Wadleigh, Wadley, Wadlow, Wadlowe

John WADLEIGH, planter, at Saco 1636, Wells selectman 1647 & 1648, will dated 7/7/1671, had brother Robert of York ME

Spouse: Mary ______,married by 1625-27,  living in 4/18/1664, died before John

Children: Robert born 1627 Briston Eng; Mary born at Bristol near London, married Thomas Mills; Joanna married Jonathan Thing (2) Bartholomew Tipping; John


Robert WADLEIGH born 1627 Bristol ENG, Esq., millwright, Exeter, Kittery witness 7/15/1654, ferryman and tavern keeper, May 1666 Lamprill River, Exeter 9/26/1676; report made 5/23/1684 "he hath put the people of the Province into such ferment and disorder that it is not possible to put His Majesty's commands in execution, or any way govern them"

Spouse: Sarah SMITH married before 6/17/1654, alive in 1698

Children: Sarah born 6/15/1655 Wells ME married John Young; John born 12/7/1657 Wells, Captain, millwright, pardoned for his part in the Rebellion married Abigail Marston (John of Salem); Robert born circa 1659, in prison before 5/23/1684,married Sarah Nelson, farmer; Joseph born 12/6/1660, died in prison before 5/23/1684; Mary born Exeter NH married John Cram; Jonathan; Henry born 5/16/1666 Exeter NH married Hannah (2) Anna Wilson Hilton; John, Joseph & Robert took part in the Gove Rebellion


Capt. John WADLEIGH born 12/7/1657 died 1728; Kittery ME, Exeter NH

Spouse: Abigail MARSTON born 12/19/1658 Salem MA, married by 1684

Children: Abigail born 3/30/1684 Exeter NH; Joseph born 3/7/1685-6 Exeter; John born 8/14/1691 Exeter; Alice born 8/27/1693 Salisbury MA; Ephraim born 5/25/1697 Salisbury; Ruth born 6/28/1700 Salisbury


Abigail WADLEIGH born 3/30/1684 Exeter NH

Spouse: Ezekiel MORRILL born 9/29/1675 Salisbury MA

Children: Jonathan born 9/12/1706 Salisbury MA; Ezekiel born 9/3/1707  removed to Canterbury NH, died 1783, captain in militia, married (1) Jemima Morrill (2) Joanna Gilman;; Abnerman  born 7/12/1709; Hannah born 3/16/1711-12 married Samuel Currier; John born 3/28/1713; Thomas born 9/19/1715; Ephraim born 12.9/1717; Abigail born 1/27/1718-19; Ruth born 11/9/1721; Susannah born 1/10/1722-23; David born 1724; Sarah born 4/29/1728; Jacob

Genealogical Dictionary ME & NH: Wadleigh, John, planter, Saco, Wells, of unkn origin but by Catholic rec his dau Mary was b at "Bristol near London" Taxed Saco 1636 and appr the Williams est. Vines gr him a lot in Yeapakesset River in 1639. An arbitrator betw John Richards and Francis Knight 1640. Trj 1640, 1645; grj 1645. Evid of Wells 11/2w0/1645 when Vines gr 200 a on sw side of Obumkegg River to him and Edmund Littlefield. Wells selectman 1647, 1648. Took Ind deed in 1649 and in 1650 took poss and made deliv to s Robert as joint purchaser. In 1654 Thomas Wheelwright and Ezekiel Knight wit ag him for swearing; the next yr he was fined for defaming a grj man, a sequel to this case. Comr for Wells 1659. Wife Mary abs from meeting 1654, liv 4/18/1664. His will 7/7/1671 directed bur beside decd wife, names 3 ch, the son exec. Edw Rishworth and Samuel Wheelwirght overseers; inv. 9/20/1671 by James Gooch and James Smyth 453. Ch: Robert, Mary m. Thomas Mills; Joanna m 1st Jonathan Thing m. 2d Bartholomew Tipping. Her fa willed her 1/6 of his cattle. // Robert, Esq, millwright, Exeter went with fa to Wells and had left for Kittery, or was ab to depart, 6/17/1654 when he was "at present in the town of Wells." Kit wit 7/15/1654; constable 1656; ferryman and tav keeper; gr j 1665; Clerk of the Writs 1665. In May 1666 he bot 320 a at Lamprill River, sold out at Kit two mos later, and of L River sold half his 320 a to Nicholas Lisson in 1667. Dover gr him a mill priv on L River and rec him inhab 5/3/1669. Adm inhab of Exeter 9/26/1676. Rep 1681, 1684. The participation of his sons John, Joseph, and Robert in the Gove Rebellion resulted in his trip to Eng in their behalf and also on account of his own troubles with Mason. On his return Cranfield feared his influence and a report was made 5/23/1684 "he hath put the people of the Prov into such ferment and disorder that it is not poss to put His Majesty's commands in execution, or any way govern them." Councillor 1684; Capt by 1687; Justice Ct Com Pleas; Judge Superior Ct. Wife Sarah, m bef 6/17/1654 was liv in 1698. He was liv in 1701, his son was Jr 1702-1710. Kn ch: Sarah m John Young; Capt John oldest a +-20 in 1683 millwright, Ex Salisb was pardoned for his part in the Rebellion bef May 1684; Ex selectman 1687; Salisb 1701. Wife Abigail Marston (John of Salem). Will 1/13/1725-3/1/1727-8. See Hoyt's Salisb li 605, for ch rec. there 1684-1700, Abigail, Joseph, John, Alice, Ephraim, Ruth; Joseph had Ex gr 1681, taxed 1682, d in prison bef 5/23/1684. In 1722 his sis Mary sold 1/6 of his 100 a near Deer Hill. Robert, in prison 5/22/1684 m in Rowley 9/8/1696 Sarah Nelson (Capt. Philip). Farmer, ex constable 1699, liv 1734. Ch appear: Robert, Stratham m 12/18/1718 Deborah Smith, will 1733, 7 ch Benjamin, Kingston w Judith liv 1745, Philip, w Mary Stevens (Edw) will 1765-1767 w Mary 2 ch, 2 gr sons, Jonathan, Brentwood, appar m 1st w wid Jeanna Moody, will 1755-1756, w Sarah br Joseph 5 ch Joseph Ex b 9/17/1711 m 1/5/1737 Ann Swain 5ch; Mary m John Cram; Henry; Jonathan Ex bondsm for Nicho Gordon 1696, constable 1697, select often 1705-1732, called Lieut 1709, Capt 1725, Hannah, a wit with him 1698, was likely his 1st w; he m 2d ab 1717 Anna (Wilson) Hilton. Will 1748-1756, names dau Mary Leavitt Noyes (m Joseph N of Newb by 1716)

History of Wells & Kennebunk: Some of the leaders did not think education of any value. John Wadleigh when asked to subscribe for the aid of the college replied as before stated, "it was no ordinance of God and contrary to his judgment."

Collections of the Maine Historical Society: I cannot ascertain that the town ever had any legal title although they may have acquired it in some way from the deed to Wadleigh. In their memorial to Charles II they allege that it came to them from the natives. That deed is in the following words: Whereas Sagamore Thomas Chabinocke of Nampscoscoke by virtue of his last will and testament had given and bequeathed and for certain good reasons and considerations him hereunto moving hath and by virtue hereof doth freely and forever bequeath give and grant unto John Wadleigh of Wells, to him his heirs and successors and that forever of his own accord and with the consent of his mother. Eamanascho to whom the said Wadleigh has given a consideration the premises considered after the manner of a purchase bargain and sale the said Sagamore and his adherents and survivors have for themselves and successors confirmed and made sure unto the said John Wadleigh and his successors to be inherited presently after the death or the said Sagamore all that the said Sagamore with his whole right title and interest called by the name of Nampscoscoke bounding between Nogimcoth and Kennebunk and up as high as Cape Porpoise Falls and the same with all the profits commodities and appurtenances against all men to warrant and defend Witness our hands and seals this 18th day of October 1649 PHILEMON POCHMART The Sagamore's mark with his own hand is v XV T Q Sealed signed and delivered in presence of us KAMANASCHO her mark V V v l t WILL WARDELL his mark VW STEPHEN BATSON his mark r fo ROBEBT WADLEIGH SASAGAHAWAY his mark s Q J And they all affirm Ceasar consents to this William Waidell's testimony that this is the act and deed of Thomas Chabinocke the Sagamore of Wells Taken before me the 28th of March 57 Joseph Bowles Commission In 1650 Ramanascho the mother of the Sagamore Thomas Chabinocke quit claims to Wadleigh to confirm and establish the foregoing for ton pounds sterling which she and the Sagamore received in his life time. March 31 1650 John Wadleigh took quiet and peaceable possession of the premises contained in his Indian right laying the whole continent from Cape Porpoise Falls and so by s straight lino to Negunquit and so down to the sea side and further assigns the same as it shall be inhabited to be liable to all common charges and rates for the town of Preston alias Wells and to this as in the same or like case required we the witnesses have hereunto subscribed our names etc. Some other sanctions to this transer give the same utterances of a very cautious civil policy or of a still more extensive regard to the claims of life's various relationships. The Sagamore's sister signifies her approbation of the act and the parties and witnesses also affirm that Ceasar gave his consent. Who Ceasar was the record does not show. Neither can I ascertain who this John Wadleigh was. He must have been familiar with the natives and the necessities of an effectual Indian conveyance to have had all these provisions ingrafted in his deed. His son was with him and witnessed the instrument .He may have had a dwelling place here and been an inhabitant for years. He was conusant of a fact that the town was also called Preston which is not elsewhere mentioned. It is possible that from this deed to Wadleigh the town acquired or assumed the right of making grants. As there was at that time no existing corporation capable of taking a deed it may have been obtained purposely for the benefit of the plantation. By the terms of the record of possession the land is assigned to be liable to all charges and rates for the town of Preston alias Wells. The town assumed soon after to dispose of the lands at their pleasure claiming in a memorial to King Charles that they honestly purchased them of the natives. In subsequent years they were not very particular or cautious as to their mode of action but obviated all difficulties in a very summary manner. Thus in the year 1716 being assembled together they voted that this be a legal meeting to do town business and afterward that all the lands within the limits of the town should be the exclusive property of those who were then inhabitants and formed themselves into a proprietary shutting out all who might thereafter come to reside with them It may have been by some brief procedure of this kind that they converted to their own use the title of Wadleigh.

Old Kittery & Her Families: This Robert Wadleigh was the son of John Wadleigh of Wells Me and later of Exeter NH. The following is found in the Court Records under date of 5 July 1661. Whereas there is a demand for a house of entertainment at the place called the Poynt where sometimes Hugh Gunnison did reside and whereas there is a constant necessity for transportation across the Piscataqua River at that place, the Court orders that Robert Wadleigh keep an ordinary there and take charge of the ferry over to Capt Pendleton's side, His license was renewed the following year after which he disappeared from Kittery history, He was at Oyster River in 1666 and later at Exeter NH, He became a prominent man in New Hampshire where he was Deputy Commissioner and Judge.
WADLEIGH This name is frequently written Wadlin. John Wadleigh bought land of an Indian chief in Wells Me in 1650. Descendants lived in Exeter NH and Salisbury Mass. William Wadleigh of Berwick was probably connected with this family. He appears with wife Elizabeth in 1703. The following children were baptized at South Berwick 25 Oct 1716 Sarah Mary Ebenezer Moses and Patience Mary m John Rowel 14 July 1726 Daniel and Hannah Wadlin had children baptized 1 June 1736 viz William Daniel Ebenezer and Sarah also Mary bapt 14 Nov 1742 Elizabeth bapt 12 Feb 1744 5 Hannah bapt 3 April 1750 and Daniel bapt 1753. The following whose parentage is uncertain were baptized 26 Oct 1741 Moses John Abigail and Mary Moses m Patience Grant 13 July 1760. Their son Abraham bapt 17 Sept 1760 was drowned 4 Sept 1772 according to Tate Mary Wadlin m Timothy Ramsdel of York 30 Dec 1761 and Elizabeth Wadlin m Daniel Ramsdel of York 26 July 1764

Genealogical & Family History of the State of NH: John Wadleigh was found at Saco Maine as early as 1639 and was of Wells as early as 1647. He was a juror about 1640 and bought land of the Indians in 1649. He was to keep the ordinary at Wells in 1648 49 where he took the oath of allegiance and was selectman in 1653. He was living in 1664 and the inventory of his estate was presented by his son Robert September 16 1671. No record is found although the will is referred to in the inventory. His wife's name was Mary and they had children Robert Mary and John and perhaps others. II Robert eldest son of John and Mary Wadleigh was a citizen of Wells in 1650 when he was made joint owner with his father of land purchased of the Indians. He subscribed to the oath of allegiance there in 1653 and received a grant of land there in 1659. This was sold in the following year and he was constable of Kittery in 1662 .He was still a resident there in 1666 when he sold his house and land there and purchased land at Lamper eel river between Dover and Exeter. His name first appears on the Exeter records in March 1668 and he was received as an inhabitant of Dover in 1669. He was accepted as an inhabitant of Exeter September 26 1676 and he was the justice of the peace there and a prominent citizen for many years. He with his wife and son Jonathan received seats in the Exeter meeting house in 1698. He died about 1702. In 1668 he was dispossessed of certain house and milne with appurtenances belonging to the farm and appealed from the decision. On a full hearing of the case the court adjudged that he had been illegally dispossessed and ordered that he be repossessed of the estate and reimbursed for the cost of the suit. In 1680 he was the largest tax payer in Exeter except Moses Gilman and in 1684 he was a member of the province council. Three of his sons John Robert and Joseph were in the Edward Gove rebellion against the arbitrary power of Governor Cramfield and were tried for treason and condemned. One of them died before the time of execution and the others were pardoned by royal instruction .Robert Wadleigh was justice of the supreme court of adjudication from 1693 to 1697. His wife's name was Sarah and their children were John Robert Joseph Jonathan and Sarah.

York Deeds: To all Christian people to whom these presents shall Come, Greeting Now Know ye that Symonds Eps of Ipswich in the County of Essex in the Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England Gentlee in behalf of himself and Daniel Epps of Salem Esqr Administrators to Majr Daniel Epps of Ipswich deceased being also impowered by Vertue of a Letter of Atturney from the abovesaid Daniel Epps of Salem aforesd As also by Vertue of a Letter of Attorney from Capt John Wadleigh of Salisbury bearing date December ye 12th 1719 divers good Causes and Considerations him thereunto moving hath in behalf of him self and ye abovesaid Dan Epps & John Wadleigh and their heirs and each of their heirs Execu Administrators or Assigns remised released and for ever quit claimed & doth by these presents fully clearly and absolutely remise and release and for ever quit Claim unto ye Town of Wells or ye proprietors of ye Town of Wells in ye County of York in New England their Heirs and successors for ever all right Title Enterest or Demands whatsoever yt he the sd Daniel and Symonds Eps & John Wadleigh hath or Ought to have of Lands in ye Township of Wells by vertue of a Deed or Conveyance from Thomas Chabinock Nampscossah under his hand mark and Seal to John Wadleigh of Wells his heirs and successors lying between ye river of Ogunquit and Kennebunck which Conveyance bears date October ye 18th 1641 and which was also Confirmed by Romanasko mother to ye abovesd Sagamore Thomas Chabinock by a quit Claim under her hand mark and Seal bearing date ye Seventh day of ye Eight Month 1650. To Have and to Hold ye sd Land as before expressed Together with all ye priviledges rights and Appurtenances thereto belonging to ye abovesd proprietors of ye Town of Wells & their heirs and assigns for ever peaceably & quietly to enjoy without any let Suit Challenge Claim or Demand from either of ye abovest Daniel Eps, Symonds Eps, or John Wadleigh or their heirs or Executors Administrators or Assigns In Testimony whereof the abovesd Symonds Eps hath hereto set his hand & Seal Sept 19 Anno Dom One thousand Seven hundred and Twenty 1720 In ye Seventh Year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lord George by ye Grace of God of Great Brittain France & Ireland King Defender of ye faith etc. Signed Sealed and Delivered Symonds Eps (seal) in presence of us Sam Emery, Thos Wells, Sam Emery Jr. York sc/ October 4th 1720 Simon Epps Esq. above named  personally appearing Acknowledged ye above Instrumt in writing to be his Voluntary Act & Deed .Coram Jos Hamond J pacs Recordec According to ye Original Octobr 4th 1720 p Jos Hamond Regr.
 Know all men by these presents that I John Wadleigh of ye Town of Salisbury in ye County of Essex in ye province of the Massachusets Bay in New England. Gente have Constituted and ordained my Trusty and well respected friend Symonds Eps of ye Town of Ipswich inye County and province aforesd in New England Gente my True and Lawfull Attorney for me and to my Use to Sell or dispose of all my Interest in lands at Wells within ye limits of a Deed made to my honoured Grandfather and father by Sagamore Thomas Chabinock and Romanascho his mother bearing Date Anno Dom Octobrye 18 1649 I do also Impower my said attorney to sue for any lands belonging to me as If I were psonally present and give quit Claim and Attorney or Attorneys make under him as he sees Cause and sd Wadleigh doth promise and oblige himself to warrant and defend all Actions his said Attorney shall lawfully do in or concerning to premises In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this twelfth day of December Anno Dom 1719 in ye Sixth Year of his Majestys reign Signed Sealed and Delivered John Wadleigh (seal) in presence of us Mathew Whipple Quartus , Josiah Dennis. Essex sc Ipswich Decemb 12th 1719. Then the above named John Wadley psonally appeared & acknowledged the above written Letter of Attorney to be his free Act & Deed. Coram Dan Rogers Jus peace Recorded According to ye Original Octobr 4th 1720 p Jos Hamond Regr  

The Maine historical and genealogical recorder, Volume 1: JOHN WADLEIGH was also one of the earliest settlers on the Saco and served on the grand jury in 1645. He removed to Wells and received from the Indian Sagamore Chabenocke all his title and interest of Nampscascoke covering nearly the entire site of the town of Wells the consideration being that one bushel of Indian corn should annually be paid to the "old Webb" the chief's mother during her life. Wadleigh took legal possession of his grant March 31 1650 and as such titles were held valid where no previous grants had been made conveyed portions of his land to others. He was a selectman of Wells in 1653 and kept the ordinary or inn of the town. He was an active and exemplary citizen and at his death in 1671 left a large property for that time bequeathing to his daughter Mary his yoke of oxen Spark and Berry.  

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