Tilley, Tillie, Tiley, Teley, Tely

Henry TILLEY born circa 1465

Spouse: Johan __

Children: Thomas


Thomas TILLEY born circa 1490

Spouse: Margaret __

Children: William


William TILLEY born circa 1515

Spouse: Agnes ___

Children: Robert


Robert TILLEY born 1540

Spouse: Elizabeth ?ELLBORNE [per Roser]

Children: John baptized 12/19/1571 Henlow; Edward/Edmund baptized 5/27/1588 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, ENG , married Agnes/Ann Cooper 6/20/1614 Henlow, worked as a weaver in Leiden, both died Spring 1620-1 Plymouth, uncle and aunt of Henry Samson


John TILLEY baptized 12/19/1571, Henlow, Bedfordshire ENG died between 1/11 & 4/10/1621 Plymouth, passenger on "Mayflower"; member of the Leiden Church, 16th signer of Mayflower Compact

Spouse: Joan (HURST) Rogers baptized 3/13/1567-8 Henlow died between 1/11 & 4/10/1621 Plymouth married 9/20/1596 Henlow, ENG; Joan married (1) Henlow, 6/18/1593 Thomas Rogers who died c1594-5, they had a daughter Joan baptized 5/26/1594 Henlow

Children: Rose baptized 10/23/1597 Henlow, died young; John baptized 8/26/1599 Henlow ; Rose baptized 2/28/1601-2 Henlow; Robert baptized 11/25/1604 Henlow; Elizabeth baptized 8/30/1607 St. Mary the Virgin Church Henlow died 2/21/1687-8 Swansea MA


 Elizabeth TILLEY baptized 8/30/1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire ENG  died 12/21/1687 Swansea, taken in by the Carvers after her parents died,. died 12/21/1687 Swansea married between 8/14/1623 and 8/5/1624 Plymouth

Spouse:   John HOWLAND born c1592, Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, ENG died 2/23/1672-3 buried on Burial Hill Plymouth, married between 8/14/1623 and 8/5/1624 Plymouth

Children: Desire born c1625 probably Plymouth died 10/13/1683 Barnstable married c1643 probably Plymouth Capt. John Gorum/Gorham killed at Swansea in King Phillips War; John born 4/24/1627 probably Plymouth died after 5/18/1699 Barnstable married 10/26/1651 Mary Lee at Plymouth; Hope born 8/30/1629 probably Plymouth died 1/8/1683-4 aged 54 years Barnstable; buried in the ancient burying ground on Lothrop's Hill; joined the Barnstable church 8/7/1650 married 1646 Elder John CHIPMAN born about 1620-1; came to NE May 1637 in service of his cousin Mr. Richard Derby who settled in Plymouth; carpenter; of Barnstable 1649 joined the church 1/30/1652-3 & chosen one of Ruling Elders; died in Sandwich 4/7/1708 age 88; John married  (2) Ruth Bourne, died at Sandwich 1713 leaving no issue, daughter of William Sargeant born in Charlestown 10/25/1642 who had married 1st Jonathan son of Josiah Winslow of Marshfield and 2nd Mr. Richard Bourne of Sandwich.; Elizabeth born c1631 possibly Maine died 1691 Oyster Bay Long Island NY married (1) 9/13/1649 Plymouth Ephraim Hicks  (2) John Dickenson; Lydia born c1633 possibly Maine died after 1/11/1710-1 married c1654 James Brown; Hannah born c1637 possibly Maine married 7/6/1661 probably Swansea, Jonathan Bosworth; Joseph born c1640 Rocky Nook/Kingston died 1/1703-4 Plymouth married 12/7/1664 Plymouth, Elizabeth Southworth; Jabez born c1644 Rocky Nook/Kingston died between 5/14/1708 & 2/6/1711-2 Bristol MA (now RI) married c1688 Plymouth, Bethiah Thacher; Ruth born c1646 Rocky Nook/Kingston died between 5/29/1672 & 10/16/1679 married 11/17/1664, Plymouth, Thomas Cushman son of Thomas Cushman & Mary Allerton [Smith/Glidden related through Cushman/Allerton Thomas' brother Rev. Isaac]; Isaac born 11/15/1649 Rocky Nook/Kingston died 3/9/1723-4 75th year Middleboro, The Green cemetery married c1676 probably Middleboro Elizabeth Vaughn

The Great Migration Begins: John Tilley. Origin: Leiden, Holland. Migration: 1620 on Mayflower. First Residence: Plymouth. Birth: Baptized Henlow, Bedfordshire, 19 Dec 1571, son of Robert and Elizabeth (____) Tilley [TAG 52:203].  Death: Plymouth 1620 in the first general sickness [Bradford 446].  Marriage: Henlow 20 Sep 1596 Joan (Hurst) Rogers. She had married (1) Thomas Rogers.  Children: i. Rose, bp. Henlow 23 Oct 1597; no further record.  ii.  John, bp. Henlow 26 Aug 1599; no further record.  iii. Rose, bp. Henlow 28 Feb 1601/2; no further record.  iv. Robert, bp. Henlow 25 Nov 1604; no further record.  v. Elizabeth, bp. Henlow 30 Aug 1607; m. about 1625 John Howland.  Associations: John Tilley was the elder brother of Edward Tilley, who also died in the first sickness. Comments: *John Tilley and his wife, and Elizabeth their daughter* were passengers on the  Mayflower [Bradford 442]. "John Tilley and his wife both died a little after they came ashore. And their daughter Elizabeth married with John Howland and hath issue as is before noted* [Bradford 446].  John Tilley joined the expedition of 6 Dec 1620 along the coast with nine others, under the leadership of Miles Standish [Young's Pilgrim Fathers 149].  Bibliographic Note: In addition to the items noted in the sketch of Edward Tilley, Robert Leigh Ward in 1985 published some additional biographical information on John Tilley [TAG 60:171-73].  EDWARD TILLEY. summary .... Birth: Baptized Henlow, Bedfordshire, 27  May 1588 (as "Edmond"), [TAG 52:203]. Married Henlow 20 June 1614 Agnes Cooper who also died in early sickness at Plymouth. Comments: Bradford names "Edward Tilley and Ann his wife, and two children that were their cousins, Henry Sampson and Huility Cooper" in his list of Mayflower passengers [Bradford 442]. "Edward Tilley and his wife both died soon after their arrival, and the girl Humility, their cousin, was sent for into England and died there. But the youth Henry Sampson is still living and is married and hath seven children" [Bradford 446].  On their first landing in Nov 1620, siteen men were equipped with musket, sword and corslet, under the command of Capt. Miles Standish "unto whom was adjoined, for counsel and advice, William Bradford, Stephen Hopkins, and Edward Tilley" [Young's Pilgrim Fathers 125-26].  On 6 Dec when another group of discoverers went out, both John Tilley and Edward Tilley were among the ten [Young's Pilgri Fathers 149]. The voyage along the coast was bitterly cold and "Edward Tilley had like to have sounded with cold" [Young's Pilgrim Fathers 151]. He survived the seven-day trip, although the exposure probably did not help him when the little group was visited by sickness.  Bibliographic Note: In 1976 Robert Leigh Ward explored the English origin of the Tilley family at Henlow, Bedfordshire, and the close connections with Humility Cooper and Henry Samson [TAG 52:198-208]. In 1985 he further extended the ancestry of this group of immigrants [TG 6:166-96].

John Tilley: 9/22/1607 mentioned in will of George Clarke as residing with a Thomas Kirke.

Mayflower Increasings by Roser: John Tilley was baptized 12/198/1571 in Henlow, Bedfordshire ENG, the son of Robert Tilley & Elizabeth (?ellborne). He died between 1/11 & 4/10 1621 in Plymouth. John married 9/20/1596 in Henlow ENG Joan (Hurst) Rogers, baptized 3/13/1567-8 the daughter of Wlm  & Rose. She died between 1/11 & 4/10, 16721 in Plymouth. Joan married 1st in 1593 Thomas Rogers. Children: Rose, John, Rose, Robert, Elizabeth

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: TILLEY, EDWARD and JOHN, two of the pilgrims of Plymouth, came to NE in 1620 and both d the next year. JOHN, Massachusetts, admitted freeman 1635.

Pioneers of MA pg 455: Tillie/Tilley/Tilly/Teley, John, came in the Mayflower; signed the Compact; res. at Plymouth. Took part in the explorations, and died from the exposure and hardships in the spring of 1621. He brought his wife and daughter Elizabeth. The wife d. about the same time as he; the dau. m. John Howland. [B. and Wins.]  /P/ Note. Among the marriages at Leyden, Holland, we find that of "Jan Telly, and Prijntgen van der Velde," 3/3/1615, at Pieterskirk (opposite the house of Mr. John Robinson). His trade was that of "saeijwercker," or say-weaver; he was accompanied by his father, Paulus Tellij, and the bride by her mother Maeijcken Tay, whose marriage is on record to Abraham van der Velde 6/27/1591. Many circumstances point to this as the John Tillie of the Mayflower; yet the date is late for the time of the birth of the eldest child of Elizabeth Howland; nor does it correspond to the age asserted for her at her death. It may be that this is a second marriage of J. T., and Elizabeth his child by a former wife; or that this Dutch wife died, and that Tillie m. a second wife, whose child by her former husband was the bride of John Howland.

Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691 By Eugene Aubrey Stratton: Tilley, Joan, wife of John Tilley. Her maiden name was Hurst. /P/ Tilley, John. A 1620 Mayflower passenger, John Tilley arrived at Plymouth with his wife Joan (Hurst), his daughter Elizabeth Tilley, and his brother Edwarde Tilley, q.v. A most valuable discovery by Robert  Leigh Ward "English Ancestry of Seven Mayflower Passengers" TAG 52:198, gives the Tilley origin in Henlow, Bedfordshire, and shows that John and Edward were the sons of Robert and Elizabeth (____) Tilley. John and his wife left children in Bedfordshire who could conceivably left descendants, though none living today is yet known. This article, plus Ward's subsequent articles "Henry Sampson's Paternal Grandfather" TAG 56:141, "Further Traces of John Tilley of the Mayflower" TAG 60:171, and "The Baronial Ancestry of Henry Sampson, Humility Cooper, and Ann (Cooper) Tilley" TAG 6:166 shows much interrelationship among the Tilleys, Coopers, Sampsons, and Hursts. There were Hursts also living in Leiden (see under James Hurst), and Bang's Pilgrims, p. 16, shows that a John Masterson, a Separatist, who remained at Leiden, also came from Henlow, Bedfordshire. George E. Bowman "Jan Tillij" of Leyden, was NOT John Tilley of the Mayflower, MD 10:65, comments of a record on a person with a similar name in Holland. Robert L. French, "John Tillley, Jr. 1599-1636," MQ 49:16, suggests a John Tilley who appeared at Cape Ann was a son of the Mayflower John Tilley, but proof is lacking. //P// Tilley, Elizabeth. A daughter of John and Joan (Hurst) Tilley, Elizabeth accompanied her parents on the 1620 Mayflower. She had been baptized at Henlow, Bedfordshire, on 30 August 1607. At Plymouth she married John Howland, and they have many descendants living today.

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