Abijah WHITMAN born circa 1560, son Zacheriah was ancestor of Walt Whitman


Ensign John / Johne WHITMAN, born c. 1602, died 11/13/1692 aged about 90, Weymouth / Abington / Bridgewater MA, had brother Zechariah (born 1595)  who settled in CT; arrived before 12/1638 when made a freeman, made ensign 1645; messenger to Narragansetts 1654

Spouse: (1) Mary _____  married in England by 1629, died 1662 (2) Ruth Reed daughter William married 12/19/1662

Children: Thomas born circa 1629 died 1712, married Abigail Byram, John died 2/1/1713 married (1) Ruth Reed (2) Abigail Hollis, Zechariah, rev., born 1644, died 11/15/1726, graduated Harvard 1668, married Sarah Alcock, Abiah born 1646 died 1/28/1727-8 married Mary Ford daughter of Andrew Ford, Sarah married in 1683 Abraham Jones of Hingham, Mary born 1634 died 7/10/1716 married John Pratt, Elizabeth died 2/2/1720, married Joseph Green, Hannah born 8/24/1641 married Stephen French, and Judith married Philip King


Sarah WHITMAN died 6/11/1718 married about 65 years

Spouse: Abraham JONES born circa 1630, died Hull 1/25/1718, mariner, married circa 1653

Children: Thomas, mariner, born circa 1658, died 1735, married Mary Loring; Abraham born circa 1659 died Raynham 1734-5, married Naomi __; Sarah married circa 1685 Mordecai Lincoln, gr gr gr grandparents of Abraham Lincoln; Joseph baptized 1658 married Lydia NEALE; Benjamin born circa 1668 died 1748, married Elizabeth; John, deacon, born 1669-70 married Sarah & Elizabeth; Ephraim born before 1677 died 1752, married Mary Adams, Mary Spear, Hannah Copeland; Josiah

NEHGR 1959 pg 47: Des. of Thomas Jones Hingham, Hull Manchester

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine: In the days of the colonization of New England before 1680 four men named Whitman came to New England. Two of them John of Weymouth and Zachariah were brothers but are not known to be related to either of the others. John is claimed as the ancestor of a large part of the Whitmans of New England. I Deacon John Whitman came from England and became one of the earliest settlers of Weymouth Massachusetts. When he came or how long he had been in Weymouth before he was made freeman there December 1638 is not known. In 1645 he was appointed ensign in the militia and also appointed to end small controversies a position equivalent to that of justice of the peace at the present time. He was also deacon of the church in Weymouth probably from its first establishment until his death which occurred November 13 1692 when he was nearly ninety years old it is said. His family did not come to this country until 1641, four years or more after his arrival. John Whitman lived upon a farm adjoining the north side of the highway leading by the north side of the meeting house of the North Parish in Weymouth and directly off against it and extending to Weymouth river, and his dwelling house was situated near the center of it. The same farm entire descended by bequest from father to son until 1806 when the title went into a female line of descendants who still occupy the place. John Whitman was among those citizens of Weymouth who received allotments of land in 1642 as follows. Twenty one acres in the west field fifteen of them upland and six of salt marsh four acres and a half on the western neck eleven acres in Harrisons range first given to him sixty acres by the goat pond first given to Mr Hull and four acres of fish marsh first given to Mr Hull In the list of 1651. Ensign Whitman is given twelve lots of land and on the list of 1663 he received eighty one lots comprising sixty acres. The first deed on record to John Whitman bears date 10 28 1649 in which Thomas Jenner of Charlestown grants to Elder Bates and John Whitman of Weymouth one dwelling house at Weymouth now in possession of John King, two orchards and twenty one acres adjoining more or less also twelve acres of Ye Western Neck be it more or less also half an acre upon Grape Island be it more or less also forty acres which is his own pp proper lot be it more or less and eighteen acres which was his father's also ye round marsh being four acres more or less and one acre of fresh marsh adjoining and six acres of marsh above ye fresh pond and a wood lot on Hingham side. The first deed on record made by John Whitman bears date March 19 1648 by which he sells to William Hayward about twenty two acres of land in Braintree which he had purchased of James Nash. Those entries show that he must have been one of the most extensive real estate owners in the town. His office of ensign he held till March 16 1680. At a session of the general court held May 15 1664 on the occasion of John Burrell and Richard Wager being sent as messengers to the Indians. John Whitman was allowed four shillings a day for his paynes and use of his horse in ye journey he was employed in for the countrey's service to the Narrowgansetts. From an entry in the Weymouth records it seems that John Whitman's wife's name was Ruth and that she died 8 17 1662 He had four sons and five daughters all but one of whom survived him and six of whom lived to be over eighty years of age. They were Thomas John Zechariah Abiah Sarah Mary Elizabeth Hannah and Judith.

Indian History, Biography & Genealogy: Commissioned officers of the local militia at Weymouth: Captains William Perkins and William Torrey, Lieutenants William Torrey, John Whitman from May 14 1645. Ensign John Whitman to May 14 1645.

Genealogical & Personal Memoirs ....MA - Cutter: John Whitman of Weymouth was of English birth and is believed to have come from Holt Norfolkshire which appears to have been a seat of the Whitmans for many years anterior. Winthrop and his colonists came from the vicinity of Holt and settled in Weymouth. John Whitman came to Weymouth probably about 1635. He was made freeman March 13 1638 9,was a town officer in 1643, was appointed by the governor ensign of the train band in 1645, probably the first military officer appointed in the town, and served as such until March 16 1680. May 14 1645 he was appointed magistrate commissioner to end small causes, and also was deacon of the church probably from the time of its foundation and susained that office until his death November 13 1692. May 15 1664 he was appointed commissioner to visit the Indians and at various other times filled offices of trust in the town. He owned and lived on a farm adjoining the north side of the highway leading by the north side of the meeting house of the north parish of Weymouth and directly against it and extending to Weymouth river. His house was near the middle of the farm, and it is said that a part of the building now on the place was erected about 1680, if this date is accurate the building was occupied by the ancestor .A portion of it was purchased for the purpose of a memorial by Mr William Whitman of Brookline, a direct descendant in the eighth generation of John Whitman of Weymouth. John Whitman had several grants of land and by purchase and otherwise evidently became one of the most extensive land owners in the town. It is supposed that he married in England and that his family did not come to Weymouth until 1641. He had a brother Zachariah who settled in Mil ord Connecticut as early as 1639, and by his will devised his estate at Milford to Rev Zechariah Whitman son of his brother. John Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts shows that Zachariah Whitman age forty came with his wife Sarah age thirty five and child Zachariah in the Elizabeth from Weymouth England April 11 1635. Deacon John Whitman had children I Thomas born about 1629 died 1712, 2 John died February i 1713, 3 Zechariah born 1644, 4 Abiah or Abijah born 1646 died January 28 1727 8 inherited the homestead, 5 Sarah married Abraham Jones, 6 Mary born 1634 died July 10 1716, 7 Elizabeth died February 2 1720, 8 Hannah born August 24 1641, 9 Judith

Memoir of John Whitman and His Descendants: JOHN WHITMAN, one of the early settlers of the town of Weymouth in the State of Massachusetts, is the Ancestor if not of all yet of nearly all of the name of Whitman as well as of an equal number at least bearing other names in this country. He came from England but from what particular part of it cannot be ascertained. He may have originated from Holt in the county of Norfolk. The name of Whiteman has existed there In the list of those copied into Winthrop's Journal who were admitted freemen the name of the above. John is spelled with an e as are those of Holt Governor Winthrop and his company came principally from the vicinity and probably some of them from the town of Holt. And John came over if not at the same time yet not many years after and attached himself to the same company, and it may be presumed was allured thither by his neighbors and friends who either came with or had preceded him a few years. The e may have been omitted by him as he and his posterity have ever written their names without it. There was however a John Whitman mentioned by Fox in his Martyrology who was of Rye near Dover and as it would seem much of an enthusiast. He left his family at Rye in 1572 abruptly and crossed over to Ostend and there demeaning himself fanatically and offensively to the Roman Catholics of that place was apprehended and consigned to the flames in which he perished without repining and in seeming exultation. He was forty nine years of age and left a large family at Rye. It is possible that our Ancestor who was born near the commencement of the succeeding century may have been grandson of the martyr. Our Ancestor must have arrived in this country some time and probably some years prior to December 1638 when as appears by Winthrop's Journal he was made free viz admitted to the rights and privileges of a citizen. This was not usually admissible until after a probationary residence of some time and never until after admission as a member of some established church. He probably settled at Weymouth twelve miles south of Boston soon after his arrival but at what precise period cannot be ascertained. He was by the Governor and assistants appointed an ensign there in 1645 which was probably the first military appointment in that town. In the same year he was by the same authority with two others appointed To end small controversies there. What authority was exercised under the latter commission is not precisely known but probably not very dissimilar to that which was subsequently expected of justices of the peace. He was also deacon of the church there probably from its first establishment until his death which was on Nov 13 1692. He must have lived to a very advanced age probably but little if any short of ninety years. This supposition is strengthened by the fact that the youngest of his four sons who was probably the youngest of nine children was born in 1644 And his oldest son Thomas gave a deposition in 1679 by which it appears that he was born in 1629. Some of the daughters may have been older and they probably were as it is scarcely to be presumed that the nine children were all born in the course of fifteen years especially as their parents were separated for four years or more of the time the family not having removed to this country till about 1641. The tradition among the descendants of Thomas has been that he was about twelve years old when he was brought to this country. Thus it results as probable that the Ancestor was married not far from 1625 and early marriages not being so common in England as in this country it may be reasonable to suppose that he was not married till twenty three years of age. This would make him about ninety at his decease. He had a brother Zecheriah . He was one of ttie ruling elders and assisted at the ordination in that town of the Rev Roger Newton by the imposition of hands These and some other circumstances concerning him are noticed in Trumbull's History When he died is not known but probably not until advanced in years He left no issue His estate in Milford he bequeathed to his nephew the Rev Zecheriah Whitman son of our Ancestor The farm which he occupied is called the Whitman farm to this day and is now in the occupation of a man by the name of Fenn. John Whitman owned and lived upon a farm adjoining the north side of the highway leading by the north side of the meeting house of the north parish in Weymouth and directly off against it and extending to Weymouth river and his dwelling house was situated near the centre of it A part of the dwelling house now remaining there is said to be 150 years old If so the Ancestor must have resided in it a dozen years before his death It was built in the old style being a wooden house two stories in front facing the meeting house and one in the rear towards the river and well preserved with paint The same farm entire has descended by bequest from father to son until 1806 when the Ancestor's great grandson Abiah dying without issue leaving two widowed sisters his heirs at law one of them a Mrs Salisbury purchased out the other and has left it to her posterity one or more of whom now own and occupy it Thus it still remains and ever has remained in unbroken succession in its first possessor and his descendants for nearly two centuries an instance the like of which does not often occur Our Ancestor had four sons and five daughters The sons were Thomas John Abiah and Zecheriah The daughters were all married and their names as mentioned in their father's will in 1685 and as then all living were Sarah Jones Mary Pratt Elizabeth Green Hannah French and Judith King The will was proved in 1692 Abiah and Zecheriah were named executors His homestead farm he gave to his son Abiah who lived with him.

Colonial Families of the U.S.A.:  JOHN WHITMAN, the emigrant ancestor of nearly all of the WHITMAN name in America, was one of the earliest settlers of Weymouth Massachusetts. He came probably from Holt, Norfolk, England though the family name appears also in Chesham County Bucks. He was made a Freeman of Weymouth in December 1638 and became Deacon of the Church there on 13th March 1638-1639, he was a town officer in 1643, and in 1646 was commissioned one of three to end small causes, from 14th May 1645 till the 16th March 1680 he was Ensign of the Military Company in Weymouth, on 19th March 1648 he sold land in Braintree and acknowledged this sale 26th November 1656, his will was dated gth March 1685 and proved 19th March 1692 1693; in it he makes bequests to his sons John, Abijah, Zechariah daughters Sarah JOANES, Mary PRATT Judah wife of Philip KING, Elizabeth GREEN, grandchildren Joseph and Elizabeth GREEN and the children of deceased daughter Hannah FRENCH, he d 13th November 1692 aged about 90 years, he m probably Ruth ISSUE I. Thomas b about 1629 d 1712 m 21d November 1656 Abigail BYRAM dau of Ensign Nicholas and Martha SHAW BYRAM all their children but John were born at Brodgewater Bridgewater ISSUE 1 John b 5th September 1658 d 28th July 1728 m Hannah PRATT, 2 Ebenezer b about 1673 d 1713 m Abigail BURNHAM, 3 Nicholas b 1675 d 6th August 1746 m firstly Sarah VINING m secondly Mary GARY m thirdly Mary CONANT, 4 Susanna m Benjamin WHITE, 5 Mary m probably Seth LEACH, 6 Naomi m William SHAW, 7 Hannah m David LEACH.  II. John d 1st February 1713 m firstly 19th October 1662 Ruth REED probably dau of William REED dsp 1662 m secondly Abigail HOLLIS. The following list of children is drawn from two sources one the Weymouth Vital Records the other a list compiled fifty years ago by Judge WHITMAN ISSUE 1 Ruth b 1663- 1665, 2 Mary b 1666 m Capt John TORREY, 3 John b 22d June 1668 m Dorothy PRATT, 4 Ebenezer b 1670 m Deborah RICHARDS, 5 Experience b 1673, 6 Samuel b 1673 m firstly Mary RICHARDS m secondly Elizabeth TURNER. III. Sarah d 6th June 1718 aged about 65 years m about 1653 Abraham JONES son of Thomas Jones, the tailor, of Bull b 1629 d 25th January 1718 ISSUE 1 Thomas JONES b about 1656 1657, 2 Abraham JONES b 1659, 3 Joseph JONES d 1769 m Lydia, 4 Benjamin JONES b 1668 d 27th December 1748 m Elizabeth b 1668 d 13th September 1748, 5 Deacon John JONES b 1669 m firstly Sarah m secondly perhaps Abigail, 6 Ephraim JONES d 27th January 1752 m firstly 13th January 1708 Mary SPEAR m secondly 5th April 1714 Mary ADAMS m thirdly loth April 1735 Hannah COPELAND, 7 Josiah JONES, 8 Sarah JONES before her father's will was drawn in 1718 m Mordecaia LINCOLN the gr gr gr gd father of Abraham LINCOLN (see Abraham LINCOLN Vol III Colonial Families) IV Mary b 1634 dsp loth July 1716 m 22d November 1656 John PRATT, V Hannah b 24th August 1641 d before her father's will was drawn in 1685 m 1gth September 1660 Capt Stephen FRENCH ISSUE, 1 Mary FRENCH b nth May 1662 d before 1718 m William BADLAM, 2 Stephen FRENCH b 1st June 1664 d 2 d January 1742 m Abigail BEAL, 3 Samuel FRENCH b 5th May 1668 4 Hannah FRENCH b 1gth April 1670 probably d unmarried, 5 Elizabeth FRENCH b 2gth April 1674 probably d unmarried, VI REVEREND ZECHARIAH b 1644 of whom below vn Abiah b Weymouth about 1646 d 28th January 1727 1728 in his eighty second year m Mary FORD who d 15th March 1715 dau of Andrew FORD ISSUE, 1 Elizabeth b 1673 d before 1722 m Timothy COOPER, 2 Lydia b 1678 d 1750 m Capt John THOMAS, 3 John b 1681 d 1758 m firstly 25th March 1713 Rebecca MANLEY, 4 Mary b 14th October 1683 d after husband's will was drawn 1757 m John DAILEY, 5 Zachary b 2d January 1685 dsp, 6 Eleanor b 3d September 1688 m pub loth September 1714 William TURNER, 7 Abiah b 30th November 1690 d 3oth January 1770 aged 80 years m firstly 28th October 1715 Ruth PITTEE m secondly 3d May 1739 Sarah REED. VII  Elizabeth d 2d February 1720 m May 1657 Joseph GREEN ISSUE, 1 Joseph GREEN b 2d or 28th April 1658 m firstly Ann m secondly his intention was published three times with three different women which one he married or whether all three is not certain, 2 John GREEN b 16th or 22d July 1661 d 1734 m Patience, 3 Elizabeth GREEN b 5th April 1664 m John GURNEY, 4 Mary GREEN b 1 th August 1667, 5 Zachary GREEN b 7th April 1671. VIII Judith b probably youngest dau m prior to 1672 Philip KING of Weymouth who d in 1710 some time before his wife, ISSUE 1 Mary KING m John LEONARD, 2 Elizabeth KING m 1 jth December 1696 John HALL, 3 Experience KING b 1678 d 1752 m 2d June 1703 Nicholas WHITE, 4 Hannah KING m perhaps firstly John ALDEN perhaps secondly Jonathan PADDLEFORD, 5 Lydia KING m Nathaniel ROGERS sixth in descent from John ROGERS the Martyr according to the family tradition, 6 Judith KING m 8th January 1712 1713 Ebenezer WILLIAMS, 7 John KING b 1681 d 1741 m 1st February 1699 1700 Alice DEAN, 8 Abigail KING m about 1700 Jonathan PADDLEFORD. Philip KING'S will and the Weymouth town records disagree about which of these two girls married Jonathan PADDLEFORD.

New England Families - Cutter: John Whitman the immi WHITMAN grant ancestor was one of the earliest settlers of Weymouth Massachusetts. He came from England perhaps from Holt county Norfolk where the name of Whittjian or Whiteman was common. Governor Winthrop and his company came from the vicinity of Holt and settled Weymouth. John Whitman came probably some years before 1638 and may have been attracted to Weymouth because of having friends there. He was made a freeman March 13 1638 39 and was a town officer of Weymouth in 1643. In 1645 he was appointed an ensign by the governor and he was probably the first military officer in Weymouth. At the same time May 14 1645 he was made the magistrate of the town, a commissioner to end small causes as the office was termed. He was also deacon of the church there probably from its foundation and until his death November 13 1692. He was very likely nearly ninety years old when he died as the youngest of his nine children was born in 1646 and the eldest in 1629 while some of the daughters may have been older. It is thought that he was married in England about 1625. The family did not follow the father to Weymouth until 1641. He had a brother Zachariah who came at the time he did or soon afterward and settled in Milford Connecticut as early as 1639. His estate at Milford was bequeathed to Rev Zachariah Whitman son of his brother John Whitman of Weymouth. The records according to Pope's Pioneers show that Zachariah aged forty came with his wife Sarah aged thirty five and son Zachariah aged two and a half in the ship Elizabeth from Weymouth England April n 1635. Robert Whitman aged twenty came from the parish of Little Minories England in the ship Abigail in June 1635 and settled at Ipswich. It is not known that he was a relative. The fact that Zachariah and Robert came in 1635 makes it probable that John came also in that year. John Whitman owned and lived upon a farm adjoining the north side of the highway leading by the north side of the meeting house of the north parish of Weymouth and directly against it and extending to Weymouth river. His dwelling house was near the middle of the farm and a part of the house now on the place was built about 1680 if this date is correct it was occupied by the immigrant ancestor. The farm until 1830 was owned by a descendant. He had many grants of land and must have become by purchase and otherwise the largest land owner or one of the largest in town. He held the office of ensign until March 16 1680. On May 15 1664 he was appointed a messenger to the Indians and held other positions of trust in the colony. Children Sarah married Abraham Jones she was probably the eldest child. Thomas born about 1629. John mentioned below. Mary 1634. Elizabeth married Joseph Green. Hannah August 24 1641. Judith married Philip King. Zachariah 1644. Abiah 1646.

Marcus Whitman, pathfinder and patriot

 By Myron EellsThe direct line from John Whitman is as follows John Whitman born probably in 1602 came as near as can be learned from Herefordshire England to Weymouth Mass before 1638 as he was there at that time and died in 1692 The oldest son and child of John Whitman and Ruth his wife was Thomas who was born in 1629 married Abigail Bryam and died in 1712 Their third son and child was Nicholas born 1675 married Sarah Vining and died in 1746 Their second son and child was John born 1704 married Elizabeth Cary and died in 1792 Their oldest child was Samuel born 1730 married Mrs Sarah Waterman and died in 1824 Their fifth son and child was Beza born 1773 married Alice Green March 9 1797 and died in 1810 


White Swirled Line

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