Walley, Waley

John WALLEY, printer Foster Lane, Hart's Horn of London, born 1546, died 1586

Spouse: Agnes

Children: Robert


Robert WALLEY of the Court of Assistance, London, will 1651


Children: Thomas; Henry, Clerk of the Company of Stationers, Master of the Company of Stationers in 1655


Rev. Thomas WALLEY born Whitechapel ENG May 1607 died 3/24/1679; vicar of Rickmanworth Hertfordshire, moved to Whitechapel 1646, missionary work in Ireland, ejected from Whitechapel during Restoration, arrested in 1662 for continuing to preach there. Removed to MA in 1663

Spouse: (1) Margery _____ married at Stepney in 1643, came to MA with Rev.; (2) Sarah Clark married circa 1675 mentioned in his will

Children: Hannah born 1645; John born 1643 died 1/11/1712 was judge & major general, commanded expedition again Quebec in 1690 married Sarah ___; Mary born 4/18/1644 died 1676 married Job Crocker of Barnstable1668; Thomas born 1646, died 1672,  merchant in Barnstable married Hannah Bacon 1660;  Lydia born 4/16/1650; Elizabeth? married married Jacob Jesson


Hannah WALLEY born 1645 died 10/23/1711 Barnstable

Spouse: Lt. Samuel ALLYN born 2/1/1643 Barnstable, married 5/10/1664, died Barnstable 11/25/1726

Children: Thomas born 3/22/1665 Barnstable died 11/25/1696 married Elizabeth Otis 10/9/ 1688; Samuel born 1/19/1666 Barnstable died 12/21/1706 married Sarah Taylor 1705; Joseph born 4/7/1671 Barnstable died Wethersfield CT before 4/1742 married Mary Doty daughter of Edward Doty & Sarah Faunce; Hannah born 3/4/1672-3 Barnstable died Hingham 6/13/1748; Elizabeth born 11/26/1681 died 12/23/1698 Barnstable

Barnstable MA Town Records 1640 to 1793:  By the records of William and Mary's Church, Whitechapel, London, it appears that John Walley who it is probable was grandfather of Rev. Thomas Walley of Barnstable, died in 1586, being a printer in London. He left a son Robert who was of the Court Assistants and whose will, London 1651, shows a son Thomas who was probably the minister of Barnstable. However, this may be, Rev. Mr. Walley brought with him to America his wife Margery and several Children, Viz. Hannah who marred Samuel Allyne May 10 1608 and died Oct. 23, 1711 [prob. b. about 1641].  John born 1643 who was judge and Major Genl.  Mary born Apr 18, 1644 who married [Dea] Job Crocker of Barnstable 1668.  Thomas born 1646. Lydia born Apr 16 1650.  His first wife dying he married, second, Sarah Clark about 1675, who he mentions in his will, requesting in the same that he "may be buried as near to my loving wife, deceased, as may be." John, the eldest son of Rev. Mr. Walley, Judge of the Supreme Court, member of Council, and Major Genl died Jan 11, 1712. By his wife Sarah, who died Nov 11, 1711, he had Sarah who married first Charles Clauncey, Oct `9, `699 and second Francis Willoughby, Oct 11, 1716 and died Dec 26, 1726; John born Nov 7, 1677 and died early. Hannah born July 23, 168 and died Nov 26, 1711; Mary born Feb 1682 and died Au 15, 1704. Elizabeth orn Nov 1, 1685 married Rev. Joseph Sewall DD Oct 29, 1713 and died Oct 27, 1756; Lydia born Sep 2, 1688 and died April 26, 1747; and John born Sep 11, 1691 who married Bethia Eyre Mar 18 1714 died Mar 6, 1745 and had John Oct 6, 1716 who was the minister first at Ipswich, second at Bolton, and married Elizabeth Appleton. Beside Rev. John of Ipswich his father had Catharine 1719; Sarah 1722; Bethia 1724; Thomas Nov. 1, 1725; Elizabeth 1731; and Mary 1733.  Freemans' His. of Cape Cod.

Gen. Reg. First Settlers of NE pg 302: WALLEY, Thomas, minister of Barnstable, was ejected for his nonconformity, and came from London in 1663, and died at Barnstable, 24 March, 1679 ae. 61.

The will of Rev. Thomas Walley, pastour of the church of Barnstable, dated 1678, mentions "four acres of marsh at Sandy Necke, which I bought of Robert Parker"... 

History of the Military Co. of the Massachusetts: John Walley (1671), of Boston, son of Rev. Thomas Walley, of London, afterward of Barnstable, Mass., came to New England before his father. He became a freeman in 1673 ; lieutenant in the militia in 1678 ; captain in 1679 ; was elected major of the Boston regiment in 1699, and soon after was colonel. In 1683, he lived at Barnstable; was engaged in the settlement of Bristol in 1684 ; was assistant in the Plymouth Colony, and was one of the council named in the royal commission of Andros

History of Barnstable Co. MA: Rev. Thomas Walley was the recognized minister in 1663 and continued fifteen years.

Old Families of SE MA: Job Crocker, born March 9, 1644-45, married (first) in November, 1668, Mary, daughter of Rev. Thomas Walley, at the time pastor of the Barnstable Church; and after her death, about 1676, he married (second) July 19, 1680, Hannah, daughter of Richard Taylor, of Yarmouth.

An Inventory of the estate of the Reverend Mr Thomas Walley of Barnstable deceased; taken the 30th of March 1678, and exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift of Iune 1678 on the oath of Mr Iohn Walley Marchant of Boston. L s d. Impr: The house hee liued in with the lands and Meddowes Neare it and a parsell of Meddow att Sandey necke 150 00 00; Item the seuerall Tracts of Lands and Meddow toward Saconeesett 36 00 00; Item the studdy of bookes 40 00 00; Item a feather bed a bolster two pillowes 2 blanketts a Rugg Cortaines and a vallence 06 00 00; Item a featherbed 2 bolsters 2 blanketts and a Couerlidd 06 00 00; Item a bed bolster pillow and a Rugg 2 blanketts 02 15 00; Item a bed bolster 2 blanketts and a Rugge 03 00 00; Item a bolster and old pillow 20s a Chaire three shillings 01 03 00; Item 2 old England bedsteds three pound and three smale bedsteeds 1 04 00 00; Item a round table 20 a Chist of drawers 35 and an old Chest of drawers 03 15 00; Item 4 high Lether Chaires 28s 2 low lether cheirs 9s ten turkey worked chaires 53 04 10 00; Item 2 stooles 6 shillings 2 paire of Andirons in the hall 35s and a slice 2s 02 01 00; Item an old Couch 2s 6d 2 window Cushens 10s 00 12 06; Item his wearing Clothes woolen linnine hatt stokens shooes & bookes 11 00 00; Item a Cabonett 12s a Clocke 40s a round table 8s 03 00 00; Item a parsell of Curtaines vallence and other old thinges 50s a remnant of red Cotton 10s 03 00 00; Item 17 Table Napkins 13s 3 sheets 30s a tablecloth 12s 2 pillow Coates 5s 03 00 00; Item 29 peeces of pewter & tin &c. 4L 10s a brasse kettle 40s 3 Iron potts and an Iron Kettle 30s 08 00 00; Item betle wedges sawes augers axes hoes trivett old Iron 00 14 00; Item a Cart 40s plow & chaine 15s horse Geers 5s swine 12s sheep and lambes 04 [12] 00; Item 6 Cowes 10L oxen 7L 5s young Cattle 7L a horse and other horse kind and a saddle 4L 18 29 05 00; Item an Iron Crow spade and pick axe 12s Indian Corne 10s 00 12 00; Item a boate 10s a canooe 5s a barrell of salt 11s 8 yard of dowlas 20s 02 06 00; Item a s[_____?] bed pillian Cloth 8s Cushens 5s Curtaine Rodds 12s 01 05 00; Item pothangers & pothookes 10s 2 spitts 6s a Gridiron 2s a paire of smale Andirons 01 04 00; Item an old trunke tubbs and other lumber & table 25s a Chest 5s 2 seiues 2 shillings 01 12 00; Item a paire of doggs a paire of tonggs 5s old table 3s a Iack 10s a paire of tonggs three shillings a Candle sticke 5s 01 06 00; Item a siluer spoone 6s a warming pan 2s 6d a smale skillett 2s morter and pestle 10s 01 05 06; Item beame scales and waight 35s a still 35s feathers fifteen shillings a box Iron 2s 04 07 00; Item 2 white dishes 2s Closse stoole and pan 7s 00 09 00; Item milke panes trayes Churne trenchers bottls pestell & [paile?] 00 10 00; Item mony 4 shillings 9d 00 04 09; Item due to the estate from Moses Rowley 30s from edw Sturgis 3 00 00; from Iohn Ienkens 01 00 00; from Adam harry 01 00 0; from the Constable 02 14 04; from Mr Samuell Allin 01 05 00; from the Towne of Barnstable 33 13 00; 37 08 04; _________; 407 15 01; Apprised by vs Iohn Chipman Thomas Huckens [The following written in the margin:] Item a parsell of oates Item by prouisions &c Willed to his willow & Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. III, part 2, f. 117.

Torrey's MarriagesWalley, Thomas; Rev. Thomas1 (-1677/8) & ___ ___; in Eng, [by 1640]; Barnstable {Barnstable Fam. 214; Reg. 7:344, 14:13}

George Smith of London, gent, 10 January 1658, proved 11 February 1658. Lately freed from a dangerous illness. To Anne Cox, sister to my beloved wife deceased, for her convenient subsistance, ten pounds per annum, payable quarterly. To margaret Thorpe, another of my wife's sisters, five pounds per annum, payable in like manner. To Elizabeth Thorpe, daughter of the said Margaret ten pounds. To John Thorpe fifty shillings that he oweth me. To my wife's niece Elizabeth Chapman three score and five pounds, besides thirty and five pounds which I have in my hands in trust for her and owe unto her, all which maketh the sum of one hundred pounds. To Frances Cheney another niece of my wife, ten pounds. To my cousin Bridget Audley, daughter of John Hoddesdon Esq. deceasedc, five pounds. To my cousin Mary Gosslin forty shillings to buy her a ring. To Judith Sandford, late wife of John Sandford, sometime my tenant, fifty shillings. To my beloved cousin Christopher Hoddesdon of Lee Gardens, in Hornchurch Essex, Esq., ten pounds to buy a piece of plate. To Martha Hoddesdon, his daughter, forty pounds. To Thomas, his younger son, forty pounds. To Christopher Hoddesdon, son of thomas Hoddesdon, gentleman, deceased, four pounds. /P/ Item I give unto the three daughters of my beloved brother Master Thomas Walley, now Pastor of the Chyurch of Whitechapel in the Co. of Middlesex as followeth: to Hannah Walley the eldest I give forty pounds, to Elizabeth, the second I give thirty pounds, to Mary the youngest daughter I give fifty pounds. I give unto Master Thomas Wally, my beloved brother, Pastor of Whitechapel, twenty pounds to buy a piece of plate. To Thomas Gilling, my dearly beloved wife's son, one hundred pounds, but with this proviso, that he be a truly humbled and reformed man to settle himself in some honest way of livelihood, not else to be paid him to waste and riot to the dishonor of God, as he hath done his former estate, and for the discovery of his reformation and abandoning all his lewd and wicked company I commit to the judgment of my executors and overseers &c., and if they find nat a real change in him my will is that my executors shall only pay unto him six pounds per annum interest for the hundred pounds, but if he, the said Thomas Gilling, through his "deboistnes"" shall happen to die that then the said hundred pounds shall be paid to my two cousins Elizabeth Chapman and Frances Cheney, to each of them fifty pounds. To Master Dicklosse clerk of the Church of Whitechapel ten shillings and to sexton ten shillings.To the poor of Master Walley's congregation three pounds.To Margaret Thorpe before named, and to her children (wearing apparel) To Mrs. Elizabeth Silverwood, wife to Capt. John Silverwood, forty shillings to buy a ring and to his daughters each ten shillings (for rings) and to his two sons, each ten shillings to buy what they please. And I make ordain &c., my beloved and trusty friend Capt. John Silverwood of St. Giles Cripplegate, London, gentleman, my lawful executor &c., and my truly beloved friends brethren Master Abraham Jesson and Master Trustran May to be overseers, both of them being members of Master Wallye's church, and I give each of them fifty shillings to buy rings.  Wit. Robert Parrott Leyne Montgomery. /P/ Then follows a paper beginning -- This is a perfect account of ffrances Cheney & Rebecca Cheney  of monies which I George Smith took into my hands as guardian to improve for them. --- Memorandum, that Richard Cheney died the last day of October one thousand six hundred fifty and one. The goods was not praised till the tenth day of November one thousand six hundred and fifty two, but by reason of the contravery which was not divided till twenty second day of March one thousand six hundred and fifty two, about which time I received of Francis Cheney's money one hundred and twelve pounds and seventeen shillings  three pence which I used to her best advantage, at six pounds in the hundred, til about the third of May one thousand six hundred fifty five I lost fifty pounds of her money and the interest by one Thomas Gilling, which, notwithstanding, I think I was not bound neither by Law nor conscience, yet I have made it up, both principal and interest, at six pounds in the hundred, which next March is six years, and is, in all, the sum of one hundred forty eight pounds seven shillings three pence, due at or about Lady (day?) one thousand six hundred fifty nine. Memorandum That Frances Cheney's mother received all her dividents for her, I received none--George Smith

The history of Cape Cod: the annals of Barnstable County and of ..., Volume 1:   Rev THOMAS WALLEY whose prudence was the means of restoring the harmony of the church at Barnstable which had been great interrupted is mentioned by his contemporaries as a man of talent, learning, and piety. The records of the Barnstable church say, "The Lord was pleased to make him a blessed peacemaker and improve him in the work of his house here till March 24 1678 being Lord's day morning about forenoon meeting time and then he called him out of this earthly tabernacle into a house not made with hands. Mr Walley is said to have been remarkable for his humility. It is much to the honor of Mr Walley that he was kindly affected towards the Quakers. He, in common with many other influential inhabitants of the Cape, was much dissatisfied with the severity practised towards that people by the government. It is equally to his credit that he was ever an advocate for a kind and considerate course towards the Indians. In the Antiquarian Rooms at Worcester are preserved manuscript letters of much interest written by Mr Walley in which letters he laments the treatment the Indians received. A sermon of his preached at the annual election at Plymouth 1669 was published entitled "Balm in Gilead to heal Zion's Wounds" and prefixed to the election sermon of Mr Arnold of Marshfield 1674 was published an "Address on Public Spirit" furnished conjointly by Mr Walley and Rev Thomas Thacher. By the records of William and Mary's Church Whitechapel London it appears that John Walley who it is probable was the grandfather of Rev Thomas above. d. in 1586 being a printer in London. He left a son Robert who was of the Court of Assistants and whose will London 1651 shows a son Thomas who probably was the minister of Barnstable. However, this may be, Rev Mr Walley brought with him to America his wife Margery and several children viz Hannah who m Samuel Allyne May 10 1664 and d Oct 23 1711; John b 1643 who was judge and major general; Mary b April 18 1644 who m Job Crocker of Barnsluble 1668; Thomas b 1646; and Lydia b April 16 1650; His first wife dying he m second Sarah Clark about 1675 whom he mentions in his will requesting in the same that he "may be buried as near to my loving wife deceased as may be."  

A dictionary of printers and printing: with the progress of literature ... By Charles Henry Timperley:  1586 Jan Died John Walley an eminent printer of London whose dwelling was in Foster lane at the sign of the Hartshorn. All that has hitherto been collected of this printer is that he was one of the original members of the stationers company before they had their charter and served renter or collector of the quarterages from 1554 to 1557 when he was chosen under warden. He was upper warden in 1564 and again in 1569. He rented a chamber in the company's hall for which he paid xiij s iiij d a year in 1557 but in 1561 xx s. In 1558 he was fined ij s viij d for keeping open shop and selling books on a festival day. Again in 1564 for keeping open shop on St Luke's day with 18 others xvj s viii d. On Jan 28 1582- he was fined 13s 4d for employing Jno Charlewood to print the Book of Presidents for him. He had license for printing viz from Julv 1557 to July 1558, Welth and Helth, The Frere and the boye, Sans puer ad mensam, Youghte Ckaryte and Humylyte, An abc for cheldren in Engleshe with sylables, An hundreth mery tales the waye of God, The cronacle of yeres in xvj. Also sundry ballades with Mrs Toy vide ante page 324 1556-60. Esopes fables in Englesshe. The Shopman's Calendar 1562-63. An aliiwnacke and prognostication of John Securys for the year 1563 -- of Nostradamus for this year Anno 1562. The Latenye in Welthe 1564-65. An Almanacke for xiij years from 1565, 1565-66. An Almanacke and prognostication of Mr Buckmaster 1566-67. The seeounde well a daye. The Lamentynge of a younge made who by grace ys fully stayde 1567-68. Taverners postell vpon the Gospelles. An almanacke and prognostication of Mychell Nostradamus for 1568, Aug 3 1579. The second booke of Robyn Conscyence Octo 6 1580, iij balads The Lord of lorne and the false steward, Of going to market to buy the child shoes, Of this sillie poore man. See other copies declared to have been his under his son Robert to whom they were accordingly allowed. In 1568 his son John (as entered in the company's register) was made free by patrimony but, adds Herbert, as I find no farther mention of his name I suppose it to be a mistake for his son Robert of whom see hereafter. Mr John Walley for so he signed his name died in the beginning of 1586 as appears by the following memorandum 27Janij 1586 "this day there was distributed in the hall to the poore of the companie of the gifte and legacie of John Walley, staconncr deceased the some of Fyftie shillings by Agnes Walley executrix of his testament by thandes of Robert Walley his sonne according to the said testator's testament. This day of the distribution thereof being the first and next quarter day after the decease of the said John Walley. John Walley printed the very entertaining romance of Syr Eglanumr of Artoys. In the title page is a knight in complete armour on horseback and at full speed. His dog is running by his side. At the end is Imprinted at London in Foster lane at the sygne of the Harteshorne by John Walley. In the Garrick collection.
   Robert Walley the son of the foregoing whom Herbert observes was made free by patrimony in Ang 1568 but entered in the company's register by mistake under the name of John. However that be, he bound an apprentice in 1576 and was brought on the livery in 1585. He served renter in 1592. In 1594 he was taken into the court of assistants so that probably he was fined for warden. Next year he was one of the three members who were annually appointed to dine at the lord mayor's feast in Guildhall. His father seems to have quitted the trade to him in 1576. In 1576 The Rocke of Regard diuided into foure partes 4to by George Whetstone gent was printed for him. July 21 1577 he had a reversionary license from the company for printing a book entitled An abstract of all the penall statutes etc., after the death of Raffe Newberye who was not to enjoy it till after the death of Richard Tottell. He had license also for printing solely the following books Feb 20 1577-8 Cometographia qutedam Lucis Aeiri Lampadis qua 10 die Nouemb, apparuit anno a Vergineo partu 1577-- excudebat Robertus Walley 1578, 4to Mar 6 1580-1. Articles to be enquired with D Squicrs visitation May 4. A true report of the strange connynge and breedinge of myse in the marshes of Dengie hundred in Essex Ap il 23 1582. A lat practise enter prised by a papist with a younge maide in Wales taken amongest Catholikis for a prophetis Sep temb 14. A book of Engins for the destruction of rermyne Crouvs and Sparrowes gouernement of Oxon kyen Values horse shepe hogis mowles and doggis Decemb 7 1584/ The difference betwene the Auncient phisicke firste taughle by the godly fathers consistmr ein vnite peace and Concorde/ And the latter phisicke proceading from Idolatrie etc Septemb 4 1686 jointly with John Charlewood. A discourse of Englishe poetrye March 22 1586-7. The pathway to Militarie practise with a kalender for the ym batteling of men newly written by Barnabie Riche March 1 1590-1. Allowed vnto him these copies which were his fathers viz The Shepherdis Calender, Cato Eng and Latyn, The pro verbs of Solomon ,Jnglish Salust et bellum, Jugurthium Mr Graftons computation, Esopes fables, Eng Josephus de bello Judivo Eng, Robyn Conscience. The 12th of October following he assigned all of his copies to Thomas Adams. It does not appear that he printed himself seeing most of his copies that have been found were printed for him.

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