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Jonathan/Johan STANHOPE, Ensign, born 1632 ENG. died 10/22/1702 Sudbury Middlesex MA,  Probate took part in 4/21/1676 Sudbury Fight, 150 Indians lying in ambush, wounded but recovered

Spouse: Susanna AYRES / AYER born 1635 MA, married 4/16/1656 [Sudbury Records / Torrey] (2) Abigail __ died 9/17/1722

Children: Hannah born 1660 Sudbury Middlesex MA married Stephen JENNINGS born circa 1666 in Hatfield MA died 9/3/1701 Framingham Middlesex MA married 1/1/1685-6 Sudbury Middlesex MA; Jonathan born 2/2/1656-7 Sudbury, married Sarah Griffin 1674; died  9/19/1681 Sudbury; Sarah born 3/25/1658; Joseph born 9/13/1662; Jemima born 6/24/1665; Mary born 1/29/1667 married William Wesson; Rebecca born 10/29/1670; Jemima married 10/15/1689  Thomas Rutter


Hannah STANHOPE born 1660 Sudbury Middlesex MA

Spouse: Stephen JENNINGS born circa 1666 in Hatfield MA died 9/3/1701 Framingham Middlesex MA married 4/1/1686 Sudbury Middlesex MA

Children: Eunice born 12/12/1686; Stephen born circa 1688; Martha born 9/18/1696; Sarah born 9/3/1699; Hannah born 3/11/1690 Framingham Middlesex MA married Samuel Walker born 9/24/1689 Framingham

Vital records of Sudbury: Stanhope: Rebeccah, d. Jonah & Susanna 10/29/1670. Mary d. Jonathan & Susannah 1/29/1667. Jemima d. Jonathan & Susanna 6/24/1665. Joseph s. Jonathan & Susanna 9/13/1662. Sarah d. Jonathan & Susanna 3/25/1658.

Documentary History of the State of ME: Sudbury in New England th 22 th March 1688. Thomas Browne aiged snr aiged 54 yers or John Goodenow John Grout Snr yers or Jonathan Stanhope aiged 57 yerr or John parmenter 50 yers or theare abouts Wittnesseth that wee heard John James Indian of his owne volontary mind say that the govornor was a Rouge and had hired Indians to kill ye English and in particular had hired Wahoway to kill English men and that ye Governor had given said wahoway a Gould ring which was His Commission which Govld ring said wahoway Sovld to Jonothan Priscutt for two shillings in mony whear vpon wee replied Sirrah you desarve to be hanged for what you say whear vpon said John James againe replied what you papish all on Governor I speake itt before Governor very safe Thomas Brown John Goodenow snr Jonathan Stanhope John Parmenter  /P/  And the next Munday morning following the Shrif and his deputy snr Came vp to Sudbury and Commanded Thomas Brown John Goodenow John Grovt snr Jonothan Stanhope John Parmenter forth with to appeare att boston att the House of Coll page. Butt being a wett and Cold day wee wear detained att the House of Judg Dudly s aftar long waiting had the kindness Showne vs as to haue an exzamenation every man appart befort Judg dudly Judg Stoughton mr Grayham and other whear wee were bound over to answer at the nex Superior Court to be holden att boston what should thear bee objected against vs vpon his maje acompt Thomas Brow John Goodenow snr John Grovt sir rer bound in three Hundred pound bond par man and each maii two Surtis in three hundred pound a peece John parmenter Jonothan Stanhope wear bound in one hundred pound a peece Thomas Browne John Goodenow Jonathan Stanhope John Parmenter Beesids ye lost of time the Reproch and Ignomeny. Beesids ye lost of our time the Reproch and Ignomeny Bonds and Imprissonment that wee pore men haue ben the Subject for no other caus in the world that we know of but becase wee had discharged the parts of Honest and Loyal Harted men wee shall onely take the boldness to give atra accompt of what monis wee wear forsed to Exspen out of our own purses which is as followeth by the Sheref & other nececary charges 8 a Thomas Browne 02 00 Jacob Moore 03 00 John Goodenow anr 02 00 Jonotban Stanhop 00 15 John Grout anr 00 10 John parmen r 00 15 Job Rutter Jnnr 03 05 Joseph Gnuoa 03 15 Joseph Curtis 0 17.

Genealogical & Family History of the State of ME: records spelled Stanape and Stanup. I Ensign Jonathan Stanhope immigrant ancestor settled early in Sudbury Massachusetts where he died October 22 1702 aged seventy years. Therefore he was born in 1632 doubtless in England. He married at Charlestown April 16 1656 Susanna Ayer. He married second Abigail who died at Sudbury his widow September 17 1722. Children born at Sudbury 1 Jonathan February 2 1657 married May 11 16 4 Sarah Griffin children i Isaac born June 27 1675 ii lonathan November 5 died November 19 1681 2 Sarah March 25 1658 3 Hannah married April 1 1686 Stephen Jennings 4 Joseph September 13 1662 mentioned below 5 Jemima June 5 1665 6 Mary January 29 1667 married William Wesson 7 Rebecca October 29 1670 8 Jemima married October 15 1689 Thomas Rutter II Joseph of Ensign Jonathan 1 

History of Sudbury: Sudbury men in Capt. Jonathan Hoar's Company, 1755 - Jonathan Stanhope  /P/  The following records show that the town was not careless in collecting its dues. November 1670 Ordered that Jon Stanhope do see that the minister's rate be duly paid and in case any neglect or refuse to pay their proportions to said rates when due he is appointed and impowered by the town to summons such persons before a magistrate there to answer for their neglect. In 1683 4 it was voted That whereas certain proprietors and inhabitants of the town have neglected to pay their proportions to the minister's rate and added to the evil by not paying the proportion due upon the two six months rates made since to the dishonor of God contempt of his worship unrighteousness to their neighbors as if they slyly intended they should pay their rates for them again and to the disturbance in and damage of this town after so much patience used and to the end this town may not longer be baffled In his majesties name you are therefore now required forthwith to collect by distress upon the monies neat cattle sheep or other beasts corn grain hay goods or any other estate movable not disallowed by law you can find so much of each person herein named so greatly transgressing the several sum or sums set off against each man's name.  /P/  The names of those persons as have taken the public stock of ammunition into their hands and have agreed to respond for the same in case that it be not spent in real service in the resistance of the enemy are as followeth - Jonathan Stanhope, Thomas Reade Sr., Samuel How, Daniel Stone, Corp. John Bent, John How, etc. /P/
This indicates the imperilled condition of the place Predatory bands were lurking about it. The woodlands were a covert from which the savage might suddenly sally and in whose dark forest retreat he might safely secure his prey. At any time the people might suffer attack. Their harvest, their homes, their households were alike liable to be devastated and swept away. But strong men were sent to defend them stout hearts were soon there and to a large extent these came from the town of Sudbury. Again and again were detachments sent from the place. Some of the soldiers for this service were under the command of Capt Samuel Willard In his journal he speaks of mustering at the town of Lancaster one day and moving on to Rutland the next of laying by in foul weather of marching back and forth through the country and of seeing and following the signs of Indians. The service spoken of was from July to August 1720. In the course of his narrative he speaks of William Brintnall being sick and of David How being lame both of whom he sent home. State Archives Vol XXXVIII pp 109 110 These two men were soldiers from Sudbury. Another commander under whom the Sudbury soldiers served was Capt Samuel Wright See p 170 On a muster roll of Captain Wright read in Council June 17 1724 are the following names of Sudbury men who had served for several months: Daniel How, Lieut Hugh Ditson, Corp Joseph Bennet, W Thompson, John Norcross Gcntl, Jon Stanhope, Isaac Gibbs, Daniel Bowker, Amnill Weeks servant to Samuel Stevens   

A Particular History of the Five-Year French & Indian War in New England: While the enemy lay in ambush about the fort Capt Phinehas Stevens the commander of the post and Capt Josiah Brown from Sudbury went out with about fifty men to a meadow, they became aware of the presence of Indians by the uneasiness of their dogs and rightly judged that they were waylaying a certain causey where they were to pass. Capt Stevens made his approach accordingly .As the English were cautiously proceeding, one of Capt Brown's men discovered an Indian and fired upon him whereupon the ambush arose and a sharp engagement ensued and with much obstinacy till several of the enemy had fallen and were dragged off by their companions. They then scattered in the neighboring woods leaving behind them one gun, eight blankets, a scalp, and other things. Capt Stevens lost none of his men in the fight but Jedidiah Winchell was mortally wounded and died about fourteen days after. David Parker ,Jonathan Stanhope, and Cornet Heaton were wounded also but recovered. Stanhope belonged to Sudbury. His wound was in the elbow which disabled him from labor and government allowed him a pension of four pounds per annum. About thirteen years afterwards he had a further allowance of one pound per annum in addition. /P/  They received he loss of no men but four or five wounded . They sent forty of off the the men to carry the wounded men  to the fort and the rest maintained the fight and stood them manfully.  After the fight was over they found where they drew off several dead Indians into a swamp. sent down a troop of men to guard Mr Doolittle and Dr Williams to cut  arm of one of their men [Stanhope?] that was sore wounded. Deacon Noah Wrights Journal, in NE Hist. & Gen Register II 208.

A  Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of NE: STANHOPE STANAPE or STANUP JONATHAN Sudbury m at Charles town 16 Apr 1656 Susanna Ayer had Jonathan b 2 Feb foil Sarah 25 Mar 1658 Hannah Joseph 13 Sept 1662 Jemima 1665 Mary 1667 and Rebecca 1670 and he d 25 Oct 1702 aged 70 JONATHAN Sudbury s of the preced m 11 May 1674 Sarah Griffin had Isaac b 1675 and Jonathan d young JOSEPH Sudbury br of the preced m 1 Jan 1685 Hannah Bradish prob d of Joseph had Susanna b 1685 Jonathan 1687 Jemima 1691 and Isaac 1696.

A history of Framingham, Massachusetts by Barry: Ens JONATHAN of Sud ( ab 57 1689 Rev justified pp 31 32) sold in 1663 to John Hains a town right bought of Thomas Islinge; he had by w Susanna 1 JONATHAN m Sarah Griffin May 11 1674 and f. of Issacn b 1675 and Jonathan d young, 2 НANNAН m Stephen Jennings Jan 1 85, 3 SARAH b Mar 25 58, 4 JOSEPH b Sep 13 62 m Hannah Bradish Jan 1 85 and f. of Susanna 1685 Jonathan 1687 w Abigail chil Joseph m Keziah Parmenter 1740 Anna Samuel and Abigail Jemima 1691 Issac 1696, 5 JEMIMA b 1665, 6 MARY b 67, 7 REBECCA b 1670 Jonathan the fd Oct 22 1702 and his will was proved at Mid. Prob. The ancient Stanhope place is between Mr Ezek How's and the How Tavern. 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Stanhope, Jonathan (... - 1682) m Apr 11, 1656 Susannah Ayer MASS XXIX, 71

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