Sarah SMITH

Spouse: Robert WADLEIGH born 1627 Bristol ENG 

Children: Sarah born 6/15/1655 Wells ME; John born 12/7/1657 Wells; Robert born circa 1659; Joseph born 12/6/1660; Mary born Exeter NH; Jonathan; Henry born 5/16/1666 Exeter NH

Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire: a ..., Volume 3: John Wadleigh was found at Saco Maine as early as 1639 and was of Wells as early as 1647. He was a juror about 1640 and bought land of the Indians in 1649. He was to keep the ordinary at Wells in 1648 49 where he took the oath of allegiance and was selectman in 1653. He was living in 1664 and the inventory of his estate was presented by his son Robert September 16 1671. No record is found although the will is referred to in the inventory. His wife's name was Mary and they had children Robert, Mary, and John and perhaps others. II Robert eldest son of John and Mary Wadleigh was a citizen of Wells in 1650 when he was made joint owner with his father of land purchased of the Indians. He subscribed to the oath of allegiance there in 1653 and received a grant of land there in 1659. This was sold in the following year, and he was constable of Kittery in 1662. He was still a resident there in 1666 when he sold his house and land there and purchased land at Lamper eel river between Dover and Exeter. His name first appears on the Exeter records in March 1668, and he was received as an inhabitant of Dover in 1669. He was accepted as an inhabitant of Exeter September 26 1676, and he was the justice of the peace there and a prominent citizen for many years. He with his wife and son Jonathan received seats in the Exeter meeting house in 1698. He died about 1702. In 1668 he was dispossessed of certain house and milne with appurtenances belonging to the farm and appealed from the decision. On a full hearing of the case the court adjudged that he had been illegally dispossessed and ordered that he be repossessed of the estate and reimbursed for the cost of the suit. In 1680 he was the largest tax payer in Exeter except Moses Gilman and in 1684 he was a member of the province council. Three of his sons John, Robert, and Joseph were in the Edward Gove rebellion against the arbitrary power of Governor Cramfield and were tried for treason and condemned. One of them died before the time of execution and the others were pardoned by royal instruction. Robert Wadleigh was justice of the supreme court of adjudication from 1693 to 1697. His wife's name was Sarah and their children were John, Robert, Joseph, Jonathan, and Sarah.

White Swirled Line

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