Robert SMITH, born circa 1611-13 England, tailor, Exeter NH 1639, Hampton by 1654, died 8/30/1706 age about 95 Hampton NH

Spouse: Susanna _____ killed by lightning 6/12/1680, married 1637 Exeter NH [Torrey] 

Children: John married Rebecca Adams & Rebecca Marston; Jonathan born +/- 1640 settled in Exeter, married Merihabel Holdred; Asahel, shoemaker married Elizabeth lived in Dedham, will dated 1714; Joseph judge in Superior Court, married Dorothy Cotton second Mary Moore third Elizabeth Marshall; Meribah married Francis Page; Israel died young, estate settled 1676, not in division of father's estate; Jacob; Ithiel; Abigail; Leah; Mehatabel



Spouse: (1) Rebecca Adams married 5/14/1675 Hampton NH died 9/15/1675; (2) Rebecca MARSTON married 8/23/1676 [Torrey]

Children: David born 3/8/1678 married Margaret Goss; Israel born 4/12/1680 married widow Sarah Libby; Susanna born 10/14/1682 married Benjamin James; Jabez married Rachel Moultoin; Rebecca born 6/25/1687 married John Moulton; Meribah married Seth Fogg; Dorothy born 8/20/1692;  Sarah born 8/28/1695 married Jacob Moulton


Susanna SMITH born 10/14/1682 Hampton Rockingham NH married 7/23/1702 died 4/4/1743

Spouse: Benjamin JAMES born 4/15/1673 Newbury Essex MA died 5/5/1745 Hampton Rockingham NH

Children: Susanna; Edmund; Israel; Benjamin; Elizabeth; Jabez; John; Mary

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH: James, Benjamin (Edmund), weaver, b. Newb. 15 Apr. 1673, came to Hampt. as John Stockbridge's apprent. Hampt. soldier at Oyster riv. 1695-96, and Ft. William & Mary 1708. Constable 1728. M. at Hampt. 23 July 1702 Susanna Smith (John), who d. bef. him. Will 10 Aug. 1744, d. 5 May 1747. See Dow's Hampt. for 8 ch.

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH: Smith, John,  tailor, Hampton, depos. in May 1695 that he liv. a servant many yrs. with Mr. Timothy Dalton. Dow gives him a 1st wife Rebecca Adams, m. 14 May, d. 15 Sept. 1675. He m. 23 Aug 1676 Rebecca Marston. Selectman 1692. Jury 1694. On 24 May 1694 adm. to Portsmouth No. Ch., where 7 ch. bp. 1694-1696. Ch. David, b 8 Mar. 1678, not bp. with others. One D. m. 3 Nov. 1720 Margaret Gross; Kingston 1722; will, of Brentwood, ancient, 1747-1758; w. Margaret, s. Joseph, 6 daus. Israel, tailor, Hampton, b. 12 Apr. 1680, d. 20 Mar. 1706. Adm. to wid. Sarah (Libby 1, m. 18 June 1701). Ch: Mary, David of Rye, Sarah. Susanna, b. 14 Oct. 1682, m. Benjamin James. Capt. Jabez, Esq. m. 21 May 1718 Rachel Moulton; d. 28 May 1761. Ch: Lydia (m. Moulton), Hannah (m. Clough), John. Rebecca, b. 25 June 1687, m. John Moulton. Meribah, m. Seth Fogg (6 jr.) and Hannah, both bp. with Sarah 24 May 1696. Sarah, b. 28 Aug. 1695, prob. m. Jacob Moulton.

Gen. Dictionary ME & NH: Smith, Robert, tailor, Exeter 1639, Hampton by 1654, +/-61 in Oct. 1673, +/-83 in May 1695 when he depos. ab. the Willix daus. (Reg. 69: 361). Com.t.e.s.c. 1643. O.A. 17 Apr 1644. Gr.j. 1650, 1666, 1669, 1670, 1674; j. 1651, 1653, 1664-5. One of three magistrates for Ex. named by Mass in 1652. Hampt. selectman 1654, 1660; constable 1671. Freed from ordinary training 1673. Gr. j. 1683. Wife Susanna k. by lightning 12 June 1680. His will, 22 Mar. 1699-1700. (d. 30 Aug. 1706), names 5 ch: John, willed 1/2 the land given his fa. by Robert Mason, Esq. Johathan, b +/- 1640. Asabel, given 40 a. at the new plantation, 4 and 1/5 the cattle. Joseph, given 1/2 of the Mason land. Meribah m. Francis Page. A decd. son was Israel of Boston; adm. 20 May 1676 to fa. who wrote 24 July 1676 taht the est. be divided among his five sons, including s-in-law Page as one.

Pioneers of ME NH: Smith, Robert, tailor, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639, and the petitions of 1645 and 1647. One of the commissioners of the town to end small causes in 1643. Took freeman's oath 17 (2) 1644. Rem. to Hampton; was executor of the will of Mrs. Susanna Leader in 1657. His wife Susanna was killed by lightning June 12, 1680. Children, John, Meribah, Jonathan, Joseph. [Dow} He died Aug 30, 1706. Will dated March 22, 1699 or 1700, proved Sept. 3, 1706; sons John, Jonathan, Asabel, Joseph, dau. Meribah. 

History of Hampton NH: John Smith, called the tailor, son of Robert (1), married,, first, May 14, 1675, Rebecca Adams, who died Sept. 15, 1675; second, Aug. 23, 1676, Rebecca, daughter of William Marston (3). Their children : David, b. Mar. 8, 1678. Israel (7), b. Apr. 12, 1680; m. Sarah Libbey; d. Mar. 20, 1706. Susanna, b. Oct. 14, 1682; m. Benjamin James (1) ; d. Apr. 4, 1743. Jabez (8), b. ab. 1685; m. Rachel Moulton ; d. May 28, 1761. Rebecca, b. June 25, 1687; m. John Moulton (12); d. Feb. 25, 1741. Meribah, b. 1689; m. Seth Fogg (6). Dorothy, b. at Amesbury, Ms.. Aug. 20, 1692. Sarah, b. Aug. 28, 1695; m. Jacob Moulton (15) ; [or did he m. Sarah, wid. of Israel Smith (7) ?; his wife d. Apr. 6, 1739].

History of the town of Exeter, New Hampshire: Robert Smith is thought to have been of Boston in 1638. In the division of the Exeter uplands he had six acres and thirty poles a share one half larger than the smallest and his name was affixed to the Combination. When the town came under the Massachusetts government on the seventh of September 1643, he was appointed one of the magistrates to end small business at Exeter. After a residence of some years in the place he removed to Hampton. /// A contribution by several of the citizens of the town in September 1755 produced the sum of two hundred and seventy pounds to be divided as bounty between six volunteer troopers in the Crown Point expedition. The names of five of the volunteers appear by a contemporaneous document to have been Nathaniel Thing, Eliphalet Giddinge,Samuel Conner Jr, Joseph Smith ,and Robert Smith. It is not known who was the sixth.

Family records of branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott: One Robert Smith settled in Exeter NH 1654 and bought land of Indian Sachem. He came to Exeter from Boston Mass took oath of freeman at Exeter July 14 1657. Robert Smith was a soldier in King Philip's War February to May 1 675 1676. In Hampton NH was a stone which is now gone but the ground is enclosed. It was part of Meeting House Green the old burying ground. In it was a stone marking the grave of Susanna wife of Robert Smith who was slain by ye thunder June 12 1680. Robert Smith of Hampton NH, tailor by trade, settled there in 1657. He was born in 1611 son of John Smith. He was signer of the Constitution at Exeter NH. Nicholas Smith father of Robert of Exeter NH was in the French and Indian War June 23 1710

Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the ..., Volume 1: Robert Smith immigrant ancestor  of this family was born in England. He was among the early settlers at Exeter New Hampshire and signed the famous Exeter combination in 1639. He removed to the adjacent town of Hampton New Hampshire and was living there as early as 1657. He was a tailor by trade. His home was on the site of the residence of the late Joseph Johnson of Hampton. He died August 30 1706. Hs wife Susanna was killed by lightning June 12 1680. Children 1 John married May 14 1675 Rebecca Adams second August 23 1676 Rebecca Marston; 2 Meribah married Francis Page; 3 Asahel; 4 Jonathan mentioned below; 5 Joseph colonel judge of the superior court 1694 99 judge of the probate court 1703 08 provincial treasurer selectman deputy to the general court married Dorothy Cotton second Mary Moore third Elizabeth Marshall, he died November 15 1717. II Jonathan son of Robert Smith was born 1645 50 probably at Exeter New Hampshire. He was a brickmaker by trade and lived at Exeter. He married January 15 1670 Mehitable Holdred. He was living in 1698. Children born at Exeter 1 Israel January 16 1671 2 Jacob August 10 1673 3 Ithiel mentioned below 4 Abigail Hampton June 22 1678 5 Joseph February 7 1680 6 Leah April 7 1683 7 Mehitable August 14 1685 .

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