Title: A Maine Family's History


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The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the Little James, bringing new settlers along with many of the wives and children that had been left behind in Leyden when the Mayflower departed in 1620.

Anthony Annabal settled in Scituate; Edward Bangs settled in Eastham; Robert Bartlett; Fear Brewster and Patience Brewster daughters of Elder Brewster; Mary Bucket; Edward Burcher; Thomas Clarke whose grave-stone is the oldest on the Plymouth Burial Hill; Christopher Conant; Cuthbert Cuthbertson a Hollander; Anthony Dix; John Faunce, Manasseh Faunce; Goodwife Flavell probably the wife of Thomas Flavell who came in the Fortune, Edmund Flood; Bridget Fuller possible the wife of Samuel Fuller, the physician; Timothy Hatherly; William Heard; Margaret Hickes and her children, the wife of Robert Hickes who came in the Fortune; William Hilton's wife and two children  sent for  before his death; Edward Holman; John Jenney had "liberty, in 1636, to erect a mill for grinding and beating of corn upon the brook of Plymouth; Robert Long; Experience Mitchell married Jane Cooke daughter of  Francis Cooke, Mayflower; George Morton his son, Nathaniel, and four other children; Nathaniel Morton son of George Morton and afterwards Secretary of the Colony; Thomas Morton jr. son of Thomas Morton who came in the Fortune; Ellen Newton; John Oldham of some note afterwards; Frances Palmer wife of William Palmer who came in the Fortune; Christian Penn; Mr. Perce's two servants; Joshua Pratt; James Rand; Robert Rattliffe; Nicholas Snow settled in Eastham; Alice Southworth widow, afterwards the second wife of Governor Bradford; Francis Sprague settled in Duxbury; Barbara Standish the second wife of Captain Standish, married after her arrival; Thomas Tilden; Stephen Tracy; Ralph Wallen.

Bevis May 1638: Passengers from Southampton intended for New England by the Bevis of [South] Hampton, Mr. Robert Batten:

John Frey of Basing, [Hants], wheelwright, his wife & 3 children; Richard Austin of Bishopstoke, [Hants], tailor 40, his wife & 2 children, and his servant Robert Knight, carpenter; Christopher Batt of Sarun, [Wilts], tanner 37, his wife Anne 32, his sister Dorothie Batt 20, and 5 children under 10; servants Thomas Good 24, Elizabeth Blackston 22, and Rebecca Pond 18; William Carpenter of Wherwell, [Hants], carpenter 62, William Carpenter Jr. of Wherwell, carpenter 33, Abigael Carpenter 32, 4 children under 10, and servant Thomas Banshott 14; Annis Littlefield & 6 children, and servants John Knight, carpenter, and Heugh Durdal; Henery Byley of Sarum, tanner 26, Mary Byley 22, and servants Thomas Reeves and John Byley 20; Richard Dummer of New England 40, Alce Dummer 35, Thomas Dummer 19, Jane Dummer 10, Steephen Dummer, husbandman 9 [sic], Dorathie Dummer 6, Richard Dummer 4, thomas Dummer 2; and the following servants: John Huchinson, carpenter 30; Frauncis Alcocke, ?virg. 26; Adam Mott, tailor 19; William Wackefield 22; Nathanuel Parker of London, baker 20; Samuel Poore 18; Danyell Poore 14; Alce Poore 20; Richard Bayley 15; Anne Wackefield 20. (PRO:CO1/9/112).

Dilligent of Ipswich, John Martin, Master, sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, in June and arrived August 10, 1638,  at Boston, with about one hundred passengers, principally from Hingham, Norfolk, destined for Hingham, Massachusetts.

Rev. Robert Peck, Mrs. Peck, Anne Peck, Joseph Peck, Joseph Peck, Mrs. ___ Peck; Edward Gillman, Mrs. Mary Gilman, Edward Gilman, Moses Gilman, Lydia Gilman, Sarah Gilman, John Gilman; John Folsom, Mrs. Mary Folsom, John Folsom;  Mrs. Christian Chamberlain, Henry Chamberlain, Mrs._____Chamberlain, _____Chamberlain, _____Chamberlain; Stephen Gates, Mrs. Anne Gates, Elizabeth Gates, Mary Gates; George Knights, Mrs. _____Knights, _____Knights;Thomas Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, _____Cooper, _____Cooper; Francis James, Mrs. Elizabeth James; Matthew Hawke, Mrs. Margaret Hawke; Matthew Cushing, Mrs. Nazareth Cushing, Daniel Cushing, Jeremiah Cushing, Matthew Cushing, John Cushing, Deborah Cushing; John Tufts, Robert Skoulding, Elizabeth Sayer, Mary Sayer, John Fearing, Philip James, Mrs. Jane James, _____James, _____James, _____James, _____James, Stephen Paine, Mrs. Rose Paine, _____Paine, _____Paine, _____Paine, _____Paine, John Sutton, Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton, Hannah Sutton, John Sutton, Jr., Nathaniel Sutton, Elizabeth Sutton; Mrs. Joan Lincoln, Stephen Lincoln, Mrs. _____Lincoln, Stephen Lincoln, Jr.; Samuel Packer, Mrs. Elizabeth Packer, _____Packer, Henry Smith, Mrs. Judith Smith, John Smith, Henry Smith, Daniel Smith, Judith Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Bozoun Allen, Mrs. Anne Allen, William Ripley, Mrs. _____Ripley, Mary Ripley, John Ripley, Abraham Ripley, Sarah Ripley; Thomas Sucklin, Richard Baxter, William Pitts, Edward Mitchell, James Buck, John Morfield, Thomas Lincoln, Jeremiah Moore, and about 20 servants

Elizabeth 1635 6-17 April. Passengers embarked in the Elizabeth, Mr. William Staff, bound from London to New England:

Clement Bates, tailor 40 [his wife] Ann Bates 40, and their 5 children, James 14, Clement 12, Rachell 8, Joseph 5, and Benjamin 2, and their servants John Wynchester 19 and Jarvice Gold 30; William Holdred 25, Roger Preston 21, Daniell Brodley 20 and Isack Studman, tanners of St. Alphage Cripplegate; James Hosmer, clothier of Hawkhurst, Kent, 28, his wife Ann 27 and their children Marie 2 and Ann 3 months, and their servants Marie Donnard 24 and Marie Martin 19; John Ston 40, Edward Gold 28, George Russell 19 and John Mussell 15, of Hawkhurst; William Wild 30; Peter Thorne 20; Alice Wild 40; William Whitteredd, carpenter 36, his wife Elizabeth 30, and their son Thomas 20; John Cluffe 22; John Wild 47; Samuel Haieward 22; John Duke 20; Thomas Millet 30, his wife Marie Millet 29, Ursula Greenoway 32, Henrie Bull 19, Josua Wheat 17, John Smith 12, Ralph Chapman 20 and Thomas Millet 2, of St. Saviour, Southwalk; Richard Walker 24; John Beamond 23; William Beamond 27;Thomas Lettyne 23; John Johnson 23; William Walker 15; James Walker 15 and Sarra Walker 17, servants to John Browne, baker, and William Brasey, linen draper in Cheapside; James Bate, husbandman 53, Alice Bate 52, Lyddia Bate 20, Marie Bate 17, Margaret Bate 12, and James Bates 9; Edward Bullock, husbandman 32; Elizabeth Stedman 26, Nathaniell Stedman 5, Isack Stedman 1, Robert Thornton 11; Margaret Davies 32, Elizabeth Davies 1; Dorothy Smith 45 and her daughter Mary Smith 15; Peter Gardner 18; William Hubbard 35; Rachell Bigg 6; Patience Foster 40; Hopestill Foster 14; Francis White 24; Joan Sellin 50; Ann Sellin 7; Edward Loomes 27; John Hubbard 10; John Davies 9; Marie Davies 4; John Browne 40. (PRO:E157/20).

Elizabeth & Ann 1635, 13 April - 14 May: Passengers embarked in the Elizabeth & Ann, Mr. Roger Cooper, bound [from London] to New England:

Thomas Hedsall 47; Margerie Washborn of Evesham, Worcs, 49, and her sons John Washborn 14 and Phillipp Washborn 11; Robert Hawkynns, husbandman 25, Marie Hawkynns 24; John Whitney 35; Ellin Whitney 30, John Whitney 11, Richard Whitney 9, Nathaniell Whitney 8, Thomas Whitney 6, Jonathan Whitney 1; John Palmerley 20; Richard Martin 12; Nicholas Sension 13; Henry Jackson 29; William Hubbard 35; Thomas Hubbard 10; Abigall Eaton 35, Mary Eaton 4, Thomas Eaton 1; Sara Cartrack 24, Mildred Cartrack 2; Jane Dammand 9; Marie Broomer 10; Joseph Alsopp 14; Percy Kinge 24, maidservant [sic] to Mr. Ro. Crowley; Alexander Baker 28, his wife Elizabeth 23 and their children Elizabeth Baker 3 and Christian Baker 1, Clement Chaplin 48 and William Swayne 50; from Westminister Richard Brocke, carpenter 31, Edward Sall 24, and Daniell Preston 13; Richard Guard [or Gourd] 17;Thomas Lord, smith, 50, his wife Dorothy 46, Thomas Lord 16, Ann Lord 14, William Lord 12, John Lord 10, Robert Lord 9, Aymie Lord 6, Dorothy Lord 4; James Cobbett 23; Josias Cobbet 21; Joseph Faberr 26; Thomas Pound 21; John Holloway 21; Jane Bennet 16; William Reeve 22; Christopher Stanley, tailor 32, his wife Suzanna 31, William Samond 19; Henry Wilkinson, tallow chandler 25; Robert Haies, soap boiler 19; Samuell Hall 25; William Swynden 20; John Halsey 24; Vyncent Potter 21; Richard Guard [or Goard] 17; William Adams 15; Henry Curtis 27; John Wylie 25; John Thomson 22; Edmond Weston 30; Gamaliell Beomont 12; Awdry Whitton 45; George Orris 21; John Jackson 27; Elizabeth Fabin 16; Grace Bulkley 33; Robert Jeofferies 30, his wife Marie 27 and their children Thomas Jefferies 7, Elizabeth Jefferies 6, and Mary Jefferies 3, and their maidservants Hanna Day 20 and Suzan Browne 21; Robert Carr, tailor 21 and Calebb Carr 11; Richard White, carpenter 30; Thomas Dane [or Dand], carpenter 32; William Hilliard, carpenter, 21; William Courser, shoemaker 26; George Wylde, husbandman 37; George Parker, carpenter 23; from Benedon, Kent, John Borden 28 and his wife Joan 23, Mathew Borden 5, Elizabeth Borden 3, Nicholas Morecock 14, Bennet Morecock 16, Marie Morecock 10,Thomas Whitton, broadweaver 36, Jeremy Whitton 8, Samuell Baker 30; Richard Sansom, tailor 28, Thomas Alsopp 20, John Oldham 12, Thomas Oldham 10, Robert Standy 22. (PRO:E157/20).

The  Fortune arrived at Plymouth on November 9, 1621, just a few weeks after the First Thanksgiving. This passenger list is based on the 1623 Division of Land, the passenger list compiled by Charles Edward Banks in Planters of the Commonwealth, and by the information found in Eugene Aubrey Stratton's Plymouth Colony: Its History and its People, 1620-1691.

John Adams, Robert Hickes, William Basset, William Hilton, Elizabeth Basset (Wife), Bennet Morgan, William Beale, Thomas Morton, Jonathan Brewster, Austen Nicolas, Clement Briggs, William Palmer, Edward Bumpas, William Palmer (son), John Cannon, William Pitt, William Conner, Thomas Prence, Robert Cushman, Moses Simonson, Thomas Cushman (Son), Hugh Statie, Philipe de la Noye, James Steward, Steven Deane, William Tench, Thomas Flavell & Son, John Winslow, ______ Ford, William Wrigh, Martha Ford (Wife), Martha Ford (daughter), John Ford (son)

Increase 1635, April 13-18. Passengers embarked in the Increase of London, Mr. Robert Lea, bound [from London] to New England:

From Billericay, Essex: William Rusco, husbandman 41, his wife Rabecca 40, and their 4 children Sara 9, Marie 7, Samuel 5, and William 1; from All Hallows, Staining, Thomas Page, tailor 29, his wife Elizabeth 29, their two children Thomas 2 and Katherin 1, and 2 servants Edward Sparks 22 and Katherine Taylor 24; George Bacon, mason 43, and his children Samuell 12, John 8, and Susan 10; Thomas Jostlin, husbandman 43, his wife Rebecca 43, their children Rebecca 18, Dorothy 11, Nathaniell 8, Elizabeth 6, and Mary 1, and maidservant Elizabeth Ward 38; sent away by Robert Cordell, goldsmith in Lombard Street, Samuell Andrewes 37, his wife Jane 30, their daughters Jane 3 and Elizabeth 2, and their maidservant Ellyn Longe 20; Robert Naney 22; Robert Sankey 30; James Gibbons 21; Thomas Bloggett, glover 30, his wife Suzan 39, and their children Daniell 4 and Samuell 1 1/2; from Wapping, Thomas Chittingden, linen weaver 51, his wife Rabecca 40 and their children Isack 10 and Henry 6; Samuell Morse, husbandman 50, his wife Elizabeth 48, Joseph Morse 20, Elizabeth Daniell 2.  Philemon Dalton, linen weaver 45, his wife Hanna 35, Samuel Dalton 5 1/2, William White 14; Marthaw Marvyn, husbandman 35, his wife Elizabeth 31, Elizabeth Marvinn 31 [sic], Mathew Marvynn 8, Marie Marvynn 6, Sara Marvynn 3, Hanna Marvynn 6 months, John Warner 20, Isack More 13; Samuell Ireland, carpenter 32, his wife Marie 30, Martha Ireland 1 1/2; William Buck, plowright 50, Roger Buck 18; John Davies, joiner 29; Abram Flemming, husbandman 40; John Fokar, husbandman 21; Thomas Parish, clothier 22, John Owdie 17; William Houghton, butcher 22; William Payne, husbandman 37, Anna Payne 40, William Payne 10, Anna Payne 5, John Payne 3, Daniell Payne 8 weeks; James Bitton 27; William Potter 25; Elizabeth Wood 38; Elizabeth Beards 24; Suzan Payne 11, Aymes Gladwell 16; Phebe Perce 18; Henry Crosse, carpenter 20; Thomas Kilborne, husbandman 55, his wife Francis 50, Margaret Kilborne 23, Lyddia Kilborne 22, Marie Kilborne 16, Francis Kilborne 12, John Kilborne 10; James Roger 20; Richard Nunn 19; Thomas Barret 16; John Hackwell 18; Lymon Ayres, surgeon 48, his wife Dorothy 38, Marie Ayres 15, Thomas Ayres 13, Symon Ayres 11, Rabecca Ayres 9, Christian Ayres 7, Anna Ayres 5, Beniamin Ayres 3, Sara Ayres 3 months; Jane Rawlin 30; Symon Stone, husbandman 50, his wife Joan 38, and their children Francis 16, Ann 11, Symon 4, Marie 3, John 5 weeks; Steeven Upson, sawyer 23, John Wyndell 16.  Servants Isack Worden 18, Nathaniell Wood 12, Elizabeth Streaton 19, Marie Toller 16. (PRO:E157/20).

John & Dorothy andRose: 1637, 8-13 April. Examinations of those intending to embark in the John and Dorothy of Ipswich, Mr. William Andrewes, and the Rose of Yarmouth, Mr. William Andrews, for New England.

John Baker, born in Norwich, grocer aged 39 and Elizabeth his wife aged 39; 3 children Elizabeth, John and Thomas; and 4 servants Marey Alxarson aged 24, Anne Alxarson aged 20, Bridget Boulle aged 32 and Samuell Arres aged 14, all for Charles Town to inhabit.  Nicholas Busbie of Norwich, weaver aged 50 and Bridgett his wife aged 43, and 4 children Nicholas, John, Abraham and Sarath, for Boston to inhabit.  Michill Metcalfe of Norwich, dornix weaver aged 45 and his wife Sarrah aged 39, and 8 children Michill, Thomas, Marey, Sarrah, Elizabeth, Martha, Joane and Rebeca; and his servant Thomas Comberbach aged 16, to Boston to inhabit.  John Pers of Norwich, weaver aged 49 and Elizabeth his wife aged 36, and 4 children John, Barbre, Elizabeth and Judith, and a servant John Gedney aged 19, to Boston to inhabit.   William Ludken of Norwich and born there, locksmith aged 33 and Elizabeth is wife aged 34, and 1 child and 1 servant Thomas Homes, to Boston to inhabit. ------es of Norwich, cordwainer aged 28 and _____ with 4 children Samuell, John, Elizabeth and Debra, ____ns aged 18 and Anne Williames aged 15 _____ to inhabit. [F]rancis Lawes of Norwich and born there, weaver aged ___ and Liddea his wife aged 48 with a child Marey and 2 servants Samuell Lincorne aged 18 and Anne Smith aged 19 to New England to inhabit.  Willaim Nickerson of Norwich, weaver aged 33 and Anne his wife aged 28 with 4 children Nicholas, Robartt, Elizabeth and Anne, to Boston to inhabit.  Samuell Dix of Norwich, joiner aged 43 and Joane his wife aged 38 with 2 children Presella and Abegell, and 2 servants William Storey aged 23 and Daniell Linsey aged 18, to Boston to inhabit.  Henry Skerry of Great Yarmouth, cordwainer aged 31 and Elizabeth his wife aged 25 with 1 child Henry and 1 apprentice Edmund Towne aged 18, to New England to inhabit.  inhabiJohn Moulton of Ormsby, Norfolk, husbandman aged 38 and Anne his wife aged 38, with 5 children Henry, Marey, Anne, jane and Bridgett, and 2 servants Adam Gooddens aged 20 and Alles Eden aged 18, to New England to inhabit.  Marey Moulton of Ormsby, Norfolk, widow aged 30, and 2 servants John Maston aged 20 and Merrean Moulton aged 23, to New England to inhabit.  Richard Carvear of Skratby, Norfolk, husbandman aged 60 and Grace his wife aged 40, with twin children Elizabeth aged 18 and Susanna aged 18, and 3 servants Isacke Hartt aged 22, Thomas Flege aged 21, and Marable Underwood aged 20, to New England to inhabit.  Ruth Moulton of Ormsby, sinblewoman aged 20, to New England to inhabit.   Robertt Page of Ormsby, husbandman aged 33 and Lucea his wife aged 30, with 3 children Frances, Margrett and Susanna, and 2 servants William Moulton aged 20 and Anne Wadd aged 15, to New England to inhabit.  Henrey Dowe of Ormsby, husbandman aged 29 and Joane his wife aged 30, with 4 children and 1 servant Anne Maning aged 17, to New England to inhabit.  Robertt ____, singleman.......Ellen Robensone ____, to New England to inhabit.  William Williames of Great Yarmoutn _____, aged 40 and Alles his wife aged 38 with 2 children ____, to New England to inhabit.  Elizabeth Williames of Yarmouth, singlewoman aged 31, to New England to inhabit.  Kathren Rabey of Yarmouth, a waterman's widow aged 68, to remain with her son in New England.  Richard Leeds of Great Yarmouth, mariner aged 32 and Joane his wife aged 23, with 1 child, to New England to inhabit.  Henry Smith of New Bucknam [New Buckeningham, Norfolk], husbandman aged 20 and Elizabeth his wife aged 34, with 2 children John and Sithe, to New England to inhabit.  John Ropear of New Bucknam, carpenter aged 26 and Alles his wife aged 23 with 2 children, Alles and Elizabeth, to New England to remain. (PRO:E157/21).

Mayflower: John Carver merchant married; Mrs. Katheryn Carver wife; Mrs. Carvers maid single; John Howland age 27 servant single; Desire Minter age about 16 companion single; Roger Wilder over 21 servant single; William Latham age about 16 servant single; Jasper More bound-boy single; William Brewster about 54 printer married; Mrs. Mary Brewster about 51 wife; Love Brewster age about 7 son; Wrestling Brewster son; Richard More bound-boy single; ? More bound-boy single; Edward Winslow age 25 printer married; Mrs. Elizabeth Barker Winslow wife; George Soule servant single; Elias Story servant single; Ellen More bound-girl single; William Bradford age 30 fustian maker silk dyer married; Mrs. Dorothy May Bradford age 23 wife; Samuel Fuller physician married; William Butten servant single; Isaac Allerton age 32 tailor married; Mrs. Mary Norris Allerton wife; Bartholomew Allerton about 8 son; Remember Allerton about 6 daughter; Mary Allerton about 4 daughter; John Hooke servant single; Capt. Myles Standish age 36 soldier married; Mrs. Rose Standish wife; Master Christopher Martin about 40 tradesman married; Mrs. Martin wife; Solomon Prower servant single; John Langemore servant single; William White wool-carder married; Mrs. Susanna White wife; Resolved White son; Peregrine White single; William Holbeck servant single; Edward Thompson servant single; William Mullens tradesman married; Mrs. Allen Mullens wife; Joseph Mullens son; Priscella Mullens daughter; Robert Carver servant single; Richard Warren farmer married; Stephen Hopkins lay-reader married; Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins wife; Giles Hopkins son; Constance Hopkins daughter; Damaris Hopkins daughter; Oceanus Hopkins child; Edward Dotey servant single; Edward Leister servant single; John Crackstone widower; John Crackstone son; Edward Tilley silk-worker married; Mrs. Ann Tilley wife; Henry Sampson age 6 cousin; Humility Cooper cousin single; John Tilley silk-worker married; Mrs. Bridget Tilley wife; Elizabeth Tilley daughter; Francis Cooke husbandman married; John Cooke son; James Chilton married; Mrs. Susannah Chilton wife; Mary Chilton daughter; Thomas Rogers married; Joseph Rogers son; Degory Priest hatter married; John Rigdale married; Mrs. Alice Rigdale wife; Edward Fuller married; Mrs. Fuller wife; Samuel Fuller son; Thomas Tinker married; Mrs. Tinker wife; son Tinker; John Turner; son Turner, son Turner; Francis Eaton carpenter married; Mrs. Sarah Eaton wife; Samuel son; Gilbert Winslow carpenter single; John Alden cooper single; Peter Browne mechanic single [married Martha Ford]; John Billington married; Mrs. Helen Billington wife; John Billington son; Francis Billington son; Moses Fletcher smith; Thomas Williams; John Goodman; Edmond Margeson; Richard Britteridge; Richard Clarke; Richard Gardiner; John Alderton; Thomas English; William Trevor; Ely

Speedwell 1637, 22 April. Goods shipped by Thomas Tayer and William Longe in the Speedwell, Mr. Robert Corbin, bound from Weymouth to [New England]. Passengers in the same ship:

Edward Wiett and his wife, Elizabeth Winter and her two children; John Crocker, his wife and his boy; Thomas Claff, his wife and two friends; William Scaddinge; Walter Harris, his wife, six children & three servants; Giles Richard, his wife, three children, one boy & one maid; Thomas Farwell and two servants; Thomas Cooke, his wife and three children; William Longe and his brother; Elizabeth Poole, two friends and 14 servants; Henry Cogan, his wife, seven menservants and two maidservants. (PRO:E190/876/11).


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