 11 Ambrose Son and Piere Benoit set out to Pilot our people to Machias to the number of 21. I set off for Medocteck where I arrived in the evening after much fatigue in poling up the canoe where I found Mr Preble, pr Nevers, Lieut Longfellow, and Scott agreeing with Indians to convey them to Machias. The canoe that went down with Piere Toma returned with their corn heard the enemy had returned to Aukpaque.
The court of enquiry into the expedition to St Johns sat according to adjournment. Gave Capt Dyer orders not to pay off the men in his company who went in the Expedition till the matters are enquired into. Tuesday Deccmr 9 The court of enquiry sat again regulated the different companies and rank of the officers. Lieut Scott informed that the store at the Rhym had been broke open and sundry articles stolen. Ordered him to offer Twenty dollars reward for discovery of the person who did it. Several Indians came in Capt Smith gave Stephen Young a pass to go to Passamaquody. Capt Gouch and the Brig from Amsterdam sailed for Boston.
MUSQUASH COVE Monday June 2 A M Got the remaining boats in readiness to proceed when the tide served About 11 o clock Mr Alby arrives express. No ships or Regulars at St John. Proceeded there arrived at the old Fort about 3 o clock p m. Landed one cannon and discharged it twice. Signal for Mr Preble that the party was going over the fall. Immediately arrived at Woodman's Point lauding every thing in a store. Rainy weather. David Farwell confined for breach of orders. Proceedings of the boat which came with Mr Allen arrived at Mechogonish 1 at daylight Mr Preble acquainted that no Britains were up immediately dispatched. Capt West and Lieut Scott with twelve men across also an Indian with a birch canoe who in a short time took Mess White and Hazen2 proceeded from Mechogonish and arrived at the Fort at 9 o clock when Mess Hazen and White were brought across with whom I had considerable conversation. Tuesday June 3 Mr Allen with the Fly Boat and assistance and five Birch canoes proceeded up the river St Johns about 12 o clock. Left Capt West, Lieut Scott, Mr Albey with twelve men to guard the Falls and annoy the enemy should any come to repair the fort. Came up arrived at Mechogonish 1 at daylight Mr Preble acquainted that no Britains were up immediately dispatched Capt West and Lieut Scott with twelve men across also an Indian with a birch canoe who in a short time took Mess White and Hazen2 proceeded from Mechogonish and arrived at the Fort at 9 o clock when Mess Hazen and White were brought across with whom I had considerable conversation. Tuesday June 3 Mr Allen with the Fly Boat and assistance and five Birch canoes proceeded up the river St Johns about 12 o clock. Left Capt West, Lieut Scott, Mr Albey with twelve men to guard the Falls and annoy the enemy should any come to repair the fort. May 10 Received letters from the Committee from St John enclosing copy of Col Gould British letter to the inhabitants and their answer also one from Mr Symonds these came by two Indians in less than four days dispatched them right back Francis Sawbier Thomas Squat pan, drew two enlistment papers, one given to Capt West and one to Leut Scott, the corps to be called the Machias Volunteers under the immediate command of Capt West, agreed for Col Foster to go & take command of the whole body made out commissions also drew instructions for the commander 20th. Jabez West captain set off for St John, engaged Peter Paul an Indian as courier but proposed that Capt Kellum should take the command, delivered Lieut Scott a commission as a Lieut with sundry things. 22d Received a letter from Capt Stephens also word that one Webb was going to Penobscot to raise all the men he could get there. Friday July 4 After dispatching Mr Scott with John Marsh who were to go and pilot that party to Machias, we went to join our Cumberland people and inform them of the news brought by a Frenchman that one George so named had informed that 200 Soldiers were to set off this morning in quest of Capt Dyer's party 100 to come in quest of Mr Allan and his band. Tues Sept. 9. Three Indians returned from Quoddy as did Lieut Scott and Mr How who informed that the Enemy's ships stood straight over to Annapolis since they were seen going past this harbour. Mr Allan went to the Rim to visit the works found them well executed particularly the Boom. Monday July 14. On the stream across Meductick carrying place. The Indians that went down yesterday morning just returned without having any communication with the French inhabitants for the enemy had footing there. This is the uppermost settlement on the river St John. Mr Preble, Dr Nevers, Lieut Scott and Longfellow this instant set out for Machias. We proceeded up the stream four or five miles and stayed this night. Tuesday July 15. Proceeded further up the aforesaid stream over difficult falls till we arrived at the Pond and went across the same called Metagmouchschesh and encamped at the entrance of the portage where we overtook Mr Preble and the others that had gone before. Here the Indian which came some days before killed several Moose. 31st/ Went through Passamaquoddy went ashore at Campobello got a set of sails from Mr Bell for which he has my receipt, went across, sent one boat to speak with a schooner coming in which proved to be Holly who informed that the other schooner that stood in before him was Lovet from St John. The heavens all clear brought Mr Wm How About 6 o clock p m arrived where the Indians had met  in this position two boats, three birch canoes, one boat bringing up the rear. First boat fired two guns, second boat three guns, third boat two guns, seven in all to salute the Indian chiefs. Returned from the Shore a number of Guns by the Indians. Got a cannon ashore and fired at sunset Immediately after Capt West, Mr Alby, Lieut Scott set off in three boats for Musquash cove accompanied by Parson Noble and Dr Nevers. July 16. Carried over Metagmoughschesh portage about four miles and there encamp the Indians being much fatigued in carrying canoes and baggage. Mr Preble, Dr Nevers & Lieut Scott and Longfellow proceeded for Machias by whom sent orders to get the Indians prize money their share of the prize sloop taken at Cumberland without delay.

WATERTOWN July 1st 1775 In Provincial Congress. May it please your Honors. The distressed situation of the Eastern parts of this Province calling for the serious attention of the humane this Congress beg leave to address you in their behalf. By reason of a number of our friends removing from the Seaports into the interiour town and a large army before Boston to support the rights of the Colonies, this Colony is unable to spare the necessary supplies of grain & provisions to our friends in the province of Maine. By which means & an Embargo laid upon grain & provisions in your Colony they are reduced to the alternative of Starving or supplying the ministerial troops with Lumber, either of which they deprecate. We would therefore suggest to your Honors the expediency of taking off the embargo so far as to permit the Inhabitants of the Eastern parts of this province to purchase grain & provisions for themselves. They producing a Certificate from any of the Committies mentioned in the enclosed list & giving bonds to your officers that they will deliver it to such Committee. We are with the greatest sincerity Your Honors most obedient Humble Serv. To the Honbl the Governor & Company of the Colony of Connecticut. Accepted & ordered to be authenticated & sent forward as soon as may be. Machias Saml Scott, Nathl Sinclair.....

Documentary History of the State of Maine:  
To the Hon1 Committee of Inspection & Correspondence and Safety for ye District of Machias & Sylvanas Scott of said Machias begs leave to lay before your Honours his Distressing Circumstances Namely the loss of your Petitioners house Barn &c being situated at a Place called Indian River where a Fortification was Erected for ye Defence of ye River against ye attacks of ye Enemy who came up to ye said place last Sumer & there not being a Sufficient Number of Troops to Oppose ye Enemys Landing they Landed with great Fury Burnt & Destroyed your Petitioners Dwelling house Barn English Hay & Household Furniture &c Agreeable to an Inventory hereunto Annexed not having one Hours Notice could not save any thing but part oLiiis Waring Apparell and some Beding with his Fam illy who gladly made his Escape all of which Losses reduces your Petitioner to ye greatest Distress Immaginable as having large Family to Support obliges him to seek charity of ye Publick leaving it to your Wise Consideration to point out some way wherein he can be Releaved and as in Duty Bound shall Ever Pray Silvanus Scott Machias
 Aug 15th 1777 An Acct of Articles lost at Machias by Sylvanes Scott from date above viz 1 Dwelling House 42 feet & 28 1 Barn 41 feet 27 6 Tun English Hay 4 Calfs 4 months old 2 fatt Hogs 20 Dunghill Fowlea 1 Sett Joynors Tools 1 Sett House Carpenters D 1 D Shoe Makers D 1 Large Grind Stone & Iron Crank 1 Sled Yoke & Chain 2 Hay Forks & 1 Dung Fork 1 Shod Shovel & Iron Shovel 1 Spade & Hoe 1 Iron frow & 2 Drawg Knives 1 Weavers Loom & Implements 1 Sickel & Mose Skin dress d 1 Pr Snow Shoes 1 Grain Sieve A Quantity of Iron Bound & other Casks 1500 feet Square Timber 2750 Shingles in Bundles 1 Feather Bed 4 Bed steads with Cords 3 New Beds steads for sale 2 Tabels 6 Bow back chairs 12 Common Chairs 1 Bottle Case 1 20 Bottle Case Large Quantity of dary Implements 1 Pr And Irons 1 Iron Mortar 1 Brass Kettle a Quantity of Household Utensils 2 Spinning Weels a Quantity of Pewter & Crockery Ware y2 Barrel Soap 1 Barr1 Pickel fish 1 Horn Lanthorn 1 Flax Coomb 1 Flock Bed 41h Cotton Wool 10 Skains Cotton Yarn Sole and Uper Leathr Sufficient to make 5 P Shoes &c
Consented to In the Committe of Inspection Correspondence & Safety at Machias this 7th Day of Feby 1778. This may Certify that ye Inventory hereunto Annexed has been Carefully Examined and taken by us and we have just Reason to think that ye Several Articles therein Contained were Burnt Destroyed & Plunderd from ye Said Sylvanes Scott by ye Enemy in ye 15th of last Aug also it further appear to us that ye said Scott lost ye greatest part of his Potatoes and other Roots growing Likewise a Quanty of Fence Burnt nearly his Land lays Common tho ye Burning Part of ya Fence and Destroyg a part of ye Grass was partly Ocassioned by ye Troops in ye States being upon said Premises which by no means could be but still all adds to ye Distress of ye unfortunate Mr Scott we must Recommend him to Legislative Authority for State of Massachusetts Bay not Doubting but ye will him such Relief as will be Necessary as we can affirm his Circumstances demtinde the Charity of the Publick as is out of ye Power of his Friends to assist him and also this Distressing time it is out of ye Power of the of this Settlement to give him any assistance adequate to losses but are ready to Condole with him in his Distress woud be willing to Exercise Charity in Relieving him it in their Power per order of the Committee Stephen Smith Chairman.
To the Hon'ble Council and the Hon'ble House of Representatives in General Court Assembled for the State of Massachusetts Bay. The Petition of Silvanus Scott of Machias. Humbly shews That in the Month of August last Viz on the Fourteenth day of said Month The Cherry came to Machias and burnt, plundered and other ways destroyed a number of Dwelling Houses other Buildings &c & among them was the Dwelling House, Barn, major part of Household Furniture, Husbandry Implements, & Carpenters Tools belonging to your petitioner. That his Family consistg of a Wife & Ten Children are thrown into the utmost distress thereby that he is destitute of Money & unable to afford them any assistance at present he has already preferred a petition to your Honours praying that his losses might be made up to him which petition was laid aside he would now intreat of your Honours to grant him such a sum of Money as in your Wisdom shall be judged sufficient to Remove his Family from Machias to some part of this State where they shall be more secure from the ravages of the Enemy & he as in duty bound will pray March 7 1778. Silvanus Scott.

132 NEW HAMPSHIRE WILLS SILVANUS SCOTT 1754 PORTSMOUTH In the Name of God amen — The Seventeenth Day of July Annoque Domini 1754 I Silvanus Scott of the Town of Portsmouth in the Province of New Hampshire in New England Weaver being aged & Sick in Body * * * Item: I Give and bequeath unto My Wellbeloved Wife Sarah the use & Income & Improvement of My whole Estate During her Widowhood Next after My Decease and the Dispoasal of all My Household Goods forever among My four Daughters here- after Named — Item I Give unto My Son Samuel Scott over and above what I have already Given him the Sum of five Shillings Lawful Money to be paid him out of My Estate by My Executors a Convenient time after My wife Sarahs Decease and I Do hereby order and oblige My Said Son Samuel to pay the Leagecies herein Mentioned to my Daughters out of his own Estate or to My Executors on their Demand which Said Sumes is Due to Me from My Said Son Samuel as his Note of hand in My favour will Make plainly appear Item: I Give unto My Daughter Ruth Tompson widow of George Tompson Deceased the Sum of four pounds old Tenor to be paid her twelve Months after My Wife Sarah her Decease by My Son Silvanus out of My Real Estate Item: I Give unto My Daughter Sarah Seavey the Wife of Joseph Seavey the Sum of four pounds old Tenor to be paid her at a Convenient time within two Years after the Decase of My Wife Sarah by My Son Silvanus out of my real Estate Item I Give unto Elizabeth Foster the Wife of Benjamin Foster the Sum of four pounds old Tenor to be paid her within three Years after the Decease of My Wife Sarah by My Son Silvanus out of My Estate Item I Give unto My Daughter Frances Foster the wife of Wooden Foster the Sum of four pounds old Tenor to be paid her within four Years after the Decease of My Wife Sarah out of My Estate by My Son Silvanus Item : I Give unto My Son Silvanus Scott his heirs and assigns forever My Dwelling house & Land and the whole of My real Estate after My Legacies herein Mentioned and Just Debts and funeral Charges are paid out of the Same also I Give unto Said Son Silvanus a Note of hand that My Son Samuel Gave Me for four pounds Lawful Money for My Said Son Silvanus to take possession of My Said Real Estate after the Decease of My Wife Sarah and I Constitute and appoint My Brother in Law James Moses and M' John Langdon to be Executors * * * Silvanus Scott [Witnesses] James Moses, Jessha Suard, The mark of MaryX Rand. [Proved Oct. 15, 1756.]

Samuel Scott, MA, Private, born 6-1723 Portsmouth NH. Death 1793 Machias Washington ME Dist MA. MA Soldiers and Sailors Vol. 13, P 926. Service; 1) Pvt, Capt Jos Seavey 2) 6th Lincoln Co. Regt ME. Spouse Susan Perry. Nat'l  # 22218 63373 201683 210737 440172 704395 797483 Mark Scott & Mehitable Scott. # 91757201180 Daniel Scott & Betsy Chase. #116574 137781 Jesse Scott & Bethia Bracy

[A-CHS Amanda Addie Scott, occ. housewife b. circa 1847 Baileyville d. 8/10/1884 Calais; Maria Scott, occ. housewife, b. circa 1815 Calais d. 12/10/1861 Calais, Henry Scott, occ. farmer, b. Alexander d. 1883 Calais]

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