_____ WAKEFIELD England

Spouse: _____

Children: John married Elizabeth Littlefield daughter of Edmund & Annis; Patience


Patience WAKEFIELD born circa 1626 Titchfield ENG, died circa 1674 Wells ME

Spouse: Captain John LITTLEFIELD baptized 1624, died 2/9/1696-7, married in Titchfield

Children: Mary born 1658-9; John, died 1690 married Mehitable ?; Josiah married Lydia Masters & Elizabeth; Elijah born 1670 died 1717-8 married Rachel Sibley; Lydia born 1667married Samuel Storer; Deborah born in Titchfield between 1660 and 1663, married Samuel Webber of York, Maine born 1656, they had 12 children; Charity born circa 1665 married Wm Webb; Elizabeth  born 1678 married Edward Beale; Mercy married Jacob Lufkin & Richard Stimson; Patience born 1674 married James Webber; Son died before 1701, widow Joanna

Pioneers ME & NH pg 216: WAKEFIELD, William ae 22 & Anne ae 20, came in the Bevis in May 1638. Settled at Hampton. Received a house lot as "a young man"; frm 3/13/1638-9. Chosen town clerk 10/31/1639; clerk of the writs in 1641. Rem to Newbury MA. Certain lands he had owned passed to Stephen Pent, who sold the same 14(2)1652. LITTLEFIELD: Edmund & Annis men dau Elizabeth Wakefield in wills.  [Is William pos bro or father of Patience?]

Genealogy & Family History of NH: John Wakefield, the progenitor of the family which has been very numerously represented in Maine, was a native of Eng. The first record of him found in this country bears date 1/1/1637, when at the town meeting held at Salem he was assessed 15 shillings as an inhabitant of Marblehead in the Colony of MA Bay. It is presumable that he came as early at least as the previous summer. On the 14th of the same month, among the several portions of land laid out at Marblehead, he received 4 acres on the Neck. Prior to 1648 he lived in Salem which then included the present town of Marblehead. He first appears on record in maine in 1641 when he and his brother-in-law, John Littlefield, received a grant of what is known as the Great Hill Farm. The hill at that time extended much farther into the sea than it now does, and with the projecting land at the eastern end was called the Great Neck. This was in the ligonia patent, and neither of the grantees took possession, probably on account of the uncertainty as to their title. John Wakefield settled in the town of Wells, where he attained considerable prominence. He served as commissioner and selectman in 1648-54-57. In each instance his father-in-law, Edmund Littlefield, served in the same capacity. In 1652 John Wakefield purchased Wakefield's Island and removed to it in that year and there resided for a time. He subsequently purchased land in Scarboro and resided upon it several years. Thence he removed to that part of Biddeford which is now Saco, where he remained until his death. That he was a man of considerable substance is evidenced by the fact of his buying and selling lands, and he was frequently called upon to witness deeds for others. In 1670, when he was probably incapaciated by illness or the infirmities of age, his wife acted as his attorney in selling parcels of land. He died 2/15/1674 and was buried at Biddeford. The destruction of the records of Wells, ME leaved us no accurate data as to the time of his marriage or his birth or the births of his children. His wife Elizabeth was a daughter of Edmund and Annis Littlefield of Wells. Her death is not recorded. Their children included: John, James, Henry, William, Mary & Katherine.

Genealogical & Family History of the State of ME: II Captain John son of Edmund Littlefield was born about 1625-30. He took the oath of allegiance in 1680 and lived in Wells. He had a grant of land with his brother in law John Wakefield in 1641 from John Cleaves at the mouth of the Mousam River where he made his home. He deeded to Francis Littlefield Sr his brother half the timber and mill at Ogunquit Upper Falls December 23 1669 also land to Josiah Littlefield August 8 1690. He died at Wells February 9 1696 97 and his widow Patience administered the estate. He was called Sen in 1669 and afterward. Children born at Wells 1 John eldest son married Mehitable died 1690, 2 Josiah married Lydia and Elizabeth, 3 Eliab mentioned below, 4 Son died before 1701 leaving widow Joanna and daughter Joanna, 5 Lydia married Storer, 6 Deborah married Samuel Webber, 7 Mary married Matthew Austin, 8 Charity married William Webb, 9 Elizabeth married Edward Beal, 10 Mercy married Luffkin, 11 Patience married James Webber

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