Title: A Maine Family's History

Davis - McDowell Photo Album

Sarah Maria "Sadie" McDowell Davis

Sarah Maria McDowell Davis (Sadie) 1883 - 1926

Jacob S. Davis 1833-1910 Hamden Oliver Davis 1869-1940
William Wilson 1822-1908 Hamden & Sadie Davis with son Everett
Mary Jane Wilson McDowell Rogerson Fenlason & ? Sarah Maria & Son Everett Davis
Rebecca Chatman Crockett Davis 1807-1884 Sarah Maria McDowell Davis & sister Mary Pettingill (Aunt May) and Second Picture
Eliza Deacon Wilson 1823-1911 Hamden Oliver Davis & Sarah Maria McDowell Davis

Lucy Lamb Davis 1841-1921 with Roy & Arnold?

Everett & Mary McDowell Pettingill & Leonice; Hamden & Sadie McDowell Davis & Everett
Alvira A. Davis Grover 1831-1909& Elmira E. Davis Burton 1831-? Mary McDowell Pettingill & half-sister Nancy "Nan" Sloan
Elmira Davis Burton 1831-? Henry, Everett, Arnold, Roy, Rocky, Shirley & Carl Davis
Alice Davis Hendrickson 1863 - 1928 & Lucy Edgerley Lamb Davis 1841-1921 Henry, Roy, Arnold, Carl & Shirley Davis
Mary Malvina Davis & her Beau Oliver & baby Henry Davis
Eddie & Lydia Davis with children Everett Davis
Davis House Crawford ME; built 1857 Everett, Roscoe, Oliver & Henry Davis
Henry Davis age 2 1914 Shirley Elizabeth Davis age 2 1925
 Arnold & Carl Davis  Shirley Davis High School
Roy Davis Philippines Roy Davis 
Can you identify these people? Aunt May Pettingill, Rocky & Shirley Davis
Possibly Joseph Davis 2/1/1796 - 1879

Hamden Davis at the farm

Possibly Jacob S. Davis 1833 - 12/16/1910 Possibly William Valentine Davis born 7/22/1829
Possibly Jacob Davis 1833 - 1910 Alice Davis Osborn Hendrickson 1863 - 1928
Mary Isabella Crockett Stevens sister of Rebecca Crockett Stephenson home, Cohasset MA built 1717
Mary Isabella Crockett Jesse & Sabrina (Knight) Stephenson married 1845
Alice McDowell 1919 w/ John & Alice Alice McDowell & Emory Harris 1914
Alice McDowell Harris w/ Alice 1919 Gideon & Jennie McDowell 1915
Gideon McDowell 1920 Harris Family 1949
Prescott McDowell w/ Alice 1920 Emory L. & Alice McDowell Harris circa 1946

Crawford ME School Late 1800s:1st: Jamie Perkins, Ruby Brown Kimball, Olive Creamer, Albert Rogerson, Georgia Perkins 2nd: Rufus Perkins, Mae Jeffery, NellieCushing, Clara Averill, Sadie McDowell, Bertha Bridges 3rd: Eddie Davis, Lowell Seavey, Erman Seavey, Harry Seavey, Maniford (Mannie) Jeffery, and Harry Jeffery; Back: Orville Jeffery, man in back of children to the left w/beard is James Peter Jeffery.


White Swirled Line

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