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Descended through Ruth Woodman married Benjamin Lowell


Spouse: ___

Children: Edward; Archelaus/Hercules, mercer, wife Elizabeth & (2) Dorothy Chapman, no children


Edward WOODMAN baptized Corsham, Wiltshire 12/27/1606, came to Newbury 1635 probably from Corshan near Christian Malford, Wiltshire, ENG, died before 1694, husbandman & Yeoman

Spouse: Joanna BARTLETT  born circa 1613-14, age 60 in 1674 (may not be correct as age 14 when had child), died after 2/23/1687-8, married circa 1628

Children: Edward born circa 1628 married Mary Goodridge 12/20/1653; John born circa 1630 married Mary Field 7/15/1656 & Sarah Burnham Haskins; Jane (probably) buried Corsham 7/4/1633; Joshua born circa 1637, first male born in Newbury, married Elizabeth Stevens 1/23/1666-6; Mary born c. 1639, married John Brown; Sarah born 1/12/1641  Newbury married John Kent 3/12/1666-8; Jonathan born 11/8/1643 married Hannah Hilton 7/2/1668; Ruth born 3/28/1646 married Benjamin Lowle/Towle/Lowell 10/17/1666 [David/McDowell Family]


Mary WOODMAN married 2/20/1659-60 in Newbury

Spouse: John BROWN, glazier, lived in Newbury & Ipswich

Children:  Judith born 12/3/1660;  Mary born 3/8/1661-2 married William Partridg 12/1680 in Newbury; Hannah born 11/13/1676 in Ipswich


Judith BROWN born 12/3/1660 Newbury married 2/4/1680-1

Spouse: Zachary DAVIS born 2/22/1645-6 Newbury MA died 6/25/1692 Newbury

Children: Judith born 9/7/1684 died 12/9/1702; Elizabeth born 4/27/1687; Zachariah born circa 1690

The Great Migration: Edward Woodman: Origin: Christian Malford, Wiltshire.  Migration: 1635 (based on admission to freemanship on 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:371]: See Association below). First Residence: Newbury.  Occupation: Husbandman [ELR 8:72] Yeoman {H.R. 1:57, 68].  Church Membership: Admission to Newbury church prior to 25 May 1636 implied by freemanship.  Freeman: 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:371].  Education: Signed his deeds. His wife signed by mark.  Officeholding: Deputy for Newbury to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 11 May 1659, 30 May 1660, 18 May 1664, 11 May 1670 [MBCR 4:1:364, 416, 4:2:100, 448]. Massachusetts Bay commitee on the boundary between Hampton and Salisbury, 23 May 1655 [MBCCR 3:395, 4:1:248], Committee to regulate workmen's wages, 13 November 1655 [MBCR 4:1:247].  Essex magistrate, 24 June 1662, 30 Sep 1662, 31 Mar 1663, [EQC 2:383, 433, 3:21]. Committee on bounds between Salisbury and Hampton, 14 Apr 1663 [EQC 3:60].  Essex petit jury, 28 Sept 1647 (as "Mr. Edward Woodman"; "fined 10s. for not appearing to serve on jury"), 28 Mar 1665, 28 Mar 1676 [EQC 1:124-25, 3:228, 6:228]. Grand jury, 25 Sep 1677 [EQC 6:318] (Except for the 1647 record, some of this service may pertain to Edward Woodman, son of the immigrant.) Newbury commissioner to end small causes, 8 Jun 1645, 6 May 1646, 23 May 1650, 25 Mar 1651, 13 Apr 1652, 14 Jun 1653, 25 Mar 1656, 30 Mar 1658, 25 Sep 1660, 25 Mar 1662, 31 Mar 1663, 28 Jun 1664, 26 Dec 1683 [MBCR 3:31, 64, 194, 4:1:14; EQC 1:219, 223, 2533, 281, 420, 2:69, 236, 371, 436, 3:56, 126, 172, 9:167; see also EQC 4:291].  Newbury commissioner to solemnize marriages, 28 Sep 1658, 18 Oct  1659 [EQC 2:111; MBCR 4:1:382]. On 29 Nov 1681, a "warrant having been issued from Hon. Major Dani[e]l Denison for Mr. Edward Woodman's appearance, personally or by his attorney, to answer a complaint against him brought by Mr. Francis Wainewright for illegally marrying Symond Wainwright and Sara Gilbert against the mind and without the consent of said Francis, court declared that said Woodman's proceeding in marring the aforesaid persons was illegal and unwarrantable, and advised and required him to forbear such practices in the future and ordered him not to join any persons in marriage until he received a commission from the General Court" [EQC 8:216-18].  Newbury committee to see "that a schoolhouse be built, and twenty pounds a year be paid for a schoolmaster." 29 Nov 1652 [EQC 2:70]. Committee to "meet with Rowly & Ipswich men for the dividing of Plumb Island." 5 May 1656 [EQC 8:168].  /// Estate: In an undated entry in the Newbury proprietors" records, "Mr. Edward Woodman" held the following parcels: "an house lot of four acres"; "another house lot of an acre"; "a field lot of forty-five acres of upland & meadow"; "twenty acres of salt marsh over the little river";  "a planting lot of four acres behind the hill lots"; "six acres of meadow behind the great swamp"; "ten acres of meadow ... as it lyeth on Merrimack River divided in the town's first grant between him & John Osgood"; "seven acres & a half of upland on the left hand of Merrimacck Ridge"; "four acres on the neck over the great river"; "an acre ... by the great marsh"; "two acres more by the great marsh"; "in consideration of Mr. Woodman his resigning up into the town's hands the sixteen acres which lately he bought of Stephen Kent lying in the aspen swamp there was granted to him in the salt marsh as much either in quantity or quality as two indifferent men shall think fit where it is to be had"; "laid out unto Mr. Edward Woodman sixteen acres of salt marsh ... in the great marsh";  "laid out unto Mr. Woodman in the behalf of Stephen Kent eighteen acres of meadow"; "in consideration of Mr. Woodman his resigning up into the town's hands twenty acres of salt marsh in Richard Kent's island there was granted and laid out unto the said Mr. Edward Woodman twenty acres in the great marsh"; "in consideration of  Mr. Woodman his resigning up into the town's hands forty acres over the little river which he purchased of Robert Pike & John Remington they granted him ten acres in the field behind Mr. Rawson's house" [NewBOP 22].  On 26 Nov 1646, "Edward Woodman of Newbury ..., yeoman," deeded to "Henry Sewall Junior of Newbury aforesaid gent., ... all that his messuage or tenement and forty acres of upland thereunto adjoining (with their appurtenances) ... within the limits of Newbury aforesaid and now or late in the possession of the said Edward Woodman, and also all those his several parcels of ground with their appurtenances in Newbury aforesaid, that is to say, twelve acres of fresh salt meadow or marsh ... in Plum Island & seven acres ... of fresh & salt meadow or marsh near the herd pen & not far from Merrimack River, & five acres ... in the aspen swamp"; this deed to be void if on 29 Sep 1653, Woodman delivers to Sewall the farm of five hundred acres with the appurtenances (demissed by the said Henry Sewall unto said Edward Woodman) & all the houses, barns, buildings & fences thereunto belonging for which are or ought to be erected or set up on or about the said farm) ... also ... twelve acres & two oxen, good & sufficient in every way & likewise the mare that is demised with the said farm (in case she be then living) and half her increase" [ILR 1:57-58].  On 5 Aug 1650 "Edward Woodman of Newbery ..., yeoman," sold to "Henry Sewall of Newbury ..., gent., forty acres of upland ... with a dwelling house & barn and the freehold thereunto belonging situate in Newbury aforesaid, ... also ten acres of meadow ... lying upon Merrimack River in Newbury ... also twenty acres of salt marsh formerly purchased of Mr. Richard Dummer ..., and also twenty acres of marsh lying in Newbury toward Plumb Island River" [ILR 1:68-69].    On 9 Nov 1653, "Edward Woodman & Johanna my wife of Newbury ... in consideration of six shillings and eight pence in hand paid, and also for a parcel of meadow lying on the east side of the little river by the mill," sold to "William Ilsly of the abovenamed town ...  two acres of salt marsh ... in the great marsh, being part of twenty acres formerly purchased of Mr. Richard Dumer" [ILR 1:146-47]. On 10 Jan 1660[/1], "Edward Woodman Senior of Newbury ... and Johanna my wife" sold to "Nathaniell Merrill of the abovesaid town ... twenty acres of upland, or arable land ... in Newbury aforesaid in the field that lyeth southerly on the highway leading to Merrimack ferry" [ILR 3:64-65].  On 16 Oct 1660, in "answer to the petition of Mr. Edward Woodman, humbly desiring the favor of this court in granting him a parcel of land lying between Rouley & Newbury lines, the court judgeth it meet to grant him three hundred acres there" [MBCR 4:1:440]. On 22 May 1661, "in answer to the petition of the inhabitants of the town of Newbury, the court, having heard the petitioners in behalf of the town of Newbury & Mr. Woodman, relating to Newbury line, & this court's grant of a farm of three hundred acres of land in Oct last, finding that the line of Newbury bounds being, for at least twenty years, laid out & adjoining to Rouley line, & perambulated according to order of this court, shall be & remain to Newbury without any further challenge or claim fro any town or person, and that Mr. Woodman's grant as to that place is hereby declared null & void. Mr. Woodman having consented thereto, yet are willing to allow Mr. Woodman his three hundred acres formerly granted in any free place not formerly granted, & not hindering a plantation" [MBCR 4:2:7].  On 18 Feb 1666/7, "John Wheeler of Newbury" sold to "Edward Woodman Senior of the town & county aforesaid .. all that my house, barn, orchard & arable land ... in the town of Newbury aforesaid containing by estimation seven acres & an half" [ELR 12:24-25]. On 5 Dec 1679, "Edward Woodman Senior of Newbury ..., gent., ... and Johannah my wife" sold to "Edmond Marshall of Newbury aforesaid, shipwright, ... by estimation two acres of land, lying and being in the bounds of the town of Newbury aforesaid, adjoining to the land of the said Marshall, viz; forty-three rod in length and seven rod and half in breadth" [H.R. 4:427-28].  On 25 Mar 1681, "Edward Woodman Senior of the town of Newbury," in return for maintenance, "during the time of my own and my wife's natural life," deeded to "my son Jonathan Woodman of the town and county above expressed ... my now dwelling house, houses & barns and orchard and pasture, and all my plowland lying by and adjoining to the said houses, as also all the plowland upon the northwest side of the street, lying upon the westward side of my house, the said street being vulgarly called the New Street, as also three acres of meadow & upland adjoining, which was formerly bought of John Wheeler, on the other side of Merrimack River over against my house, as also six acres of meadow bought of Valentine Rowell as also twelve acres of meadow lying at the northwest end of Plumb Island, as also two acres & half of meadow at the old town, below William Ilslye's, with a freehold or privilege in all common lands, wood, timber &c. in the town of Newbury" [ILR 4:425-26].  On 14 Dec 1687, "Edward Woodman Senior of Newbury ..., husbanman, and Johanna my wife" sold to "Peter Marshall of Ipswich ..., tailor, ... one messuage, one barn, one shop, with an orchard & five acres of arable upland ... in Newbury ... & is now in the tenure & occupation of Benjamin Lowle ..., together with one freehold common right or privilege in the commons of Newbury"; acknowledged by "Edward Woodman & Johanna his wife" on 23 February 1687/8 [ELR 8:72-73].  s"Mr. Woodman & Jonathan" were rated in the August 1688 Newbury town rate [NEHGR 32:161].  On 3 July 1692, "Jonathan Woodman of Newbury ..., shipwright, sold to "Richard Jackman of Newbury aforesaid ... two acres of salt marsh land lying in the township of Newbury aforesaid in the neck over the great river," warranting the ale against "any claim thereunto or any part thereof in, from, by, under me or under my honored father Mr. Edward Woodman late of Newbury deceased from whom I derived my title or from the town of Newbury who granted the same to my said father" [ELR 9:92-93].  ///   Birth: Baptized Corsham, Wiltshire, 27 Dec 1606, son of Edward Woodman [NEHGR 97:284-85].  Death: Between Aug 1688 [NEHGR 32:161] and 3 July 1692 [ELR 9:92-93].  Marriage: By about 1628 Joanna ____. On 23 Nov 1674 "Joanah Woodman" desposed "aged sixty years" [EQC 5:419]. She died after 23 Feb 1687/8 [ELR 8:73]. (If the age given in the 1674 deposition is correct, then Joanna would have been born about 1614, meaning she would have been only about fourteen when she married, which in turn would suggest that Edward had an earlier wife who was mother of his oldest children. The more likely solution, however, is that the age given in 1674 was rounded off to the nearest decade, that Joanna was actually a few years older, and o was in her late teens when she married). ///  Children: i. Edward Woodman, b. about 1628 (aged 50 in 1678 [EQC 7:156]; on 29 Sep 1685, "Edward Woodman Junior" deposed "aged 57 years" [ILR 5:130]); m. Newbury 20 Dec 1653 Mary Goodridge, daughter of William Goodridge {1636, Watertown} [EPR 2:230-32; ILR 1:201-3; TAG 13:78-82; Bond 263-64, 77-78].  ii. John Woodman, b. say 1630; m. (1) Newbury 15 Jul 1656 Mary Field; m (2) Dover 17 Oct 1700 Sarah (Burnham) Huckins, daughter of Robert Burnham and widow of James Huckins [GDMNH 121, 354, 770].  iii. (probably) Jane Woodman, bur. Corsham, Wiltshire, 4 July 1633 [NEHGR 97:284].  iv. Joshua Woodman, b. about 1637 (agd 41 in 1678 [EQC 7:156]); m. Andover 22 Jan 1665 [/6?] Elizabeth Stevens.  v. Mary Woodman, b. say 1639; m. Newbury 20 Feb 1659 [/60?] John Brown.  vi.  Sarah Woodman, b. Newbury 122 Jan 1641; m. Newbury 13 Mar 1665[/6?]  John Kent Jr. [EQC 3:293], son of Richard Kent Sr. {1634, Ipswich} [GM 22:4:140-42].  vii.  Jonathan Woodman, b. Newbury 5 Nov 1643 {aged 35 in 1678 [EQC 7:156]}; m. Newbury 2 July 1668 Hannah Hilton, daughter of William Hilton [GDMNH 335].  viii. Ruth Woodman, b. Newbury 28 March 1646; m. Newbury 17 Oct  1666 Benjamin Lowell.  /// Associations:  Edward Woodman was elder half-brother of Archelaus Woodman {1635, Newbury} [NEHGR 97:281-86]. Savage and Pope both thought that Edward sailed with his brother Archelaus in the James in 1635 [Savage 4:640; Pope 513]; the passenger list of this vessel appears to be complete and accurate [GMN 19:19, 29], so it is more likely that Edward came on a different ship in 1635, whose passenger list has not survived. ///  Comments: During the first generation of Massachusetts Bay settlement, the standard form of church government was the New England Way, that would eventually become Congregationalism. Only two churches were allowed to stray from that norm. Newbury and Hingham churches adhered to a presbyterian form of church government, in which the members of the church had much less say in the operation of the church [Crucial Decade 160].  In the case of Newbury, this presbyterian inclination was the direct consequence of the principles of Thomas Parker and James Noves.  This stance eventually led to conflict within the Newbury church, when Parker was challenged in 1669, 1670 and 1671 by Edward Woodman and a substantial faction within the church [Stephen Foster, The Long Argument: English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700 (Chapel Hill, NC, 1991), 208-11; Newbury Hist 72-112].  A major issue in the dispute was the attempt by Parker to impose on the congregation as his successor his nephew John Woodbridge. The dispute went to the Essex County Quarter Court [EQC 4:122-24, 143, 232-34, 350-67], and then to the MA Bay General Court [MBCR 4:2:487, 521-24]. The General Court repoved both parties, advised Woodbridge to withdraw as a candidate for the pulpit and recommended that the church "choose a ruling elder or two."  In 1654 "Edw[ard] Woodman" signed the petition in favor of Lt. Robert Pike, but upon further interrogation stated that "Robert Pike was ignorant of what words he spoke, etc." [EQC 1:366, 367]. On 12 Nov 1659, "in answer to the petition of Mr. Edward Woodman & other inhabitants of Newbury, humbly craving the favor of this court to grant them a new plantation on Saco River, westward of the bounds of Saco, &c., the court judgeth it meet to grant the petitioners eight miles square in the place desired, provided they give in their resolutions, as is expressed to their petition, in one year ensuring this date" [MBCR 4:1:402].  /// Bibliography: In 1943 G. Andrews Moriarty published documents proving the English ancestry of the Woodman brothers and compiled a brief account of the families of the brothers and two generations of their agnate ancestry [NEHGR 97:281-86].

Vital Records of Newbury: Davis, Zachary and Judith Brown Feb. 4, 1680-81. 

A Sketch of the History of Newbury: 1699 DAVIS ZACHARY son of John m Judith Brown 4 Feb 1681 Ch Judith 7 Sept 1684 and d 9 Dec 1702 Elizabeth 26 April 1687 

The Essex Antiquarian: John Brown, glazier, lived in Newbury 1659-1662 in Ipswich 1663 1686. He bought house barn and land on High street in Ipswich Jan 15 1663 4; married Mary Woodman Feb 20 1659 60 Newbury and she was his wife in 1676. Judith born Dec 3 1660 Zachary Davis Feb 4 1680 in Newbury;  Mary born March 8 1661 2 in married William Partridg Dec 1680 in Newbury Hannah born November 13 1676 in Ipswich Records 

A List of Some of the Descendants of Mr. Edward Woodman:  The town of Newbury Mass was settled and incorporated in 1635. ln that year came Mr Edward Woodman his wife Joanna and Archelaus Woodman to Newbury where they resided till their death. Archelaus came from a place called Christian Maiford a parish in Wiltshire in the North west part of the County about six miles from Malmesbury the chief town of that part of the country. He came passenger in the ship James of London which sailed from Southampton for New England in April 1635. His name may be found in Vol vii of the third series of the Mass Historical Society's Collections page 319. He is there called Hercules Woodman. A few weeks later than the James came the Abigail bringing a Richard Woodman only 9 years old. Whether Mr Edward Woodman, who was probably brother to Archelaus Woodman, came in the James or Abigail or some other vessel no record informs us. Both of them came to Newbnry at the same time. Richard died in Lynn in 1 647 aged 21. Archelaus in 1635 is styled a mercer. His first wife Elizabeth died 17th December 1677. His second wife Dorothy Chapman whom he married 12th Nov 1678 died in 1706. In the Newbury records he is styled Lieut and died 14th Oct 1702 aged about 90. He left no children. Of the ninety one grantees who settled Newbury fifteen were entitled to the appellation of Mr. One of these fifteen was Mr Edward Woodman. He was a man of influence decision and energy and opposed with great zeal the attempt made by the Rev Thomas Parker to change the mode of Church government from Congregationalism to something like Presbyterianism. See history of Newbury under the years 1663 T670 &c. Mr Woodman was a deputy to the General Court in 1636 37 39 and 43. In 1638 1641 1645 and 46 he was one of the three Commissioners to end small causes in Newbary and at various times held other offices of profit and trust in town and state. Among his other commissions he had one from the State to see people marry of which in 1681 he thus speaks an unprofitable commission. I quickly laid aside the worke which has cost me many a bottle of sacke and liquor where friends and acquaintance have been concerned. He and his wife Joanna were living in February 1687 8. She was then 74. He died prior to 1694 his age is not known. The children of Mr Edward and Joanna Woodman were as follows 1 I Edward 2 b 1628 m Mary Gooridge 20th Dec 1653 2 H John 2 b about 1630 m Mary Field 15 h July 1656 3 Ill Joshua t 2 b 1636 m Elizabeth Stevens 23d Jan 1666. She died in 1714 4 IV Mary 2 b m John Brown 20th Feb 1660 5 V Sarah 2 b 12th Jan 1642 m John Kent 12th March 1666 1668 6 VI Jonathan 2 b 8th Nov 1643 m Hannah Hilton 2d July 7 VII Ruth 2 b 28th March 1646 m Benj Lowle 17th Oct 1666. 

Essex Institute Historical Collection: Steven Kent of Haverhill yeoman for threescore and ten pounds conveyed to Mr Edward Woodman sen of Nubrie about two hundred and twenty acres of upland in Haverhill laid out first for my third division butting upon the Merimak river bounded by a cove which runneth between Theophilus Satchwell and said land by John Eyer's land with a marked tree next the river and a white oak marked with an S and a great pine marked and fifty acres more of upland adjoining the upper end of sd land running from the east corner along the head of Jno Eyer's land to Spicket river excepting a highway also another lot of ten acres bounded by the upland on both sides running into Mistake meadow with all the timber upon it November 21 1662 Wit Anthony Somerby and Abiell Somerby Ack by grantor 12 2 1664 before court at Salisbury Tho Bradbury rec.  /P/  1676 Jno Wheeler of Nubery for thirty pounds conveyed to Edward Woodman sen of Nubery about four acres meadow and six acres upland both in Salisbury bounded by Merimack River and the land of Mr Hooke February 18 1666 Wit Anthony Somerby, Richard Bartlett and James, his JO mark, Ordaway Ack Nov 14 1676 at court at Salisbury Tho Bradbury rec.

Genealogical & Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston: Edward Woodman first appears in New England history as a settler in Newbury Massachusetts at the incorporation of that town in 1635 and from the fact that he went therein company with Archelaus Woodman it is supposed that they were brothers. One chronicler of the family history says that Archelaus Woodman came from Christian Malford Wiltshire England that he took passage in the James of London in April 1635 but it does not appear whether Edward came with him or arrived in New England in the Abigail a few weeks later. All that we know is that Archelans and Edward Woodman sat down in the plantation at Newbury in 1635. Edward Woodman was one of ninety one grantees of Newbury and one of the fifteen persons among the proprietors who were addressed Mr a title indicating social position influence and character above that of the average colonist. He became prominently identified with affairs of the church and figured as leader of the movement which resulted in setting aside some strict regulations of church government In 1636 and three times afterward he was deputy to the general court and in 1638 he was commissioned magistrate to end small causes. It appears also to have been his office to see people marry which he once spoke of as an unprofitable commission which has cost me many a bottle of sacke and liquor where friends and acquaintances have been concerned. He died previous to 1694 and both he and his wife Joanna were living in 1687 8. Of their children two were born in England and the others in Newbury 1 Edward born 1628, 2 John born in England about 1630 died in Dover New Hampshire September 17 1706 married July 15 1656 Mary Field ,3 Joshua born Newbury 1636 died there May 30 1703 married January 23 1666 Elizabeth Stevens, 4 Mary born in Newbury married February 20 166o John Brown, 5 Sarah born January 12 1642 married March 12 1666 John Kent, 6 Jonathan born November 8 1643 died November 21 1706 married July 2 1668 Hannah Hilton 7 Ruth born March 28 1646 married October 17 1666 Benjamin Lowell.

New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter: The Woodman Line. I Edward Woodman the immigrant ancestor settled in Newbury Massachusetts in the same year in which it was incorporated and settled 1635. He was accompanied by his wife Joanna and Archelaus Woodman who came from Christian Malford a parish in Wiltshire about six miles from the town of Malmesbury England. Archelaus Woodman came to this country on the ship James of London which sailed in April 1635. A few weeks later a Richard Woodman aged nine years came on the ship Abigail but no record is found of the time when Edward came. He was probably a brother of Archelaus Woodman as both of them came to Newbury in the same year. Edward Woodman was one of fifteen out of the ninety one grantees of Newbury who had the title of Mr. He was a man of much influence and was active in church as well as in town affairs. He earnestly opposed the attempt made by Rev Thomas Parker to change the mode of church government from Congregationalist to something like Presbyterianism. He served as deputy to the general court in 1636, 37, 39, 43. In 1638, 41, 45, 46 he was one of the three commissioners to end small causes in Newbury and he also held other offices at various times. He had a commission from the state to "see people marry" and in 1681 he says of it "An unprofitable commission I quickly laid aside the worke which has cost me many a bottle of sacke and liquor where friends and acquaintances have been concerned." He and his wife Joanna were both living in February 1687 88. He died before 1694/ Children Edward mentioned below. John born about 1630. Joshua born 1636. Mary married John Brown. Sarah born January 12 1642. Jonathan born November 8 1643. Ruth born March 28 1646/ II Edward 2 son of Edward 1 Woodman was born in 1628. died in 1694/ He married December 20 1653 Mary Goodridge. 

Wiltshire Parish Registers: John Smarke & Mary Woodman 10/5/1607; Thomas Woodman & Margery Pavye 10/3/1597; 

Founders and Patriots of America Index: Woodman, Edward (Dec 27, 1606-July 3, 1692) m. a. 1628 Joanna Bartlett MASS III, 5; XXXI, 97; XXXIII 55, 56.

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