Stone, Stonne

Philip STONE born 1265, accused of poaching in 1302 Great Bentley [speculation as to connection to Walter]

Spouse: ?

Children: Walter


Walter Atte STONE born circa 1285 Tendring ENG, of Ardleigh Essex ENG, died after 1327 in "Barrons" Ardleigh, Essex, ENG; on Little Bentley tax rolls under Edward II (1320) & Edward III (1327)

Spouse: ?

Children: Atte STONE born circa 1315 in Ardleigh, Tendring, Essex, ENG


Gap in names for 2 generations


William Atte STONE born circa 1365 of Ardleigh Tendring Essex ENG died between 1430 -1 in "Barrons," Ardleigh, Essex, ENG; mentioned in court roll of 1431 as Walter's father

Spouse: ? born circa 1369 of Ardleigh

Children: Walter


Walter Atte STONE born circa 1390 of Ardleigh Essex ENG died 1431 "Barrons" Ardleigh; 12/3/1416 mentioned in court rolls of baron of Manor of Bovills and again 6/2/1431

Spouse: ? born circa 1394 in Ardleigh Essex ENG

Children: John born circa 1420 died 1487


John Atte STONE born circa 1420 of Ardleigh Essex ENG died 1487; on 2/25/1471-2 sued John Deryfall for nonpayment of debt


Children: Simon born 1450 Much Bromley Essex ENG; Walter born circa 1445 Ardleigh died before 1500; John, weaver, born circa 1455 Ardleigh living 1515, on 5/12/1506 he witnessed Simon's will, had a son, John, a weaver; George born circa 1460 died 8/6/1510, of Weeley co. Essex, has sons John, Richard, William & daughter Joanna, wife Agnes Stalworth


Simon STONE born 1450 Much Bromley Essex ENG died between 5/12/1510 &  2/10/1510-11 Great Bromley or Tending

Spouse: Elizabeth ? born circa 1454 of Great Bromley

Children: David born circa 1480 Great Bromley; Walter born circa 1483; Michael born circa 1486; William born circa 1488 died before 12/9/1533, wife Joane Stevens


David STONE, "Davy",  born circa 1480 Great Bromley died probably 1543 Kirby-Le-Soken Essex ENG

Spouse: ? circa 1484 of Great Bromley

Children: Simon born 1507 Great Bromley Essex ENG died 7/28/1557 Great Bromley married Agnes ?; David born circa 1503 Great Bromley; John born 1505 Great Bromley, wife Margery; Thomas (probable son) born 1510 died 1557 Great Bromley __ d of John Speed; Matthew (probable son) born 1515 Great Bromley


Simon STONE born 1507 Great Bromley Essex ENG died 7/28/1557 Great Bromley; inherited Goodenes in Great Bromley

Spouse: Agnes ? born 1511-3 Great Bromley died 7/1557-78 Great Bromley, married 1533 Hunts, Great Bromley, she survived Simon

Children: David christened 7/21/1540 Great Bromley died 4/27/1625 Great Bromley; John born 1535 died 1592 Great Bromley married Mary; Richard born 1545 died 1600 Great Bromley


David STONE born circa 1540 Great Bromley Essex ENG died 4/27/1625 Great Bromley

Spouse: (1) Elizabeth HEWITT born 1535 died 1582, married 7/10/1566; (2) Ursula / Ursle ? born circa 1555-60 Great Bromley died after 1592 married 8/23/1585 Great Bromley

Children: by wife (1) David baptized 7/21/1568; Margery baptized 7/10/1669-70; Elizabeth baptized 2/2/1571-2; John baptized 12/6/151573; Francis baptized 5/12/1576 married John Upshore; Matthew baptized 9/28/1578 married Mariable Crook; Agnes baptized 3/19/1580 Great Bromley; Children by wife (2) Simon, Deacon, baptized 2/9/1585, emigrated in 1635, settled in Watertown MA; Ursula baptized 6/2/1588 married 5/14/1610 William Church; Mary baptized 10/11/1590 Great Bromley married William Tawler; Gregory


Gregory STONE, deacon, yeoman, born 1590, baptized 4/19/1592 Great Bromley Essex ENG, migrated in 1635, with wife Lydia & 6 children, died 11/30/1672 Cambridge Middlesex (now Suffolk) MA age 82,  will dated 11/22/1672 proved 12/14/1672, freeman Watertown 1636, representative 1638,  first residence Cambridge 1637; origins Nayland, Suffolk; in 1629 Nayland he was presented "for not kneeling at the communion" a common Puritan offense

Spouse: Margaret GARRAD / Garred baptized 12/5/1597 Nayland Suffolk ENG, buried 8/4/1626 Nayland Suffolk ENG, married 7/20/1617 Nayland (2) Lydia ___ Cooper married by 1627 wife of Simon Cooper, born circa 1595 died 6/24/1674 Cambridge MA [Torrey]

Children: John, Elder, Deacon, baptized 7/31/1618 Nayland, died 5/5/1683 Cambridge MA, married Anne ____ (possibly Howe)  by 1640; Daniel baptized 8/15/1620 Nayland, died 3/20/1686 Boston Suffolk MA, married  Boston Suffolk MA married Mary _____ 1643 Cambridge Middlesex MA; David, cooper, baptized Nyland  9/22/1622, died 1/16/1704 Cambridge MA married Dorcas ___ by 1650;    Elizabeth baptized 10/3/1624 buried 8/6/1626 Nayland; Children by Gregory's wife  Lydia (2) Elizabeth baptized 3/6/1628-9 Nayland, died 3/10/1712 Ipswich, married by 1653 Anthony Potter;   Samuel baptized 2/4/1630-1 Nayland, married Sarah Stearns 6/7/1655 Cambridge; Sarah baptized 2/8/1632-3 Nayland, died 4/8/1704 Lexington Middlesex MA, married Joseph Merriam 1653 Concord; (3) Lydia's children by former Husband were John Cooper and Lydia who married David Fiske


Daniel STONE, "chirugeon" (physician/surgeon), baptized 8/15/1620 Nayland Suffolk ENG, died 3/20/1686 Boston Suffolk MA, freeman 5/10/1643

Spouse:  Mary _____  born circa 1622 of Cambridge Middlesex MA, died 8/8/1685 Boston Suffolk MA, married 1643 Cambridge Middlesex MA 

Children: Mary born 3/22/1644 Boston Suffolk MA died 1704 married (1) circa 1660  Thomas WALKER born 1643 Boston Suffolk MA died 1696-97 Sudbury Middlesex MA (2) marriefchh'[d circa 1705 John Goodenow (Goodnough); Sarah born 9/22/1645 Cambridge, married Thomas Edwards ; Daniel born 11/2/1646 Cambridge died 2/27/1660 Boston; Elizabeth born 1/1/1648 Cambridge died young; Abigail born 10/28/1653 married John Keech; Mehitable born 8/1/1658 died young

The Great Migration : Immigrants to NE 1634 - 1635, Vol. VI, R-S: Gregory Stone.  Origin: Nayland, Suffolk.  Migration: 1635 (based on admission to MA Bay freemanship on 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:372]).  First Residence: Watertown.  Removes: Cambridge 1637.  Occupation: Yeoman [MLR 4:374].  Church Membership: Admission to Watertown church prior to 25 May 1636 implied by freemanship.  Gregory Stone and his family are in the Jan 1658/9 list of Cambridge church members  [CaChR 4]:  Gregory Stone Deacon of this Church & Lydia his wife in full communion, whose children John, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Samuel, Sarah, also John Cooper son of the foresaid Lydia and Lydia Fiske her daughter, being all of them through the grace of Christ come into full communion with his people; they will be mentioned afterward in their places, all save John Stone now joined member of the Church of Christ at Newbury. Lydia Fisk now deceased. Elizabeth Stone now Potter living at Ipswich. Sarah Stone now Miriam; joined to the Church at Concord.  On  8 Feb 1668/9, Deacon Stone was chosen for catechizing the youth of this town ... at the remote farms ... [and] for those families on the west side the common, & for Watertown Lane, as far towards the town as Samuel Hastings" [CaTR 175].  On 16 Jan 1670/1, he was chosen again tto catechize those at the farms [CaTR 188].  Freeman: 25 May 1636 (seventh in a sequence of eight Watertown men) [MBCR 1:372].  Education: Signed his deeds and his will. His inventory included "a Bible and psalm book" valued at 5s. and "three printed books" valued at 2s. [MPR 3:289].  Officeholding: Deputy for Cambridge to MA Bay General Court, 6 Sep 1638 [MVCR 1:236].  Committee to "settle the bounds between Boston & Cambridge," 2 Oct 1640  [MBCR 1:342].   Cambridge committee to "draw up instructions for the townsmen," 8 Nov 1652 [CaTR  99-100].  Committee to "divide the wood on the easst side Winottime River" [CaTR 121].  Appointed to many other minor town committees. [CaTR 131, 136, 155, 174, 177, 193, 195].   His inventory included "a fowling piece" valued at 1, "a musket firelock" valued at 12s. and "a musket, sword & bandoliers" valued at 14s. [MPR 3:289].  Estate:  Upon his settlement at Watertown, Gregory Stone purchased the homelot and proprietary share of Thurston Rayner {1635 Watertown}, who was making the move to Wethersfield.  When he moved to Cambridge in 1637, Stone sold his accumulated land to Thomas Boylston {1635 Watertown} [GM 2:1:368-72; GMN 1:4-6].  On 25 July 1636, "Gregory Stone" was granted forty acres in the First Division of the Great Dividend at Watertown [WaBOP 3].  On 28 Feb 1636/7, "Gregory Stone" was granted ten acres in the Beaverbrook Plowlands [WaBOP 7].  On 26 June 1637, "Gregory Stone" was granted ten acres in the Remote Meadows [WaBOP 10].  In the Watertown Inventory of Grants, "Gregory Stone" held five parcels: "three acres of upland"; "forty acres of upland by estimation being a Great Dividend in the First Division & the eighteen lot"; "two acres of meadow by estimation in Rock Meadow"; "ten acres of plowland by estimation in the Farther Plain"; and "ten acres of Remote Meadow by estimation & the seventy-eight lot" [WaBOP 86].  On 6 Feb 1636/7, the town of Cambridge granted "unto Gregorie Stone half an accre" [CaTR 26].  On 30 Sep 1639, Gregory Stone of Cambridge granted unto Nathaniell Sparhawke, agent to Thomas Boilstone of London, clothworker, ... his house & ground in Watertowne ... with 16 acres of meadow in Rocky Meadow lying by Cambridg town line, and also forty acres of land in the Great Dividend lying in the first squadron next the great river, & also nine acres of plowland lying in the plain between the first squadron & the great river, & also all other meadows & lands which may be afterward laid out as belonging to that house" [SLR 1:67; CaBOP 122, 123, 124].  In  the Cambridge land inventory of about 1639, "Gregorie Stone" held four parcels: "bought of Mr. Roger Harlackenden Esq. one house with five acres of land"; "given by the town two acres in the West Field"; "bought two acres and a half of planting ground of Barnabie Lamson in the New Wet Field"; and "given by the towwn six accres of planting ground in the New Ox Pasture" [CaBOP 57].  By the time of this same inventory, Gregory Stone had sold to "Joseph Isack ... one acre and half of planting ground in the Old West Field" and to "Richard Jackson ... one acre of land in the Ox Pasture" [CaBOP 53, 64-65].  In the Cambridge land inventory of 6 Sep 1642, "Gregory Stone" held six parcels: "on the common one dwelling house with outhouses and five acres of land"; "in the New West Field two acres";  :in the Ox Pasture towards Menotamye eight acres and half"; "beyond the Fresh Pond, forty acres of upland & meadow"; "in the Fresh Pond Meadow, five accres'; and "in the Ox Pasture toward Menotamy six accres" [CaBOP 83-84].   On or before 8 Mar 1642[/3], Gregory Stone sold to Nathaniel Sparhawk three parcels of land at Cambridge: "five acres of land ... on the south side of Charles River"; "forty acres of land ... beyond the Fresh Pond"; and "five acres ... in the Fresh Pond Meadow [CaBOP 122, 123, 124].   In 1646, "Grigory Stone" was granted a woodlot of 13 acres "on the other side Menotime Bridge" [CaTR 66].  On 11 Oct 1647, the town of Cambridge granted "unto Grigory Stone a parcel of land about 200 acres more or less abut upon the head of the 8 mile line towards Concord" [CaTR 63].  On 4 June 1652, in the division of Shawsheen, "the town do give to Gregory Stone adjoining to his farm one hundred acres" [CaTR 93]. On 28 Dec 1663, "Deacon Stone" was granted a woodlot of 3 1/4 acres [CaTR 64].   On 12 Nov 1660, four men were appointed to "view the land desired by Deacon Stone being about 30 or 40 acres & if they shall see meet to set a price of it" [CaTR 132].  On 12 Feb 1662/3, two of these men reported that "they had viewed the land desired, & found that the quantity is by their estimation about twelve acres ... the which land they find will be a conveniency to the rest of the lands there, & that the same may be granted him without prejydice to the town & that according to the trust reposed in them they had laid out the same to him" [CaTR 141].   In 1662, "Deacon Stone" was granted four acres in the sixth division of the "lands laid out on the south side Charles River" [CaBOP 141].  On 27 Mar 1665, "Gregory Stone" was granted thirty-five acres and four commons [CaBOP 1146].   On 19 Dec 1671, "Gregory Stone of Cambridge ..., yeoman," sold to "Thomas Danforth of the same placce ... one parcel of land ... within the limits and bounds of Cambridge abovenamed near the falls on the south side Charles River containing by estimation nineteen acres ..., then acres whereof i purchased of Thomas Browne, and the other none acres was a part of the grant made unto me in the division of lands by the town of Cambr[idge]"; "thle abovenamed Gregory Stone, as also Lidea my wife (in accknowledgement of her free consent to this my act and deed) have hereunto put our hands and seals" [MR 4:374-76].   In his will, dated 22 Nov 1672 and proved 14 Dec  1672, "Gregory Stone of Cambridge" bequeathed to "my daughter Elizabeth Potter ... ten pounds"; to "my grandchild Elizab[eth] Fiske ... two acres of land lying in West Field"; to "my grandchild Jno. Stone, son of David Stone, ... my little cow called Mode & my little young colt or five pounds, provided that he live with my wife one year after my decease, & do her faithful service according to his best ability, during which time my wife shall find him his meat, drink & clothing & at the end of the year deliver him the above named cow 7 colt"; to "my dearly belowed wife Lidea Stone ... my dwelling house & lands thereunto adjoining & pastures, corn lands, meadow & woodlands, & all the appurtenances thereof as also my household goods & other moveable estate, not above bequeathed (excepting only my wearing clothes to Jno. Stone & David Stone my sons) ... during her life"; to "my three sons, Jno. Stone & Daviel Stone & David Stone ... my dwelling house, barn, & lands adjoining being by estimation fifteen acres ..., also the woodlot & privileges of the commons belonging theeunto, as fifty acres of land lying at my farm being the half part of one hundred acres that I had there, the other fifty acres I disposed of to my sons Samuel Stone & Joseph Merriam and some addition made me by the town between it & my arm by Isaac Sternes which two parcels I do order to my son David Stone for ten pounds towards his share"; to "my said three sons" some furniture; residue to "my three youngest children to be equally divided between them, viz: to Elizab[eth] Potter, Samuel Stone & Sarah Mirriam"; "my sons Jno. Stone & Samuel Stone[to be] executors"; "before the division be made as above I do give & bequeath to Jno. Cooper ten pounds & to Lidiea Fiske ten pounds" [MPR 3:282-84, Case #21596].   The inventory of the estate of "Deacon Gregory Stone who departed this life Nov the 30 1642," taken 13 Dec 1672, was untotalled; the real estate totalled 189 5s.: "the dwelling house, barn and orchcard and land adjoining being 15 acres more or less with the woodlots and town rights," 140; "two accres of plowland in the West Field," 5; "fifteen acres of pasture land in the West Field," 37; "two acres and a half of plowland in the West Field," 6 5s.; and "an acre and half of land in the Great Swamp," 1 [MPR 3:284-90, Case #21596].   Birth:  Baptized Great Bromley, Essex 19 Apr 1592, son of David Stone [Gregory Stone Gen 41].  Death:  Cambridge 30 Nov 1672.  Marriage: (1) Nayland, Suffolk, 20 July 1617 Margaret Garrad, daughter of Thomas Garrad [Gregory Stone Gen 65].  She was buried at Nayland on 4 Aug 1626 [Gregory Stone Gen 65].   (2)  By 1628 Lydia (____) Cooper [CaChR 4].  She died at Cambridge on 24  June 1674. (Lydia had two children with her first husband: John Cooper and Lydia Cooper [CaChR 4]).  Children:  With first Wife:  i.  John Stone, bp Nayland 31 July 1618 [G. Stone Gen 65]; m by 1640 Annd ___ (eldest known child b Sudbury 6 June 1640). (John Stone and his wife Anne were legatees in the wills of Edward Howe {1633, Watertown} and his wife Margaret [GMB 2:1013-16].  The exact nature of the relationship remains a matter of discussion [G. Stone Gen 69; NEHGR 63:285, 65:295; TAG 70:171; Kempton Anc 1:451-52].)   ii.   Daniel Stone bp Nayland 15 Aug 1620 [G Stone Gen 65}; m by 1644 Mary ____ (eldest known child b Cambridge 22 Mar 1644[/5?].   iii.   David Stone bp Nayland 22 Sep 1622 [G Stone Gen 65]; m by 1650 Dorcas _____ (eldest known child b Cambridge 6 Apr 1650).  (Savage stated that Divid "by wife Elizabeth had David, born 6 Apr 1649, but mother and child died soon; by wife Dorcas had David b 6 Apr 1650" [Savage 4:203-4].   ...   iv.   Elizabeth Stone bp Nayland 3 Oct 1624 [G/ Stone Gen 65]; bur there 6 Aug 1626 [G. Stone Gen 65].   With second wife:   v.  Elizabeth Stone bp Nayland 6 Mar 1628/9 [G Stone Gen 65]; m by 1653 Anthony Potter (on 27 Sep 1653, "Antho[ny] Potter [was] presented for his wife wearing a silk hood.  Discharged, [he] bing worth two hundred pounds" [EQC 1:304]).     vi.   Samuel Stone bp Nayland 4 Feb 1630/1 [G.. Stone Gen 65]; m Cambridge 7 June 1655 Sarah Stearns, daughter of Isaac Stearns {1630 Watertown} [GMB 3:1747-50].   vii.   Sarah Stone bp Nayland 8 Feb 1632/3 [G Stone Gen 65]; m Concorn 12 July 1653 Joseph Merriam [CoVR 8].   Associations:  Gregory Stone was brother of Simon Stone {1635 Watertown}.   Comments:   In the 1629 Bishop's Visitation of Nayland, Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Diocese of Norwich, Gregory Stone was the fifth in a list of seven men from that parish who were presented "for not kneeling at the communion," a common Puritan offense [VIS 6/1, Norwich Diocesan Archives, Norfolk and Norwich Record Office].  Shortly before 1 July 1631, John Winthrop Jr., then in Old England, recorded the receipt of 20 "of Gregory Stone for Warren" [WP 3:6]. (The beneficiary of this money was John Warren {1630 Watertown} [GMB 3:1932-34], another Nayland resident who had been presented at the Bishop's Visitation in 1629.)   In the grants of Beaverbrook Plowlands and Remote Meadows at Watertown, Gregory Stone received ten acres, based on hisself, his wife, his six surviving Stone children, and his wife's two children with her Cooper husband.   On 19 Oct 1664, Gregory Stone was one of four Cambridge men who were deputed to present to the General Court the town's petition in favor of maintaining the existing government, rather than adopting the new government proposed by the Royal Commission [MBCR 4:2:136-37; G. Stone Gen 47-48; Cambridge Hist 73-76].   Bibliographic Note:  In 1918 J. Gardner Bartlett compiled a comprehensive genealogy of this family [Gregory Stone Genealogy: Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Gregory Stone of Watertown, Mass., 1320-1917 (Boston 1918)], cited above as Gregory Stone Gen.

Gregory Stone Genealogy by J. Bartlett

Gen Reg of First Settlers of NE: STONE, DANIEL, Cambridge, son of deacon Gregory Stone, was admitted freeman 1643. DAVID, Cambridge, brother of the preceding, freeman 1647, m Dorcas, and had children David, Daniel, b 1646, Dorcas, John, Samuel, and Nathaniel. GREGORY, a dea of Cambridge, freeman 1636, representative 1638, one of the proprietors of Watertown, d 30 Nov 1672, ae 80. His wife was Lydia, and his children were John; Daniel; David; Elizabeth, who m a Potter of Ipswich; Samuel, who had sons Samuel, Isaac, John, and several daughters; Sarah, who m a Meriam, of Concord, and Lydia, who m a Fiske, all of whom were members of the church in 1658. JOHN, Sudbury 1640, son of deacon Gregory Stone, had a son Daniel, b in 1644.

Pioneers of MA pg 436: Stone/Ston, Gregory, Watertown, 1636, rem. to Cambridge; propr 1637; frm. 5/25/1636. Deacon. Deputy. He deposed 18 (7) 1658, ae. about 67 years. [Es. Files.] /P/ He d. 11/30/1672, ae. 82. Will prob. 14 (10) 1672. Wife Lydia and her children by former husband, John Cooper and Lydia Fiske; sons Daniel, David, John and Samuel; daus. Elizabeth (wife of - Potter, living at Ipswich in 1658) [Mi.] and Sarah (wife of Joseph Miriam), gr. son John son of David S. [Reg. VIII, 69.] The widow d. 6/24/1674. Page 437 Stone, Simon, husbandman, ae. 50, with wife Joan, ae. 38, and children Frances, ae. 16, Ann ae. 11, Simon ae 4, Marie ae. 3, and John ae. 5 weeks, came in the Increase 4/15/1635. Settled at Watertown; frm. 5/25/1636; town officer, deacon. Ch. rec. at Wat.; John b. or bapt 15 (6) 1635; Elizabeth b. 5 (2) 1639. His wife d. and he m. Sarah, widow of Richard Lumpkin of Ipswich; her will prob. 10/6/1663. /P/ He d. 9/22/1665. Will prob. 10/3/1665, by his bro. Gregory Stone and Stephen Day. Sons Simon and John; daus. Frances and Mary; Johanna and Nathaniel Green, ch. of Frances and her husband Thomas Greene; kinsmen John and Daniel Warner and Thomas Wells. [Reg. II, 128, and III, 182.]

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 454: Cooper, JOHN, Cambridge, came, with sis. Lydia, after their f.'s d. in comp. of Gregory Stone, wh. m. their mo. Lydia.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 165: Fiske, DAVID, Cambridge, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. a. 1623, by w. Lydia Cooper, d. of that wid. wh. m. Gregory Stone, had Sarah, wh. d. young, was bur. 8 May 1647; Lydia, b. 29 Apr. 1647; David, 1 Sept. 1648, wh. d. at one yr. The w. d. 29 Nov. 1654, and he m. 6 Sept. 1655, Seaborne, or Sarah, as the rec. of license to William Hubbard for the m. says, d. of William Wilson of Ipswich, had Eliz.; Sarah, again; Hannah, bapt. 27 Nov. 1659; and Abigail, b. 1 Feb. 1674; was freem. 1647; was lieut. and rep. in the Courts of 1689 and 90. In 1686 he gave import. depon. then call. hims. 63, and he d. 14 Feb. 1711, when his makes him 87, so that Barry here fails of his usual care. 

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 197: Meriam, JOSEPH, Concord, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. m. 12 July 1653, Sarah, d. of Gregory Stone of Cambridge, had Sarah, b. 2 Aug. 1654; Lydia, 3 Aug. 1656; Joseph, 1658; and prob. other ch.; was freem 1650

Genealogical Dictionary of New England 204: Stone, DANIEL, Watertown (whose f. Dr. Bond did not venture to conject. but), in my opin. was s. of the first Daniel, or the first David, and so gr.s. of Gregory; but Bond informs us, that his w. Joanna, and three ch. Daniel, David, and Dorcas were bapt. 19 June 1687, at W. DAVID, Cambridge, s. of Gregory, b. in Eng. freem. 1647, by w. Eliz. had David, b. Apr. 1649, but mo. and ch. d. soon; by w. Dorcas had David, b. 6 Apr. 1650; Daniel; Dorcas, 18 Dec. 1652; John, a. 1654; Samuel, 19 June 1656; and Nathaniel, all these six bapt. says Mithcell's Reg. in his ch. Lexington rec. ment. that David d. 16 Jan. 1704, and Dorcas, 13 July foll. prob. this h. and w. DAVID, Sudbury, s. of John of the same, by w. Susanna had Susanna, b. 29 Jan. 1677; Mary, 19 Feb. 1682; Samuel, 23 May 1685; Thomas, 11 Mar. 1688; and d. 1737. DAVID, Cambridge, s. of the first David, m. 31 Dec. 1674, Sarah, d. prob. of Richard Hildreth, and d. 21 Aug. 1679. DAVID, Cambridge, s. of Simon the sec. m. 12 Dec. 1710, Mary Rice, perhaps d. of Richard of the same, had only d. Mary, or Mercy, and he d. 7 Oct. 1750, had been blind 56 yrs. * EBENEZER, Newton, s. of Simon the sec. freem. 1690, m. 18 Mar. 1686, Margaret, d. of James Trowbridge of the same, had Ebenezer, b. 21 Dec. foll.; Margaret, 1 Aug. 1688; Samuel, 1 July 1690; John, 18 Sept. 1692; Nathaniel, 6 Sept. 1694, d. young; Mindwell, 26 June 1696; David, 15 May, 1698; Mary, 19 Apr. 1700; Simon, 14 Sept. 1702; James, 8 June 1704, H. C. 1724, min. of Holliston; Experience, 1 July 1707. His w,. d. 4 May 1710, and he had sec. w. 12 June 1711. Abigail Wilson, wh. d. 1720, and he took 3d w. 8 Apr. 1722, Sarah, wid. of Samuel Liver- more, wh. had been his third w. and wid. of Nathaniel Sterns, d. of John Nevinson. He was selectman oft. rep. 9 yrs. and a rem. of the Provinc. Counc. d. 4 Oct. 1754. ELIAS, Charlestown, by w. Abigail had Elias, bapt. 24 July 1687; John, 16 Dec. 1688; William, 16 Feb. 1691, d. soon; Abigail, 1 Nov. 1691, d. soon; Abigail, again, 16 July 1693; Mary, 4 Nov. 1694; Thomas, 5 Dec. 1696; Eliz. 11 Dec. 1698; Sarah, 22 Dec. 1700; Robert, 1 Nov. 1702; Hannah, 4 Feb. 1704; Rebecca, 23 Mar. 17078; Richard, 12 Mar. 1709; and William, again, 4 Jan.1713. I presume, from find, neither f. nor mo among the mem. of ch. that they rem. to C. from some other town. But the name Elias was perpet. at C. thro. 3 or 4 generat. * GREGORY, Cambridge, br. of Simon, did not, I conject. come in the same sh. yet prob. in the same yr. with him, tho. for a yr. or two he dwelt at Watertown, and had gr. there of ld. freem. 25 May 1636, yet more import, is it, that he brot. w. Lydia, formerly wid. Cooper, wh. d. 24 June 1674, with the ch. John and Lydia of her first h. and his own ch. JOHN, Daniel, David, Eliz. Samuel, and Sarah, prob. all b. in Eng. He was deac. rep. 1638, and d. 30 Nov. 1672, aged 80. His will, made 8 ds. bef. print. in Geneal. Lydia Fiske's d. Lydia, wh. he calls the mo. His wid. d. 24 June 1674. Lydia Cooper m. David Fiske; Eliz. S. m. prob. Anthony Potter of Ipswich; and Sarah m. 12 July 1653, Joseph Meriam of Con- cord.
205: *JOHN, Cambridge, s. of deac. Gregory, b. in Eng. came with his f. m. Ann, d. of Elder Edward Howe of Watertown, had Hannah, b. 6 June 1640; John, date of whose b. or d. is unkn. but he is thot. to be the eldst s. yet, unform of mind, was subj. to the care of his younger brs.; Daniel, 31 Aug 1644; David, 31 Oct. 1646; Mary; Eliz.; Margaret, 22 Oct. 1653; Tabitha, 20 or 29 May 1655; Sarah 22 Sept. 1657; and Nathaniel, 11 May 1660; was freem. 1665, than call. of Watertown, and yet one of the earliest sett. of Sudbury 1640, where most of these ch. were b. and there he was Elder of the ch. but prob. in the gr. Ind. war rem. to Cambridge, again, and was its rep. 1682, and 3, and d. 5 May in this latter yr. His will of 16 Apr. preced. calls him aged a. 64 yrs. abstr. in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 145, provides for wid. and the ten ch. Hannah m. 1 July 1658 the sec. John Bent of Marlbo- rough; Mary m. 1665, Isaac Hunt, and next, 30 Sept. 1681, as his sec. w. Eliphalet Fox; Eliz. m. Samuel Stow; Margaret m. 11 Jan. 1676, William Brown; Tabitha m. 2 or 27 (both dates giv. by Barry) Nov. 1674, John Rice; and Sarah m. Jacob Hill. JOHN, Watertown, s. of Simon the first, b. in Eng. prob. brot. in his mo.'s arms in the Increase from London 1635, being 5 wks. old, when emb. 15 Apr. yet bond says the W. rec. marks him b. 15 Aug. perhaps by blunder. By w. Sarah he had Sarah; Joanna, b. 11 Jan. 1665; John, 15 Dec. 1666; Ann, 8 Aug. 1668; Mary, 14 Sept. 1670; Eliz. 5 May 1672; Samuel, 14 Feb. 1675; Hepzibah, 5 May 1677; Deborah, 25 Feb. 1680; and Rebecca, 22 Aug. 1682; was a deac. and d. 26 Mar. 1691. Sarah m. 15 or 18 Dec. for bond ment. both dates, 1681, Manning Sawin; Joanna m. 9 May 1693, Simon Tainter; Eliz. m. 17 Nov. 1692, John Barnard, as his sec. w.; Hepzibah m. 7 Jan. 1702, as his sec. w. John Morse; and Deborah m. 9 June 1703, Ephraim Cutter.

Vital Records of Sudbury: Ann d. Daniel & Mary 1/15/1670. Abigail ch. Daniel & Mary 2/13/1680. Elizabeth ch. Daniel & Mary 11/9/1678. John s. Daniel & Mary 6/10/1684. Mary ch. Daniel & Mary  8/10/1677. Sarah ch Daniel & Mary 2/14/1675. Tabitha ch. Daniel & Mary 5/4/1673.  Vital Records of Sudbury: WALKER: Abigail d. Thomas & Mary 10/29/1679. Daniel ch. Thomas & Mary 11/2/1672. Daniel ch. Thomas & Mary 2/10/ 1673. Elizabeth ch. Thomas & Mary 3/4/1680. Hannah d Thomas & Mary 11/26/1668. Hannah d. Thomas & Mary 1/10/1669. Sarah ch Thomas & Mary 7/25/1677. Thomas s Thomas & Mary 5/22/1664. William s Thomas & Mary 7/22/1666. Samuel s Thomas & Martha 9/24/1689. Thomas s Thomas & Martha 9/23/1688. DEATHS: Mary w. Deacon Danill 1/10/1702-3

Gregory Stone Genealogy by Bartlett: The earliest record that has been discovered of a Stone in Tendring Hundred co Essex is as follows Writ to the Sheriff of Essex dated at Westminster 26 Oct 30 Edward I 1302 Inquisition before the sheriff of Essex and William de Hanyngfeild held at Colchester on Saturday after the Feast of St Lucy 31 Edward I 15 Dec 1302 PHILIP ATTE STONE late servant of Robert de Vere Earl of Oxford and others named forcibly entered the park of the said earl at Great Bent leye and hunted therein against his will also Thomas de Molen dine of Dedham fished in the preserve of the said earl within said park Miscellaneous Chancery Inquisitions File 61 23 The de Veres Earls of Oxford large landowners in capite. /P/ Only three records of William4 atte Stone have come to light the first in a lawsuit in 1398 the next as a juror at a court held in 1415 and the last in a court roll record after his death in 1431 In Michaelmas 22 Richard II 1398 William4 atte Stone of Ardeley co Essex was summonsed to answer John Hunte atte Wode of said Ardeley in a plea of debt of 2 3 4 which was due to be paid at Midsummer Day last past Common Pleas Roll Mich 22 Richard II m 186 At a court baron of the Manor of Bovills held on the day of Mars next after the Feast of Holy Trinity 3 Henry V Tuesday 28 May 1415 An inquisition taken and sworn on the oath of William Meller John Eccle Thomas Baker John Huntte senior John Huntte atte Wode William Burstalle WILLIAM ATTE STONE William Nevard and John Clerk who say on their oaths that the tenants of the land and tenement of Gunnoteland the tenants of the land and tenement of Paynesland late of Walter Badeley William Stansor Robert Robyn for a rood of land at the church John Huntte atte Mersh Robert Nee John Brook and the tenants of the land and tenement formerly of William Robyn all owe suit to the court and have defaulted They were all fined 3d except John Brook who was fined 6d William4 Stone lived in the reigns of Edward III 1327 1377. /P/  In Trinity term 13 Edward IV 14731 John Deryfall yeoman of Ardeley co Essex was summonsed to answer John Stone of same yeoman for debt for use of part of a croft of land parcel of Barones in said Ardeley And said John Stone complains that said John Deryfall by indenture made on the day after the Feast of St Matthias the Apostle 12 Edward IV 25 Feb 1471 2 agreed to pay 12s 6d for use of part of said croft for one year from the Feast of the Annunciation of our Lady 25 March next ensuing and upon said feast the said John Deryfall entered on said premises and occupied same for the space of one year but has not paid for its use to the loss of the said John Stone etc Common Pleas Roll Trinity 13 Edward IV m 159. /P/   SIMON STONE (John Walter William4 Walter1) was born in Ardleigh co Essex about 1450 The earliest mention found of him is in the fragmentary remains of the court rolls of the Manor of Bovills which record his name in the list of the homage at the court held in 7 Henry VII 1491 2 At the court held in 16 Henry VH 1500 1 Simon Stone sent his essoin excuse for non attendance by William Moyes He held an estate of the Manor of Bovills in Ardleigh called Walles and an estate in the adjoining parish of Great Bromley called Goodcnes where he settled and resided Henceforth for five generations and during nearly a hundred and fifty years the ancestors of the Stones of America lived in Great Bromley 
In the name of god Amen The xij day of may the yere of ower lord God a MCCCCC vj I Symond Stone of moche Brymley of the dio of london beyng in hole mynde make my testamet and last wyll in this forme followyng Fyrst I bequeth my soule to god allmygthy to ower lady sent mary and to alle saynts and my body to be beride in the chirche of moche Brymley foresaide Itm I bequeyth to the hye awter there for my tithes negligentely forgotyn a cowe or ellys vj s viij d for yt Itm I bequeth to the warke of poulys xij d Itm I orden and make myn executors Elizabeth my wyf Davy my son and John Bradfyld and Sr Willm Fareway parson of Brymley aforesaide supervisor of this my testament and last wyll Also I wyll that Davy Stone my son have my tenamet called Godewyns w alle the appertenaunce to the same belongyng to hym his heyrs and assignes for evyrmore after this condicion that the saide Davy shall pay to his moder duryng her lyf yerely vj s viij d and after her disses I wyll that he kepe or cause to be kept a yerely obytc by the space of xx yers to the valure of x s by yere for the welth of my soule my wyfys soule and alle cristen soules Also I wyll that Water my son have my tenament in Ardeleigh called Walles to hym and to his heyrs or assigns for evyr payng yerely to his moder iij s Also I wyll that Mihyll my son have ij keyn or ellys xiiij s for them v yowen and v lambys Itm I wyll yl Willm my son have ij keyn or ellys xiiij s for them Itm I require and charge my coffefys that they delyvr a sufficient astate accordyng to my wyll when so evyr they be requiryd The residewe of alle my goods not bequethyd I gyf and bequeth to Elizabeth my wif and to Davy Stone my son to dispose as they thynk most pleasor to god and helth to my soule Theys wytnes John Stone John Newman and William Litylbery and the forsaide parson with other moo. The will is endorsed as probated on 10 Feb 1510 1510 11 before John Asshewell Commissary of the Bishop of London
DAVID STONE Simon1 John Waller William Waller1 was born probably about 1480 in Great Bromley co Essex It is possible that he was a godson and namesake of David Mortimer who was lord of the Manor of Great Bromley from 1475 to 1494 As eldest son and termed Davy Stone he was an executor of the will of his father dated 12 May 1506 and inherited the latter's estate in Great Bromley called Goodenes. As David Ston he was a witness together with William Estwood and John Estwood to the will of Robert Baynyng of Moche Bromley dated 22 Sept 1523 Archdeaconry of Colchester Francys 154. On the subsidy of 16 Henry VIII 1524 as Davy Stone he was assessed 4d on goods personal property valued at 20s in Great Bromley Lay Subsidy 108 178. He has next been found as Davy Stone as a witness to the will of John Hubberde of Mytche Brumley dated 7 Feb 1536 7 Commissary of London for Essex and Herts original will About 1540 he removed from Great Bromley to Kirby le Soken a parish about six miles to the eastward where he appears as Davye Stonne on the subsidy dated 20 Oct 34 Henry VIII 1542 paying 2s 4d on moveables personal property Lay Subsidy 108 255 This is the last mention found anywhere of David Stone and he probably died in 1543 as on the next subsidy taken 13 Oct 36 Henry VIII 1544 his place on the subsidy roll at Kirby le Soken is taken by Symonde Stone evidently his son who was assessed 16d for goods there The assessments made in 1544 were invariably about half those of 1542 so the assessment of 16d on Symonde Stone in 1544 clearly replaced that of 28d in 1542 on Davye Stone evidently his father. 
SIMON STONE David Simon7 John Walter William Walter1 was born in Great Bromley co Essex about 1507 and was evidently named for his grandfather He was probably given by his uncle Walter8 Stone the estate called Churchgate or Hunts which for several generations had been held by a family termed Hunt at the Church and which Walter8 Stone acquired by purchase in 1520 as previously related See ante p 22 This estate called Hunts is mentioned in the will of Simon9 Stone He evidently accompanied his father David8 Stone in the latter's removal about 1540 from Great Bromley to Kirby le Soken as after the death of David8 Stone about 1543 Symonde Stone succeeded him at Kirby le Soken in the subsidy of 13 Oct 36 Henry VIII 1544 being assessed 16d on goods personal property there Lay Subsidy  109 261 See ante p 26. But the next year Simon Stone disappears from Kirby le Soken and appears in Great Bromley where he was assessed on three subsidies and continued to reside about twelve years until his death in 1557 He evidently acquired considerable landed property in Great Bromley as his subsidy assessments there were on lands in subsidies a householder was not taxed for both lands and goods personal property but in each individual case was assessed on the form of property which at the rates established would bring the largest return to the Crown On the subsidy dated 10 Feb 37 Henry VIII 1545 6 as Symond Stone he was assessed 6s for his lands in Great Bromley on the one in 38 Henry VHI 1546 he paid 12d on his lands there valued at 3 and on the one of 1 Edward VI 1547 he paid 6s on his lands there valued at 3 Lay Subsidies 109 297 110 320 109 302 Symond Stone and John Lodbroke were the executors of the will of Edmund Lodbroke of Myche Bromley smythe dated 3 Sept 1554 which left the latter's estate to his children John Mary Ellen Elizabeth Adry and Johan Lodbroke Commissary of London for Essex and Herts original will. /P/  Simon Stone and his second cousin Robert9 Stone were churchwardens of Great Bromley hi 6 Edward VI 1552 as in that capacity they made and signed the inventory of church goods of the parish taken that year Essex Archaeological Society's Transactions New Series vol 1. The office of churchwarden was always a mark of local distinction and his holding of this position his assessments on subsidies to which only the wealthier minority of householders were liable and the property disclosed by his will all indicate that Simon9 Stone was a yeoman of substantial estate and esteemed position in the community where he lived. He died in 1557 at the age of about fifty years. 
Abstract of the will of Symond Ston of Moch Bromeley in the Countie of Essex dated 28 July 1557 My body to be buried in the churchyard of Moche Bromeley To Agnes my wife my lands called Hunts both copy and free for the term of her life and after her decease I give them to John Ston my eldest son to him and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and the said John Ston my son shall pay unto Davy his brother 15 within seven years after the decease of Agnes his mother If the said John die without issue of his body lawfully begotten then my said lands called Hunts with their appurtenances shall remain wholly to Davy Stone his brother and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten the said Davy Ston paying to Richard his brother 15 in like manner within seven years after the decease of Agnes his mother To Agnes my wife five acres of land called the Leez for term of her life with remainder to Richard my son to him and his heirs forever John my son when his mother leveth upp my farme shall have three cows five sheep three seams of wheat and two calves Also to John my son two flock beds a transom a pair of blankets and a covering to be delivered to him at the day of his marriage Also at the levyng upp of my farme unto Davy my son a cow eight sheep two calves and a seam of wheat Also to Davy my son a flock bed a transom a pair of blankets and a covering to be delivered at the day of his marriage In like manner I will to Richard my son a cow five sheep two calves and a seam of wheat Also I give to the said Richard my son a flock bed a transom a pair of blankets and a covering to be delivered on the day of his marriage Residue of goods to Agnes my wife and if she die in her widowhood then the residue of my goods to be distributed among my three children And I ordain and make executors Agnes my wife and John my son And I give to said John for his painstaking in that behalf 6s 8d And John Holland to be supervisor and I give him for his pains 5 s Witnesses Water Crane John Munte the elder Mihell Weleshe William Rand No probate endorsed on the will which is filed in a bundle marked 1558 Commissary of London for Essex and Herts original will. 
In the name of God Amen I Gregory Stone of Cambridge in New England being through the Lord's favor of sound Judgment and memory do make & ordeine my last will & testam in manner following viz my imortall soul I do freely resigne into the armes & mercyes of God my maker Jesus Christ my only redeemer and to the holy spirit to carry mee on & lead mee forever my body to be decently interred at the discrcion of my Xian friends And for outwards state I do dispose thereof as followeth ie To my daughter Elizab Potter I do give ten pounds to be pd within halfe a years after my decease To my grandchild Lidea Fiske I do give two acres of land lying in Westfield between ye lands of Jn Holmes & Thomas Oakes to enjoy it as soone as it shall be free of ye corne sowne before my decease To my grandchild Jn Stone sonne of David Stone I do give my little cow called mode & my little young colt or five pounds provided he live with my wife one year after my decease & do her faithful service according to his best ability during which time my wife shall find him his meat drink and cloathing & at the end of the year deliver him the above named cow & colt To my dearly beloved wife Lidea Stone I do leave my dwelling house & lands thereunto adjoyne ing & Pastures come lands meadows & wood lands and all the appurtenances thereof as also my household goods & other moveable estate not above bequeathed excepting only my wearing cloathes to Jn Stone & David Stone my sonnes And it is my will that my wife shall enjoy the whole during her life provided always if shee do marry againe then at her marriage shee shall resigne the houses & lands adjoining with the appurtenances to those of my children to whom I shall bequeath the same and while she enjoys them it is my will that the houses & lands shall in all respects be kept in good repayre by her and so left when shee shall leave them And to my three sonnes John Stone Daniel Stone & David Stone I do bequeath my dwelling house barne & lands adjoyneing being by estimation fifteen acres more or less also the wood lotts & priviledges of the comons belonging there unto & fifty acres of land lijng at my farme being the halfe p of one hundred acres yt I had there the other fifty acres I dispose of to my sonnes Samuel Stone & Joseph Meriain And some addition made mee by the Towne  between it and my farme by Isaac Sternes w h 2 parcells I do order to my sonne David Stone for ten pounds toward his share and this he shall enjoy imcdiatly after my decease Also I do give to my said three sonnes the Tables formes bedsteads & copper that are in the dwelling house And it is my will y when my said sonnes shall come to possess the aboves 1 houses & lands whether at my wife's death or mariage weh shall first happen my will is that it shall be in the liberty of my sonne John Stone to possesse the whole he paying to his other brothers thirty pounds apeece ie to Daniel thirty pounds & to David twenty pounds the ten pounds above mentioned being by mee appoynted to make up the thirty Or if he my sonne John like not so to do then I do order that they Joyntly sell ye whole & divide ye pay to Jn the one halfe pl & to my sonnes Daniel & David the other halfe And the remainder of my estate in lands cattell chattels moveables debts moneys or w ever after my deare wife's decease I do give and bequeath ye same to my three youngest children to be equally divided between them viz to Elizab Potter Samuel Stone & Sarah Miriam And I do ordeyne my sonnes Jolm Stone and Samuel Stone Executors of this my last will & testam to whome I do comitt the care for their deare mother my wife And in testimony that this is my last will renouncing all former wills by mee made I do hereunto put my hand & scale this 22th of Novembp 1072 Mem before the divission be made as above I do give & bequeath to Jn Cooper ten pounds & to Lidea Fiske ten pounds and the remainder to be divided as above is declared Sealed & dd Gregory In pesence off us seal Thomas Danforth sen Stone Edward Hall Solomon I rcnt iss Taken upon Oath by all the witnesses subscribed 14.10 1672.
DR DANIEL2 STONE Dea Gregory1 baptized at Nay land co Suffolk England 15 Aug 1620 when a lad of about fifteen years was brought to New England by his father in 1635 and for the next few years doubtless lived with him in Watertown and in Cambridge where he was living when admitted freeman 10 May 1643 In 1645 he was granted three and a half acres west of Menotomye River and received fifty acres in the Shaw shine Billerica division of 9 June 1652 His homestead in Cambridge was on the northeast corner of Dunster and Mount Auburn Streets which place he sold on 23 Nov 1657 to Samuel Andrews after his removal to Boston He became a chirurgeon probably practicing both as a physician and surgeon and remained in Cambridge until about 1656 when he removed to Boston where he resided over thirty years until his death 20 Mar 1686 7 as is noted in the diary of Judge Samuel Sewall 
Abstract of the will of Daniel Stone dated 6 Dec 1686. To my three daughters Mary Walker, Sarah Edwards, and Abigail Keech all real and personal estate they to be executrices and to pay my debts and legacies. To my grandson Daniel Edwards 30 to encourage him to learning for the ministry. To Mary Sherman and to Thomas William Hannah Daniel and Abigail Walker 20s each. To John Edwards and Abigail Keech 40s each. To kinswoman Sarah Fitch 40s besides her wages. My friends Mr Adam Winthrop, Mr John Clarke and Timothy Prout to be overseers. Witnesses Daniel Turell Francis Hudson. Proved 6 July 1687. Inventory taken 15 Dec 1687 mentions household goods clothes and money 105 9 5 homestead warehouses and wharves 330 0 0 a fourth part of the vessel Sarah & Abigail 50 0 0 medicines and drugs in the shop 34 2 7 other items 25 13 6 total 545 5 6. Suffolk County Probate Records vol 10 fol 57 
MARY3 b 22 Mar 1643 4 m abt 1660 MR THOMAS WALKER of Boston. They removed to Sudbury where in 1664 he was encouraged to keep a free school in 1672 he was licensed to keep an ordinary and he d in 1697. Children b in Sudbury Walker 1 Mary b 9 Aug 1661 2 Thomas b 22 May 1664 3 William b 22 July 1666 4 Hannah b 26 Nov 1668 d 14 Dec 1668 5 Hannah b 10 Jan 1669 70 6 Daniel b 2 Nov 1672 d 8 Nov 1672 7 Daniel b 10 Feb 1673 4 8 Sarah b 25 July 1677 d young 9 Abigail b 29 Oct 1679 10 Elizabeth b 4 Mar 1680 1 d young .

Cambridge Historical Society: This Dr Daniel Stone the petitioner was a son of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge and as a good deal of information about Gregory Stone and his family has come to light since the publication of Paige's History of Cambridge it may be worth while to add to Paige's account of Gregory Stone and his family what has since been learned about his English home and ancestors. Gregory Stone came from England in 1635 with his brother Simon Stone of Watertown, and we now know that they were both born at Great Bromley or as it was formerly called Much Bromley in Essex County England. The Parish Registers of Great Bromley contain the following records Feby 9 1585 6 was baptized Simond Stone son of Davie Stone & Ursly his wife, April 19 1592 was baptized Gregorie Stone son of David Stone, and August 5 1616 is recorded the marriage of Symond Stone and Joan Clarke. David Stone the father of Simon and Gregory was the son of Symond and Agnes Stone of Much Bromley and is named in his father's will dated July 28 1558. Up to this point the ancestry of Simon and Gregory is beyond question but it is almost equally certain that this Symond Stone of Much Bromley. the grandfather of Simon and Gregory was the grandson through an eldest son David of a still earlier Symond Stone of Much Bromley whose will is dated May 12 1506 and was probated February 10 1510. Much or Great Bromley the home of so many generations of the ancestors of our Gregory Stone of Cambridge is five miles east of Colchester the principal city of Essex County and fifty eight miles from London. A few years ago some of the American descendants of Simon and Gregory Stone united in erecting a beautiful memorial window in the ancient church of Great Bromley with this inscription To the Glory of God and to the memory of Simon and Gregory Stone, Brothers who were born in this Parish, baptized in this Church, and emigrated to Massachusetts in New England in 1635 this window is erected by American descendants. Simon Stone the elder of the two brothers married at Great Bromley in 1616 Joan Clarke as noted above. He removed to Boxted Essex County between 1621 and 1624 and resided there until he emigrated to America in 1635. Gregory Stone removed from Great Bromley to Nayland Suffolk County some time before 1617 in which year he married there Margaret Garrad daughter of Thomas and Christian Garrad of Nayland. The following extracts from the Parish Register of Nayland give his marriage and the birth jf all of his children, 1617 Julie The 20 daie wer married Gregory Stonne and Margaret Garrad 1618 July. The last daie was bapt John sonne of Gregory Stonne, 1620 August The 15 day was bap Daniel ye sonne of Gregory Stone, 1622 Septem 22 was bapt David ye sonne of Gregorie Stone, 1624 October 3 was bap Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory Stone. Then follows the death of his wife and daughter. 1626 Aug 4 was buryed Margrett the wife of Gregory Stone,1626 August 6 was buryed, Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory Stone. The deaths so near together of the mother and daughter make it seem probable that they died from one of the epidemics so common at that time. About two years after the death of his first wife Gregory Stone married as his second wife the widow Lydia Cooper who came here to Cambridge with him and who formerly was supposed to be the mother of all his children. The record of this marriage has not been discovered as far as I know but from other sources it is known beyond much question that she was from Dedham in Essex and that she was the widow of Simon Cooper of that place. Dedham and Nayland are both on the river Stour and are only a few miles apart. By his second wife Lydia Cooper Gregory Stone had the following children recorded at Nayland, 1628 March 6 was bap Elizabethe the daug of Gregorie Stone, 1630 February 4 dale was bapt Samuell sonne of Gregory Stone, 1632 Feby 8 was bapt Sarah daughter of Gregory Stonne. So of the six children who came to New England with Gregory Stone three John, Daniel, and David were by his first wife Margaret Garrad, and three Elizabeth Samuel and Sarah were by his second wife Lydia Cooper.

Founders and Patriots of America: Stone, Gregory (bpt Apr 19, 1592-Nov 30, 1672) m. July 20, 1617 (1) Margaret Garrard; 1627 (2) Lydia Cooper MASS IX, 50; XIII, 113; XVI, 122; XIX 79; XXIV, 75; XXVI, 99; XXVIII, 25, 26; XXX, 259; XXXIII, 161, 162.

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