Descended through both Jane and Agnes/Anne Turpin

Thomas TURPIN, fisherman of Isles of Shoals died 10/29/1649, drowned

Spouse: Jane _____  (married 2nd Thomas Furson) married 1636 Kittery ME

Children: Elizabeth married Philip Adams, Jane married James Leach; Agnes/Anne married Richard Endle


Agnes/Anne TURPIN  

Spouse: Richard ENDLE married circa 1661 Kittery ME

Children: Richard born circa 1662 died before 1719, yeoman, married Jane ___; John died 1690;  Hannah married Joseph Wilson 


2nd daughter


Spouse: James LEACH died 1697, married 1652 Portsmouth NH

Children: Son; James born circa 1655; John born circa 1658; Daughters; Mary; possibly Thomas

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 700: Thomas Turpin, Isles of Shoals, with Richard Cummings bot a plantation at Salt Creek from Francis Williams in 1645, Cummings buying him out in 1648 acc to a depos by Roger and Ann Knight. Drowned 29 Oct 1649, adm to William Payne who seems to have laid claim to 1/2 of the Williams land, poss never pd for by Cummings who settled for Lb14 in 1652. The est was heavily indebted to Mr. Nicholas Treworgy, Mr. Wm Hilton, etc. The wid Jane m 2d Thomas Furson. In 1665 Cummings pd her 20 s. for her dower thru her s-in-law Adams but in 1674 she, her daughters and gr ch raided his cornfield, demonstrating her further claims, and had opportunity to explain in ct. She finally sued in an orderly manner. Ch (Leonard Weeks had kn them in Eng): Elizabeth m James Leach; Jane m Philip Adams, Agnes List 330b m Richard Endle.

Pioneers Maine Rivers pg 56: TURPIN, Thomas, fisherman and constable at the Isles of Shoals, 1647; removed to Portsmouth; drowned Oct 29, 1649; children Anne (Endell), Elizabeth (Adams) and Jane (Leach)

Pioneers of ME & NH: TURPIN,Thomas, fisherman, Isles of Shoals, in company with Richard Commins, bought a plantation at Salt Creek on Piscataqua river 6 (10) 1645. [Suff. De.] Sold cattle to William Seavey 2/7/1648. He died before 8 (8) 1650, when Wm Payne was appointed administrator of his estate; R. commings paid 14 li. for half of the property above mentioned in 1652. The widow Jane married second Thomas Furson, and adjusted matters with Cummings in court 6/27/1656.

Savage, Genealogical Dictionary of New England: TURPIN, THOMAS, Isle of Shoals, fisherman, bot. in Dec. 1645, with Richard Cummings, all the planta. of Francis Williams of Portsmouth. WILLIAM, Providence, was the first sch.-master 1684.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: ADAMS, PHILIP, selectman of York 1665 grand jury 1666, 1671, 1672. Adm. to son
Thomas 8 Mar. 1691 [2. Lists 273, 275, 276. His widow Elizabeth (dau. of Thomas Turpin) in will 6 June - 18 Oct. 1710 named dau. Sarah Black, grandch. Daniel and Elizabeth Black, Nathaniel Adams, Samuel Johnson. Ch. Thomas, 1648. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Johnson. Sarah, m. Daniel Black. Nathaniel. James, a degenerate, banished in 1679; adm. to Thomas Donnell in 1693.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: ENDLE RICHARD, approximately 40 in 1674, in 1660 was fishing partn. with Stephen Ford; from 1665 on sold his fish to Mr. Jonathan Wade, acct. was not settled until 1682. In 1679-1681 he had been fishing for Roger Kelly. In 1667 he adm. on estates of Barthol. Priest and Christo. Monke. Lists 302ab, 305c, 298. In 1665 he bot at Spruce Creek and from that time kept his fam. ashore, self and w. bur. there. Adm. to s. Richard, inv. attested 5 Apr. 1694. He m. Agnes Turpin. Ch: Hannah, m. 1683 Joseph Wilson. Their s. Gowen occup. the homestead. Richard, b. ab. 1662, yeoman, had the homestead. Const. 1694-96. Gr.j. 1693, 1694, 1696, 1703. Lists 290, 295-298. W. Jane liv. 1707. D.s.p. 1716.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: FURSON, 2 THOMAS, at Bloody Point by 1642. The house and crop of corn, formerly the right of Thomas Furson, were sold in 1651 by John Lavis to Michael Brawn. He had rem. to Portsm., where he sold 'Furson's' (Noble's) Isl. in 1652. Lists 42, 78, 354a, 323, 325, 326a, 330b, 342. He mar. by 1656 Jane, wid. of Tho. Turpin, named in Mrs.Batchelder's will in 1660. In 1674 she and her (Turpin) grch. pulled up Richard Cummings' corn to make him start a title suit.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: LEACH, JAMES, weaver, Newcastle, m. Jane (Turpin), wid. of Walter Muchemore, and 26 July 1660 sued Rich. Cummings for W. M.'s share in a fishing voyage 11 yrs. bef. They, their four ch. and her mo., Jane Furson(2), were legatees of Mrs. Ann Batchelder(1) in 1660; they and s. James helped Goody -or widow- Furson tear up the Cummings corn and were bound over for it in 1674. His land incl. Leach's Isl. near Little Harbor, where he liv. See Ely(2). O. A. 27 June 1656. Gr. j. 1654-5, 1667-8, 1676, 1678, 1683; tr. j. 1682, 1683, 1685;
Constable 1656; Deputy Provost Marshall 1688. Lists 323, 326ac, 330ab, 312c, 313a, 331ab, 49, 52, 319, 315ac. Will, of Portsm., 14 Jan.--30 June 1697, attested by w. Jane, names her and ch: Son, either d. bef. fa., or incl. in will with 'my children.' James, b. approximately 1655. John, b. approximately 1658, named first in will but called 3d son. Daus. (unnamed), presumably include (or possibly step-daughter) the young widow of Henry Mansfield in 1678, and a daughter Mary, m. 1st Lieut. Aaron Moses, 2d John Sherburne, unless Mansfield was the first of three husbands. Another son, Thomas of New London, is claimed by desc.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England: MANSFIELD, JANE, Portsmouth. In Maine ct. 5 Mar. 1651-2, a widow, she pet. concerning a debt due from Oades Edwards. Had Portsm. gr. 5 Dec. 1653, then vanishes. Not impossibly she was previously Jane (Turpin) Muchemore, and by an unkn. 2d mar. with a Mansfield was mo. of (1), if not of (7), marrying last James Leach(2).

NewEnglandAncestors.org 1862.23.168: Leonard Weeks aged about 40 years, knew in England 3 reputed daughters of Thomas Turpin, Viz. Elizabeth, Jane, and Annie wh 3rd ds are now come into this country and are married to James Leach, Philip Adams, and Ric. Endall 26.4.1672.

Collections of NH Historical Society: Three other deponents say they heard Eliz the wife of Nicholas Rowe say that there were three men Witches at Strawberry Bank one was Thomas Turpin who was drowned, another old Ham, and the third should be nameless because he should be blameless. Goodwife Walton was bound over to the next Court.

NE Historical & Genealogical Register: Leonard Weeks aged about 40 years knew in England three reputed daughters of Thomas Turpin Viz Elizabeth, Jane, and Annie wh 3 ds are now come into this country and are married to James Leach, Phillip Adams, and Ric Endall 26 4 1672.

Old Kittery & Her Families: Leonard Weeks aged 40 deposed 26 4 1672 that he knew in England three reputed daughters of Thomas Turpin viz Elizabeth, Jane and Anne who are now come to this country and are married to James Leach, Philip Adams, and Richard Endall Court Records of New Hampshire. Thomas Turpin was drowned 30 Oct 1649 YorkDeeds I 62 He left widow Agnes in Portsmouth.

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