Shollard / Shallard / Shaylorde / Shallarde / Schaylerd / Shailerd

Joan SHOLLARD married 4/3/1576 (or 7/8)22, buried 7/27/1627

Spouse: George WALDRON buried at Alcester 4/12/1588

Children: William baptized 7/25/1577

New England Families, Genealogical & Memorial: The Waldron Line -  The Waldron family has been traced for several centuries in England. The ancient seat of the family is in Warwickshire I Edward Waldron or Walderne lived at Alcester Warwickshire England and was buried there January 13 1590. He married Joan Children George mentioned below, Edward buried February 11 1619, William baptized April 18 1581. II George Waldron son of Edward Waldron was buried at Alcester April 12 1588. He married July 3 1576 Joan Shollard who was buried July 27 1627. III William Waldron son of George Waldron was baptized at Alcester July 25 1577 and was buried there December 25 1636. He married November 26 1600 at Alcester Catherine Raven Children born at Alcester i William mentioned below, 2 George baptized April 26 1603, 3 John baptized October 25 1606, 4 Thomas baptized October 29 1608 died in 1633, 5 Foulke baptized March 3 1610, 6 Robert baptized April 9 1612, 7 Elizabeth baptized October 10 1613, 8 Major Richard baptized January 6 1615 was one of the most prominent pioneers of New Hampshire settled at Dover New Hampshire 1636 treasurer commissioner to hear small causes selectman deputy to the general court and speaker of the house at Boston for six years president of the province 1681, tortured to death by Indians in 1689, 9 Katherine baptized February 7 1618, 10 Alexander baptized April 6 1620, 11 Humphrey baptized August 4 1622, 12 Edward.  IV William 2 Waldron son of William i Waldron was baptized in Alcester October 13 1601. He came to Dover about the same time as his more famous brother Major Waldron. He was recorder from 1641 to 1648, a magistrate in 1642, member of the church deputy to the general court 1646. He was accidentally drowned in 1646. Children i Christopher mentioned in the English pedigree which is on record in the chancery court England, 2 William born 1642, 3 George, 4 Alexander died at Dover 1676, 5 John mentioned below, V John Waldron son of William Waldron lived at Dover taxpayer 1672 VI John 2 Waldron son or nephew of John i Waldron lived in Dover A tradition however states that he lived in England when a boy.


White Swirled Line

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