JOHN SMITH (Smythe?) born circa 1700 of Randolph (b North Ireland?); died circa 1767 in Braintree MA. John & Abigail resided in Randolph, west of Bendall's farm near West St. His land is mentioned in 1732 in layout a town road, now Chestnut & Lafayette Sts. Dr. Ebenezer Alden states he came from Ireland, first lived in a log house taken down about 1750, near residence of his grandson, Simeon Smith - (source:

Spouse: Abigail LITTLEFIELD born 11/17/1700 Braintree MA; married 6/9/1720 in Braintree by Mr. Samuel Niles; died circa 1767(vital records of Brockton MA to 1850 have an Abigail wife of John Smith died 8/5/1793 in 93d year) 

Children: John born 6/17/1722 died 1/30/1790 East Bridgewater married Mary Hanmer, resided in E. Bridgewater; Isaac baptized 9/9/1739 at So. Parish died 3/29/1819 Randolph MA; Keziah born circa 1728; Mary baptized 5/9/1734 at S. Parish married Benjamin Southworth or Southard 3/3/1763 (2) Zachariah Gurney 8/7/1800, a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War; Philip baptized 4/16/1732 at S. Parish marriage intensions 9/1/1757 Mary Horton of Milton; Dorcus baptized 5/9/1734 at S. Parish married William Shaw of Bridgewater as 2nd wife (East Bridgewater Vital Records Births: Smith, Dorcas wife William Shaw d. John & Mary (Hanmer) ___ 1765 PR5; Marriages:  Smith, Dorcas & William Shaw 6/24/1773 CR1 - records must have mistaken this Dorcus for daughter of John & Mary (Hanmer) Smith who would have been only 8 years old if married to William Shaw); Elizabeth born 4/1/1728, living single at Bridgewater in 1794, died single 11/18/1813 age 84 Randolph MA (Randolph Church Records); David born 12/2/1720 marriage intensions -3, 1758 Sarah Downing born about 1722 MA; Seth born 1/21/1723-4 married Sarah Elwell of Boston 3/6/1749-50 Boston and resided in Milton in 1794; Abigail born 9/18/1726 marriage intensions 4/13/1765 John Berry of Dedham & Milton 1794; Sarah born 4/12/1730 marriage 1st intensions 3/26/1764 William Sharrar married 2nd Webster of Milton in 1794; Desire baptized 7/18/1736 at S. Parish married 1st intensions 9/1/1757 David Horton of Milton married 2nd intensions 6/18/1773 Ebenezer Crane as 3rd wife;  (most dates per


John SMITH born 6/17/1722 Braintree MA; died 1/30/1790 E Bridgewater MA; Revolutionary Vet per DAR and with General Winslow in dispersing the Neutral French in 1755 at Nova Scotia

Spouse: Mary HANMER born circa 1729, died 4/30/1779 East Bridgewater MA; married 10/5/1749 Bridgewater Plymouth Co. MA [Early MA Marriages Prior to 1800]

Children: Elizabeth born 11/21/1750 Bridgewater MA; William born 7/13/1753 Bridgewater MA; John of N. Bridgewater born 5/1/1755 died 12/20/`830 Bridgewater, married Hannah Edson daughter of David Edson 11/29/1804; Mary born 8/21/1757 Bridgewater died 1778 E. Bridgewater MA; Daniel born 9/7/1761 Bridgewater; Sarah born 7/2/1763 Bridgewater; Dorcus born 12/13/1765 died about 1847 married James Shaw; Hosea born 3/20/1768 Bridgewater MA died 5/14/1847 Charlotte ME married Abigail Hersey (Hosea & Abigail settled in Edmunds, Hardy Point, Pembroke ME 1790; Smith's Ridge, Charlotte ME in 1811. They has 13 children; 17 grandchildren in the Civil War; 8 of their descendants were preachers. For more information about Hosea, contact  (other wives of males were  Eleanor Curtain, Clae Kingman & Phoebe Larrabee - not certain to whom they were married) -- Daniel, Hosea & Dorcas moved to Maine as young adults


Dorcas SMITH born 12/13/1765 Bridgewater MA; died 1847

Spouse: James SHAW born 1765; died 1838 Edmunds ME

Children: Deborah born 1/9/1811 married James Joseph Waterman Harrison ; Jane born 1/9/1811 married Joshua Dodge

"History of Bridgewater" John was with General Winslow in dispersing the Neutral French in 1755 Nova Scotia, DAR - Matross

Ross Andrews: Hosea Smith (brother of Dorcus) went to Maine & raised 12 children, many of whom had families of 16-18 children. He had 17 grandchildren in the Civil War and over 413 descendants when he died. Hosea married Abigail Hersey, one son named Capt. John Smith married Sally Babb.

Vital Records of Brockton MA: Smith, Abigail widow of John of Braintree 8/5/1793 in 93d year C.R.I. Dorcus Smith born circa 1733 died 7/23/1797 m Wlm Shaw 6/24/1773 E. Bridgewater Records births Smith, Dorcus w Wlm Shaw d John & Mary (Hanmer) __1765 PR5 m Smith Dorcus & Wlm Shaw 6/24/1773 CRI - there must have been 2 Dorcus Smiths & records are confused between the two since both married Shaws.

History of N. Bridgewater, the Smith Family Register: Smith, John (son of John of E. Bridgewater & grandson of John Smith of Randolph) married Hannah daughter of David Edson 11/29/1804.

S.P.66-130: Will of John Smith, yeoman, Dec. 3, 1763 - Aug. 21, 1767: "being in good health" To wife Abigail all personal estate & to her heirs forever, & improvement of all real estate for life, & after her decease I give to son David 5/. To son John 18, to son Seth 9, to son Philip 18, to son Isaac 5. To dau. Abigail 10, & to my other 5 daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorcas, & Desire 5 each. And if my wife think fit son Philip to the real estate to improve under h bbbbbbber and then at her decease he is to have all for himself & heirs, he paying the legacies to my other children as above. Wife Abigail executrix and James Penniman to assist her. Wit: James Penniman, Dorcas Penniman, Abigail Penniman.

Washington - Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: Hosea Smith arrived from Dennysville to Charlotte in 1811. Edmunds: When Colonel Hobart came to view his purchase in 1786, he found the earliest comers already located in the area. Among these were an Irishman, James Neil, a deserter from the British Army, who had built his log house here in 1775;  the Widow Oliver and her family; Samuel Scott & Richard Harper, all of whom had arrived in 1785; Elijah Ayer, Sr; and his son Elijah, Jr. who with their families were living on Denny's River. /P/ In addition to those already mentioned, early settlers were James Shaw, Samuel Runnels, Daniel Smith, Wm. Hurley, Joshua Cushing, Hosea Smith, Nathaniel Cox, David Reynolds and Nathaniel Cox, Jr. All were in the township before 1799. Of the 5 or 6 settlers living there when Colonel Hobart purchased the township in 1786, none remained.

FTM Marriage Index Maine: Hosea Smith of Charlotte married Mary Ann Lewis of Charlotte 5/2/1839 also lists as 4/6/1838. Nosea [sic] J. Smith Jr. married Mary Dammon 10/26/1811. See, also, Smith marriages above.

History of the early settlement of Bridgewater in Plymouth county: HANMER John Hanmer sometimes written Handmore with his wife came from Halifax and settled in B 1739, wid Hanmer had Abigail, Jerusha and John all bap in WB 1742 Abigail m Thomas Latham 1752, Elizabeth m Ebenezer Hayward 1750, Mary m John Smith 1749, Elizabeth m Thomas Wade 1743, Jerusha m John Orcutt Jr 1752; 2 John s of the above lived in EB m Mary d of Joseph Prior 1760 and had Nabby 1762, Lucinda 1763, Cynthia 1765, Zenas 1767, Peninnah 1770; John Hanmer was at Plymouth 1638.

John Smith. MA Matross, birth 6/17/1722 Braintree MA, died 1/30/1790 Bridgewater MA. 1) Capt Daniel Lothrop, Col Thomas Crafts 2) Artillery. Spouse Mary Hanmer # 403652 child Hosea

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