White / Whitt

Edward WHITE born  circa 1593 Cranbrook, Kent, ENG; died  after 3/15/1641-2 Dorchester Suffolk MA; came aboard Abigail Hopewell 1635 age 42; Freeman 7/12/1636, husbandman

Spouse: Martha KING born 1596, Cranbrook, died Dorchester; married 3/25/1624 St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, age 39 in 1635; she married (2) George Dyer 

Children: Martha age 10 in 1635, baptized Cranbrook /23/1624-5, no record after sailing; Mary baptized Cranbrook 3/11/1626-7, age 8 in 1635, no record after sailing; James baptized 1637-8 Dorchester, married Sarah Baker & Elizabeth Preston Withington; John baptized 12/16/1639 Dorchester later of York co. Maine, married January 11 1663-64 Mary Swift & Mary Farnham widow of Joseph


James WHITE baptized 1637-8 Dorchester Suffolk MA, died 11/11/1713 Dorchester

Spouse: Sarah Baker born 6/22/1645 Dorchester; married 12/22/1664, died 10/13/1688; married (2) 2/13/1696 Elizabeth Preston  Withington daughter of Captain John Withington died 11/19/1722

Children:  Edward born 8/4/1683; Sarah 10/8/1665 died 11/2/1665; Thankfull born 8/18/1667; Ichabod born 4/26 died 5/12/1669; John born 6/7/1670 married Mary Swift; Experience born 3/2/1673; Martha born 8/28/1675;Mary born 1677; James born 5/29/1679; Richard born 3/2/1681; Edward born 8/2/1683; Ebenezer born 7/3/1685 graduated Harvard in 1704, taught school in Weymouth 


Edward WHITE born 8/4/1683 died 10/17/1716 Dorchester

Spouse: Sarah WILSON married 4/17/1709; (2) Patience BIRD born 11/27/1683 died 12/11/1757

Children: Sarah born 3/1/1708 died young; John born 2/25/1709 married Hannah Maudsley; Sarah born 4/3/1711; Edward born 11/25/1712 married Eleanor Jones; Abijah born 1/23/1716-17 married Mary; Prudence born 8/21/1714;


Prudence WHITE born 8/21/1714 Boston 

Spouse: Nathan HANCOCK Christened 7/12/1716 Lexington, Middlesex, MA, published 6/22/1737 Boston, married 7/7/1737 Boston Suffolk MA

Children: John


John HANCOCK, the first town treasurer of Orland ME, was a cousin to Gov. Hancock, born 6/21/1738 MA

Spouse: Mary WALKER born 6/23/1739 of Boston MA died c1817 at 78 years, married 2/26/1761 Boston, New North Church Records 

Children: Mary; Thomas married Sally Stockbridge 1/12/1806 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages]; Nathan born 12/17/1762 Orland married Sarah Craige had daughter Lydia born 8/19/1798 per LDS ; John; William; Fanny married Rogers Lawrence 9/30/1780 Hancock Co. [ME Marriages]; Prudence born 11/1/1771 Orland Civil Hancock ME died 1860 per LDS married Jonathan Gilpatrick 8/15/1791; Sarah born circa 1764 ME; Lydia born 4/12/1777 East River Orland per LDS; Nancy

The Great Migration: Edward White. Origin: Cranbrook, Kent [Hotten 90]. Mirgation: 1635 on the Abigail (on 22 June 1635, "Edw[ard] White, 42 years, husbandman, & his wife Martha" aged 39, and "ii children, Martha," aged 10, and "Mary," aged 8, were enrolled at London,, with a "certificate from minister of Cranebroke in Kent," as passengers for New England on the Abigail [Hotten 90]).  First Residence: Dorchester.  Occupation: Husbandman [Hotten 90]. Church Membership: "Edward White" and "Martha White" were admitted to Dorchester church in late 1636 [DChR 3].  Freeman: 7 Dec 1636 (fourth in a sequence of seven Dorchester men) [MBCR 1:372]. Estate:  On 5 July 1636, "Goodman White" was granted twelve acres at Squantum Neck, in Dorchester [DTR 18]. On 2 Jan 1637/8, "Goodman White" was granted one acre of land "in lieu of the calves' pasture  from the burying place toward John Phillips" [DTR 27].  On 18 March 1637/8 "Ed[ward] White" was granted three acres and thirty-five rods in the Neck and the same amont of land in the Cows' Pasture [DTR 30].  On 15 March 1641/2, the town of Dorchester "agreed ... that Brother Whight should have one acre added to his first division in consideration of one acre that he should have had above the burying place which now he is not to have" [DTR 48]..  A deed of 24 Jan 1658[/9?], from "Elizabeth Stoughton of Dorchester ..., widow, executrixx of the last will and testament of Israell Stoughton late of Dorchester aforesaid her late husband" to "James Minot my son-in-law," transferred "six acres of upland lying within the fence in Dorchester" bounded "with the land which either is or sometime was Edward White's west" [SLR 3:207].  /// Birth: About 1593 (aged 42 on 22 June 135 [Hoten 90]). Death: After 15 March 1641/2 [DTR 48].  Marriage: Cranbrook, Kent, 25 March 1624 Martha King. She was born about 1596 (aged 39 on 22 June 1635 [Hotten 90]).  She married (2) George Dyer {1630, Dorchester} [GMB 1:603-6] (in his will of 31 Dec 1671, George Dyer included a bequest to "my loving son-in-law James White of Dorchester" [SPR 7:233]; since the wife of James White was not a daughter of George Dyer, "son-in-law" in this case must have meant "stepson").  /// Children:  i. Martha White, bp. Cranbrook 23 Jan 1624/5 (aged 10 on 22 June 1635 [Hotten 90]); sailed for New England with family in 1635; no further record.  ii. Mary White, bp. Cranbrook 11 Mar 1626/7 (aged 8 on 22 June 1635 [Hotten 90]; sailed for New England with family in 1635; no further record.  iii. James White, bp. Dorchester 1637 or 1638 [DChR 150]; m. (1) Dorchester 22 Feb 1664[/5?] Sarah Baker [DVR 21], daughter of Richard Baker {1639, Dorchester} (in his will of 7 Oct 1689, "Richard Baker of Dorchester" included a bequest to "my son James White" and referred to "my five daughters" one of whom was "Sarah which was James White's wife" [SPR 7:122]); m. (2) Dorchester 13 Feb 1695/6 Elizabeth (Preston) and widow of John Withington [NEHGR 75:145].  iv.  John White, bp. Dorchester 16 Dec 1639 [DChR 151]; m. (1) Dorchester 22 Feb 1664[/5] Mary Swift [DVR 21], daughter of Thomas Swift {1634, Dorchester } [GM 2:6;621-26]; m. (2) by 1679 Mary {____) Farnham, widow of Joseph Farnham (on 23 March 1679/80, "John White & Mary his wife relict & sole administratrix of the estate of Joseph Farnum sometime of Boston, shopkeeper, deceased intestate," acknowledged a debt [SLR 13:197]}. (In his will of 26 April 1690, John White mentioned "brother James White of Dorchester" [SPR NS 3:180].) /// Associations: In his will of 3 May 1638, "Smalehope Bigg, of Cranbrooke in the County of Kent, clothier," included a bequest to "my kinsfolk ... Edward White and Martha his wife" [Waters 21; NEHGR 38:60, citing Consistory Court of Canterbury 51:115]. In his will of 17 Aug 1640, "John Bigg of Maidston in the County of Kent, jurat," included a bequest to "Edward Whitt ... that went from Cranbrook" [NEHGR 29:259, citing PCC 11 Crane].  


The Abigail of London sailed from foreign ports, the last being Plymouth, England on June 4, 1635. She sailed with about 220 passengers aboard along with livestock. She arrived in Boston about October 8, 1635 with smallpox aboard. Richard Hackwell, master of Abigail

Dorchester Cemetery Inscription: Here lyes the body of James White Aged 76 Years Dyed November the 11th 1713.

History of the Town of Dorchester MA: Edward White came from Branbrook in Kent to Dorchester with his wife Martha and two daughters in the Abigail Hopewell from London  1635. Mr White was born in 1593, his wife in 1596, his daughter Martha in 1625 and Mary in 1627. His son James joined the church in 1662. He married Sarah Baker a daughter of Richard 22 12 1664 died Nov 11 1713 /// October 7th the Church appointed the Church officers with Nathaniel Clap and James White to go to Woodstock to attend the ordination of Mr Josiah Dwight. The ordination was on Oct 31st 1695. Selectmen John Tolman, James Foster, John Bird, James White and Samuel Capen. 

Historic Homes & Places - Cutter: Edward White the immigrant ancestor was born in England in 1593 and resided in Cranbrook county Kent England until June 1635 when he sailed for America in the ship Abigail of London with his wife Martha aged thirty nine and two children Mary aged eight and Martha aged ten. He settled in Dorchester Massachusetts and was admitted a freeman May 26 1647. Savage gives the date as December 7 1636. There were two other immigrants of the same name one settling at Roxbury and the other at Charkstown or the evidence seems to indicate that there were three Edward Whites. On account of the large number of early settlers of the name of White no name presents more difficulties to the genealogist. There were three immigrants of the name of John White having numerous descendants in the same locality. Thomas White of Weymouth has a large posterity and the descendants of William White father of Peregrine are also numerous. Edward White's descendants and those of Thomas White of Weymouth are found in the same localities in Braintree Dorchester and vicinity. Children of Edward 1 Martha born 1625 in England, 2 Mary born 1627 in England, 3 James born January 1 1637 mentioned below, 4 John born December 15 1639, married January 11 1663 64 Mary Swift, 5 Henry married Mary and had at Dorchester ten children, 6 Peter settled in Milton where many of his descendants have resided; II James White son of James White 1 was born in Dorchester January 1 1637 and was baptized in 1638 at Dorchester. He died there November 11 1713 aged seventy six according to the death record. He married at Dorchester February 22 1664 65 Sarah Baker daughter of Richard Baker of Dorchester. She died October 13 1688-89, and he married second February 13 1696 Elizabeth Withington daughter of Captain John Withington. She died November 19 1722. White took the oath of allegiance and fidelity in 1678 .Children of James and Sarah White 1 Sarah born November 8 1665, died January 2 1665 6 ;2 Thankful born August 18 1667; 3 Ichabod born April 26 1669 died May 12 1669; 4 John born June 7 1670; 5 Experience born March 2 1673; 6 Martha born August 28 1675; 7 Mary born 1677 baptized November 11 1677; 8 James bom May 29 1679; 9 Richard born March 2 1681; 10 Edward born August 2 1683 mentioned below; 11 Ebenezer born July 3 1685 graduate of Harvard College in 1704.  III Edward White son of James White 2 was born at Dorchester August 4 1683 and settled in his native town. Children born there 1 Sarah born March 1 1708 died March 3 following; 2 John born February 25 1709 mentioned below; 3 Sarah born April 3 1711; 4 Edward Jr born November 25 1712; 5 Abijah born January 23 1716 17.

Genealogical Gleanings in England, Volume 1:  Smallhope Bigg in his will mentions sisters Patience Foster and Elizabeth Stow. They were the wives of Hopestill Foster of Dorchester (see Dorchester Antiq Society's Hist Dorch p 118) and John Stow of Ruxbury (see the Apostle Eliot's Ch Records REGISTER xxxv 244) Of the kinsmen whom he names Edward White Dorchester Mass had married in 1616 at St Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook Kent, Martha King according to a pamphlet printed in 1663 entitled, In Memoriam Lieut W Greenough White; John Compton was probably the person of the name who settled at Roxbury (REG xxsv 244) and William Batehelor may have been the Charlestown settler who had wives Jane and Rachel (Wyman's Charlestown i 42) Clement Bate settled at Hingham Barry's Hanover p 345 and James Bate at Dorchester (Hist Dorch p 106). For the parentage of the latter see REGISTER xxxi 142. John Bigg in his will REG xxix 259 mentions as persons that went from Cranbrook, Edward Whitt [White], John Compton, John Moore, Thomas Brigden, and Goodman Beale EDITOR.


White Swirled Line

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