Stodder, Stodar, Stoddar, and Stoddard

John STODDER born England, has land in Hingham MA in 1638, died 12/19/1661/2, shipwright

Spouse: Ann / Anna / Hannah _____ married circa 1630 [Torrey] died 10/8/1675

Children: Hannah born circa 1630; Elizabeth born circa 1631, died 9/14/1658, married 2/28/1648-9 John Low; Daniel Born circa 1634, died 8/4/1707, married 12/27/1665 Abigail Lane; John born circa 1636, died 12/20/1708, married 12/13/1665 Hannah Bryant; Hannah born circa 1638  married Gershom Wheelock; Samuel baptized 6/14/1640


Samuel STODDER born 6/14/1640, died 9/16/1731 Hingham MA, age 91, Sgt. in King Philip's War

Spouse: Elizabeth GILL born 6/1647, died 5/8/1693; married 1/6/1666/7 [Torrey]; married (2) Martha (Beal) Chubbuck [Torrey]

Children: Tabitha born 12/1/1667, died young; Elizabeth born 12/1/1667; Samuel born 8/11/1670 died age 92, married twice;  Mary born 8/30/1672, married Israel Whitcomb; Stephen born 9/18/1674; Thomas born 12/19/1676 married Ruth Nichols, removed to RI; Simon born 2/17/1679; Rachel born 3/9/1681, married William Curtis; Jeremiah born 11/3/1683; Jonathan born 5/1/1686; David born 7/9/1688 died young; David born 3/19/1693


Elizabeth STODDER born 12/1/1667 Hingham, died 1/14/1749-50 Hingham, married 3/6/1694 

Spouse: Thomas JOY born 11/25/1669 died 10/11/1718 Hingham MA

Children: Hezekiah  born 9/11/1695, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; died circa 9/15/1772, married Hannah __; Elizabeth born 3/6/1697, Hingham, married Baruch Jordan, 1726; Mary born 5/4/1700, Hingham, married. Joseph Mann about 1719, Sciutate; Thomas born 6/25/1703, Hingham died 1/14/1766, Hingham married Desire Beal, 12/30/1731, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; Samuel born 8/20/1706 Hingham died 11/28/1792 Hingham married Thankful Lincoln 2/9/1737 Hingham born  1714 Hingham died1786 Hingham

Pioneers of MA: Stoddard, Stoddar, Stodder, Stoder, John, Hingham, propr 1638; frm 5/18/1642. One of the first proprs at Hull; but ret to Hing. He d 12/19/1661. Will prob 1/31/ folg.; sons John, Daniel and Samuel; dau Hannah wife of Gershom Wheelock; gr ch John and Elizabeth Low. 

Genealogical and family history of western New York By William Richard Cutter. The Stodder Line. The name is derived from the office of standard bearer and was anciently written De la Standard .The coat of arms of the ancient family of Stodder or Stoddard of London is Sable three étoiles and a bordure gules Crest Out of a ducal coronet, a demi horse salient ermine. Motto Festina lente. In the office of Heraldry England the following origin of the family in England is found William Stoddard knight came from Normandy to England with William the Conqueror who was his cousin. Of his descendants there is record of Richard Stoddard of Nottingham Kent near Eltham about seven miles from London Bridge where was located the family estate of about four hundred acres which was in possession of the family in 1490 how much before is not known and continued until the death of Nicholas Stoddard a bachelor in 1765. The name is found as Stodder Stodar Stoddar and Stoddard I John Stodder. the planter and ancestor of all the families who bore that surname in Hingham Massachusetts and vicinity. had a grant of land there in 1638. He was made a freeman May 18 1642 when he was called of Hull .The Christian name of his wife whom he probably married in England was Anna or Hannah. John Stodder died December 19 1661. His will mentions three sons and one daughter. Children John Hannah Elizabeth Daniel Samuel II Samuel son of John Stodder the emigrant was born in Hingham Massachusetts June 14 1640 died September 16 1731 aged ninety one years. He was selectman in 1691 and known as sergeant. He married first January 6 1666 Elizabeth Gill baptized in Hingham June 1647 died May 8 1693 daughter of Thomas and Hannah Otis Gill .He married second January 12 1699 Mrs Martha Beal Chubbuck. Children by first wife Elizabeth, Tabitha, Samuel, Mary, Stephen, Thomas, Simon, Rachel, Jeremiah, Jonathan, David died young, David.

THE WILL OF JOHN STODDER Boston Probate Records Volume I page 377 I John Stodder Senior of Hingham in the Countie of Suffolke in New England being sicke of body but yet of pfect memory praised be God doe make this my Last will & Testament in manner & form following Revoaking and by these prnts making voyd & of no force all & every will & wills heretofore by me made & declared either by word or writing & this to be taken only for my Last will & Testamt & none other. Impris I give & Comend my soule into the hands of Almightie God trusting to be saved only by Jesus Christ and my body to decent burryall. Item my minde and will is that my just debts wch I owe to any pson whatsoever shall be well & truely payd or ordained to be payd by my executor hereafter named. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah wheelocke the wife of Gershom whelelocke the full some of fiveteene pounds starling to be payd within sixe moneths after my decease by my executor if my said Daughter shall Live till the time of paymt shall Come but if she shall dept this naturall life before the time of paymt then to be payd to her heyre Lawfully begotten of her body & for want of such heyre at ye time of paymt then my minde is that Gersham whelelocke my Sonne in Law Shall have one halfe of the aforesaid fiveteene pounds & the other halfe shall be to the use of my three sons John stodder & Daniell stodder & Samuell stodder. Item I give unto John Low my Grand Child the Sume of Seven pounds and tenn shillings to be payd by my executor when the said John Low shall accomplish the age of Eighteen yeares. Item I give & bequeath unto Elizabeth Low my Grand Child the Some of Seaven pounds and tenn Shillings to be payd by my executor when the Said Elizabeth Low shall accomplish the age of Eighteene yeares & my minde & will is that if either of my aforesaid Grand Children shall depart this naturall life before the time of paymt Shall Come the survivor shall have the share of the deceased but if both of my said Grand Children Shall dept this naturall life before the time of payment shall come my minde and will is that the fiveteene pounds that I gave to my Grand Children shall be to the use of my three Sonnes John Stodder & Daniell Stodder & Samuell stodder. Item my minde and will is that all the rest of my Estate of houses Lands Goods Chattells & debts which are due to me in Hingham or elsewhere shall be devided amongst my three sonnes my Eldest Sonne John Stodder to have a double share &, my sonne Daniell Stodder a single share, and my sonne Samuell Stodder a single share. Item I will & ordayne my well beloved Sonne John Stodder to be my full & whole executor of this my Last will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & scale the twentieth day of November in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred sixty &. one the mark of John S Stodder & a scale Read signed sealed &, declared in the prnce of us Daniell Cushin, Edm Pitts. Proved January 3ist 1661-2. Present Dept Govr Capt Gookin Recorder. An Inventory of the estate of John Stodder Senior of Hingham who departed this life the nineteenth day of December in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty & one Imprimis his wearing Apparell 02 00 00, Item in bookes 00 10 00, Item one bed one bolster &, two old pillows &, one Rugge, & one coverlet &, 2 blankets &, 3 sheets, and one pillow beare 06 07 00. Item in pewter 00 07 00 27, Item one brasse kettle 00 18 00 Item 2 iron pots & other Iron things 01 10 00 Item one gun and one sword 01 00 00 Item in Iron Tooles 00 09 00 Item one small chest 00 03 00 Item in earthen things 00 03 00 Item in leather 00 07 06 Item in Indian corne 05 00 00 Item nine swine 07 10 00 Item two oxen I i oo oo Item one cow and one heifer 08 00 00 Item in hay 00 08 00 Item one iron chaine & other irons about a chart 00 10 00 Item an old paire of chart wheeles & plow irons 00 19 00 Item 2 old sives 3 old tubs & other lumber 00 10 00 Item Timber toward the building of a barne & the work that is all ready done about it & the clapboards & bolts that are provided for it 06 00 00 Item In wheat & barley 00 00 02 Item his houses & land adjoining to them 30 00 00 Item A small necke of land liing by Waymoth River 16 00 00 Item foure Acres of land in hork ley feild 04 10 00 Item two acres of land liing next to Moses Colyers land 02 10 00 Item two acres of land liing in the plaine Neck 01 00 00 Item one great lot of ten acres of land liing on the great playne 02 00 00 Item 2 Acres of salt marsh liing at Cannohesset 01 10 00 Item 5 lots of wood in the waye Necke 02 10 00 Item a fanne & an old spinning wheele 00 08 00. Item debts due to the estate from severall persons 05 01 06. Item Debts to be paid out of the estate to severall persons sixteen pounds eleven shillings & eight pence 16 1 1 08. This estate appraised the twenty seventh day of December in the Yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty & one by us DANIELL CUSHIN JOHN THAXTER. Since the estate was apprised a piece of wooling cloth worth sixteen shillings & nine pence is found to belong to ye aforesaid estate. County Court 31 Jan ad 1661. John Stodder deposed this paper to be a true Inventory of the estate of the late John Stodder his father to his best knowledge that when he knows more he will discover it Present Dept Govr Capt Gookins & Recorder.

The Stoddard Family: [Samuel Stoddard} Children by first wife born in Hingham Mass I 7 Elizabeth b Dec i 1667 mar March 6 1694 5 Thomas Joy of Hingham II 8 Tabitha twin d in 2 weeks III 9 Samuel Aug n 1670 removed to Scitu ate where he became Deacon of the church He mar twice and died in 1762 at the age of 92 years IV 10 Mary Aug 30 i f2 mar May 28 1700 Israel Whitcomb of the beaches in Scituate He was a son of Robert Whitcomb and Mary Cud worth daughter of Gen James Cudworth V n Stephen Sept 18 1674 settled in Cohasset where he was the ancestor of many living in that town VI 12 Thomas Dec 19 1676 mar Ruth daughter of Israel Nichols of Hingham They moved to Little Compton RI where they were the ancestors of a numerous family of Stoddards VII 13 Simon Feb 17 1678 9 Constable in Hingham 1727 VIII 14 Rachel March 9 1680 1 mar May 22 1707 William Curtis son of John Curtis and Miriam Brooks of Scituate IX 15 Jeremiah Nov 3 1683 X 16 Jonathan May i 1686 XI 17 David July 9 1688 d in 10 days XII 18 David March 19 1692 3 Constable in Hingham in 1734.

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Stodder, John (...-Dec 19, 1661) m. ... Anna ... MASS XXIV, 138; XXXI, 149

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