Witney, Wittney, Witnenie, Witeney, Witteneye, Wytney, Wyttneye, Wyteney, Wytteneye, Whiteneye, Whitney, Whitnie and Whittenye

Thomas WHITNEY, gentleman, yeoman, born 7/14/1560 Lambeth Marsh Surrey ENG; died 4/14/1637 St. Margarets Westminister; buried 4/15/1637 Isleworth Middlesex

Spouse: Mary BRAY born 5/12/1564 Westminister; baptized 12/24/1564 St. Margarets; died 9/25/1629 St. Margarets Westminister; married 5/12/1583 London London St. Margarets

Children: John born 7/20/1592 Isleworth; Henry born 1585 Westminster; Margaret born 10/18/1584; Thomas born 7/25/1587; Henry born 11/11/1588; Arnwaye born 2/2/1589-90; Nowell born 10/30/1594; Mary born 8/2/1600; Thomas born 11/10/1604; Robert born 11/10/1605; Francis born 1/27/1598-9; Peter; Arnivaye 1590-1591???; Norwell 1594-97??? from Margaret on born St. Margarets


John WHITNEY born 7/20/1592 Isleworth Middlesex ENG; baptized 7/20/1592 St. Margarets Church, Westminster, London; died 6/1/1673 Watertown MA buried same day age about 84, will dated 4/3/1673 proved 6/17/1673; in ENG member of Merchant Taylor's (Tailor's) Company, apprentice and later became full member; emigrated to N.E. on Elizabeth and Ann in 1635, admitted as freeman 3/3/1636, settled in Watertown MA,  

Spouse: (1) Elinor or Ellen___ born 1597-99 St Margarets Warwick or Westminster ENG;  married by 1619 London; came in Elizabeth & Ann 4/1635; died 5/11/1659 Watertown MA; he married (2) Judah or Judith ____ Clement (wife Robert)  born circa 1595, died prior to 1673; wed 9/29/1659; 

Children with Elinor: Mary baptized 5/23/1619 Isleworth, buried St. Mary Aldermary London 2/15/1626-7; John baptized 9/14/1621 Isleworth married Ruth Reynolds by 1643 (Eli Whitney was a descendant); Richard baptized 1/6/1623-4 Isleworth, married Martha Coldam 3/19/1650-1 Watertown MA [AMR]; Nathaniel born circa 1626 ENG sailed with family, no further record; Thomas baptized 12/10/1627 St. Mary Aldermary London, married Mary Kendall 1/11/1654-5; Mary baptized St. Mary Aldermary 12/29/1629, no further record; Jonathan born circa 1634 ENG married Watertown 10/30/1656 Lydia Jones; Joshua born 2/15/1635-6 Watertown MA,  married by 1665  Mary ?, & Abigail Tarball 9/30/1672 Watertown ; Caleb buried 7/12/1640 Watertown; Benjamin born 6/6/1643 Watertown


Benjamin WHITNEY born 6/6/1643 Watertown MA; died 3/26/1723 Watertown ME

Spouse: 1. Jane ______ born circa 1647; died 11/14/1690, married circa 1668 York ME (2) Mary POOR born circa 1650 of Marlboro MA; married 4/11/1695 York ME [AMR Before 1699]

Children: Jane born 9/29/1669 married Jonathan Morse; Timothy born circa 1672; John born circa 1678 married Letty Ford; Nathaniel or Nathan born 4/14/1680; Jonathan born 1681 died 1/16/1754 married Susannah Fairbanks; Benjamin born circa 1685 married Esther ? ; Joshua born 9/21/1687 died 6/16/1771 married Hannah Rockett; Josiah born 1688 died 11/19/1766 married Mariam Barrett; Eleanor born circa 1675 (source for last two children Jeanne Muse)


Nathaniel WHITNEY born 4/14/1680 York ME; died circa1768 Gorham Cumberland ME, weaver; resided Kittery, York & Gorham

Spouse: Sarah FORD born 1685 Kittery ME married circa 1705

Children: Nathan born 1/10/1706-7 Gorham/York?; Nathaniel born 12/12/1709 York married Hannah Day; Abel born 7/23/1712 York married Mary Cane; Sarah born 11/8/1714 married John Larrabee, married Jeremiah Simpson 7/16/1736; John born circa 1716 married Margaret Coffin & Hephzibah Adams; Lydia born circa 1718 died circa 1/14/1719/20 York; Isaac born 3/9/1720-1 York married Sarah Crosby, Hannah Payne & Mary Walker; Amos born 3/5/1723-4 York married Sarah Payne & Hannah Blake; Lydia born 7/22/1726 York died 3/23/1727/8 York; Joanna born 3/13/1729/30 York


Nathan WHITNEY born 1/10/1706-7 Gorham/York? ME; died 1804 Saco ME, Rev. patriotic service per DAR; DAR ID Number: 73710

Spouse: Lydia YOUNG born 10/15/1711 died before 10/20/1748; married 11/12/1730 (2) Elizabeth Melcher Int. 10/6/1748 married 10/20/1748 York Co. [ME Marriages]

Children: David born 4/8/1732  married Hannah Brown daughter of Jesse & Elizabeth Walker Brown 2/1754, (2) Abigail Knight banns published 10/11/1760 Falmouth, (3) Rebecca Edgecomb banns published 11/26/1761 & Lydia Moore married 6/29/1785 [wives per www.whitneygen.org/]; Abel born 8/20/1734 married Thankful Morton banns published 12/16/1758 Falmouth, their son Captain Joel married Mary Weston, their son was Captain Ephraim was of Jonesboro ME; Lydia born 12/6/1736; Sarah born 8/15/1739 marriage bans published 12/27/1758 Falmouth with Ebenezer Morton; Nathan born 4/30/1742 at Biddeford; Matthias born 3/8/1743-4 at died 1820s, reported to be the first Colonist to board the English vessel Margaretta during the Battle of the Margaretta at Machias married Abigail ?; John born 4/5/1747 died 5/5/1776 age 29 married Elizabeth ?; from Abel on all born in Biddeford ME. Children of Elizabeth Melcher per www.whitneygen.org: Anna/Ann born 9/5/1749 married Ebenezer Watson 9/22/1776 divorced; Ebenezer born 7/30/1751; Asa born 12/17/1754 died 1806  married Patience Weston banns published 4/15/1775 Gorham & (2) Phebe Hopkins 7/14/1785  daughter of Constant Hopkins and Phebe Paine   


Captain Nathan WHITNEY born 4/30/1742 Biddeford/Saco ME; came from York to Columbia Falls in 1768, died Columbia ME before 4/7/1834, resided also in Addison ME

Spouse: Patience BERNARD/BARNARD [possibly Burnham per Early Pleasant River Families] born 1742 in Portsmouth (now Greenland) NH died 1840

Children: Nathan born 7/8/1772 died 1816; Lydia born 6/8/1775 died 1843 married Matthew Coffin Jr.; Daniel born 2/10/1778 died young unmarried; Thankful born 12/14-16/1780 died 1850+ married (1) Moses Leavitt 10/8/1805 (2) Isaac Meader had child by Col. Jeremiah O'Brien 1804; Joseph born 2/15-17/1782 died 9/1860 married (1) Mary C. Libbey (2) her sister Rebecca Libby; Martha "Patty" born 2/1/1785 died 1814+ married Lorin Anson Smith born in Machias, they moved to CT; Jeremiah born 8/20-26/1787 drowned at Columbia   8/9/1797-8; Simeon born 4/6/1790 killed 1812-14 during War of 1812 unmarried; Lucy born 4/6/1793 died 1830-50 married Isaac Guptill


Nathan WHITNEY Jr born 7/8/1772 Columbia ME; died 11/6/1816 Columbia

Spouse: Sarah COX

Children:Children: Leah Barnard born 10/7/1803 married Nehemiah Preston; Almira/Elmirah born 4/17/1795 Machias, died 3/12/1869 Machias married David Reynolds Jr.; Anna/Annie born 12/24/1800 Columbia ME married Isaac Reynolds; Nathan born 10/7/1796 Columbia died 6/8/1881 Machias age 84 married Rebecca Weston Whitney daughter of Joseph Whitney and Mary C. Libbey; Jeremiah born 4/21/1798 Columbia ME died 1830 age 32 unmarried; Mary Ann born 3/22/1807 in Columbia ME married John Haskell Benner; Joel Bonney born 3/22/1809 Columbia  married Emily Preston, no children; Asa born 3/7/1817 Columbia; Sarah Jane/Sally born 2/7/1813 Columbia maried Abraham Sealey; Ephraim born 2/15/1815 married Lucy Nash McCaslin; Alalian born 3/8/1811 Columbia married Eliza Newman; [Note: Early Pleasant River Families does not list Alalian but includes Callahan Winchester born 3/8/1811, lightkeeper at Blue Hill & hotel keeper at Ellsworth married Eliza Newman; Downeast Genealogy lists Malahan, could be interpretation of handwriting]


Leah Barnard WHITNEY born 10/7/1803 Columbia ME; married 11/28/1820 Washington Co. [ME Marriages]

Spouse: Nehemiah PRESTON born 7/9/1800 Dennysville ME

Children: Children: Nathan C. born 4/23/1829 Dennysville, married Mary J. DODGE born circa 1838 Plantation 14 East Ridge, married 3/18/1854, died 5/11/1914 age 76 yrs 8 mo.of chronic myocarditis & chronic nephritis (bacterial infection of kidney); Paren C. born circa 1835 died 4/20/1883 Warm Beach WA; George W. born circa 1837 removed to Vancouver CAN, Charles H. born 3/28/1826 died 2/20/1887 Seattle WA; Nehemiah E. born 3/8/1824 died 5/13/1894 Seattle WA, married Charlotta ?; William L. born circa 1840 died 4/23/1903 Seattle WA went to Alaska during the Gold Rush; Otis W. born 5/18/1844 died 3/23/1914 Seattle WA, married Anna Marie Doten 1864; Joel W. born circa 1842 removed to Wisconsin married Hannah ?; Betsy born 2/7/1821 married Nathaniel Jones moved after 1870 to WI; Solomon born circa 1846 died young (Paren C., George W, and Charles H. went west around the Horn about 1858 looking for Canadian Gold in the Frazer River; they were in Puget Sound area in the 1860 census; per Roger H. Newman rhnewman@hctc.com )

The Great Migration: John Whitney.   Origin:  London.   Migration:  1635 on the Elizabeth & Ann (on 13 April 1635, "Jo[hn] Whitney," aged 35, "Jo[hn] Whitney," aged 11, "Richard Whitney," aged 9, "Nathaniell Whitney," aged 8, "Tho[mas] Whitney," aged 6, "Jonathan Whitney," aged 1, and "Ellin Whitney," aged 30, were enrolled at London as passenger for New England on the Elizabeth & Ann [Hotten 58]).  (The members of this family were entered in the passenger list in the order given here, but with other names interspersed).   First Residence:  Watertown.   Occupation:  Tailor [MLR 1:192].  On 22 Feb 1607[/8], "John Whitney, son of Thomas Whitney of the city of Westminister, yeoman, was apprenticed to William Pring of the Old Bailey," of the Company of Merchant Tailors [Whtney Anc 217; Kempton Anc 1:528, citing "Apprentice Binding Book, Vol. 5, 1606-1609, Guildhall Library MS. 314[13], page 170"].  On 13 March 1614[/5], John Whitney was made free by William Pring [Whitney Anc 217, Kempton Anc 1:528, citing "Court Minute Book, vo. 6, Freemen 1607-18, Guildhall Library Ms. 327 (31), page 483:Freedoms"].  On 1 June 1641, a Quarter Court at Boston "granted to Goodman Nutt, Marten Underwood, John Whitney, Henry Kemball, and John Witheredge allowance for 83 1/2 yard of cloth, valued at 12d. per yard" [MBCR 1:316].   Church Membership: Admission to Watertown church prior to 3 Mar 1635/6 implied by freemanship.   Freeman: 3 Mar 1635/6 (second in a sequence of three Watertown men) [MBCR 1:371].   Education:  Sufficient to be town assessor and audit accounts [WaTR 1:40].  Signed his will by mark.  Officeholding:  Watetown selectman, 30 Dec 1637, 8 Nov 1647, 16 Dec 1650, 4 Dec 1654 [WaTR 1:3, 10, 20, 39].  Constable, 1 June 641, 9 Dec 1656 [MBCR 1:316; WaTR 11:49, 53].   Assessor, 8 Feb 1647/8, 13 Nov 1654, 3 Feb 1656/7, 10 Jan 1658/9, 6 Nov 1660, 8 Jan 1660/1, 16 Nov 1663 [WaTR 1:14, 39, 50, 59, 67, 70, 76, 80].   Estate:  On 25 July 1636, "John Whitney" was granted fifty acres in the Third Division of the Great Dividend at Watertown [WaBOP 5].  On 28 Feb 1636/7, "John Whitney" was granted ten acres in the Beaverbrook Plowlands [WaBOP 6].  On 26 June 1637, "John Whitney" was granted ten acres in the Remote Meadows [WaBOP 10].  On 26 Nov 1638, "John Whitney" was granted a Farm of one hundred and twenty acres [MA Arch 112:67].   In the Watertown Inventory of Grants, "John Whitney Senior" held eight parcels: "two acres of meadow ... at Beaver Brook";  "fifty acres of upland ... being a Great Dividend in the Third Division & the sixteen lot";  "ten acres of Remote Meadow ... & the eighty-third lot"; "ten acres of plowland";  "one acre of meadow ... in Pond Meadow"; "one acre of meadow"; "eighteen acres of upland ... beyond the Further Plain & the forty-five lot"; and "six acres of upland" [WaBOP 85].   In the Watertown Inventory of Possessions, "John Whitney Senior" held one parcel: "an homestall of sixteen acres" [WaBOP 120].  (The description of this parcel matches that of the homestall originally granted to "John Stickling," the record of which in the Inventory of Grants follows immediately after the entry for John Whitney [WaBOP 85].  Upon arrival in Watertown, then, Whitney had purchased this homestall, and the appurtenant proprietary share, from John Strickland {1629 Charlestown}} [GMB 3:1785-87], who had, in 1635, departed for Wethersfield.)   In the Watertown Composite Inventory, "John Whitney Senior" held nie parcels: "an homestall of sixteen acres"; "two acres of meadow in Beaverbrook Meadow"; "fifty acres of upland being a Great Dividend in the 3 Division and the 16 lot"; "a Farm of one hundred & twenty acres upland"; "ten acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows"; "ten acres of plowland in the Hither Plain & the 1 lot"; "one acre of meadow in Pond Meadow"; "one acre of meadow"; and "eighteen acres of upland beyond the Further Plain & the 45 lot" [WaBOP 28].   On 16 Jan 1646[/7?], "Richard Woodward of Watertowne" sold to "Jno. Whitney of the same town nine acres of ground lying on the Little Plain lying next unto the land of the said Jno Whitney" [MOR 1:150-51].  On 21 June 1647, "Mr. Samuel Saltonstall of Watertowne" sold to "Jno. Whitney Senior twenty acres of plow ground, lying upon the Little Plain" [MLR 1:152-53].  On 10 Nov 1664, "John Whitney the within named grantee do acknowledge that about five years now past, I fully made over & gave possession of the within mentioned twenty acres of land, as also nineteen acres more adjoining thereunto, nine whereof I bought of Richard Woodward ... unto my son Jonathan Whitney"; when this deed was recorded, the notation was made that it was "endorsed on the backside of the deed made by Mr. Samuel Saltonstall to John Whitney Senior" [MLR 3:79].   On 6 Apr 1653, "Robert Daniel of Watertowne ..., husbandman," sold to "John Whitney aforesaid, tailor, one parcel of land by estimation six acres as it is recorded in the town book, lying and being in the Hither Plain" [MLR 1:192].   On 20 Oct 1662, "Thomas Arnold late of Watertowne ... and now of Providence" sold to "Jno. Whitney of Watertowne afoaresaid ... one parcel of land ... in the said Watertowne containing by estimation about seventeen acres" [MLR 2:259].  (This deed replaced an earlier one of 27 Oct 1661, with the same principals and the same land, but without Arnold's wife releasing her dower [MLR 3:444-45].)   On 5 Apr 1670, "whereas I John Whitney Senior of Watertowne ... in the year ... one thousand six hundred & sixty eight ... did desire Benjamin Whitney my youngest son to leave his accommodations at York and [illegible' himself with me during the tie of my life, the said Benjamin my son consenting ..., I the said John Whitney Senior did promise [illegible] & give to the said Benjamin my son at my decease my dwelling house & barn & all my land about home, by estimation sixteen acres ... the which my son at present to improve & occupy for my use & benefit, know ye that I the said John Whitney for the furtheer & better confirmation of this my abovenamed grant and gift unto the said Benjamin Whitney, his heirs & assigns at my decease & forever by these presents do ... confirm unto the said Benjamin Whitney, his heirs & assigns at and after my decease forever the abovenamedd house & barn and all the sixteen acres of land" [MLR 3:451-51].  On 9 Mar 1670/1, "Benjamin Whitney of Watertowne ..., planter, with the full & free consent of John Whitney Senior my honored & dear father," deeded to "my loving brother Joshua Whitney ... the reversion of the now mansion place of the abovenamed John Whitney Senior, with barn, and all the lands adjoining thereunto, by estimation about sixteen acres ... immediately after the decease of him the abovenamed Jno. Whitney Senior ..., alo whereas upon certain covenants & articles agreed upon between my honored father abovenamed & me the said Benjamin Whitney, I am to take present possession of the above granted and bargained premises, I the said Benjamin Whitney do hereby acknowledge that I have fully, freely & absolutely relinquished all further claim and demand thereto ... & put over the present use & improvement thereof during the natural life of my abovenamed father John Whitney Senior unto my aforementioned brother Joshua Whitney" [MOR 4:344-46].   In his will, dated 3 Apr 1673 and proved 17 June 1673, "John Whitny Senior of Watertowne" bequeathed to "my son John Whitny my meadow called Beaver Brook Meadow with that upland that doth appertain thereunto ... and ten acres of my land caled divident" and moveables; to "my son Richard Whitny ten acres of my land called divident" and moveables; to "my son Thomas Whitny ten acres of my .... .... Whitny the old mare if she live"; residue of moveables to "be equally divided between my executors and I do nominate and appoint my well beloved sons John Whitny and Joshuah Whitny to be my executors"; "my loving friend William Bond Senior" to be overseer ]MPR Case #24680].   The inventory of the estate of "Mr. John Whitnie Senior," taken 4 June 1673, was untotalled, with real estate valued at £55; "fifty acres of land called dividend, £25; "three acres of meadow at Beaver Brook with an acre and half of upland to it," £20; and "an acre of meadow called Plain Meadow," £10 [MPR Case *24680].   Birth:   Baptized St. Margaret, Westminster, 20 July 1592, son of Thomas Whitney [Whitney Anc 212].  Death:   "John Whetny widower deceased the first of June [1673] aged about 84 years" at Watertown [WaVR 1:36].  Marriage: (1) By 1619 Eleanor ____, "Elinor Whitny wife of John Whitny Senior died the eleventh of May" 1659 at Watertown [WaVR 1:21].   (2)  Watertown 29 Sep 1659 Judah Clement [WaVR 1:22].  She apparently predceased her husband, as she was not named in his will.   Children:  With first wife:   i.   Mary Whitney bp Isleworth, Middlesex, 23 May 1619 [Whitney Anc 218]; bur  St Mary Aldermary, London, 15 Feb 1626/7 [Whitney Anc 228].   ii.   John Whitney bp Isleworth 14 Sep 1621 [Whitney Anc 218] (aged 11 on 13 Apr 1635 ]Hotten 58]); m by 1643 Ruth Reynolds (eldest known child b Watertown 16 or 17 Sep 1643 [NEHGR 7:284; WaVR 1:10), daughter of Robert Reynolds {1634 Boston} [GM 2:6:45-49].   iii.   Richard Whitney bp Isleworth 6 Jan 1623/4 [Whitney Anc 218] (aged 9 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58]); m Watertown 19 Mar 1650[/1?] Martha Coldam [WaVR 1:15], daughter of Thomas Coldham {1633 Lynn} [GMB 1:417-20[.   iv.   Nathaniel Whitney b about 1626 (aged 8 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58]); samed for NE with family in 1635; no further record.  v.    Thomas Whitney bp St. Mary Aldermary, London, 10 Dec 1627 [Whitney Anc 228] (aged 6 on 13 Apr 1635 [Hotten 58]) m Watertown 11 Jan 1654[/5?] Mary Kedell [WaVR 1:17].   vi.   Mary Whitney bp St. Mary Aldermary, London, 29 Dec 11629 [TAG 81:250]; no further record.   vii.   Jonathan Whitney b about 1634 (aged 1 on 13 Apr  1635 [Hotten 58]; m Watertown 30 Oct 1656 Lydia Jones [WaVR 1:18], daughter of Lewis Jones [Bond 310-11].   viii.   Joshua Whitney b Watertown 15 Feb 1635/6 [NEHGR 7:159 (published as "John"); WaVR 1:4]; m (11) by 1665 Mary ____ (see comments below); m (2) Watertown 30 Sep 1672 Abigail Tarbell [WaVR 1:36].   ix.   Caleb Whitney bur Watertown 12 July 1640 [NEHGR 7:162; WaVR 1:8].   x.   Benjamin Whitney b Watertown 6 June 1643 [NEHGR 7:284; WaVR 1:11; GDMNH 750]; m (1) by 1669 Jane _____ (eldest known child b Watertown 29 Sep 1669 [WaVR 1:32]); m (2) Marlborough 13  Apr 1696 Mary Poor.  (In 1999 Robert Leigh Ward prepared an account of the family of Joshua Whitney, son of Benjamin [TAG 74:197-208].)   Comments:   On 29 May 1655, in "answer to the petition of Mr. Symon Eires, Jno. Stone, Jno. Whitney, W[illia]m Page, &c., the court judgeth it meet to refer the petitioners to the return of the commissioners appointed to settle the matters in difference between them, whose acts this court doth approve of, & continue, as they are presented to this court, and are on file" [MBCR 4:1:228].   In his 1855 genealogy of the Whitney Family, Henry Bond stated that Joshua Whitney, son of the immigrant, had three wives, the first of whom was named Lydia, although no dates or other evidence were associated with this supported wife [Bond 644].  All succeeding secondary sources have repeated this claim.   Examination of Groton and Watertown records reveals no records for a wife named Lydia.  Two cchildren of Joshua were born at Groton in the 1660s, but without a mother being named: Joshua on 14 June 1665 and Sarah on 10 Oct 1668. "Mary Whetny the wife of Joshuah Whetny deceassed the 17 of March" 1671[/2?] at Watertown [WaVR 1:35].   On 1 Oct 1666, "Nathannil Lawranc[e]," "Joshua Whitney" and "Mary Whitney" jointly made a deposition regarding the activities of John Shattuck at Groton [NEHGR 51:68].  The only other Mary Whitney old enough to make a deposition at this date was the wife of Joshua's brother Thomas, who had no known connection with Groton.  We propose that the Mary Whitney of the 1666 deposition was the wife of Joshua, that she was the mother of the two children born in Groton in the 1660s, and that Joshua did not have a wife named Lydia.  There may have been some confusion with Joshua's elder brother Jonathan, who did have a wife Lydia.   Several authors have commented on the discrepancies between the ages given for members of the Whitney family on the 1635 passenger list and what we know of their ages from other, more reliable sources [Whitney Ane 233; TAG 10:85; Kempton Anc 1:529-30], which highlights a common problem with the 1635 London port book.   Bibliographic Note:  1855 Henry Bond, 1857 Henry A. Whitney, 1895 Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1896 Henry Melville, 1933 Donald Lines Jacobus, 1994 Paul C. Reed, 1996 Dean Crawford Smith & Melinde Lutz Sanborn, 2006 Robert Leigh Ward & Tim Doyle. ... ... ...

Gen Dictionary ME & NH pg 750: Benjamin Whitney, tailor, Dover, York, b at Watertown 6 Jun 1643 s of John and Elinor. Taxed Cochecho 1666. In Mar 1670-1 he sold to a br the int in the Watert homestead given him by his fa in the hope he would return to it. York 1672, gr j 1679, O.A. Mar 1679-80. A 10 a gr was laid out to him by Philip Cooper's on which he had liv "these several yrs." when he and w Jane sold, with ano 10 a to Jonathan Sayward 24 Mar 1684-5. York wit 1686? (Y.D. 4:159). Of Sherborn 1687 where w Jane d 14 Mar 1690. Of Framingham, he m 2d at Marlboro 11 Apr 1695 Mary Poore; d at Sherborn 1723. Ch appear: Jane b at Watert 29 Sep 1669 m Jonathan Morse in MA. Benjamin, Framingham m in Boston 7 Aug 1705 Esther Maverick wid of James. Jonathan, Sherborn. John, York, had 20 a gr 1714 liv near Braveboat Harbor 1724, at Kit 1732. List 291. He m 1st Lettice Ford; ch at York Mar 1704-5 May 1719: Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mercy, Mehitabel, John and "Old Kittery" adds Benjamin b 22 May 1725 (see Hist of Brunswick p 760). He m 2d at Kit 14 Jan 1730 Susannah (Barton 5) Smith. Nathaniel weaver b at York 14 Apr 1680 of Kit bot in York 1708, York gr 1713 "late of York" bot there 1717, depos in May 1731 ab the land John Ford liv on. List 279. He m Sarah Ford. Ch rec Jan 1706-7 Mar 1729-30: Nathan (see Presbury 3), Nathaniel, Abel, Sarah, Isaac, Amos, Lydia, Joanna. Joshua b at Sherborn 21 Sep 1687s

Founders & Patriots of America Index: John Whitney (1589-6/1/1673) m 1618 Elinor ..... MASS IX, 13; XI, 175, ; XII, 48; XV, 105; XVII, 123; XIX, 45. 153' XXIX, 407; XXX, 23, 24, 123, 124, 232, 233; XXXII, 127; XXXIV, 24, 259

1790 Census: Nathaniel Whitney 2,4,4,0,0 54C Plt # 13 W. of Machias, Columbia Falls. 1800 Census Washington Co ME Whitneys, Ephraim 612 21120-10211-00, Nathan 604 01101-10101-00, Nathan Jr. 604 20010-10010-00; 
1800 Census Columbia Washington ME:
Nathan Whitney Jr. can't read
1800 Census Columbia Washington ME:
Nathan Whitney can read
1810 Census Wash. Co. ME
  Whitneys, Abigail Columbia 614, Ephraim Jonesborough 608, Hannah Jonesborough 608, Jacob Buxton 735, Jonathan Buxton 733, Joseph Columbia 614, Mathias Addison 620, Nathan Columbia 614, Nathan Jr. Columbia 614;
1810 Census Columbia Washington ME:
Nathan Whitney 1 0 0 0 1 2 0  1 1 1
1810 Census Columbia Washington ME:
Nathan Whitney Jr. 1 2 0 1 0 3 1 0 1
1820 Census Wash. Co. ME
Whitneys, Abel Jonesborough 306, Gustavas F. Jonesborough 306, Ephraim Jonesborough 306, Jeremiah Columbia 310, Ephraim Machias 301, Ezra Eastport 247, Joseph Calais 261, Joseph Jonesborough 306, Joseph Lubec 252, Mathias Jonesborough 306, Samel Jonesborough 306, Stephen Calais 261, William Jonesborough 306; 1830 Census Wash. Co. ME Whitneys, Ephraim Jonesborough 245, Ezra Perry 224, Fallows Head Harbor Island 026, Gustavus F. Jonesborough 248, Joel Jonesborough 245, Joseph Lubec 310, Joseph Jonesborough 245, Joseph Calais 212, Mary Machias 238, Mathias Addison 350, Nathan Jonesborough 246, Paul Calais 210, Samuel Addison 350; 1840 Census Wash. Co. ME. Whitneys, Ephraim Jonesborough 113, Ezra Baring 054, George Bedington 144, Gustavus F. Jonesborough 114, Joel Eastport 084, Joel Jonesborough 113, John H. Machias 018, Joseph Jonesborough 113, Joseph Lubec 070, Josiah Jonesborough 113, Jotham S. Machias 013, Levi Calais 030, Mary Machias 015, Nathan Machias 018, Otis Northfield 127, Paul Calais 029; 1763 Census materials Whitneys Maine all   307 & Gorham - Abel, Amos, David, Moses, Nathan, Nathaniel Jr.; 1761 Matthisa Hancock Co. Mt. Desert 232; 1752 Benjamin York 177; 1787 Jonathan York Topsham 023, Jonathan Jr. same;
1830 Census Jonesboro Washington ME: Nathan Whitney 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1

Topographical pg 101: WHITNEY, John; St Margaret Westminster London; Watertown; Ref Amer. Hist. Soc 1928.

Fam Arch Vol 1 pg 996: WHITNEY, John 1592-1673 son of Thomas gson Sir Robert knighted by Queen Mary 1553; from Eng in Elizabeth & Ann to Watertown MA 1635, fman 1636, const 1641, selectman & town clerk; garrison duty during Philip's War, m Eleanor ? 1599 ca 1672 m 2nd Judah Clement.

DAR ID#73710: Nathan Whitney married Elizabeth Melcha 1748. A prominent & influential citizen of York was a member of Revolutionary Committees. He died in Gorham ME.

From Columbian Centinel 1784-1840 MA: Sarah E. Whitney only dau of Ezra of Eastport died in Weston age 13 (5/19/1827); Mrs. Susan wife of Benjamin B. & daughter of Josiah Moulton died at Thorndike ME aged 20 (8/28/1839)

Ellsworth Herald: 4/23/1858, Deaths: In Jonesboro, 16th inst. Capt. Ephraim Whitney, age 87 years, 5 months. Capt. W. was the first male child of English parentage born in Jonesboro.

Early Pleasant River Families pg 627: Capt. Nathan Whitney Jr. b at Biddeford 30 April 1742; d at Columbia bef 7 April 1834 [when the town paid his funeral costs]; son of Nathan (Nathaniel, Benjamin, John) and Lydia (Young) Whitney of York and Gorham, came from York to Columbia Falls in 1768 {per John Bucknam's business ledger entries in Jan 1769} [PR 1778-1784, CFS 1790, COL 1800-10]; moderator for first town meeting in 1796; called "gentleman of Columbia" in 1797 when he obtained 2 settler's lots on west side of Pleasant River in Township #13 [Washington Co Deed 2:71]; town constable in 1798; supported by the town after 1816; m c1770 Patience Bernard/Burnham, b at Portsmouth {now Greenland} NH c 1752; d 1840, ae. "98"; 9 children [COL VRs]. /P/ Matthias Whitney, b at Biddeford 8 March [bapt. 12 April there at First Congregational Church] 1743/44; d 1820s; son of Nathan (Nathaniel, Benjamin, John) and Lydia (Young) Whitney of York and Gorham, came from York to Addison [ADD 1784-1790, HAR 1800, ADD 1810, JBO 1820]; was reported to be the first Colonist to board the English vessel Margaretta during the Battle of the Margaretta at Machias; m say 1773 [probably] Abigail --, b 175?; d probably between 1810-20; she appears to be living at Columbia in 1810 with one male aged 16-26 {one of their sons?}, when Matthias was living at Addison {apparently alone}, so perhaps they were separated at that time; census and probate records indicate 10 children {5 sons and 5 daus}; [no list naming them has been found, but they appear to have included the following]... Pg 628 Nathan Whitney 3rd, b 8 July 1772; d at Columbia 6 Nov 1816; lived at Columbia [1800-10], in 1806 sold half his homestead at Columbia to brother Joseph for $1,000 [Washington Co. Deed 4:307] and also some marshland for $1,200 [Deed 4:324], and moved to Edmunds by 1818; m at Columbia Sarah Cox, b say 1775; d 1820+; (Cox #7), {living 31 Jan 1820 at Dennysville}; 11 children b at Columbia Pg 681 Inhabitants at Pleasant River on 27 April 1778...Gowen Wilson 7 in family; Nathan Whitney 8 in family, Noah Mitchell 4 in family, Nathaniel Cox 9 in family (in want),  William Mitchell 4 in family Pg 685: Property-Owners at Pleasant River in 1798. Columbia [including present day Columbia Falls] Edward Cox Homestead Value $50, 49.5 acres, total value $200; Nathaniel Cox Homestead $50, Acreage 100, Total Value $200; Nathan Whitney Homestead $40, Acreage 173, Total Value $697; Nathan Whitney Homestead $200, Acreage 1, Total Value $200; Nathan Whitney Jr. Homestead $50, Acreage 100, Total Value $175; Gowen Wilson Homestead $650, Acreage 137.8, Total Value $1513. Pg 688-9 Addison 1790 Census Whitney, Mathias males over 16 (1), males under 16 (5), Females (4) Pg 691 Addison 1810 Whitney, Matthias males 45+ (1) Pg 698 Addison 1830 Mathias Whitney males 50/60 (1) Pg 708 Plantation #13 W. of Machias 1790 [Columbia Falls] Nath'l Cox 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16, 7 females; Edward Cox 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 5 females; Nath'n Whitney 2 males over 16, 4 males under 16, 4 females; Pg 709   Columbia Falls 1800 Edward Cox Males 1 0/10, 1 26/45, females 3 0/10, 1 26/45; Columbia 1800 Nathan Whitney males 1 10/16, 1 16/26, 1 45+, females 1 0/10, 1 16/26, 1 45+; Nathan Whitney Jr. males 2 0/10, 1 26/45, females 1 0/10, 1 26/45. Pg 711 Columbia & Columbia Falls 1810 Edward Cox males 3 0/10, 1 10/16, 1 26/45, females 2 0/10, 3 10/16, 1 26/45. Pg 712 Nathan Whitney males 1 0/10, 1 45+, females 2 0/10, 1 16/26, 1 26/45, 1 45+; Nathan Whitney Jr. males 1 0/10, 2 10/16, 1 26/45, females 3 0/10, 1 10/16, 1 26/45. Pg 713 Columbia & Columbia Falls 1820 Edward Cox males 1 0/10, 1 10/16, 1 16/26, 1 26/45, females 1 10/16, 1 16/26, 1 45+. Pg 715 Columbia & Columbia Falls 1830 Edward Cox males 2 20/30 1 70/80, female 1 50/60. Pg 722 Columbia & Columbia Falls 1840 males 1 70/80, females 1 70/80

MA Soldiers & Sailors in the War of the Revolution Vol 17, page 239: Whitney, Nathan, Pleasant River. Private, Capt. Francis Shaw, Jr.'s co.; enlisted 9/9/1775; service 4 mos. 1 day; company stationed at Gouldsborough, No. 4, Narraguagus, and Pleasant River, for defense of seacoast. Page 240: Whitney, Nathan. Private, Capt. Winthrop Boston's (Baston's) co.; enlisted 2/1/1776; company raised in North Yarmouth, Brunswick, Harpswell, New Gloucester, New Boston (Gray), and Windham, Cumberland Co., for 2 months service during the siege of Boston in 1776. Page 240: Whitney, Nathan. Private, Capt. John Hall's detachment; enlisted 6/24/1777; discharged 6/30/1777; service, 6 days; detachment drafted from militia for service at Machias.

Gen Reg 1st Settlers of NE: WHITNEY, JOHN, Watertown, freeman 1636 d 1 June 1673 ae 84. Eleanor, his wife, d 11 May 1659. His sons were John, Thomas, Jonathan, Richard, Benjamin, and Joshua, all of whom settled in Watertown, and had families. Shattuck, MS letter. JOHN, Watertown, son of the preceding, was admitted freeman 1647, and had sons John, b 1635; Caleb, b 1640; Benjamin, b 1643; John, 2d b 1644. RICHARD brother of the preceding was admitted freeman 1651.

Pioneers of MA 495: Whitney, John, ae 35 with Ellen ae 30, Richard ae 9, Nathaniel ae 8, Thomas ae 6, and Jonathan ae 1, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in April 1635. Settled at Watertown; frm. 3/3/1635-6. Tailor; propr., town officer. Bought land 6 (2) 1653. His wife Elinor d. 5/11/1659; he m. 2, 9/29/1659 Judah (Judith) Clement. Ch. rec. in Wat.: Joshua b. 15 (5) 1635, Caleb bur. 12 (5) 1640, Benjamin b. 6 (4) 1643. /P/ He d. a widower 6/1/1673 ae about 84. Will dated 4/3/1673, porob. 17 (4) 84. Will dated 4/3/1673, prob. 17 (4) beq. to sons John, Richard, thomas, Jonathan, Joshua and Benjamin. [See Genealogy.]

[Collections of the Maine Historical Society XV:357]: Return of Rations due to Colol Benjamin Foster's Regiment of Militia while on Duty at Machias Between the 20th of May 1777 and the 13th of February Following, Vizt - Benjamin Foster, Colonel; Alexander Campbell, Lieut Colonel; Samuel Jordan, Major; Jonas Farnsworth, Adjutant; James Flinn, Qua. Master; Nathl Cox, Serjt Major; Benja Foster, Colonel; Joseph Libby, Capt; Thirty five Privates; Joseph Seavey, Captain; Fifty Two Privates; Joseph Seavey, Captain; Ezekiel Foster, Lieut; Forty five Privates; Stephen Smith, Captain; Amos Boynton, Lieut; Forty five Privates; Joel Whitney, Lieut; Jonathan Knight, Do; Eighteen Privates; Samuel Libby & Company; Henry Dyer & Do; Lieut Wm Nickles & Men; Capt John Hall & Do {signed} Jonas Farnsworth Adjt http://home.att.net/~n.c.hall/Census.html

History of Cambridge MA, Gozzaldi: pg 30 John Barnard settler 1634 married Phebe Whitney died 8/1/1685; in 1635 owned 8 acres.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns:  The first settlers to Columbia were William and Noah Mitchell from Falmouth who came about 1750.The marshland at the mouth of Pleasant River had attracted them as feed for their cattle. they first constructed rude log cabins and hovels. William built the first frame house in town; exactly where it was located is not known. Among the heads of families living in Plantation #13, now Columbia Falls, in 1790 were Allen, Archer, Bucknam, Black, Cox, Coffin, Calaghan, Crocker, Drisko, Dunbar, Dorr, Hale, Ingersoll, Kelly, Nash, McKinsey, Merritt, Mansfield, McKaslegen, Reynolds, Tinny, Tucker, Tibbetts, Whitney, Wilson, Worcester, Wass and Weymouth. Captain Joseph Wilson of Kittery was one of the first settlers. He came about 1762; Captain John Bucknam from North Yarmouth, an early comer, began to build mills, and started lumbering in 1773. He married Mary, the daughter of Joseph Wilson.

The Bangor Historical Magazine gives the following inhabitants of Addison on 4/27/1778: David, Wilmot & Wilmot Wass, Jr.; Joseph & Joseph Tibbetts Jr.; Joseph, Samuel, Margaret, Isaiah & Joseph Nash, Jr.; Widow Knowles; Wm. Ingerson; Edmund Stevens; Seth Norton; John Hall; Daniel & George Tenney; Gowen & Joseph Wilson; John Bucknam; Owen McKenzie; Moses Wooster; Nathan Whitney; Wm. McCausland; Obadiah Allen;  Noah & Wm. Mitchell; Nathaniel Cox; Nehemiah Small; Richard Coffin; Joseph Drisko & Joseph Drisko, Jr.; Moses Plummer; David Will; Daniel Look. Genealogical Dictionary of New England CD#169: 1 WHITNEY BENJAMIN, tailor, Dover, York, b. at Watertown 6 June 1643, s. of John and Elinor. Taxed Cochecho 1666. In Mar. 1670-1 he sold to a br. the int. in the Watert. homestead given him by his fa. in the hope he would return to it. York 1672, gr.j. 1679, O. A. Mar. 1679-80. A 10 a. gr. was laid out to him by Philip Cooper's, on which he had liv. 'these several yrs.' when he and w. Jane sold, with ano. 10 a., to Jonathan Sayward 24 Mar. 1684-5. York wit. 1686? (Y. D. 4: 159). Of Sherborn 1687 where w. Jane d. 14 Mar. 1690. Of Framingham, he m. 2d at Marlboro 11 Apr. 1695 Mary Poore; d. at Sherborn 1723. Ch. appear: Jane, b. at Watert. 29 Sept. 1669, m. Jonathan Morse in Mass. Benjamin, Framingham, m. in Boston 7 Aug. 1705 Esther Maverick, wid. of James. Jonathan, Sherborn. John, York, had 20 a. gr. 1714, liv. near Braveboat Har-bor 1724, at Kit. 1732. List 291. He m. 1st Lettice Ford(4); ch. at York Mar. 1704-5--May 1719: Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mercy, Mehitabel, John, and 'Old Kittery' adds Benjamin b. 22 May 1725 (see Hist. of Brunswick, p. 760). He m. 2d at Kit. 14 Jan. 1730 Susannah (Barton 5) Smith. Nathaniel, weaver, b. at York 14 Apr. 1680, of Kit. bot in York 1708, York gr. 1713, 'late of York' bot there 1717, depos. in May 1731 ab. the land John Ford liv. on. List 279. He m. Sarah Ford(4). Ch. rec. Jan. 1706-7--Mar. 1729-30: Nathan (see Presbury 3), Nathaniel, Abel, Sarah, Isaac, Amos, Lydia, Joanna. Joshua, b. at Sherborn 21 Sept. 1687.

Genealogical History of ME: John Whitney of London Eng son of Thomas Whitney of Westminster Eng weas baptized 7/20/1592 and was the first Whitney in America appearing in Watertown MA Bay Colony in 6/1635. He was one of a noble family and traced his ancestry to the days of William the Conqueror, some ambitious researchers going even to an earlier period. Children of Thomas Whitney of Westminster: Margaret 1584-1604; Thomas 1587-1588; Henry 1588-1589; Arnivaye 1590-1591; John 1592 - 1673; Norwell 1594-97; Francis 1599-1643; Mary 1600-1601; Robert 1605-1662. // John, 5th child of Thomas Whitney of Westminster Eng was baptized 7/20/1592, came to New Eng in 1635 sailing from London in May of that year accompanied by his wife Elinor and children: John, Richard, Thomas & Jonathan. He was next to Mr. Norcross, the schoolmaster, and Mr. Brown, the deputy of the general court, the most influential man in the town in which he lived 38 years and where he died 8/8/1673. His wife Elinor was born in Eng 1599, died in Watertown 5/11/1659. The children of John the immigrant and Elinor were: Mary baptized at Islesworth  daughter of Robert of Watertown and Boston, children John, Ruth, Nathaniel, Samuel, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Benjamin; John Jr. died in Watertown 10/12/1692; Richard 1/6/1624 came to Watertown with his father in 1635, married 3/19/1651 Martha Caldam of Watertown, removed to Stow in 1681, children: Sarah, Moses, Joanna, Debora, Rebecca, Richard, Elisha, Ebenezer. He died in Stow MA; Nathaniel born in Eng not mentioned in his father's will and probably died young. Thomas born in Eng married Mary Kendall or Kettle of Watertown, children: Thomas, Mary, John, John, Eleazer, Einathan, Mary, Bezaleil, Sarah, Mary, Isaiah, Martha. He died in Watertown 9/20/1719 aged about 90. Jonathan born in Eng about 16734 came to America with his father, married 10/30/1656 Lydia Jones, removed to Sherbourne in 1679, children: Lydia, Jonathan, Anna, John, Josiah, Eleanor, James, Isaac, Joseph, Abigail, Benjamin. He died in Sherbourne MA 12/1702 aged 68. Joshua the first Whitney born in America was born in Watertown 7/15/1635, he was a pioneer settler of the town of Groton, he was married three times his wives being respectively: Lydia, Mary and Abigail Tarbell, children: Hannah, Joshua, Sarah, Abigail, Mary, William, Cornelius, David, Martha, Elizabeth, Eleanor. He died in Groton MA 8/7/1719 aged 83. Caleb born in Watertown 7/12/1640 died there 1640; Benjamin. born Watertown 6/6/1643 married Jane __ who died 11/14/1690, married Mary Poor 4/11/1695 of Marlboro Middlesex co. MA. // Benjamin, youngest son of John the immigrant and Elinor Whitney was born in Watertown MA 6/6/1643. He married 1st probably in York ME Jane ___ who died 11/14/1690, married 2nd 4/11/1695, Mary Poor of Marlboro Middlesex co. MA. He witnessed at York ME in 1662-66-68 respectively agreements of John Doves. He was in Cocheco NH near Dover in 1667-68 and April 13, 1674. The selectmen of York laid out 10 acres of upland for Benjamin Whitney but in spite of the wishes of his father who desired him to return to Watertown and receive from his father a deed for about 17 acres of land in that town bounded by lands of John Sherman, William Bird & Martin Underwood 4/5/1670, Benjamin & Jane by consent of his father deeded the land so consigned to Joshua for 40 pounds and thus relinquished all his rights inn his father's estate. In 1635 Benjamin and Jane Whitney of Yrk sold and conveyed land in that town to Jonathan Sayward. His wife died in York 11/14/1690 after she had given birth to 7 children: Jane, born in Watertown 9/29/1669 married in Sherbourne 1/4/1693 Jonathan Morse. Timothy York ME was a member of Captain Preble's co. raised in 1703 for defence against the Indians. John York about 1678 married Letty Ford. Nathaniel 4/14/1680. Jonathan 1681 married Susanna Whitney. Benjamin married Esther Maverick widow. Joshua 9/21/1687 married Hannah Rockwood. Children of 2n d marriage: Mark about 1700 married Tabitha Milled. Isaac married Elizabeth Bridges. Upon his second marriage, he located in Sherbourne where his 2 younger children were born and where he died in 1723. // Nathaniel 3rd son of Benjamin and Jane Whitney was born in York ME 4/14/1680. He married Sarah, daughter of John Ford of Kittery ME born in York. They removed to Gorham ME and in 1703 he joined the military company in York raised to defend the settlers against the Indians. He was a weaver in Kittery but also purchased land in York, including 20 acres of John Rockleft for 20 lbs. He died in Gorham ME. Children: Nathan born 1/10/1706 married Lydia Young. Nathaniel 12/12/1709 married Molly Day. Abel. Sarah 11/8/1714 married Jeremiah Simpson. Lydia died 7/14/1720. Isaac 3/9/1720 married Sarah Crosby. Amos 3/5/1723 married Sarah Payne. Lydia 7/22/1720 died 3/23/1727. Joanna 3/13/1729.

History of Gorham ME: The family of Whitney trace their descent from Turstin de Wigernore, a Fleming who came over to England with William the Conqueror and participated in the battle of Hastings. The family took their name from their residence called Whitney Court at Whitney on the Wye. Each succeeding generation of the family married into the best families of England and held prominent positions at the court of the king. The estate not being entailed and the last Whitney of Whitney Court having only daughters, it was sold but is still called Whitney Court. Thomas Whitney and wife Mary belonging to a younger branch of the family moved to Westminster where their son John born in 1589 was apprenticed to a tailor. John Whitney married Elinor and in May 1635 emigrated to America and lived in Watertown Mass. He had nine children from the youngest of whom, Benjamin, the Gorham Whitneys are descended. Nathaniel Whitney was born in York Me April 14 1680. He was the son of Benjamin and grandson of John Whitney above. He was a weaver. He married Sarah daughter of John Ford of Kittery Children. Nathan b Jan 10 1706 7 m Lydia Young Nov 12 1730 2d Elizabeth Melcher. Nathaniel b Dec 12 1709 m Hannah Day Jan 3 1733 4 Abel b July 23 1712 m Mary Cane Nov 12 1735. Sarah b Nov 8 1714 m Jeremiah Simpson July 13 1736 2d John Larrabee John b m Margaret Coffin 2d Hephzibah Adams was a physician Lydia b d Jan 14 1720 Isaac b Mar 9 1720 1 m Sarah Crosby Sept 5 1743 Amos b Mar 5 1723 4 m Sarah Payne Sep1 5 1748 Lydia b July 22 1726 d Mar 23 1727 8 Joanna b Mar 13 1729 30. Nathaniel Whitney was living in York as late as 1760. His estate was settled in 1768 by his son Amos. /P/   Nathan Whitney son of Nathaniel was one of the early settlers in Gorham. He came to this town from Biddeford where his children were born. In 1752 he purchased of Enoch Freeman of Falmouth the thirty acre lot 26 with the dwelling house and barn thereon. He was a prominent and influential citizen of Gorham and served on many important town committees. He was also active in religious matters. We find him recorded as an early elder in the church. He married Lydia daughter of Matthias Young of York Me. Children David b Apr 8 1732 m Hannah Brown Feb 1 1754 2d Abigail Knight 3d Rebecca Edgecomb Abel b Aug 2o 1734 m Thankful Morton Dec 16 1758 Lydia b Dec n 1736 Sarah b Aug 15 1739 m Ebenezer Morton Dec 27 1758 Nathan b Apr 3o 1742 Matthias b Mar 8 1743 4 John b Apr 4 1747 m Elizabeth One child b in Gorham Mary b Jan 18 1776.  John Whitney d in the Army May 5 1776. Nathan Whitney married second Oct 2o 1748 Elizabeth Melcher of Biddeford. Children Anna b Sept 5 1749 m Ebenezer Watson p Sept 22 1771 Ebenezer b July 3o 1751 Asa b Dec 17 1754 m Patience Weston p Apr 15 1775 2d Mrs Davis. Elder Nathan Whitney died in Gorham in 1804. 

Hudson-Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs: a record of achievements: The early owners of the land were before the days of surnames known as Eustace or Baldwin or Robert of Whitney, as the Christian name might be Written in the style of those times of was de and after a while De Whitney or De Wytteneye as it was usually spelled came to be regarded as the family name. Finally the letter h was introduced and the De was dropped so that throughout four centuries the present form has been the established one. It also shows on old English records as Witney Wittney Witnenie Witeney Witteneye Wytney Wyttneye Wyteney Wytteneye Whiteneye and Whittenye. The Whitney Arms Shield Azure a cross chequy or and gules Crest A bull's head couped sable armed argent the points gules Motto Magnanimiter crucem sus tene Gallantly uphold the cross As registered in the College of Arms and probably originating during the early crusades remaining unchanged up to the time of emigration of John Whitney in 1635. Regarding the origin of the family and its location as it leads towards the departure of a member in direct descent who became the progenitor of the family in America there is much of interest and it must necessarily be expressed in brief. At the present day there is a tract in England known as Whitney Wood probably identical with the one referred to in a writ of the seventeenth year of Henry III 1233 wherein the sheriff of Hereford was commanded to cause a good breach to be made through the woods of Erdelegh Bromlegh and Witteneye so that there may be safe passage between the City of Hereford and Maud's Castle. This castle was built by William le Braas, Lord of Brecknock, about 1216 in the reign of King John and so named in honor of his wife. The Domesday Book mentions Whitney in the year 1086 at which time the land was scarcely under cultivation as follows. In Elsedune hundred the King holds Witenie Aluuard held it in the time of King Edward and was able to go where he pleased. There is half a hide yielding geld. It was and is waste Rolf or Guy has the credit of being the first of whom there is undisputed authentic trace He had a son Turstin de Wigemore the Fleming who was living in 1086 and married Agnes daughter of Alured de Merle berge of Ewias Castle Their son was Eustace who at the request of my mother Agnes have given to St Peter and the brothers of Gloucester a hide of land in Pen combe which is called Suthenhale Sydnal free and clear from any encumbrance and through this deed I have placed it on the altar of Saint Peter of Gloucester Eustace had a son also named Eustace de Wytteneye Knight who confirmed this deed of gift by a document so signed and delivered to the monks and Lord Reginald Abbot of Saint Peter's at Gloucester and to the convent of that place Thus while there may be no record showing that Eustace the elder used the name in full his son in the days of Reginald the Abbot or 1263 84 wrote himself as Eustace de Wytteneye and it is therefore proved that he was third in descent from Turstin the Fleming son of Rolf who owned the land on the river Wye the home of the Wytteneyes later changed to Whitney in records That the Whitney family was represented in the Crusades seems more than likely for a cross on a coat of arms which is known positively to date to that period is quite generally understood by the most careful students of ancient heraldry to indicate that it once belonged to a crusader and in the Whitney arms the chief in fact the only solitary symbol is a cross Nearly every writer dealing with the history of this family has given the following explanation Sir Randolph de Whitney the grandson of Eustace accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion to the Crusades and distinguished himself greatly by his personal strength and great courage. On one occasion he was sent by Richard on a mission to the French commander and as he was leaving the British camp the brother of Saladin whom he had twice before defeated followed him with two Saracens in his company and riding around a small hill made a furious attack upon De Whitney who defended himself with the greatest vigor but his assailants were gaining upon him when a furious Spanish bull which was feeding near the field of conflict was attracted by the red dresses of the Saracens and becoming angry at the color flitting before him made so vigorous an attack upon them that they were diverted from their intended prey and sought safety in flight Sir Randolph soon succeeded in wounding his single assailant whom he left for dead and then overtaking the two Saracens dispatched them and proceeded upon his mission from the King To carry the entire line even by name and date from the time of Turstin son of Rolf in 1086 to the time of John Whitney who emigrated to America in 1635 more than two and one half centuries ago would require much space but in brief it perfects the family history Sir Robert de Whitney of Whitney Knight living in 1242 had son Sir Eustace de Whitney Knight who was granted Free Warren by King Edward I in 1284 and was summoned to military service beyond the seas in 1297 and summoned to the Scotch war in 1301 His son was Sir Eustace de Whitney of Whitney who was knighted by Edward I in 1306 and was member of parliament for Herefordshire in 1313 and 1352 His son was Sir Robert de Whitney Knight one of two hundred gentlemen who in 1368 went to Milan in the retinue of the Duke of Clarence and was member of parliament for Herefordshire in 1377 79 80. His son Robert was sent abroad to negotiate a treaty with the Count of Flanders in 1388 was member of Parliament in 1391 was sent to France to deliver castle and town of Cherbourg to the King of Navarre in 1393 was Knight Marshal at the Court of Richard II was killed with his brother and relatives at the battle of Pilleth in 1402 His son Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney Knight was granted the Castle of Clifford and lordships of Clifford and Glasbury by Henry IV in 1404 on account of his services was member of parliament 1416 22 fought in the French war under Henry V was captain of Castle and town of Vire in 1420 and died March 12 1441 His son Eustace de Whitney Knight born 14n was head of the commission sent to Wales by Henry VI in 1455 member of parliament for Herefordshire 1468 married Jenett Russell daughter of Sir Thomas His son Robert probably also a knight was an active participant in the War of the Roses attainted as a Yorkist by Lancastrian parliament in 1459 probably was at battle of Mortimer's Cross in 1461 and was the subject of a poem by Lewis Glyn Cothi on his marriage to Constance the great granddaughter of Sir David Gam His son James Whitney was appointed receiver of Newport part of the estate of the Duke of Buckingham confiscated by Henry VIII in 1522 His son Robert of Icomb was placed in charge of Brecknock Hay and Huntington the confiscated estates of the Duke of Buckingham in 1523 was nominated Knight of the Bath by Henry VIII at coronation of Anne Boleyn in 1531 and died in 1541 He furnished forty men to put down rebellion in 1536 He married Margaret daughter of Robert Wye of Gloucestershire England His son Sir Robert Whitney Knight was dubbed in October 1553 the day following Queen Mary's coronation was summoned before the Privy council in 1555 59 member of parliament for Herefordshire 1559 and died August 5 1567 His son Sir James Whitney born in 1544 was knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor in 1570 was sheriff of Herefordshire 1574 86 87 died May 31 1587 His brother Robert Whitney married Elizabeth daughter of Morgan Guillims or Duglim who had a son Thomas Whitney of Westminster Gentleman see forward Thomas Whitney son of Robert and Elizabeth Guillims Whitney was a native of Westminster England and was buried in St Margaret's April 14 1637. It is recorded that in 16n he paid the subsidy tax and on December 6 1615 on the probate of the will of his father in law John Bray he was appointed executor He apprenticed his son John on February 22 1607 and his son Robert on November 8 1624 At the time of his death in 1637 his oldest surviving son John being out of the country administration of his estate was granted May 8 1637 to his remaining sons Francis and Robert Of the other six children he having had nine all six were then dead He obtained May 10 1583 from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster a license to marry Mary Bray in which document he is mentioned as Thomas Whytney of Lambeth Marsh Gentleman and the marriage took place on May 12 at St Margaret's Church She was the daughter of John Bray of Westminster and she was buried in St Margaret's on September 25 1629 Lambeth Marsh is the name still existing and denotes a locality near the Surrey end of the Westminster bridge Children r Margaret born 1584 died 1604 Thomas 1587 died 1587 Henry 1588 died 1589 John 1589 see forward Arnwaye 1590 died 1591 Nowell 1594 died 1597 Francis 1599 died at Westminster 1643 i Mary 1600 died 1600 Robert 1605 died in parish of St Peter's Cornhill London England 1662.

http://www.columbiafallsmerecord.org/History_Snippets.php#lost_nation, Town of Columbia Falls Part 4: On April 4, 1796 citizens of what is now our town of Columbia Falls gathered together with the rest of the citizens of the town of Columbia at Gowin Wilson’s home, just across the river from our Historic Town Hall, in the very first town meeting and transacted the following business. Capt. Nathan Whitney was voted moderator, Joseph Patten was chosen town clerk, David Wass, Thomas Ruggles and William Wass were elected selectmen, Obidiah Allen was chosen constable, and Elisha Coffin treasurer. The same men chosen as selectmen were also appointed assessors and William Ingersoll was voted tax collector. They appointed men as surveyors of highways, of lumber, of shingles and in charge of fences. They also elected three men to be in charge of hogs and decided “hogs may go at large by being well yoked. /P/  A second town meeting was held on May 2, 1796 to raise “160 dollars to defray town charges 100 of which for schools” and “240 dollars for highway repair”.  The fish committee was empowered to control “the taking of fish” and a committee was formed to make financial settlement with No. 6 [Addison] which had been a part of the total Pleasant River settlement prior to the incorporation of the Town of Columbia. Thus it was that town government, in much the same form as we have today, came to our settlement surrounding Pleasant River in the spring of 1796. The river still flows in our midst and we are still her people living in and carrying on this historic community founded so long ago. When we meet at our next Annual Town Meeting in March of 2012 we will be meeting for the 216th time such a meeting has been held in our village. For two hundred and sixteen years our citizens have been meeting yearly to elect our representatives to carry on town government for us and to carry out our wishes as expressed by our votes in that meeting......By the 1790's Columbia Fall's village was well established with substantial homes having been built by Joseph Wilson (18 Church Hill Circle and torn down a few years ago)....and Gowen Wilson Sr. (located near the river across Tibbettstown Road from 180 Main Street (Wilson's house  has been gone for many, many years.) - John Allen Tibbetts. 

Washington Co. Sheriff's Office: The March 1791 term presented what must have been the most uncomfortable trial to date for the Court of Common Pleas (CCP).  One of their own, Joseph Purpoint, had been brought to trial at the September 1790 term on a list of crimes.  It was alleged that Purpoint had, on 10 November 1789, “…with force & arms broke & entered the mansion house of one Naphehali Whitney [could this have been an incorrect transcript and possibly be Nathaniel] of said Chandler River, yeoman, & then with force as aforesaid assault on the body of the said Whitney … did beat & evil entreat & then & there with force as aforesaid did take & carry away without due process of law one barral [sic] of beef two ox hides six gallons of molasses – against the law, peace & dignity of the said Commonwealth, and in evil example for all other in like kind to offend.”  Purpoint asked for time to make his plea, and his request was granted.  At the March trial, he plead not guilty and asked for a jury trial. The County provided for Purpoint’s defense, while Phineas Bruce prosecuted for the Commonwealth.  Purpoint proved to be unlucky, and the jury found him guilty.  Purpoint, however, was not ready to give up.  He asked that the court hear his plea for an arrest of judgment.  We can only wish that his persuasive statements had been preserved for our edification.  However, records only indicate that Purpoint was successful in asking that the court overturn the jury’s decision.

Washington: Maine Place Names & the Peopling of Its Towns: The First settlers to Columbia were William and Noah Mitchell from Falmouth who came about 1750. The marshland at the mouth of Pleasant River had attracted them as feed for their cattle. They first constructed rude log cabins and hovels. William built the first frame house in town; exactly where it was located is not known. // Among the heads of families living in Plantation #13, now Columbia Falls, in 1790 were Allen, Archer, Bucknam, Black, Cox, Coffin, Calaghan, Crocker, Drisko, Dunbar, Dorr, Hale, Ingersoll, Kelly, Nash, McKinsey, Merritt, Mansfield, McKaslegen, Reynolds, Tinny, Tucke, Tibbetts,  Whitney, Captain Joseph Wilson of Kittery was one of the first settlers. He came about 1762; Captain John Bucknam from North Yarmouth, an early comer, began to build mills, and started lumbering in 1773. He married Mary, the daughter of Joseph Wilson. // The Bangor Historical Magazine gives the following inhabitants of Addison on 4/27/1778: David, Wilmot & Wilmot Wass, Jr.; Joseph & Joseph Tibbetts Jr.; Joseph, Samuel, Margaret, Isaiah & Joseph Nash, Jr.; Widow Knowles; Wm. Ingerson; Edmund Stevens; Seth Norton; John Hall; Daniel & George Tenney; Gowen & Joseph Wilson; John Bucknam; Owen McKenzie; Moses Wooster; Nathan Whitney; Wm. McCausland; Obadiah Allen; Noah & Wm. Mitchell; Nathaniel Cox; Nehemiah Small; Richard Coffin; Joseph Drisko & Joseph Drisko, Jr.; Moses Plummer; David Wilson; Daniel Look. Edmunds: When Colonel Hobart came to view his purchase in 1786, he found the earliest comers already located in the area. Among these were an Irishman, James Neil, a deserter from the British Army, who had built his log house here in 1775; the Widow Oliver and her family; Samuel Scott & Richard Harper, all of whom had arrived in 1785; Elijah Ayer, Sr; and his son Elijah, Jr. who with their families were living on Denny's River. /P/ In addition to those already mentioned, early settlers were James Shaw, Samuel Runnels, Daniel Smith, Wm. Hurley, Joshua Cushing, Hosea Smith, Nathaniel Cox, David Reynolds and Nathaniel Cox, Jr.  All were in the township before 1799. Of the 5 or 6 settlers living there when Colonel Hobart purchased the township in 1786, none remained.

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